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  1. Areiz shivered as she stepped through the portal into North's building. She looked around, but saw no sign of the Guardians. She didn't bother to ask anyone for help, instead she wandered around, pulling the hood of her jacket over her head and sighing. Her bow was hung on the quiver across her back as she ambled around, looking for one of the Guardians. Cupid asked me to meet them here for some initiation. What is going on?
  2. Jack chuckled a little as he walked through the hall of the North Pole which had always become his home during the summer months when it was a bit too hot for him, aside from the days he went to see Jamie although those days were starting to shake away because the belief was going out once more; He thought Pitch had something to do with it but there was no nightmare dust anywhere. He noticed a girl walking down the hall and went over to her. "You lost?" He asked, having never seen her before but he remembered Bunnymund saying something about getting a new guardian; he noted the other also commented that he hoped the new one wasn't as annoying as Frostbite, but just laughed it off. He knew the Guardian of hope was only joking around, they had of course become better friends over the years aside from the many pranks he pulled on the other guardian.
  3. Areiz turned at Jack's voice. She tilted her head a little and nodded, but still didn't speak. She didn't feel the need to, yet. Her wrist held a charm bracelet with a small heart, symbolizing the power cupid gave her until he recovered, or if he recovered.
  4. Jack nodded. "Alright, follow me." He replied and led her past a few of the yeti's and elves, who were goofing around at the moment; once they reached the room he opened the door to the room where the other guardians were currently at.
  5. Areiz looked around. "Thank you Jack. Hello." She said, pulling her hood back. Her crystal blue eyes scanned the group as she named each guardian off in her head. "Areiz." She said simply, stating her name. She wasn't talkative, but she wasn't anti-social or anything, just shy. She slipped her hands in her pockets.
    Toothinia smiled. "Hello Areiz!" She said, smiling.
    Bunnymund mumbled something, then spoke. "G'day mate."
    North looked at Jack. "Why don't you explain everything. You haven't done it."
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  6. Jack sighed. "Well, I had decided to visit Jamie for a bit. I do all the time...and for some reason, he couldn't see me. It's as if he stopped believing all of the sudden. In fact his sister didn't even see me either. I think something is going on North...and something tells me Pitch is not behind this one, don't ask me how I know...I just know that it doesn't seem like the king of Nightmare's work." He crossed his arms and leaned against his staff which was standing on it's own, frozen to the floor.
  7. Areiz tilted her head a little. "Not many believe anymore, if any." She said quietly, thinking. "And it's not Pitch." She added. "No nightmares." She looked up from the ground where she'd been staring. "Have any of you done..a camp-out to see anyone?" She asked, her voice small from speaking.
  8. "That's why I said it didn't seem like it..." Jack nodded and hummed in thought as he tried to think. "I haven't really seen anyone but that's mainly because it's summer and it's too hot to do so..."
    Toothiana looked at the little tooth fairies. "Baby tooth said she saw something." She said, looking at the others.
  9. Areiz nodded. "M-maybe we should try it. At night, so it's cooler. Then we might be able to see whoever it is." She said.
  10. Jack nodded. "Yeah, sounds like a good idea to me." He replied, getting up off his staff and taking it in his hand.
    Bunnymund agreed and crossed his arms. "We'll have to take turns doing this of course."
    Sandy nodded in agreement; he would definitely keep an eye out.
  11. Areiz felt like the room had opened up a little bit. "Okay. Any uhhh ideas on where this should take place?" She asked. She figured she could take first shift, it being her idea, and the others could take shifts in order from whatever they wanted. She looked around the room. "Wait. Could we do it on Jamie's street?" Areiz looked at Jack. She had an excellent memory, and thought maybe if Jack was having problems with Jamie, they could start there. "Any objections?" Her gaze swept the room. None of the others disagreed, they just nodded, looking between each other. Areiz looked back at Jack.
  12. Everyone agreed with her on that, Sandy giving a nod and making a thumbs up with his sand along with his own hands. "Yeah, probably a good place to start." Jack replied.
  13. Areiz nodded. "O-okay. When should w-we start?" Inwardly she cursed herself for stuttering, and hoped it was dismissed for her being cold. She was tempted to pull her hood back up. not yet.. Not yet.. she thought to herself, looking around at the other guardians.
    "The sooner the better I say." North replied.
  14. "Agreed Mate." Bunnymund replied. "We should do this tonight and have turns watching or just watch different parts of the city." He said.
    Jack nodded in agreement. "Sounds like a great idea Kangaroo."
    Bunnymund rolled his eyes and just ignored the nickname the other gave him.
  15. Areiz nodded again. "I'll take first shift." She said, her voice returning to it's quiet, soft tone. "Shall we go?" She knew it was around 9 pm just from how long she'd been there.
  16. "Yeah, lets go." Jack replied, putting his staff over his shoulder as he left the room.
  17. Areiz followed Jack out with the others behind her. She didn't know how they'd get there, but she figured the others would know.
    "Snowglobe?" North suggested, his second favorite way travel.
    Areiz had no objections, and neither did Sandman.
  18. "I'm good with it, faster than traveling by wind." Jack replied.
    "Ah, better than the sleigh I suppose." Bunnymund said, still not a big fan of traveling via sleigh.
  19. North nodded and picked up two snowglobes, one in his pocket and the other was thrown to the ground, busting and creating a portal. Areiz was the first to step through. It was dark and a cold fist clenched her, but she thought it was just her nerves. North and Sandman came through next, leaving Bunnymund, Toothinia, and Jack. Areiz looked around and crossed her arms, leaning gently against one of the lightposts and watching around. The fear crept through her, but she did not let it take her attention. "I'll take first watch." She repeated to be sure they knew.
  20. Jack and the others came through, the winter spirit sat on on his staff. "Who's after you?" He asked her.
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