New Earth Factions

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Mae grinned. She felt like she was going to like it here. She stood from the chair. "Thanks Allen. Don't worry. I don't mind getting a little lost." She gave a short wave as she followed Caius from the office. "Sorry that you have to room with me, mate. But I really don't sleep so I don't think you'll see much of me anyway. Really, I'll be gone for days at a time anyway so don't worry about your privacy." She smiled trying to offer some sort of comfort that he wouldn't be completely losing his space. She felt like an intruder, but she never stayed for long.
"I really hope that's not the case... everyone needs something to look forward too... I've lost a lot before I came here... As silly as it sounds I consider this place my real home and don't worry I was just being an ass. You don't have to leave in fact maybe having someone around might make it seem less lonely in my space. We're gonna need your help when it comes for us to try and claim another chart of land so try not to disappear for too long when we need the help." Caius said as he walked down the hall with her.
Mae laughed lights, moving some of her long black hair from her eyes, "I know I don't have to leave, I just like too. Its my way of.. adjusting. Its hard to go from living in the forest alone to living in a huge compound with lots of people. I have to get out so I can make this place my home like you did. And you don't need to worry about me not being there in a fight, I have this..." trailing off her words she reached into her pocket and pulled out a satellite phone. "I use this to keep contact with the other Lone Wolfs out there. Mine is always on channel 43. If you guys have something like this, you can get ahold of me when I'm gone." She smiled putting the phone back in her pocket. "So it shouldn't be a big deal."
Caius said, "I'll need to ask Allen about them phones but anyways follow me my room is around the co-!" Cutting off as he was now drenching wet as a water balloon smacked him onto his head covering him with some weird green slime Caius heard laughter and now he was beyond mad. But instead of chasing after the asshole he decided to plan a revenge attack later and said, "No a word... from you... Mae.." He then made his way to his area swung open his door and once she was in he slammed it shut before saying, "The bed on the left is yours, go on and take that junk off the bed its mainly old computer parts make yourself at home because I need to shower." Without giving a shit since he was a guy anyways he yanked his shirt off and tossed it across the room into the box at the end and made sure to get his shoes off before disappearing into the small little bathroom on the other side of the room shutting the door. The water was heard running moments later.
Mae covered her mouth with her hand to keep from laughing at the poor guy. She giggled softly as he slammed the door and went to go shower. She started carefully removing the junk on the bed, setting it where ever she could find a place. She set her backpack on the ground by her bed and sat on it cross legged waiting for Caius to be done. She examined the room. It wasn't very small which was nice, not like she had a lot of stuff or anything. She pulled her war hammer from the holster on her bag and an old rag and began cleaning it. There was blood spatter from where she smashed it into the attackers arm.
Caius came out twenty minutes later in just a clean pair of jeans he had left there the day before and seeing her hammer he said, "Interesting weapon you got there but I got something more fun than that thing." Grinning he went over to his closet swung open the door to reveal an assortment of swords mounted up on the wall in an even row going downwards. "Perks of taking over some places of former rich ass bastards. You get some fancy toys all real metal and sharp as hell. I've had practice growing up so I bet you I can chop through a femur bone in one swing from any of these. If you ever get bored with yours try one of these out I got too many to end up using them all anyways." He then went over and said, "Only thing that sucks is there's no such thing as the radio or tv now a days so I might be going out with you the days you're gone. I can't stay in here too long either I'd go crazy otherwise." Falling back onto his bed he glanced at his watch and said, "Five a.m... looks like the sun will be up soon.."
Mae laughed, "If you want to come out with me, you've got to be able to keep up Caius." She looked at his collection of swords, "Those are pretty, but my trust hammer has gotten me this far. No ones expecting a hammer." she grinned and laughed. "Really I doubt I could use a sword anyway. Unless someone taught me. Anything other and I might cut my own arm off." She smiled setting her hammer back on the ground. She pulled a 9mm from her backpack, "I had this gem before everything went to shit. She works like a charm but I ran out of ammo a couple weeks ago. And I dont really have the man power to raid anyone."
Leaning over the edge of his bed Caius reached under it and yanked a metal box out sliding it out to her saying, "Here this will fix that problem I got ammo up the ass after all. As for the sword I can teach you. Look on the wall to your right I got some old news paper clippings of my high-school days where I won nationals in kendo tournaments. It's the same line of learning just use it to kill is all." He then nudged the lid open to the box with his foot before falling back on his bed feeling completely lazy now that he was off watch duty.
Mae took the clip from her weapon reaching into the metal box to load her gun. "I don't want to bother you to teach me. I already managed to force my way into your room somehow," she laughed and put her gun back into its backpack, falling back on her own bed. It had been weeks since she slept under a roof let alone in a bed. It was weird a pillowy. She was used to finding caves and crooks in trees. It felt funny having a pillow under her head. She figured when she fell asleep her sleeping self would move her somewhere to the floor.
"I don't care now really I already enjoy your company don't feel bad or hesitate to ask me if you want to learn something new you know..." Caius said fighting back a yawn. Reaching over he set his alarm for two p.m before saying, "Anyways let's get some sleep I got damn night patrol again so I set my alarm for two p.m. If you're up before me go ahead feel free to use the shower." After that he had finally sacked out for the day.
Mae shrugged and curled up in her bed. She closed her eyes and waited for sleep to come. She decided that the bed was no good and moved to the corner long after Caius had fallen into sleep. She propped herself up in the nook of the corner and stretched her legs out pulling the blanket up to her chin. Finally she was able to fall asleep. And sleep she did. Like a bear.

When she finally woke up it was 17 past 1p.m. She stood and stretched letting the blanket fall back into a pile. She decided now would be a good time to shower and stepped into the bathroom.
Caius had woken up twenty minutes after she had got in the shower and deciding to cut his alarm off before it scared the crap out of him and he got a shirt on and yanked his shoes on. Sitting there reloading his own hand gun he decided to be different and went over grabbing one of his swords before sitting on the bed waiting for her to finish so they could at least get something to eat together. Yawning he was fighting to keep awake as he sat there and he groaned thumping his head onto the wall.
When Mae emerged from the bathroom, she was dressed and ready to go, her wet hair hanging in loose tendrils. She opened her mouth to say something when all of the sudden alarms rang out, blasting her ears. She lunged and grabbed her hammer from where it lay on the ground, clicking it into the holster on her back and grabbing her newly loaded 9mm, sticking it in the waistline of her jeans. She opened the room door to see other people running down the halls, each carrying their own weapons. She decided to follow the flow of people, as they might know where they're going. As they ran through the main compound she looked around for any sign of Allen. Her eyes found him standing on the main balcony. She made a slight arm movement to show her questioning and he only mouthed the words "From North". That guild they were talking about earlier? They're attacking? But its the middle of the day. Thats pretty bold.
Caius had caught up behind her and said, "An attack in broad day light who the fuck is this stupid! They better be damn strong to pull this shit off!" Allen was already on scene just moments after the attack had hit. "I need people to the south, east, and west gates immediately don't assume they'll only barrel in through the front! Don't take hostages just kill on sight you got that people! Also I need two groups to stand by as medics in case anyone gets hurt!" Allen yelled. Caius ran up and jumped from across the area onto his platform and said, "Allen it's them damn fucks from the north ain't it! I knew I shouldn't have just gone back to sleep after that damn dream I had earlier!" "I had a feeling this would happen either way but listen to me Caius I need you to pinpoint their leader if he's here I'll have no choice but to step in for now I'll be here directing orders. If you see him do not approach him by any means understood. I need you alive and take Mae with you." "I can't make any promises how I'd love to shove my sword into that bastard I'll find him and only jump his ass if he tries anything funny on me!" Caius said running back around and coming out by Mae he yanked her along quickly saying, "Come on! We got our own job to do! We're going to try and pinpoint the leader. The guy in question is about 6'2" Tall thin has semi shoulder length blond hair mostly slicked back and has thin framed glasses. Once we spot him we're to let Allen know immediately. Hopefully he doesn't spot us before that if his thugs are here he must be with them for sure!"
Mae yanked back as she was pulled along by Caius, "Pinpoint the leader? Thats the least important thing we could be doing! Who gives a shit if the leader is here? If we kill all his guys then he's useless anyway! I'm not gonna run reconnaissance in the middle of a fucking war!" She replied back to Caius. She ran out in front disappearing into the crowd of people. She wanted to fight and she didn't give a damn if her leader had a beef and wanted to find the other guy. Once the reached the compound courtyard she saw how outnumbered they really were. Cursing under breath she swung up knocking some poor bastard to the ground with her hammer, driving the pointed end through his skull. She pulled her war hammer from his face and swung at the next person who advanced on her tearing his neck apart. She quickly took a second to concentrate on her powers and turned on her ability to sense heat signatures but instantly regretted it. All the people jumbled in one place gave her a horrible migraine. She kept it on though, it was an advantage in battle even if she could feel her brain pulsing hard in her skull.

She swung and fought through the pain, finally making it to the back of the pack. She looked around noticing a heat signature deep in the forest. She clipped away her hammer and climbed up into a tree skirting through the forest limb from limb. As she approached, she noticed that the man matched the description Caius gave her, and though she didn't run reconnaissance she had to report back. She had to find Caius and the Allen. She made her way back to the fighting, weaving her way through the hoards of people. She spotted Caius way off on the edge and made her way through the swinging and gunfire. "Caius! I found him! He's out in the forest, he's alone. Just him and a radio, I think he's running it from there." She was breathing heavy and her mind was starting to go hazy. She was overworking her powers and her limits were being pushed to the extremes.
Caius was about to ream her for running off when she was given a direct order but they didn't have a chance as one of the walls were blown in just like that and ducking down his hands over his head hearing a few screams as people got crushed as a result. "Shit... Allen's going to kill me but oh well I might die before he has a chance to even scold my ass!" Caius said running back out. More than half the people taken out were the enemy invaders and seeing their leader just standing there the cause of the wall going down in the first place Caius was shocked. The bastard had not cared his own men were caught up in the blast and just blew in the wall without a care. "Tch... damn bastar-" Caius started to say but a hand grabbed his shoulder flinging him back and he landed back by Mae. Everyone had stopped fighting at this point either from pure fear or shock that he actually went this far. "So the rumors are true you have gone and lost your mind haven't you..." Allen said sighing. "Staging an attack just for your own personal gain... You know there's nothing more that pisses me off than an asshole who treats his own comrades like garbage!!" Allen then screamed. Caius knew this wasn't going to be pretty. He stood up and yelled, "If you know what's good for you everyone clear the hell out of this place now! I ain't just talking about my own guys! Run find cover or you're good as dead!" The moment he had said that everyone panicked and led to get out of the area as fast as possible. "Mae come on it's not safe here we just have to trust Allen to handle this." Caius said yanking her along.
Mae felt Caius yanking her along with him but she felt a terrible urge to dig her heels in. "Don't you think we should stand behind him at least? Even leaders need backup." She pointed out. She didn't expect him to agree with her but she hoped he would see that if Allen died here, the leader of the North faction would either let them join or kill them, and as selfish as it sounded she wanted to live her life a while longer not under the control of a mentally insane leader. "I understand if you don't want to be close, but we should stick around and make sure everything goes our way. If Allen is hurt someone has to step in." She argued still allowing Caius to drag her along.
Though the two of them were knocked over from a full blast of wind and Caius cursed, "Shit fine let's get behind that toppled building over there!" He managed to get her and himself to safety just as the two started fighting. Peering around the building he saw Allen stop a piece of metal sent flying his way by holding his palm up it dropped to side and he rushed the north faction leader swinging his fist right at the man's face only to have him dodge it. Allen moved back just as a knife grazed the left side of his face and Caius said, "I don't think they barely gotten started yet this guy really has gone off his rocker hasn't he... Mae come on we're gonna hit higher ground I got a sniper rifle I'll nail that fuck when the time is right."
She was thankful they had stayed because so far it seemed Allen was at a disadvantage from an insane man. She pressed her back flat against the building closing her eyes. Her head felt like it was going to explode, but it eased when she closed her eyes. She heard Caius say something about high ground, and she nodded, "You're right, lets go." her eyes snapped back open searching for a place for them to hide as well as have a good sniper angle. She pointed up to another building, it had a window and the interior was concealed by curtains. That place was best. She pushed off the building, sprinting towards the others entrance. She got into the building and climbed up the stairs only hoping Caius had followed her. She moved the curtains slightly, satisfied they had a good view of the fight.
Caius had followed almost immediately and he yanked a desk over and position himself just right as he pointed his rifle right at that fuck trying to get a good shot if possible. Allen already knew Caius well enough and was trying to make an opening for this guy to have his brains blown out. Dodging to the left and right avoiding the knife he got an idea and held still letting himself take a stab into the shoulder. He grabbed a hold of the north faction leader and held him in place by his arm with all his strength. "Shit!" Caius cried realizing he was going to need to be extremely precise to not take Allen down with the man. He drew in a deep breath and getting a good view through the scope on his gun he pulled the trigger and it shot off with a bang. Allen got slashed just seconds before the bullet went through the north leader's head and he fell down dead. Allen ended up hunching over as he gave Caius the thumbs up before going down with a thud moments after. Caius wasn't taking chances dropping the gun he took a leap right out the window and dropped ten feet landing on the first he could before he staggered jumping again and running toward Allen. The second he got there he helped Allen up in a sitting position and cursed before saying, "Come on stay with me! You hear me don't close your eyes until we get that wound looked at!" ""S-Shut up you're annoying Caius... it's just a slash I think the worst is I'll be a bit weak and have to sleep for a while.." Allen said breathing heavily. Caius sighed relieved seeing as Allen still had his grumpy smart mouth he knew the guy would be okay. "Come on.." Caius said heaving him up onto his back carefully as possible.
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