Nexus: Virtues and Sins

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  1. Plotline
    Inspired by the below AMV:

    After many long decades of human expansion and technological advancement, or at least what mankind considered advancement, there seemed to be no limit to what Man could accomplish. However, the one thing that they accomplished most was the destruction of the natural ecosystems. Technology could do so many things yet it could not save the most important origins of all life, and the world began to decay under the infestation known as Man. Humans began to despair as the world declined, the air grew stagnent, the oceans acidic, the natural world grew sick and died. The planet began to decay and technology could do nothing to prevent it or keep people dying as a result when essential things like fresh food and clean water became scarcer and scarcer.
    Technology could provide one thing, however: an escape.
    Those with wealth poured their assets into the creation of a grand technological device known as the Nexus, a digital marvel that mimicked what life once was and supposed to be, making a haven, a utopia for those with enough resources and money to afford it, and so the rich escaped into a digital utopia leaving those who could not afford it to decay along with the world.

    Of course, eventually others managed to get their hands on this technology as well. Others without affluence and power, those left behind to rot with the world, often of a rougher and more dangerous or troublesome crowd. And once inside the Nexus, many of them learned to cheat the system, to hack it, and create imbalance and disorder in the system. As a whole, these hackers are generally referred to as Vexourge, though as a result gangs have formed and managed to find a place in the Nexus.

    Roleplay Thread:

    Overworld Settings:

    When the world grew stagnent and near unliveable, Man began to call it Decay, and so it lost it's original name as Earth. Some still choose to call it by it's own name, but most no longer do, especially those of the newer generations. Decay is a barren waste, covered in decrepit cities that are falling apart, buildings in ruin, though not abandoned as those who could not manage to escape into the Nexus try to scrape up a living in the rubble that was once human civilization. The streets are cracked and breaking apart, and many parts of the city provide shadowy places to hide, but beware as you won't be the only ones out there, and many people are willing to do whatever it takes to survive, including kill others.

    Pictures(to get an idea): 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9

    A virtual paradise modeled after what the world used to be like, both in the distant past and the recent future of great technological marvels and flying or lifted vehicles. People can find all sorts of places from high-tech futuristic cities to deep forest or vast deserts. Thanks to the high-grade technology and workings of the network, everything from a small itch to a wound feels as it would in real life, though there are measures in place to keep people from suffering real life harm minus some aches or from being in too-great of pain with the simple assistance of virtual doctors and care programs.
    Because the Nexus is a digital world, that means that those with the skill or knowledge can hack and program it, which is considered highly illegal for anyone who is not a high official with the authority to do so, in order to keep the system functioning and in balance, hence why the Vexourge are considered such high-risk. As with any system, the Nexus has many back doors and unintended pathways of data that the Vexourge can use to move around with minimal detection, at least if they know what they're doing.
    The officials of the Nexus are constantly upping the programming and security to put a stop to the spreading Vexourge disturbance, however, it's also given rise to more talented and skilled Vexourge hackers and while the measures have helped to catch many mediocre, new, or inexperienced hackers, there are many that have managed to elude capture who are considered much more of a problem.

    Character/Plot Focus:

    ~Heavenly Virtues~
    A relatively docile gang that has always had a bloody rivalry with the Sins gang. They derive their name from the seven Heavenly Virtues and the main body of the gang is comprised of exactly seven members, with smaller branches being followers of their beliefs and lower in rank, usually apart from the main gang. Each of the main seven members represents one of the seven virtues and what it stands for; Chastity, Temperance, Charity, Diligence, Patience, Kindness, and Humility. For each member who represents a virtue, they have an opposite mortal enemy in the Sins gang that opposes their represented virtue. The Virtues gang seeks to take control and peace with others in the Nexus through exorcising their strength doing good deeds and stopping others from sowing chaos and victimizing others in the Nexus. However, since they are not an actual authority group within the Nexus and often times their actions to do good are considered illegal, they've been forced into hiding same as any other Vexourge groups and try to accomplish their ends their own way, often times outside the Law.
    Generally, the Virtues gang, or at least it's seven main members, are of the belief that those of the Sin's gang could be changed for the better if given the chance and shown the way to goodness if someone were to help them find salvation, and so it's their goal to take down the other gang without simply obliterating or killing them. While they want to avoid it, they aren't completely against killing members of the Sin's gang if they find themselves in a hopeless situation of life and death and it cannot be avoided, but they try as much as possible to limit the casualties.

    Base of Operations
    7th Avenue Inn | Rat's Alley(between the buildings)
    Interior; Entrance/Foyer | Stairwell Halls | Bedrooms | Attic/top floor

    ~Deadly Sins~
    A vicious and brutal gang that has always had a bloody rivalry with the Virtues gang. They derive their name from the seven Deadly Sins and hte main body of the gang is comprised of exactly seven members, with smaller branches being followers of their beliefs and lower in rank, usually apart from the main gang. Each of the main seven members represents one of the seven sins and what it stands for; Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride. For each member who represents a sin, they have an opposite mortal enemy in the Virtues gang that opposes their represented sin. The Sins gang seeks to instill fear in all others who are not one of their group, and take whatever they want through force and basically worshipping themselves and their own power, disregarding and victimizing others to get ahead. They aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and specialize in whatever Sin they represent.
    Generally, the Sin's gang, as a whole but even more so in it's main seven members are of the belief that all are corrupted and some simply choose to deny or lie about it, and so seek to corrupt the other gang whether it be from the outside in, or the inside out, and that if the other group refuses to "show it's true colors" or join up with them instead, to simply kill them off. They aren't afraid to get their hands dirty and slash a few throats or shoot those of the other group and be done with them, and both that they can and do exploit and take advantage of the other gang's sense of goodness and mercy.

    Base of Operations
    7th Street Warren
    Interior; Entrance Hall | Bedrooms | Basement

  2. Virtues and Sins opposites

    The Main Seven and their Opposer's
    There are seven main members in each gang that wholly represent their virtue/sin, and some lesser members who are not the main seven that fall under those seven. Looking for people to fill both the main seven and possibly lesser ranks as well!
    As many characters as you'd like, just make sure you only make as many characters as you can keep up with =^.^= And leave some positions in the main seven for others! It's suggested(depending on how many takers) that you have one in each gang, but it's not required.

    Chastity VS. Lust


    • [*=left]Purity, knowledge, honesty, wisdom; Abstaining from sexual conduct according to one's state in life; the practice of courtly love and romantic friendship. Cleanliness through cultivated good health and hygiene, and maintained by refraining from intoxicants. To be honest with oneself, one's family, one's friends, and to all of humanity. Embracing of moral wholesomeness and achieving purity of thought-through education and betterment. The ability to refrain from being distracted and influenced by hostility, temptation or corruption.
      [*=left]The Virtue of Chastity is sexually aloof from all but a committed and ongoing lifelong relationship, focuses on taking care of their health and cleanliness and stays away from things that are bad for them(drugs, alcohol, etc.). They are honest with everyone, and want to reach understanding and seek education, and refuse to let themselves be corrupted by such things as hostility and violence or be seduced into sexual acts or other things that are wrong.
    Player: -none yet-​


    • [*=left]Lechery; An intense desire. Usually thought of as simply the excessive desire for sexual activity, however it is more just a general desire and can involve the intense desire for other things as well like money, fame, or power. Anything that they long after to an excessive or even uncontrollable degree is considered lust.
      [*=left]The Sin of Lust is a sexual deviant and never really loyal to anyone, chasing after whatever they want regardless of whether or not it's bad for them, and are a seductor/sudectress towards all around them. What Lust wants, Lust gets, or that's what they live by anyway.
    Character: Devin Teltan
    Player: ET4252

    Temperance VS. Gluttony


    • [*=left]Self-control, justice, honor, abstention; Restraint, temperance, justice. Constant mindfulness of others and one's surroundings; practicing self-control, abstention, moderation, zero-sum and deferred gratification. Prudence to judge between actions with regard to appropriate actions at a given time. Proper moderation between self-interest, versus public-interest, and against the rights and needs of others.
      [*=left]The Virtue of Temperance is mindful to keep themselves in check in light of their surroundings and only acts with reprocussion or punishment when the situation justly calls for it, and staying their hand when such a thing is not warranted or deserved. They act fairly, taking into consideration all sides of a dispute or anything else having to do with themselves and others, and tries to find the best course for everyone. They are also non-wasteful and are careful to only take what they need and not simply let others go without because they wanted more.
    Character: Daijoudan Sanryuu
    Player: The Great Me!


    • [*=left]Selfishness, wastefulness; The over-endulgance of something to the point of waste, most often associated with food or something else that decays and becomes useless to others. However, Gluttony is not just having an overexessive appetite but can be related to eating too soon/before everyone else, eating expensive food excessively, eating too much, eating too eagerly, eating too daintily or only eating a small amount of what they have and discarding the rest with no regard to letting others have it, or eating wildly.
      [*=left]The Sin of Gluttony is most likely a ravenous beast that loves to chow down on food, all the time, even if they don't need it or take a lot of food and let much of it go to waste, even if they can't or don't eat it. They love food to the point of insanity and wouldn't give a single morsal to another if they can help it. Or, in the less likely but still possible scenario, Gluttony can be a picky eater who loves to eat some things or only small amounts and anything else is simply thrown out or left to rot.

    Charity VS. Greed


    • [*=left]Will, benevolence, generosity, sacrifice, Love; the term should not be confused with the more restricted modern use of the word charity to mean benevolent giving. In Christian theology, charity—or love -- is the greatest of the three theological virtues.
      Love, in the sense of an unlimited loving kindness towards all others, is held to be the ultimate perfection of the human spirit, because it is said to both glorify and reflect the nature of God. Such love is self-sacrificial. Confusion can arise from the multiple meanings of the English word "love". The love that is "caritas" is distinguished by its origin – being divinely infused into the soul – and by its residing in the will rather than emotions, regardless of what emotions it stirs up. This love is necessary for salvation, and with it no one can be lost.

      [*=left]The Virtue of Charity is an undyingly loyal and loving soul to those around them, especially those that they know and trust like family and friends, and knows an unlimited kindness and forgiveness towards others. They would willingly sacrifice themselves to protect or save another, whether it be in physical being or pushing aside their own wants and needs to see others happy and well.
    Character: -
    Player: Edge100x


    • [*=left]Avarice, covetousness; very similar to Lust and Gluttony, being a sin of excess, but mostly applied to very excessive or rapacious desire or pursuit of material possessions, pursuing temporary or generally meaningless things and forsaking lasting and eternal morals and importance. Greed can also be paired up with or described as disloyalty, deliberate betrayal, or treason all for personal gain - scavenging, hoarding, and stealing through violence, trickery, or manipulation. Greed wants to own and control everything and will do anything to obtain it, even if it's more than they need, and no matter who it harms.
      [*=left]The Sin of Greed is sneaky and cares not for anyone else so long as they or it gets in the way of their obtaining whatever they want as much as they want. Lying, cheating, stealing, and even killing are not deeds that are above them; if it means they'll get what they want, they'll do it. Do not trust the person of Greed, for the only true loyalty they hold is to themselves and their own wants.
    Player: WiseWolf

    Diligence VS. Sloth


    • Persistence, effort, ethics, rectitude; A zealous and careful nature in one's actions and work; decisive work ethic, steadfastness in belief, fortitude, and the capability of not giving up. Budgeting one's time; monitoring one's own activities to guard against laziness. Upholding one's convictions at all times, especially when no one else is watching (integrity).
    • The Virtue of Diligence is one of hard work, a strict moral code, unwavering beliefs, and too stubborn to ever give up on what they believe in or what they do. They are very self-aware of everything they do and very active, and their behavior or attitudes don't change simply becaues no one is watching them do good things, and will not simply stand by and watch or walk the other way if they witness wrongdoing, they will immediately take a stand even at risk of themselves and are always honest.
    Character: Lucian(Lukian) Lecuyer
    Player: VerbalAbuse


    • Laziness, apathy; associated with both physical and spiritual or ethical laziness, sitting by or turning the other way and allowing evil things to happen even if one did not commit an act of wrongdoing themselves. Sloth can also be associated with not using ones talents or skills as a benefit and instead letting them go to waste.
    • The Sin of Sloth is a person who is generally unmotived to do much, but especially have a disregard to uphold what is right and stand up to wrongdoing even if they aren't the ones committing it, seeing it as simply not their problem. Don't expect any sort of help from the Sloth, nothing is too horrible to simply look the other way and act as if it doesn't exist, but if ever you needed someone to keep a lot of deep, dark secrets, they would be the perfect person to hold that information and never tell another soul.
    Player: Chat Noir

    Patience VS. Wrath


    • [*=left]Peace, mercy, ahimsa, sufferance; Forbearance and endurance through moderation. Resolving conflicts and injustice peacefully, as opposed to resorting to violence. Accepting the grace to forgive; to show mercy to sinners. Creating a sense of peaceful stability and community rather than suffering, hostility, and antagonism.
      [*=left]The Virtue of Patience is one that sympathizes with and forgives all, enduring hardship or unpleasantry from others or simply just life itself through moderation of everything around them. They will resolve a problem in the most peaceful way they can think of, as opposed to resorting to violence if it can be avoided. They will show mercy and forgiveness to all, even their worst enemies. They are essentially the glue that holds together a group, sewing peace and good-will amongst those around them and try to banish hostility and aggression from relations of any kind to help everyone.
    Character: Shinoubu Yamauchi
    Player: Soriams


    • [*=left]Rage, impatience, revenge, vigilantism; may be described as inordinate and uncontrolled feelings of hatred and anger. Wrath, in its purest form, presents with self-destructiveness, violence, and hate that may provoke feuds that can go on for centuries. Wrath may persist long after the person who did another a grievous wrong is dead. Wrath is the only sin not necessarily associated with selfishness or self-interest, although one can of course be wrathful for selfish reasons, such as jealousy (closely related to the sin of envy). In its original form, the sin of anger also encompassed anger pointed internally as well as externally. Thus suicide was deemed as the ultimate, albeit tragic, expression of hatred directed inwardly, a final rejection of God's gifts.
      [*=left]The Sin of Wrath is one who holds no patience or understanding towards others and is quick to anger at the slightest thing, and is incredibly vindictive. Their aggression is often aimed at everyone, including themselves, and they have little regard for the well-being of anyone to the point that they would see themselves destroyed if it brought someone else down with them. It is unwise to get on their bad sides if you can help them because chances are they will seek revenge, even if it is unjustified.
    Character: Faulklin Joel Foster
    Player: The Great Me!

    Kindness VS. Envy


    • [*=left]Satisfaction, loyalty, compassion, integrity; Charity, compassion and friendship for its own sake. Empathy and trust without prejudice or resentment. Unselfish love and voluntary kindness without bias or spite. Having positive outlooks and cheerful demeanor; to inspire kindness in others.
      [*=left]The Virtue of Kindness is a person who would always be there for you and always seek to bring a smile to your face simply because they enjoy to see others happy and feeling good. They are very much and easily trusting, show great caring for those around them, and do not act with prejudice or resentment over petty things. Their good will and cheerfulness is contageous, able to lighten up a whole room just by their presence and refusal to be put down by others. They are generally selfless, and don't really care for menial possessions or things such as who has more or less than them, to them it doesn't matter so long as everyone is happy.
    Player: -none yet-​


    • [*=left]Jealousy, discontent; Characterized as another sin of insatiable desire. Envy is similar to jealousy in that they both feel discontent towards someones traits, status, abilities, or rewards. The difference is the envious also desire that entity and covet it. Envy can be directly related to the Ten Commandments, specifically "Neither shall you desire... anything that belongs to your neighbour". It is sorrow for themselves because someone else has something that they want.
      [*=left]The Sin of Envy is a jealous soul that longs after what others have and they lack instead of focusing on being thankful for what things they do have. They basically worship what they do not have and seek after it, disregarding everything else and only wanting what they don't own or cannot obtain, and will try to tear down others or take away what the do have in order to make themselves feel better for this lacking. Beware, the person of Envy is quite the backstabber, and more than likely they complain a lot or will rub something good in your face just to get the satisfaction of trying to devalue it to that person.
    Player: -none yet-

    Humility VS. Pride


    • [*=left]Bravery, modesty, reverence, altruism; Modest behavior, selflessness, and the giving of respect. Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less. It is a spirit of self-examination; a hermeneutic of suspicion toward yourself and charity toward people you disagree with. The courage of the heart necessary to undertake tasks which are difficult, tedious or unglamorous, and to graciously accept the sacrifices involved. Reverence for those who have wisdom and those who selflessly teach in love. Giving credit where credit is due; not unfairly glorifying one's own self. Being faithful to promises, no matter how big or small they may be. Refraining from despair and the ability to confront fear and uncertainty, or intimidation.
      [*=left]The Virtue of Humility is one of a mild disposition that is always questioning themselves to make sure they do not stray from good, and do not think highly of themselves, giving respect to all those around them that deserve it. They are courageous, taking on things that are unpleasant or that they don't want to do because they have to, and revere wisdom and love. They never glorify themselves over others, always give credit to those that earned it, and always keep a promise unto their dying breath. While they do not think highly of themselves, they don't put themselves down either, and readily confront their own fears and uncertainty, challenging intimidation. Humility is a person of reliability that will never let you down, and always be sure to acknowledge the good things you have done.
    Character: Sara Teltan
    Player: ET4252


    • [*=left]Self-worship; Considered the worst of all sins and the origins of the other six, it is the desire to be more recognized, important, or attractive than others. They fail to acknowledge the accomplishments of others even if others deserve it while playing themselves up as ideal or great, having an excessive love of self.
      [*=left]The Sin of Pride is one who thinks of themselves as higher than everyone else, even being as ignorant and conceited as to consider themselves some higher power like a King or a God and will not tolerate their own image or greatness to be challenged. They think they are better and more important than everyone and everything else, end of story. If someone else does something great, they will take credit for it instead and sneer at those that deserve the recognition. Sore loser doesn't even begin to describe the person of Pride, their vindictive tendencies of revenge is only equaled by Wrath and they are not afraid to play dirty or twist a situation to make themselves the victor.
    Player: -none yet-​
  3. Character Form

    Feel free to modify, move things around, and pretty-up a bit, but try to keep most of the same information. Feel free to add your own parts to your character form that aren't already there if you wish.

    (image or image url here if you wish)
    [B]Alias:[/B] (if part of one of the two gangs and in the main circle of 7, put their Virtue/Sin name)
    [B]Heritage:[/B] (optional)
    [B]Skin tone:[/B] (can differ between Decay and Nexus)
    [B]Hair Color:[/B] (can differ)
    [B]Eye Color:[/B] (can differ)
    [B]Body type:[/B] (Skinny? Fat? Tall? Short? Weak? Muscular? etc)
    [B]Clothing Style Preference:[/B] (tank-tops? Short-sleeves? Turtle-necks? Jeans? Cargo's? Shorts? Sneakers? Heels? etc.)
    [B]General description:[/B]
    [B]Gang(?):[/B] (Virtues, Sins, or independent/not in a gang yet)
    [B]Represented Virtue/Sin:[/B] (What Virtue or Sin do they represent or stand for, if one of the main seven members? N/A if none)
    [B]Rank:[/B] (One of the main seven? Or part of a lower branch/rank?)
    [B]Opposing/Enemy:[/B] (What virtue/sin is opposite theirs and who holds that rank/position in the opposite gang? N/A on their name if someone hasn't created an opposing character yet)
    [B]Reason for Joining their Gang:[/B] (optional)
    [B]Sexual Orientation:[/B] (Straight, gay/les, bi, pan, asexual, etc?)
    [B]Romantic Interest(s):[/B] (crushes, etc.)
    [CENTER][SIZE=4][U]~Skills and Combat~[/U][/SIZE][/CENTER]
    [B]Hacking Level/Abilities(?):[/B] (Are they perhaps a novice, or are they "OMG SUPER TALENTED AND SKILLED" at it? Please try to be reasonable about this.)
    [B]Specialty:[/B] (What are they best at?)
    [B]*Nexus* Talents/Skills:[/B] (Just a general list/description of everything they can do.)
    [B]*Decay* Talents/Skills:[/B] (just a general list/description of everything they can do.)
    [B]*Nexus* Weapons/abilities of choice:[/B]
    [B]*Decay* Weapons of Choice:[/B]
    [B]Fighting Styles:[/B] (both for Nexus and Decay, likely they'll differ depending on weapons and abilities in the two places)
    [B]Downfalls/Weaknesses:[/B] (anything that can be taken advantage of in combat, whether it be a physical weakness, lack of skill, personality flaws like quick to anger and easily beaten with tactic, not very smart, not very fast, not very strong, etc. As long as someone else can use it against your character realistically. Fears count.)
  4. ~General~
    Name: Daijoudan Sanryuu
    Alias: Temperance
    Age: 23 years old
    Gender: Male
    Heritage: Japanese

    Skin tone: Slightly tanned
    Hair Color: Silver, almost looks bluish/lavenderish-silver when the light hits it
    Eye Color: Light blue, almost silver
    Body type: 5'9", lean, very muscular and athletic
    Accessories: Hair-tie, to put his hair up into a ponytail
    Clothing Style Preference: Form-fitting sleeveless shirt, Hakama or baggy pants that are manueverable and easy to move around in.
    General description: Tall and muscular, long silvery hair that he often ties into a ponytail with bob-cut bangs and a longer chin-length strip of hair to frame either side of his face. Piercing pale blue eyes that border on silver. Almost always with a serious, no-nonsense and gruff expression on his face. Almost always wears something that's either very form-fitting or very loose and manueverable, so it doesn't tear or impede his movements in a fight.
    Other: N/A

    Gang(?): Virtues
    Represented Virtue/Sin: Temperance
    Rank: One of the main Seven
    Opposing/Enemy: Gluttony
    Reason for Joining their Gang: While he was born and raised within a high-power family in the Nexus, he is of the belief that the idealism by many in power or wealth that help rule the Nexus are unjust and cruel in their thinking that a Utopia such as the Nexus should only be allowed those who can afford it and the rest should simply suffer and die miserably in Decay. While his parents and other family work on the Nexus and changing it from the inside of the ranks, he works to change it from outside sources as well to put pressure on both sides, in ways that require him to go outside the Law set by those ruling the Nexus, and so he joined the Virtues Gang to do just that rather than working solo, figuring that it was his best chance at attaining a higher equality for those suffering and scraping by in Decay to be able to freelly join the Nexus just as anyone should be able to.

    Sexual Orientation: Straight, but little interest in intimate relationships
    Romantic Interest(s): N/A
    Lover/spouse(?): N/A
    Kin/Siblings/Parents/Children(?): N/A
    Friends: (will update)

    ~Skills and Combat~
    Hacking Level/Abilities(?): Moderate. He's no master at it, but he knows enough to keep himself from getting caught or being an easy target.

    Specialty: Sword-combat and martial arts

    *Nexus* Talents/Skills: Much the same as in Decay, he has highly honed skills in martial art's and sword-fighting, and specializes in dual-wielding. Most of his hacking abilities come from the AI systems that inhabit his three dragon swords. The white blade that he wield's will never cut to kill, it is physically incapable of doing so, and any cuts that it makes or damage it causes will heal over more quickly than most wounds, and can fix broken coding or seal up tears in the coding that lead to the system's back doors and hidden paths. The silver blade acts mostly like a regular sword, albeit more powerful, and can cut through coding and open up doorways that way. He favors using only the white and silver blades. The black blade is highly destructive and damages or rips apart any coding it comes into contact with, and seems to have a more prevelant will of it's own. As such it can warp and control whoever wields it and send them into a blind, destructive state. He pretty much never uses this blade, will never let anyone else touch it, and is only able to keep it with him as a result of the other two balancing it, like a Yin-Yang force.

    *Decay* Talents/Skills: Quite physically strong, spending much of his time training or exorcising and disciplining himself in the arts of martial art's and kendo, as well as very tactical in his fighting style and strategy.

    *Nexus* Weapons/abilities of choice: Three katana's each with their hilts carved in the likeness of a Japanese serpent-dragon, a white dragon, silver dragon, and black dragon. The white blade is named In(ee-n}, the black dragon is named You(Yo-oo), and the silver dragon is named Kokorozashi. He wears all three at his belt on the same side.

    *Decay* Weapons of Choice: Shinai(bamboo fencing sword/stick) and hand-to-hand combat.

    Fighting Styles: Tactical and aggressive, but almost never with the intent to kill, and knows how to temper his blows or when he needs to be more forceful depending on the situation. He almost always dual-wield's, specializing in his own two-sword fighting style different from most others around him. He isn't the fastest, but he trains hard and has highly honed reflexes to dodge or block oncoming blows and is very tactical, predicting and reacting to his opponents moves quite skillfully. He's definately a tough opponent to take on.

    Downfalls/Weaknesses: He can be a bit too arrogant or confident in his own abilities as a warrior sometimes and has a bit of a habit of underestimating others, especially if they seem physically weak or tactically incapable, even if he really is highly skilled, so he might not take some opponents seriously enough and end up giving them some advantages as a result. He's also relatively strong and quick with his strikes, but there are still quite a few people faster than him in overall speed so it's not unheard of for someone to get the jump on him using speed to their advantage when they manage to catch him off-guard or when he's underestimating them, leaving him a little more open.

    Personality:Daijoudan is a bit haughty and can have a bit of a temper sometimes, but only usually directed at those who deliberately try to annoy him or do something heinous. Otherwise, he's pretty much always very aloof, serious, and quiet. Despite that he can seem very gruff and uncaring on the surface, he's not usually as cold as his outward exterior implies and has a strong sense of justice and fairness and never let's his judgment be clouded by anger when it really matters. He won't tolerate ungrounded harm, insuboordination, or wastefulness and will act quickly to put someone in their place, and some see his measures of doing so as sometimes extreme, but he has a good way of getting his point across without doing unneccesary harm, even if it does instill a little bit of fear or minor injury into someone in the process to avoid an outcome of greater harm, only when necessary or unavoidable of course. He doesn't particularly like people who are loud, rambunctious, or obnoxious and will likely avoid them at all times when possible, and might sometimes make threats if they persist or annoy him regularly(particularly if it's on purpose) but he'll never truly seriously wound or kill anyone despite that he might make the threats to do so, much of it is just bravado to intimidate them into leaving him alone and in peace.

    Likes: Quiet, self-disciplined and considerate people, traditional and instrumental music, honing his skills, meditation, his two large dogs In and You

    Hates: Loud or rambunctious/annoying people, loud noise in general, wastefulness

    Hobbies: Training in martial arts and kendo, meditation

    History: Out of all/most of those within the two gangs, taking into account all of his upbringing, bloodlines, and social status, Daijoudan is probably the closest to being a Noble that there could ever be in the present day. His family has a great amount of affluence and power within the Nexus, and certainly aren't at all short-coming on wealth. No doubt one would ask what someone such as him would be doing in Decay then amongst a gang. His family is the Sanryuu family within the Nexus that holds a great amount of influence, but one of the few that doesn't agree with the views that many of the other families and people of power have. Whereas most in power have the idea and attitude that the Nexus is only for those of power and wealth, that those without should simply be left to scavenge like rats and rot with Decay as the world falls apart, the Sanryuu family(though not all are aware of it) has a much more broad view of equality and that everyone, no matter their social standing, should be allowed to live in Utopia, because many cannot help the poor or meager life that they were forced into living in Decay. Despite their influence, it hasn't been enough to convince the other families and powers into changing their ways and helping those of a lower social standing into the Nexus, or change the attitude that they're all just rabble and rats worthy to just die away in misery. Since Daijoudan was raised with the same attitude by his family, he doesn't view things like wealth or status symbols as something that makes a person any less or more important than another, and wants to see the Nexus as a haven available to all, not just those who can afford to live in luxury. It was with that, while his parents worked from the inside of the Nexus to help influence and change it, that he made it his task to work from the outside to change the Nexus for the better, and hence he came to join the Virtues gang. Most are only aware of his first name, Daijoudan, as he doesn't want his social status to effect how most view him or his reasons for being there based on their own prejudice when they might learn that he is a part of the Sanryuu family. He's been formally trained in the art of sword-fighting and hand-to-hand martial arts since he was little, as well as had it constantly enforced how he should behave and act towards others, to listen to all sides of something and take them into consideration before ever enacting judgment or punishment upon them, and as such he became much like the judge or decider of what was to become of anyone within the Gang that caused problems or betrayal, or others that either trespassed or were captured for any reason by the Virtues gang. When he joined the Virtues gang, he also brought with him his two large guard dogs, a white one named In and a black one named You, as his family crest and beliefs revolves highly around the idealism and symbolism of Yin and Yang/Inyou. He can be a bit arrogant or seem to have an attitude that he's somehow higher simply because of his general upbringing and having been around many people of power and affluence, but he doesn't truly believe he is and is simply a learned demeanor and persona that he had to take on while around others of status. Despite that most don't know of his family background, that still doesn't mean others don't know he originally came from a higher status family than most within the gang, they just don't know how high his ties truly go.

  5. Name: Faulklin Joel Foster
    Alias: Wrath
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Heritage: Unknown

    Skin tone: Sort of ashen
    Hair Color: Brown
    Eye Color: Blue
    Body type: Thin bordering anorexic, short in stature(5’1”), lightly muscled, scrawny, still appears very child-like/babyfaced and looks a couple of years younger than he really is.
    Accessories: N/A
    Clothing Style Preference: Long-sleeved shirts(always) that completely cover – usually black, often times prefers to have a hoodie over it to pull the hood up over his head, any full-length pants that completely cover – usually black or dark in color, black combat boots.
    General description: Short and thin, lacking overall body size and strength(kind of a runt, really), he has short, unruly brown hair that’s often unkempt and a single blue eye, the right being gauged out and making him blind on that side, while the left bears heavy scarring from both cuts and burns. He has lots of scarring on his back, chest, and forearms but hides them underneath a long-sleeved shirt constantly, and typically wears a distrusting scowl or glare on his face at any and everyone.

    Gang: Sins
    Represented Sin: Wrath
    Rank: One of the main seven
    Opposing/Enemy: Patience
    Reason for Joining their Gang: Faulklin merely see's it as another means to attain his ends of freeing the world from humankind and the destruction they cause, both using the others within the gang to his advantage and so he has a generally protected place to return to to rest and take shelter, as well as allowing him access the the Nexus. When he first joined the Nexus he was awed to see what many places in Decay used to look like before humans destroyed it, and was only further outraged at how badly they had destroyed the world and plunged it into the state that it currently is in, vowing more than ever that he would destroy the human race that he already thoroughly hated.

    Sexual Orientation: asexual and aromantic
    Romantic Interest(s): N/A
    Lover/spouse(?): N/A
    Kin/Siblings/Parents/Children(?): None that he’s aware of
    Friends: Doesn’t really see the need for friends

    ~Skills and Combat~
    Hacking Level/Abilities(?): Definitely not the best at it…he’s quite bright though so he would probably be an excellent hacker if he took the time to actually learn it from someone, but unfortunately he doesn’t have enough patience for other people do be taught. He’s an easy enough target on his own in the Nexus, so best paired with someone of at least moderate skill at it. Most of his hacking or manipulation of the system is done on a subconscious level sporadically and not very coordinated or controlled, usually when caught up in the moment of a fight or desperate situation.

    Specialty: Hiding/going undetected, reconnaissance, stealth, assassination, information and observation , infiltration

    *Nexus* Talents/Skills:
    For the most part, the same as in the real world. Granted it only usually comes out when he’s in a fight or a desperate situation, and not on a conscious level, he can manipulate the data of an area to use data streams, backdoors and pathways to his advantage as a hiding place or a way to go unseen for a while to appear somewhere else(wherever the path lets out) to try and gain the upper hand and catch his opponents off-guard, or take shelter/escape if necessary while he regroups and comes up with some kind of strategy, and avoid blows on the drop of a pin. One thing he has to his advantage in the Nexus that he doesn’t have in real life, another thing he does without really realizing it consciously, is setting off a sense of ungrounded fear and makes it harder for a person to think or keep a clear connection with the network, causing their physical mind to release chemicals and trigger their fight or flight response through manipulation of their connection between physical body and consciousness within the Nexus. Often times this ability/fear embodies itself as a living shadow with a near-featureless white mask bearing only a grin of sharp fangs.(Like this, Click. Shadow-body capable of changing shape, mask always stays the same however.)

    *Decay* Talents/Skills:
    He just has a sort of presence that’s easy to overlook, knowing how to hide himself relatively well whether it be hiding in the shadows or simply blending in to go unnoticed just walking right in front of a person when they aren’t paying enough attention. Because of this, it makes him a valuable asset to anything that involves infiltration, reconnaissance, thievery, and assassinations, often times more than just one at a time. Speed along with his skills in going undetected make him quite an asset to the Gang for many of their more secretive and shady operations or missions.

    *Nexus* Weapons/abilities of choice:
    A small katana-like sword that appears to be a fancy black cane when sheathed, making for a perfect stealth weapon since no one suspects what it is based on appearance unless unsheathed. Often times when fighting, he won’t unsheathe it until an opportune moment to use it as an element of surprise and catch his enemies off-guard, in the hopes of ending his enemies quickly and efficiently.

    *Decay* Weapons of Choice: Dagger or some kind of blade, he’s not a big fan of guns and doesn’t really know how to use one efficiently, but if he has access to one and needs to use it he has no problems with it. If neither are available, just anything else that he can use as a weapon, even if it’s simply a rock/piece of rubble, metal bar, rope, or whatever else is available, he’ll make use of it.

    Fighting Styles:
    Relies heavily on evasion, tactic, and attacking with aggressive precision when an opening is available. Because he’s relatively small and physically weak, he’s vulnerable to damage when it comes to getting hit by someone else. He can take a few blows but it only takes one good or solid blow to render him incapable of doing much. He has highly honed reflexes when it comes to avoiding oncoming blows however, his small size and speed making him difficult to hit, and he’s a highly tactical fighter, finding ways to use his surrounding environment in ways that others might not think of to find an opening. Once he manages to find an opening though, beware, because he’ll go straight for the kill even at the risk of wounding or even killing himself in the process. If he can, he’ll try and go undetected until he can sneak up behind someone or catch them off guard to kill them without much effort or risk to himself, specializing in anything that involves stealth or observation/information, including assassination. His fighting style also relies heavily on having some sort of weapon, he can’t really fight hand-to-hand at all.

    Because he’s relatively small and physically weak, he’s vulnerable to damage when it comes to getting hit by someone else. He can take a few blows but it only takes one good or solid blow to render him incapable of doing much. If he gets hit a good couple of times or pinned, he’s as good as finished. While he can hack and manipulate the Nexus a little bit, most of it is done on a subconscious level and he doesn’t really or can’t actively or consciously control it, and is done on a smaller scale than most. He’s also very reckless and holds no regard to his own life, whether he lives or dies, and is probably one of the most stubborn people you would ever meet, so he gets injured often or gets himself into tight situations because of his refusal to do anything the easy way or back down when he could bring down someone else even if it means he’ll die in the process of killing or wounding them. He just doesn’t know when to quit. If he’s disarmed of a weapon, he’s pretty much defenseless.

    Personality: Aggressive, brash, abrasive, quick-tempered, cunning, and probably the most stubborn person you’ll ever meet. He’s quite bright and intellectual but his manner of speech and uncreative or intelligent insults would lead anyone to believe that he’s just a stupid thug with no manner of actual smarts, as well as his stubbornness and unwavering rebellion. He refuses to do almost anything he’s told to do by anyone, especially when it’s demanded of him as if he has no choice in the matter but to do it. One of his favorite pass-times when around other people is tossing constant insults or otherwise trying to belittle everyone around him with harsh words and sometimes actions, being highly combative and aggressive, his temper set off at sometimes the tiniest things. Don’t ever expect gratitude or a kind word out of him, you’d be lucky if he didn’t slit your throat in your sleep after you’ve managed to piss him off. Almost absolutely everything seems to either annoy or piss him off so you’ll most often always find him with a scowl or glare on his face, and probably a few obscenities tossed your way. One thing about him is that he’s always tense and edgy, like he’s ready to either fight or run away from something or someone, keeps an eye on anyone around him as if he’s expecting them to do something that he needs to be prepared for, and doesn’t ever relax around anyone. Don’t ever touch him or make physical contact for any reason either, even if you’re just trying to help him, unless you want him to attack you. He hates to be touched. Very vindictive, expect some kind of retaliation or revenge if you do anything to him, because he will make you suffer for it, and rarely forgives. He may give you one chance, once you blow it, he'll probably hold a personal vendetta against you until the day he dies.
    He hates people of any and all kind, but he’s a bit drawn to animals and will ease up a bit around them, assuming there’s no people around to witness it, or none that he knows of anyway. While it’s incredibly difficult to get such a reaction out of him, he can ease up around some people or learn to at least tolerate their presence more than others, maybe even go so far as to say he might come to like them, but it takes a certain kind of person and finesse…and a very, very long time.
    Suicide isn't something that he feels above either, it's just he prefers homicide first and suicide second, and has some incredibly selfish views about hardship and the attitude that he has it indefinately worse than everyone else, and that nothing in life is really "good" or that people can do anything except destroy and bring harm, so probably wise not to expect any sort of sympathy or understanding from him when it comes to anything horrible happening. Also prone to emotional breaks/psychological breaks/panic/anxiety attacks and night terrors, but he tries to hide them and make things out to be that nothing is ever wrong and refuses to show weakness when at all possible under the fear that everyone around him will just exploit that weakness to try and torment him.

    Likes: Solitude, belittling or insulting others, animals, books, music of most kind but especially Rock, Alternative, and Emocore

    A lot of things, really…but most of all being people, or being touched, told what to do, hit or threatened, medication or drugs of any kind, being restrained or tied up. Above everything else though, he hates anything to do with romance or intimacy. Don’t ever try anything with him, you’re libel to get murdered on the spot, secretive or otherwise.

    Not really anything in particular besides maybe reading…just whatever passes the time or can distract him that isn’t just annoying.

    History: Faulklin has no memory of parents or siblings, nor does he remember a single time in his life that anyone treated him with mercy or kindness, having been left to an orphanage where he was brutalized by both the man who ran the place and other, older children there, his life left in jeopardy on a constant basis under their care - or rather, lackthereof. He got sick of the suffering they put him through and eventually, after many previous tries, managed to run away, but the person he came to live under after that was even worse than the others. Most of his life was filled with suffering and brutality inflicted on him by others, the many scars that mark his body a testament to this. When the second person to keep him under his roof nearly killed him, horribly scarring his face and taking the sight of one eye, he finally hit his breaking point and snapped, managing to kill the man and set out on his own, half-dead from the wounds that the man had inflicted and vowing that he would spend whatever time he had left in the world to eradicate as many people as he could, having come to believe by that point that humans were creatures capable of only causing harm and destruction; that they needed to be erased from the world to free it from them. It was during the time that he was wandering, killing others where he could, that he came to the Sin's gang, infiltrating their home unnoticed and attacking them, managing to kill a few of the lesser members and the previous person who took the role of Wrath. When he was finally restrained and his attack put to a stop, at first those within the gang wanted to simply kill him and be done with it, but after further questioning and examination of exactly what he had accomplished all on his own - sneaking into their base unnoticed and killing several people much larger than him, even with his greivous injuries - they decided that he might be more of an asset to them alive rather than simply killing him. It was with that they saw to it that his wounds were taken care of, though it took some time and he nearly didn't make it, and ended up accepting him into their group to use his abilities and skills to their advantage. His vindictive and aggressive attitude, and views on the world, the manner in which he's so prone to rage made him the perfect representative of Wrath, and given that he had killed the previous one, left the position wide open for him to take. Despite that officially, he's considered one of the main seven, he doesn't really consider himself One of the Gang and cares little for whether others live or die, nor does he like to be ordered into doing something, or doing anything that doesn't involve personal motivation for him to do. When he was first introduced into the Nexus by the others of the Gang, he saw what the world used to look like before humans destroyed Decay with their pollution, expansion, etc. and was only further disgusted by humankind, further encouraging his views that they are worthy only of eradication, and so he vowed more than ever to destroy mankind. Despite that he doesn't always listen and doesn't even like others within the gang, he's been more of a benefit than a hinderance to him as a result of his skills in infiltration, reconassiance, and assassination.
  6. I love it, a great and well thought story. Funny thing; I started a fantasy role-play called The Seven Deadly Sins, where the seven were a mercenary band. Any ways, it's awesome and you should save me the spot of Gluttony! And if no one takes it before the RP starts I might snag Chastity,
  7. Mind if I save myself the spot of Diligence? I have an idea for a character already.
  8. Reserved Gluttony and Diligence for you guys =3

    Looking forward to seeing your characters soon =^.^=
  9. Nexus Punk Style:

    Nexus Machine Pistols
    Yes, I insist, that is a pistol. It's a big pistol, but it's a pistol.

    Name: Lucian Lecuyer (prefers his name be pronounced "Lukien")
    Alias: Diligence
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Heritage: Anglic/French

    ~Decay Appearance~
    Skin tone: Pale with signs of Jaundice
    Hair Color: Dark Brown
    Eye Color: Hazel
    Body type: Thin, but not skinny, with light fat on his stomach
    Accessories: Steel chain worn on his pants, with a wolf fang pendant dangling from it
    Clothing Style Preference: Long sleeve undershirts, short sleeve hoodie sweaters, cargo pants, and sneakers, with bright and conspicuous color coordination
    General description: Lucian is a man of around 6 feet in height and around 170 pounds in weight, with a fair amount of muscle mass to compensate. He isn't the healthiest, being a Decayan pauper, but he tries to keep in good shape. His eyes are always bloodshot from lack of sleep, and he never cuts his hair, so it falls to his shoulders easily.
    Other: He requires reading glasses and often forgets to take them off when he's not doing anything requiring much effort.

    ~Nexus Appearance~
    Skin tone: A grayish shade of natural pale, the skin of one who stays in the darkness far too much
    Hair Color: Raven black or black, depending on the situation
    Eye Color: Violet
    Body type: Thin without much fat
    Accessories: Wears multiple belts on one loop to replace the chain, and a long scarf suspended by electric elements.
    Clothing Style Preference: Long sleeved, collared shirts, wearing his thumbs through the sleeves, and the collar turned up to hide below his chin, single-striped pants, and either no shoes, or black sneakers. His color coordination is different, often wearing black with neon green or magenta accents, or, as depicted in the picture on top.
    General description: Keeping his height, Lucian opts for a more cyberpunk style in the Nexus, wearing black and neon, with belts accessorized by only wearing them in a single belt loop. His eyes tend to be cleaner, but he still has dark eye circles and bags, as he says they characterize his virtue. He normally keeps his hair length in the Nexus, but occasionally changes to shorter hair.
    Other: He sometimes wears neon orange goggles in the stead of reading glasses.

    Gang: Virtues
    Represented Virtue/Sin: Diligence
    Rank: Main Seven
    Opposing/Enemy: Sloth; N/A
    Reason for Joining their Gang: Lucian always sought to try using the Nexus to make Decay a better place, but everyone prefers to use it as an escape. He believes Decay should be rejuvenated and the Nexus should be turned into a playground.

    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Romantic Interest: N/A, will update as more people join.
    Lover/spouse: N/A, will update as needed
    Kin/Siblings/Parents/Children: Lucian was raised on the streets.
    Friends: A group of people he grew up with on Decay. They help him operate by communication and external hacking. Shin, aka "Patience". Members of the Virtues will be added as necessary.

    ~Skills and Combat~
    Hacking Level/Abilities: Diligence calls for practice. Diligence is a Journeyman of Hacking, able to walk his friends through complex code and arithmatic from inside the Nexus, and even create small elements (fire, water, electric, wind) within the Nexus himself.
    Specialty: Diligence is a master of worldspace sculpting, and often creates small cities modeled after circuit boards.
    *Nexus* Talents/Skills: Acrobatics, balance, guns accuracy
    *Decay* Talents/Skills: Strength, balance, fist fighting
    *Nexus* Weapons/abilities of choice: Dual machine pistols,
    *Decay* Weapons of Choice: Brass knuckles and/or a bowie knife
    Fighting Styles: Quick movements and fast strikes. On Decay, it's easy to tell when he's trying to put some extra punch behind a slash or thrust when he puts both hands on his knife. In urban settings in the Nexus,and his custom worldspaces, he often gets to high positions, such as street lights and rooftops, and shoots from these positions. Up close, he uses a combination of kicks and tackles.
    Downfalls/Weaknesses: On Decay, he is afflicted with sleep deprivation, and thus, is prone to doze off during a lull in combat. In the Nexus, he is only very deadly if he has somewhere to hide.

    Personality: Lucian is effectively a street rat from London with a grudge against the world, but not its people. He is an idealist, and works to reach his goals, but, despite being Diligence, he has a hard time motivating himself to do things he doesn't want to do, like sleep. He loves coffee and tea, and his dreams often involve him sipping tea with his friends in a clean world, and meeting the people he fights alongside in the Nexus. He finds he often has issues with Chastity, as Lucian is under the belief that sex is a healthy activity, which conflicts with the virtue of Chastity. Nevertheless, he would come to Chastity's aid if they needed it, and would not be against asking for their help as well.
    Likes: Fighting, cleanliness, house rock music
    Hates: Killing, rot, R&B music
    Hobbies: Creating worldspaces, making coffee, putting sugar in his tea
    History: Lucian has no idea where he came from. His last memory is of begging on the street for a slice of rich man's bread. The man's action created idealism in Lucian, as he recieved an entire loaf and shared it with his new friends. He became an advocate for the rejuvenation of Decay, and the transformation of the Nexus into a playground for all. His friends helped him get where he is, as he and them acquired jobs in their teenage years to purchase a hook up and a small shack North of Bath, where they set up shop, and where Lucian became known as Diligence.

    Will make edits as I think of things, as well as an image of his Nexus pistols
  10. ~General~

    Name: Vollerei Sau
    Alias: Gluttony
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Heritage: N/A
    Skin tone: Pale white
    Hair Color: Light Brown
    Eye Color: Light, faded blue
    Body type: Always changing, often inbetween skinny and chubby
    Accessories: A broken fan (like picture) and lots of random jewelry she finds.
    Clothing Style Preference: Torn and tattered dresses she can find (she would much prefer nice new ones, but she has to make due) Her favorite is much like the one above, but the skirt has been torn to be very short and the condition is less than ideal. (Tattered, torn, stains, burns)

    General description: (Too lazy, look at the stupid picture!)
    Other: She wears lots of makeup. Also, her weight changes a lot because of her irregular eating patterns.

    Skin tone: Pale White
    Hair Color: Black
    Eye Color: Black
    Body type: Very Skinny
    Accessories: An elegant fan (picture!) and lots of fine jewelry
    Clothing Style Preference: Beautiful and elegant dresses (as seen in picture)
    General description: (THE PICTURE MAN!)
    Other: Eh...

    Gang: Deadly Sins
    Represented Virtue/Sin: Gluttony
    Rank: Main Seven
    Opposing/Enemy: Temperance, Daijoudan Sanryuu
    Reason for Joining their Gang: (optional)
    Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
    Romantic Interest(s): N/A
    Lover/spouse(?): N/A
    Kin/Siblings/Parents/Children(?): N/A
    Friends: N/A
    ~Skills and Combat~
    Hacking Level/Abilities(?): She is decent with computers and electronics (implying shes good at hacking) as they are another distraction for her (see the bio MAN)
    Specialty: She gathers loots of good loot. She finds valuables and weapons.
    Talents/Skills: I dunno.... Not a very talented woman.
    Weapons of Choice: ALL WEAPONS! But she is only really good with a pistols.
    Fighting Styles: Just the "point and shoot" kinda girl, and very trigger happy.
    Downfalls/Weaknesses: Its very skilled at all, and not very aware of her surrounding. (despite her keen eye for shinnies)
    Talents/Skills: Dance, sing, persuade, lie, much better with a gun, barter, and such.
    Weapons/abilities of choice: Her fan! (Cheesy! Ever see a movie where the fan is like a blade? Like that)
    Fighting Styles: It is as if she is almost dancing with the fans. She is graceful and sleek and strikes with precision.

    Personality: Vollerei is a sad, and empty girl who can only find joy in material goods. She if wasteful because once something brings her no more joy, it goes into her pile of goods. She never gives away anything, only because she feels that she needs it. SELF INDULGENT!
    Likes: Food, jewelry, guns, toys, shoes, clothes, things, possessions, television, computers, and all sorts of material goods.
    Hates: Decay.
    Hobbies: Collecting stuff
    History: Vollerei was born into the terrible world of Decay, and saw right away that there was nothing but waste out there. There was nothing worth living for, nothing good left. But she was able to distract herself from the state of the world by indulging in the few pleasures she was allowed, whether it be food or clothes. She began to obsess over it all, and would do anything to get her hands on stuff just stuff. She needed things to fill some hole in her life. Her parents were much like this too, but were rich enough to get into the Nexus, but could not afford to bring their daughter with, so they left her behind. Her world became even more empty then, and she found that her possessions were not enough any more, no matter what she got. She thinks that the only way to fill this void is to get into the Nexus, so she joined the Deadly Sins in hopes they would be her key into the Nexus, and a full life; a great distraction from the suffering of the world.

    I might change some things later... Maybe. I realize that she if kind of a mix between gluttony and greed, but they do kinda go hand in hand.
  11. Both approved =3

    Also finished the profiles for Daijoudan and Faulklin's histories if anyone is interested >3>
  12. Sorry I am taking so long, I should have my forms up by, at the latest, the end of this week.
  13. Alright, looking forward to it =3
  14. ((OMG It took me like a half hour to get this to post... Maybe I'll pretty it up once I get some 'patience' back. X(


    Name: Shinobu (Shin) Yamauchi
    Virtue: Patience
    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Heritage: Japanese / Tibetan

    Skin Tone: Pale, yet not sickly, could be described as ivory.
    Hair Color: Jet black.
    Eye Color: Black.
    Body Type: Very thin and frail looking, on the tall side at 6'1", wispy and fragile in appearance.
    Accessories: Shinoubu keeps a Mala made of Bodhi wood wrapped around his left wrist.
    Clothing Style Preference: Shin doesn't care much about what his clothes look like so long as they are comfortable and warm, but he does have a preference for grey and white if given the opportunity to choose.
    General description: A tall thin man, Shinoubu almost seems gangly in proportion, his arms and legs seeming to be too long for his thin body. He might seem clumsy, but his sinewy frame moves with a practiced and careful grace. He actions and movements are most often slow as though throughly considered, and it is only when pressed that he will react swiftly. However, this is not his choice, and Shin would much rather think things through before acting.
    Skin Tone: Same ivory as above, though with less of the influence of his asian heritage.
    Hair Color: White.
    Eye Color: Grey.
    Body Type: Shorter than his Decay form, at around 5'6", and a much healthier looking, average weight.
    Accessories: None. While in the Nexus, he likes to leave the trappings of his Decay life behind.
    Clothing Style Preference: Shin's prefrence for grey and white are taken to the extreme while in the Nexus and he chooses to wear a three-part monk's robe of pure white, a startling contrast to the standard saffron coloration.
    General Description: Presenting himself with so much white and pale eyes, it often gives the impression of an arctic visage, cold and distant, but Shin is anything but cold. He has an easy smile and welcoming demeanor, he is easily approachable and compassionate individual. While he still practices restraint in the Nexus, he is far less awkward and most everything about him seems more natural, healthier than his Decay self.

    Gang: Virtues
    Represented Virtue/Sin: Patience
    Rank: One of the Main Seven
    Opposing/Enemy: Faulklin Joel Foster, Wrath
    Reason for Joining their Gang: Shinoubu joined the Virtues gang out of hopes that he could do some good, or at least bring some comfort to the people of Decay by opening the Nexus. Despite the horrors humans have wrought onto their planet, Shin still believes in equality and acceptance. He hopes that if people learn to take responsibility for what they have done and cherish what little world they have left they may actually be able to revive the planet.

    Sexual Orientation: Pansexual
    Romantic Interest(s): None yet, perfectly happy waiting to meet the perfect person.
    Lover/spouse: None
    Kin/Siblings/Parents/Children: Brother, Hikaru
    Friends: Daijoudan and Lucian, as he shares many of their ideals, but is open and friendly to most people.

    ~Skills and Combat~
    Hacking Level/Abilities: Very much the novice, considering he does not have reliable computer access. Shin often relies on the other members of the Virtues to assist him. He is learning though, and gets better every time he accesses the Nexus.
    Specialty: Shinoubu's specialty is planning and tactics. His only real benefit to the gang is that he can be a brilliant statistician, especially when he believes he can save lives. Methodical in his thinking, he will consider a situation from every angle and only once he has thought everything through propose a course of action. In this way his skills in prognostication verge on the prophetic as he may notice or foresee outcomes that others may overlook.
    Talents / Skills: Shinoubu is a skilled negotiator and counselor, and always willing to listen to people's problems. He will help if he can, and if he cannot, he will provide as much support as he can. In addition to this, he is actually quite the accomplished botanist and spends much of his time in Decay taking care of his plants. Perhaps an odd hobby, but particularly useful when he can get ahold of food crops and help to feed the gang.
    Weapons/Abilities of Choice: Being very much the pacifist, Shin abstains from using weapons in favor of hand to hand combat.
    Fighting Styles: If at all possible, Shin will simply avoid a fight. His thin frame is not well suited to combat. Pride is no obstacle and he will surrender if it means leaving peacefully. However, if pressed or given no quarter for escape, he is skilled in Akido and Jujutsu and can defend himself at least well enough for help to arrive.
    Talents / Skills: While in the Nexus, Shin is somewhat out of his element and really only good for support of others. He does seem to have some sort of talent in finding glitches and loopholes for the more experienced hackers to exploit.
    Weapons/Abilities of Choice: Not feeling the need for quite the same amount of restraint in the digital world, Shin carries a naginata in the Nexus. Though his first choice is still non-leathal force, he will resort to violence to protect the gang's interests in the Nexus.
    Fighting Styles: In the Nexus, Shin uses a combination of Akido and Naginatajutsu.

    Downfalls/Weaknesses: Not as if Shinoubu needs any more weaknesses, but the most obvious is that he is a pacifist and pretty much unwilling to fight unless given no choice. Beyond that, he is physically weak in Decay and inexperienced in the Nexus, making him an easy target.
    Personality: Shinoubu is a most equitable and genteel person. He is slow to anger and quick to forgive, and will give people second chances to the point that it becomes a fault. Along those lines, he is also trusting and will give people the benefit of the doubt. Soft-spoken and a bit shy at times, he is a much better listener than he is in creating conversation, but his open and accepting attitude invites others to speak. Shin is a philosopher and spends a lot of time by himself thinking on the world and how people and life works, so if questioned on such topics he tends to lecture. It is one of the few things that he is passionate enough about to become emphatic on expressing his ideas. If he finds himself unwelcome or met with anger, Shin becomes withdrawn and brooding, pulling so deeply into his own thoughts that he seems unresponsive. In general, he is mild mannered and strives to control his emotions, and if pushed past his own boundaries he breaks down, the overwhelming feelings being too much for him to handle.
    Likes: Peace, quiet, growing things, meditation, charity, planning and control.
    Hates: Haters, violence, discrimination, hurried or snap decisions and chaos.
    Hobbies: Botany and meditation, he also enjoys reading and calligraphy.
    History: Born into poverty and starvation, Shinoubu can barely remember his parents as they died shortly after his birth. He was raised by his older brother, Hikaru. Having nothing and no one to take care of them, the two grew up together as street urchins. They begged and panhandled, making what little living they could out of the scraps of others. Where others would have grown angry, raged against their lot in life, Hikaru strove to shelter Shin from the pain of the world. He made their hardships into a game, and through this Shin learned acceptance and optimism. It was not until they were teenagers that they finally met someone who cared enough to take them in. A Buddhist monk, the man saw that they were fed and clothed, even it meant he had to go without. The monk was perhaps the first and only adult role model Shin ever had, and he chose to stay with him even as his brother decided to move on. Now adults, Hikaru had met a woman and fallen in love and though he was sad to see his lifelong companion go, Shin knew it was for the best, and said a tearful goodbye. Though Shin never saw Hikaru or his lover again, he likes to believe they are still out there somewhere. He studied with the monk for several more years until he finally succumbed to the relentless pressures of Decay. Learning of the Virtues and what they were trying to accomplish, Shin sought them out and was accepted soon after.
  15. Accepted Soriams C=

    Now I think we're just waiting on ET to begin, and of course random others that might join as we start it up.
    Where do you guys think we should start off the roleplay? I don't have anything particular in mind, I'm fine with starting pretty much anywhere.
  16. I would suggest either a Decayan incursion (maybe a meeting, since not all members live exclusively in the Decayan territory (ie Lucian) to acquaint everyone with the real forms of their comrades, or individual tasks on Decay) or a Nexian meeting of the groups discussing recent events in the Nexus and how to help/hinder/stop them.

    If we do a Decayan meeting, I recommend the Virtues meet someplace either along the English Channel (by Bath), or in the ruins of Geneva, Switzerland. Or, we could all just call all of the members to the territory grounds.
  17. Well typically most of the members would most likely be hanging around their home base/HQ as posted above, with maybe a few being aloof from hanging around for extended periods of time, so as such they'd just meet at their gang's home.

    I'm fine with that though.

    Any other suggestions/ideas for that or is everyone pretty much on board with that idea to start off? =3

    Also, I don't really have any ideas on what they might call their homes, for either the Virtues or Sin's gang homes/bases. Anyone have any particular names they might like for them? C:
  18. Considering that the existence of a gang would need to be covert to an extent, I would suggest the names of the associated venues to give only small hints to gang ties. For example, the Sins hangout could be called the "7th Street Seed", and the Virtues hangout could be called the "7th Avenue Chapel"
  19. Yeah. I think I'll do a little location research but I was thinking having the Decayan locations be somewhere in what used to be Europe, somewhere closely bordering either western Asia or the Middle East/north Africa. Bordering more towards southern Europe for climate reasons, being that the pollution would cause climate fluxuations and either hotter or colder temperatures, so too far north would likely be more of a problem for Decayan's given the lack of food and being typically thinner. Characters could travel, of course, but as for the home base I think that'd be more ideal.

    Sound good? Or did you guys perhaps have other things in mind?
  20. Turkey, Greece, Italy, Russia, or Romania is where I'd want to be, in that case.