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  1. Charles anticipated the new teacher. He could mess with more people and make the teacher quit. It was fun to him, a complete game. The teacher would get fed up, punish him by smacking a ruler against his wrist and then the teacher would break out. When the teacher would break out, they would quit and then the whole school year would be lazy and silent.
    all Charles had to do was be himself.
    the door cracked open, revealing the new hand of the new scholar graduate. This would be absolute fun.
  2. For the longest time, Ciel watched as one student in particular would do crazy things to irritate teachers. She wondered why he does that.

    There wasn't much to wonder about aside from that one, otherwise the rest of the things she would wonder about were homeworks, projects, whatever the heck a student got themselves into. But oh, there's a new teacher today. And another season of Charles messing with them. "Them," because she didn't know if the teacher was male or female. Until the door opened and all.

    Ciel sat back and doodled in an open notebook, not glancing upward in concentration.
  3. Charles swung his legs, waiting for the teacher to say something. "Hello..." the teacher said, already suspicious of Charles. "You can call me Mr.Harlow. I am your new science teacher and I hope we will..." Mr.Harlow noticed Charles' legs spreading a bit in those shorts we would call a school uniform.
    "You're handsome." Charles said bringing a pencil to his mouth. The whole class giggled, knowing the taunting would start.
  4. And Ciel was part of those who giggled. It brought a smirk to her face when she looked up from her notebook now half a page full of drawings, seeing the new teacher's reaction. This wasn't something new, but she liked to watch their first impressions every time. It wouldn't be too soon before Charles would send the teacher seething with rage.

    Ciel was trying to look through that current expression of his, wondering what Mr. Harlow was thinking of this student. He was probably worrying there were others like Charles. Were there? If there were, then they have yet to prove themselves worthy of pissing new teachers off. I should give it a shot sometime, she thought.

    Mr. Harlow now pulled out a sheet of paper, perhaps trying to ignore that previous comment and get on with class. "I'll be calling attendance," he said. "Roll call, whatever. But it seems a lot of you are still absent..."
  5. "You don't need to, just get to the lesson." Charles kicking up his legs onto his desk, making a small book fall off. "Science right?" he said, still give Mr. Harlow that look.
  6. Gabriel burst into the room, sweat dropping from his brow, his school uniform disorganized, his book bag slung over his right shoulder and his sports bag in his left hand. "Sorry I'm late...Pre-class practice ran later than usual" he said almost out of breath.

    He found a seat next to Charles, a student Gabe knew liked to cause trouble with teachers, which was a shame, because Gabriel rather enjoyed the after class discussions with the last science teacher.

    Gabe noticed the book on the floor and picked it up to hand it to Charles "You dropped this..." he said trying to hide any animosity he had.
  7. Charles raised an eyebrow, giving him a small amount of eye contact. "Thank you..." he said, taking his legs off of his desk. "new teacher, he looks clean cut but I bet he's incredibly gross." he said snickering, knowing that gross really meant immoral. "Think I can break him?"
  8. Gabe looked at his fellow classmate in wonder, how could any student get joy from tormenting so many teachers he thought. "Why would you want to?" After asking this he turned to his book bag and grabbed his science book and laptop for notes, then he reached in his sports bag, pushed aside his lacrosse cleats and stick and grabbed his bottle of water.
  9. "Its fun..." Charles peered at him as he pulled out his laptop and bag. "What are you doing after school?"
  10. "Lacrosse practice of course, the season opener is only two weeks away." Gabe responded "After that I'm going to the library to study and tutor my brother. Why? Trying to suck me into whatever mischievous plan you have?"
    Gabe said without looking at Charles. He was beginning to think he sat at the wrong seat today, a mistake he would not make tomorrow.
  11. "No, just to hang out." he said. It wasn't normal for him to say things like that. "Charles, pay attention." Nr. Harlow said, writing some cursive words on the black board.
    "alright...lets talk about H-U-M-A-N behavior." he said, noticing Charles shorts. It may have been school uniform but it showed above the knee for sure.
  12. A young girl, beautiful with light blue eyes and long brown hair walked in smiling. She walked up to the teacher saying that her counselor switched her class, the teacher asked her to take a seat and she nodded then sat in the front of the class
  13. Charles sighed at the new teacher,knowing that he was noticing his shorts. "What? Interested?" Charles teased at Mr.Harlow.
    "No!I am not interested."
    "Aww why not?"
  14. I giggle "He is very handsome teacher, you have to admit" I added smiling
  15. "Yeah..." Charles gave Mr. Harlow a wink. Mr. Harlow was now fuming with frustration for his own preference. "I am an adult and you are 15." he simply stated, still noticing Charles' shorts.
    "Clearly you're interested though."
  16. I chuckled and reached into my bag, moments later I took out supplies to start the class
  17. "You know what? You guys can teach yourself on this one. Page 230 in you text book, now." Mr.Harlow said, sitting on his desk. Charles opened his book, gnawing on his pencil eraser, know that the teacher would still be watching him. He continued to wright in his notebook and do every task in an odd manner. Charles would bite his lip while reading every word, play with his hair, giving Mr.Harlow small eye contact, just simple things like that would get the teacher more frustrated.
  18. Gabe finished his reading rather quickly and after typing some notes opened a new tab on his computer to shop for some new lacrosse equipment. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed Charles' antics. "Come on man, it's the first day of the year, give it a rest would you?" he said while looking at a new pair of cleats. After making a note of the price he closed his laptop and pulled a different book out of his bag to begin reading.
  19. "...can I come with you to the library? I'll work for once." he said, sliding his foot under Gabe's desk to get his attention. Charles' white convers sneakers looked rather new and unused.
  20. "Umm sure" Gabe said, unsure of if his classmate was being sincere or not. He slid his shoe against Charles' to push it out from under his desk. "Do not invade my space however" he added.
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