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  1. The world went to shit about 5 years ago. Nothing like people thought it would be. No disease or zombies or anything like that. But with full stock market crash the whole world was sent into a crippling depression. 75% or Earths population was killed in a five year span since it happened. The remaining humans began building factions and guilds. Slowly taking back land and reestablishing leaders. War began and ended daily.

    Though factions powered most of the New World. Lone wolfs and small packs still roamed in uncharted territory and land. I guess I'd be considered one of the Lone Wolf types. I don't vow my services to one faction or the other. Whoever is feeding me then is who I am loyal too. My name is Mae. I've been contractually killing faction higher ups since they first started forming. I have a lot of enemies and not any friends. I don't like the name Assassin. I consider myself a Mercenary. Or Gun-For-Hire.

    Y'know, after the world went under, a lot of weird things have been happening to some of the other survivors. And me. We've been developing some kind of powers, I guess. Like after a couple years, I developed night vision. Moving in the dark is a breeze. But I also have started seeing things like, heat vision. Like I see peoples thermal signals. I can't explain to you what the hell is causing any of this. Because I just, I just don't know.

    Mae moved silently though a heavily wooded area. It was pitch black tonight but her 'powers' allowed her to see and move effortlessly as well as track any and all live heat signatures. She was new to this part of Japan. Or what used to be Japan. She didn't know if this was owned land or not but she figured she'd either find a compound or find nothing. She had run out of jobs for the time being or just none of the messengers could find her. She didn't quite know. If she was invading on someones territory it would make sense that the messengers would stop trying to find her after a certain point.

    She did hope she wasn't intruding upon anyone.
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  2. Little did she know she had triggered some alarms that were installed around the surrounding area at the time. Sure the world had gone to a living hell but technology was still around and these happened to be hidden cameras that followed her every movement at the time being.She didn't get much farther when just like that she hit a trip wire a primitive technique yes but highly effective as it had set off an alarm for a nearby hidden figure. The man in question behind the trap was cutting off her path in an instant and with a gun pointed at her he said in a firm voice, "State your business and what purpose you have for coming here. If your answer is valid enough I'll let you go or perhaps I can take you to my boss in charge of this area if you'd wish!"
  3. Mae cursed under her breath and raised her hands to show she meant no harm. "Just a wary traveler. I wasn't aware this area had belonged to anyone. I'm new to this part of the country. And if you must know, my business here, is really just passing through." She lowered her arms back to her sides. She wondered if this man would take action against her. That would be tragic as she would have to kill him then. She wondered how she had not thought to watch for trip wires in this area, and if this man could also see in the dark.
  4. Caius just stood there for a moment studying her before he slipped his gun back into his jacket and said, "Alright you're free to go if you wish. If there's one thing I'm good at is telling if a person is lying or not. And to me you don't look like the type. Aside from that I'd never forgive myself being the man I am and hurting a girl whose obviously no threat to begin with. Though he suddenly whipped around as a large disc like blade went slicing through the trees right at him and he landed back by her yanking her back just in time the two of them falling to the ground as a few trees fell over them but not on them completely. "Are you fucking kidding me what coward does this!" He cursed kicking the tree off with all the strength he had. He quickly stood up saying, "Stay down okay I'll handle this..." Though what worried him is he saw no trace of the weapon laying anywhere nearby which was weird considering the trees it had toppled. So the person in question was definitely gifted with some form of abilities and excelled in the dark. "Fuck... I can't see a damn thing.." Caius muttered trying to get a sense of where their attacker was. He failed to notice the so called person coming up behind them silently that moment.
  5. "Thank you. If you could just point me in the direction of the exi-" she was cut off by being dragged to the ground as a blade went shooting by. She was scratched my stray twigs and branches from the falling of the trees. She was told to stay down but it was obvious to her the man had no night vision abilities. She almost rolled her eyes but instead looked around trying to find the person who had suddenly attacked them. She felt the heat signature behind them before the other person was able to attack again. She reeled around using her fist to connect with the persons jaw, sending them to the ground. He slowly stood back up and Mae searched herself for her weapon. Only to notice the war hammer had fallen off her back during the struggle. She could see it laying beneath a few trees and she just needed to get to it. But the attacker charged at her. She tried to dive out of the way but the attacker caught her legs. Luckily it put her within arms reach of her war hammer and she grabbed it bringing it down hard on the arm that had her legs. The attacker reeled back in pain and Mae stood back up. She looked over at the man who had saved her from the blade to see if he was okay or if he needed assistance.
    The attacker still laid on the ground, cradling his most definitely shattered arm.
  6. Caius had no idea what had gone down till it was over and drawing his gun he shot their enemy point blank in the head ending the guy with no mercy. "Sorry pal kill or be killed rest in peace you bastard..." Caius said kicking the body away. Looking to her he sighed putting his weapon away saying, "I take it you can see in the dark that's handy. Hey why not come back with me and met the man in charge of this area? He could use a good person like you and besides the place we live in is safer than most areas.... So what do you say you in or no?"
  7. Mae flinched as the man shot their attacker but only by the noise. She clicked her war hammer back into the holster on her back and smiled slightly, "Yep. Night vision is very handy indeed. But so is thermal sense. We'd probably be dead without it." She was slightly surprised at the invitation back to their compound. Not many Factions had such open arms, in fact, she had never met one that did. She raised her eyebrows in thought for a slight moment before nodding, "Yeah I'm in."
  8. "Great we best get a move on before anything else happens." Caius said leading her through the forest after pulling out a small flash light he had in his pocket. They walked for a good twenty minutes and as they came out of the woods onto a path way they were greeted by tall metal door. "Long story short this place used to be a high maximum security prison before well you probably get the idea. But those who were here are long dead and this place is built like fortress nothing can get in our out." Caius said tapping the tall wall with a grin. Though he yelped and fell back on his ass when a bullet struck the ground by his feet. Hearing laughter and seeing the person above them he flipped them off and said, "Asshole why did you shoot you trigger happy jack ass! Now open the fucking gate already!"
  9. Mae nodded and followed the guy through the forest. It was awhile before they reached any kind of path. And it led them to an old prison type building. "I guess a prison is as good a place as any for a compound." She watched as he tapped the metal then yelped and fell. She smiled slightly. At least these people could find some light hearted fun in times like these. She watched as the gate slid open. She looked up at the guys who opened the gate. 24 hour watch. That's good. She stuck her hands in her pockets and waited for the guy to go in first. He knew this place better than she did, obviously.
  10. Caius sighed and led her in rather annoyed now once the gate was shut he said, "Give me one second." Grabbing the nearest round good size stone he could find without so much as a second thought he stepped back and hurled it straight up into the rafters where it was heard shattering some glass and a voice was heard yelling, "Son of bitch Caius!" "Pay back fucker enjoy wearing your coffee!" Caius yelled with a grin. He then nodded and quickly made his way toward the building as fast as he could signaling her to follow while laughing up a storm. "One things for sure this place is not short of any pranksters. Their favorite hobbies here is harassing the newbies though so always keep an eye out just a warning ya." Caius said as they reached an elevator.
  11. Mae laughed covering her mouth. It really had been a long time since she had met people as light hearted as these guys. She followed Caius into the building containing her laughter. "Oh? Well I guess its better than fighting each other all the time." She thought for a minute and then added, "Does that mean you're new here? Or are you just really easy to mess with?" She asked grinning over at him. This place already seemed better than any Faction she had previously been in.
    They walked through the halls, their footsteps echoed off the walls and so did their voices. "So the guy that runs this place? Who's he? What's he all about I guess?"
  12. "Don't even go there woman... And not just the newbies get it everyone does I guess in a way." Caius said shaking his head. As they stepped off the elevator Caius said, "Oh him well you can say he's about as easy and laid back as the rest until you piss him off that is." The lights in the place suddenly flickered and the place shook and Caius said, "Oh.... man... speak of the devil.. wonder who is the victim this time..." They headed up a few more steps and sticking his head around the corner Caius saw the door to a room had been blown clear off. Sighing he figured the coast was clear at this point and he signaled her to follow both them keeping quiet. Peering around the corner of the room Caius said, "Um.... Allen... you here still?" "No I've been replaced by the twin brother you never knew I had of course I'm here you dumb ass! Anyways I don't have any time for your antics what is is Caius." A rather pissed off voice said as Allen appeared having chased the fool who pissed him off out the back hall way. Though seeing Mae he sighed shaking his head saying, "You're like a kid I swear... bringing home the strays every day but I have to admit this place has become a lot more lively lately so whose the chick?" He set his chair upright before parking himself right in it kicking back and resting his feet on the table across from him. "Just another new recruit perhaps she kind of saved my ass back there and can see in the dark so she might be handy ya know." Caius said. "Did you inform her of the rules upon bringing her here.. Judging by her confused looked I'd say not..' Allen said eyeing Caius who gave a nervous laugh saying, "There wasn't any time I wanted to get out of them creepy ass woods before I lost my head and well I brought her with."
  13. Mae was a bit taken aback by the mans straight fowardness. "Did you just call me a stray?" She asked her own hot headedness starting to act up. "I'm not a dog, guy. Actual human being standing in front of you. And my name is Mae and also I can speak for myself, thanks a lot." She nearly growled but contained herself. "And just for reference, I didn't agree to join your ranks, I agreed to come here." She almost spat. She crossed her arms examining the room as well as the so-called leader of this Faction. "What are you guys called anyway? I had no idea there was a Faction this far south." She asked. She figured the most not be very well known. So far the man who ran this place hadn't made the greatest impression. He seemed impulsive to her, not good for war-like situations. They had a good set up in this prison though. And from what she saw from Caius, at least some competent fighters.
  14. Allen blinked at her outburst of anger and he bust out laughing suddenly as he stood up saying, "Damn I like this chick already nice pick Caius! It's been a while since I seen a lady with a back bone not too shabby. You got guts Mae and that's just what's needed in our fucked up world and sadly we kind of are lacking in the female department. "You always sad it yourself this place needed a woman's touch and calm down Mae he might be a smart ass but he's not a bad guy. I've worked with him for two years now the guy hasn't lost a battle for an open territory as long as I've known him we've been on a winning streak since our last leader mainly his old man bit the dust." Caius said.
  15. Mae kept her arms crossed through this exchange. "I am calm. Thank you. And smart ass is an understatement." She grumbled under her breath. "A winning streak? Really?" She asked maybe a little surprised that these guys could even keep walls on a building let alone win wars. "How lacking in the female department? And what do you mean a womans touch? I sure as hell am not going to cook for any of you, though I guess if you want your ass handed to you, I might be of assistance." She grinned waiting for a reaction from the two.
  16. Allen just grinned and said, "Uh huh what's funny is I actually believe you but let's save that for later hmm? Have a seat take a load off and relax for once." The moment he said that a chair came flying forward and slid right under her making her fall back into it as comfortable as possible. "Caius what of the other person you killed while out there with her? Anything in particular that stuck out about him you can give me info about? I only saw a little bit since you we're out of camera range when he attacked you." Allen said. "The only thing I noticed was he nearly chopped our heads off with some weird fricken psychic weapon. I couldn't see too well at the time and it was Mae here who took him down and I just put a bullet through his skull. She's able to see through the dark like a cat so ask her." Caius said with a nod toward her as he grabbed a toppled chair and sat it upright before plopping into it. "Very well any details you can give me on the attacker Mae? Like was he wearing anything special or had any noticeable features that stuck out. I just hope he's not from the north because right now we're trying to settle things peacefully for now with them." Allen said. "Which I believe is the biggest fucking load of crap their leader wants you dead and you know it. All because we crossed paths with some of his assholes claiming rights to a source of food." Caius said. "Trust me the feeling is mutual Caius but I'd rather avoid fighting him if all is possible... If we both ended up battling it out neither of us would walk away alive so you best keep your comments in this place only got it." Allen said. "Now then back to what I've asked any details would help I've been keeping data on every outsider I've come across so far." Allen said looking to Mae.
  17. Mae fell into the seat with a small 'oof'. She recrossed her arms and watched as the two exchanged words over the man that was killed. Personally she thought it was unnecessary to kill him in the first place, as an attacker is always of more use for information if they're alive. She turned her head when a question was directed at her, "Nothing too distinctive. I doubt he belonged to any faction. Probably another Freelancer like me. When I was fighting him her wore no insignia or tattoos so if he id belong to a faction, its not one you should feel threatened by." Mae shrugged raising her eyes again to meet both Caius and the leader, Allen, she thought. "Although he was a fast mover. Good reflexes. My opinion is that he was like me, eyes in the dark, and a freelancer." She shrugged, leaning back in the chair.
  18. "I guess we'll just leave it at that but send someone out to burn the body in case this idiot's quick killing is linked back to us." Allen said shooting a look at Caius who gave a nervous smile. "Allen I don't do well with hostages you know this." Caius said. "You're also too damn soft watch out for this one Mae he's a mind reader that's why he didn't attack you on the spot and just decided to let you walk away." Allen said. "Full of shit and you know it if I could really read minds then you'd be fucked man. It's not mind reading OK so shut up about that!" Caius said. Allen just waved him off and said, "Have you come to a decision to join us Mae? I can let you have a couple days to decide but your wandering will be restricted to certain areas and off limits to others."
  19. Mae snickered at their banter, and the accusation of Caius being a mind reader. Mae, despite their smart ass-ness, thought she could make a home here. These people were fun and light. She met the eyes of the leader, "I think I will, but I have my own conditions for joining. If you don't agree, I'll happily go back to wandering around. One: I don't like being contained, and I expect to be able to leave the compound whenever I want." She shrugged, "Really that's the only condition I have. If you're willing to accept that, then joining your ranks sounds good to me."
  20. " I have no problem with that by the way since we weren't kidding about the lack of women around this place you'll be rooming with some guys hope that don't bother you too much." Allen said. Caius started snickering in laughter about her being stuck with some weirdos until he realized what Allen meant. "OH HELL NO SHE IS NOT ROOMING WITH ME!!" He yelled jumping up. "Why not you have your own space due to your paranoia and besides you got plenty of room now be a gentleman." Allen said, "Dick... you take her I like my privacy!" Caius shot back. "Honestly you're a pain in the ass we don't have any space and everyone has to share a space!" "Oh says the guy who has his own personal fucking floor!" Caius snapped back. Allen just clenched his fist and Caius moved back and was fast to run for the exit just seconds a before a hole was blown right through the wall forcing the guy to throw himself to the ground and Allen had done was throw a punch in his direction. "OK FINE FINE SHE CAN SHARE WITH ME I'D LIKE TO LIVE NOW IF YOU DON'T MIND!" Caius yelled sitting up. "That's what I thought and I have my own floor because I can't think with all you morons screwing around here making a racket all day..." Allen said and Caius sighed picking himself off brushing the dust off his clothes. "Come on Mae let's go..." Caius said walking to the door. "Oh make sure he gives you tour of this place you'll be lost for days in here." Allen said before he sat back down pulling his laptop over by him.
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