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  1. Prologue
    The sound of rusting hinges could be heard from behind as Rowden stepped into the room. A chill wove itself through the air and into his body, making him shiver as gooseflesh popped up on his arms. The sound of dripping liquid and something dragging against the cobblestone floor could be heard in the room and felt like it was coming from all angles.

    “Come out and fight, Dolthkine!” He yelled out into the still air, gripping his sword.

    “Now, now, child. No need for such violence.” Something yanked on the blade but Rowden held fast, “Do the Four Monarchs really think they can stop me with one pathetic little paladin!?” The voice rang off the stone walls and echoed painfully in the holy knight’s ears. He suddenly felt something grasp his legs but he was too disoriented by the weird ringing in his ears that he couldn't stop the things grasping him from dragging him down and slamming him into the floor.

    “You’ll never escape this place, paladin, and before the end you’ll renounce your soul from the Sky king and pledge it to the Shadow Prince.”

    “Never.” Rowden rebuked through the pain and blood of where he hit his head. He could feel Dolthkine’s minions pulling him into the darkness of the Court, but this was not the first time the darkness had imprisoned him and he got the feeling it would not be the last…

    Railey franticly riffled through the old yellowed newspapers scattered across his desk.

    “It’s not here! Anywhere!” He gripped a handful of auburn hair in frustration as he looked down at the papers. His eyes searched for the missing document but it was nowhere to be found amongst the trash.

    “D...Do you need help...? I can help, you know...” The sudden sound of his best friend, Lexi, beside him made Railey jump slightly but he got past the nervous reaction quickly.

    “The Court! It's not here anywhere!” Railey held up the yellowing papers to the black-haired boy’s face. “They say that the Nevermoore Court that just opened was actually built twenty years ago, but look at this! There's no news on it ANYWHERE!” Lexi brushed his bangs out of his face and took the papers from Railey, shuffling through them.

    “How strange. I mean... It is strange, right...?” Lexi nervously fixed his glasses, “The Nevermoore Court...”
  2. Within the darker part of the Library, friends scattered within the few tables there were. Within the few groups of lingering young adults, held Paige Smith, sitting within the middle of the chaos. Without any teachers lurking within ear-shot, the 'Children' could basically talk about whatever they wanted, not like the Teachers would really care, they just didn't really respect the small groups hidden within the Library. Paige and her friends go long ways back, back to when they were only toddlers. Due to them meeting as wee babies, they all had become close, almost as if they were all real family. There was Adrian, the Jock. Allie, the Goth. Josh, the sophisticated one. Cody, the Skater; Who's dating Allie. And last, but not least, Paige. The leader, and the rebellious one of the group; usually straying off to go to stupid things that could possibly get her sent to jail, or searching for things that could always possibly lead to her very own death. Josh, being her 'Older Brother', always made sure that she didn't do anything stupid enough to cause her death, nor going to jail. Her remark would always be "Aww.. You're such a jackass Josh. Please do us all a favor and pull your head out of your ass." Which of course, Josh never took her seriously so that's why they were still very good friends. She was actually- Secretly, grateful that he'd stick his neck out just to save her very arrogant ass.

    Allie and Cody sat at the table where Adrian, Josh, and Paige were sitting at, cuddling with each other. Paige very rarely envied their love, always having a small part in her mind saying that she really wanted something like that to happen to her. But, always waving the thought off, everything went back to normal. She wouldn't lash out on her friends, they meant too much to her for her to do that.

    Paige's mind scattered, not hearing the questions being brought to her by her few friends. Hell, Josh was even shaking her. Minutes later, reality came crashing down sadly enough. "Whoa, whoa. Don't touch me JJ, you know I'll bite. Anyways, what're you guys asking? Sorry, I was off in Neverland." She stated sarcastically, the questions once again spewing out of their mouths. It was mostly about Nevermoore Court, the questions consisted of 'Why are you going? Can I come with' or 'Paige, don't you dare go.' Or, her most favorite; 'If you leave, I swear to fucking god if you die, I'm gonna become a Ghost Buster and hunt you down so I can kill you over, and over again.' Which, the last one was from Adrian. She thought it was quite funny, and answered them all as calmly as she could without laughing. "Guys, guys.. I'm going because it seems interesting, hm.. Maybe I could find some hottie Ghost or evil psychotic narcissistic asshole to fall in love with whilst being there. No, Allie you can't come. If there's a possibility of me dying, I'd rather save Cody the pain. Josh you won't, and can't stop me hun. And.. Adrian, please, don't become my nonexistent Mother, I can take care of myself just fine." Her words came out calmly, finally at last, her lips formed into a soft smile.

    Everyone glared at her, not liking her answer at all. Paige shrugged her shoulders before standing up, picking her bag off the ground and throwing it over her shoulder lazily. "My friends, if I die, you may hate me for the rest of your cherished lives." She faked an american accent, her very own Scottish accent coming out at points as her words spewed out before taking a bow. After a moment of groans and sighs, she turned around and made her way out of the Library, planning to go smoke a cigarette. Which was another thing her friends hated, but she really didn't care. Paige hardly ever did it anyways, so it really shouldn't matter to any of them. She loved the feeling of calmness surging through her veins, always making her happy.

    Within minutes, she's outside and a lit Cigarette was inside her mouth. Paige sighed, shivering as the cold wind hit her bar arms and legs. Of course, she forgot to wear warm jeans, and to put on a Jacket. A tank-top, Shorts, and some Toms seriously didn't work well with the cold wind. Her almost pure black eyes ventured at everything, from the sun, to the trees in the distance. The university was a beautiful place, and she loved it. Sadly, it was about a half a mile away from any home, store, and actual humanity. The reason to that, was because the University People didn't want anyone bothering them while students learned or whatever. It was quite boring, in her opinion.

    Her back leaned against a wall of the University, her legs crossed a bit. Paige pulled the Stick of Chemicals out of her mouth, a trail of smoke quickly following.

    Without thought, her mind began pondering if she should actually go. Things never went well whenever she was somewhere important, and.. Due to the stories she's heard, it would end terrible for her. She didn't want to ruin it for the kid who wanted to go, of course Paige had no idea what his name was.. Riley? Maybe? Meh, who knew. Honestly she couldn't are less, and maybe she'd learn it whenever she went. But then again, they could be leaving at different times, and he could leave before she even arrived. Now that would be quite interesting, Paige being all alone within a dark place. Wonder how that'd turn out.
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  3. "If you only do one thing for me...don't let him put me in there," Nikos said. "When my time comes, I would rather you paint me with barbecue sauce and let me go out into the desert for the coyotes."

    "I would never consider it, Uncle Nikos," Lliira replied. "Never. I would never allow you to be placed in any of those places, that one least of all. Why would he even...? Who names a care facility of any kind 'Nevermoore Court?'" For the past couple months, Uncle Nikos had been having nightmares about being wheeled into a gloomy sanitarium with checkerboard floors and Gothic architecture1 by an orderly indifferent to his pleas for release. In one of his dreams, he'd caught sight of a crumbling stone monolith sign clutched in tendrils of dying ivy that said "Nevermoore Court."

    That had been more than a month ago. A couple weeks ago, he had received a letter from Lliira's father Aristarkos containing a brochure for Nevermoore Court, encouraging him to go to the assisted care facility rather than become a burden on Lliira as his Parkinson's disease worsened. Oddly, there hadn't seemed to be any such place at the time. Now, Nikos and Lliira were looking at a newspaper advertizement for the newly-opened Nevermoore Court had had come out a few days ago, and the latest arrival: a letter from Aristarkos' solicitor "offering" full payment for residency and all treatments. All Nikos had to do was sign on the dotted line. There was no threat, yet, of an attempt to have Nikos committed involuntarily, but the appearance of the legal document seemed like an ominous hint in that direction.

    "I know that you and Father never really got along, but do you think he would...hate you enough to put the family fortune to the task of..." Lliira gestured at the contract. "Why would he bother? It's not as if you're trying to contest his control of the Company or anything."

    "I don't understand it either. I was always a great disappointment to your grandfather, but that just left it to Ari to be his golden boy, which is exactly what he wanted. Now, I don't think he ever anticipated that having his young teenage daughter show up on my doorstep without warning, suitcase and custody papers in hand, would be such a marvelous gift for me, but that only goes to show how he never understood me. If he had known what a joy having you here would be to me, I think he would have sent you somewhere else. But this? It does not seem like him. In our younger years, he was always the gloating winner, and I the family wastrel he got to look down on. Once I left home, he and your grandfather both seemed content to simply forget that I exist. He's never bothered to write before, much less take his precious time, or that of his minions, to start a facility in my hometown just so he can put me in it, if that's what he's doing here. Unfortunately, my divinations have been no help. Yours?"

    "My pendulum just wobbles vaguely, and with Tarot I keep getting the Chariot, the Nine of Swords, and the Hanged Man. I'm not sure what to make of those in this context, but they do nothing to ease my feelings about this 'Nevermoore Court.' I shall get to the bottom of this." Lliira picked up the brochure and looked at it contemplatively. "Perhaps I could tour the facility? If Father thinks we're falling for this rubbish, it should make him put off trying anything for awhile. If I can sense the place directly, talk to some of the staff..." She checked the filigree fob watch that dangled from her antiqued brass chain belt. "I'd better be getting to school. Don't worry Uncle. There's no way he could actually get away with trying to force you into that place. If he tries to use the Family fortune to buy injustice, we'll try the case in the media. If he thought I was an embarrassment to him as a little girl being laughed at by the children of the well-connected in grammar school, he hasn't seen anything yet." She got up from the table and took their breakfast dishes to the sink, leaning over to kiss Nikos on the cheek as she passed.

    ---Later that day---

    Walking down the hall to get to her English Literature class, Lliira heard shouting coming from the Journalism room.

    “The Court! It's not here anywhere! They say that the Nevermoore Court that just opened was actually built twenty years ago, but look at this! There's no news on it ANYWHERE!” Lliira heard a shuffling of papers, then a second voice:

    “How strange. I mean... It is strange, right...? The Nevermoore Court...”

    The mention of that name hit Lliira like a jolt of electricity. After years of having people face ridicule for being seen with her, she had developed a habit of not approaching people. She would be friendly to those who approached her, but would let it be their choice to do so. This, however, was a synchronicity she simply could not pass up. She stopped in her tracks, took a step back, then turned and entered through the open door.

    She glided over to the two young men, one of whom seemed quite agitated (and both rather handsome, she also noticed). Now she just had to explain her presence without sounding ridiculous or insane.

    "Excuse me. You were talking about the Nevermoore Court? The 'assisted care facility?'" she asked. "My uncle and I have..." she said, trailing off as an image and the words "Nevermoore Court" on one of the aging papers caught her eye. She leaned over gracefully to get a closer look. "...oh my. As I was saying, my uncle and I have been experiencing some strange occurrences relating to it. I would very much like to learn what is going on. If there is any assistance I can offer in helping you investigate it, I would be happy to do what I can. Oh. My name is Lliira Andreadys."


    1. Zaiafauna if you have some other look in mind for the building, please let me know and I'll edit. I'm just guessing that it would have a spooky look like an asylum from the Edwardian era or prior (to go with the Edgar Allen Poe reference in its name), rather than being a 1990's hospital/office building "box." Unless it's a '90's-era box that changes into a Gothic/medieval type structure similar to the way Silent Hill changed in the movie...
  4. “But this is pretty strange. You'd think there would be some news on this….” Lexi squirmed as he whispered to his friend. He was cut off suddenly as Railey looked up at the girl's appearance and Lexi let out a gasp, jumping slightly. Railey swallowed thickly, feeling slightly on guard as he watched the girl look over all his hard work. He shifted uneasily, most people thought he was crazy with the stuff he picked for his articles. He shifted his weight once more as he looked her over. He sighed and scratched his head, offering a hand to her.

    "Name's Railey and this is Lexi. Not much you can do unless you want to go on an adventure." He still held his hand out to her as he glared down at the old papers on the table, "I'm going there tonight."

    Railey shook his head and cast a sidelong glare at his work before turning to Lexi, finishing their conversation, “ Of course it's strange! That place is HUGE and supposedly this Nevermoore guy who owns the Court is rich! It would have been plastered all over the news! .... Here's the really strange part... Everyone that was an adult at that time remembers it being built but their stories are always kinda hazy... and get this! Once it was built it NEVER opened! How strange is that?! It supposedly just sat there for twenty years until a few days ago! I don't know about you guys but I smell a story!” He straightened and walked around their new companion. He gritted his teeth and grabbed Lexi by the shoulders in anticipation and shook him.

    “Sounds scary... I mean... Maybe these things are lost for a reason... You know...? Good reasons... Good reasons because of bad reasons...?” Lexi stammered out the frightened words but they only made Railey grin evilly and reach up to wrap an arm around his shoulders.

    “Music to my journalist ears, my friend! You can't get in the get the gate unless you're super rich! I say go!” The auburn haired boy smiled at the new albino girl, "Hey, you, how're you up for a grand adventure to a creepy old mansion in the dead of night?!"
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  5. Samantha was on her way back from practice and all she wanted to do was take a longer shower than the one in the gym and some rest. When she was at the college, she saw a girl smoking against the building. There was a rumor going around about she was gonna go to the nevermore court some time at night. Samantha also wanted to go because the doctors were always too busy to talk in the day.
    "Hey, are you that girl who's gonna go check out nevermore court? Whenever you going care if I join? By the way name Samantha."
  6. Minutes passed, the Cigarette almost gone. A sound of Footsteps came closer, followed by a voice. Paige looked over at the girl, her eyebrow raised. "Yes, I am. Er.. Samantha, are you sure you want to go? I mean it's okay but.. I may not even go, and.. Why're you interested?" She asks, her Scottish accent becoming apparent as she spoke. Paige didn't want to bring some stranger along, but hey, maybe it would be better for her because she obviously wasn't going to leave with.. Riley? Due to them not really knowing each other. "Ah.. Um.. Forget I asked, yeah. You can come if you'd like." She spoke once more, a small smile forming onto her lips. Without a doubt, having company would be so much better than being alone. Josh would most likely feel better now that she had someone, so he wouldn't scold her later on.

    "I'm Paige, it's nice to meet you Samantha." She held her hand out, shaking the girls hand. After their small greeting, Paige threw the Cigarette and walked back into the school. Shoes pattered against the empty halls, feet carried the mindless body towards the Dorms. With nothing else to do, her mind got carried away and she hadn't even realized that she was at her dorm until noises could be heard from down the hall. Her eyes blinked a few times before walking into the room, noticing that her Roommate wasn't there. Of course, the other girl.. Elli, was always out and about, getting drunk and all that other useless stuff.

    Paige began packing a bag, filled with water, some snacks, and a pillow. She'd be staying all night, and she doubts that without any sleep, she wouldn't want to stay there at all. Bringing a pillow would be nice, because if she got tired she could take a short nap.
  7. Samantha was glad about having some time before their check out, it meant she could take that shower. When she got to her dorm, Samantha jumped into the shower and got changed. Every time she would try to make an appointment to talk to the doctors, they would make so many excuses for not doing so, it seem suspicious. After she got dress, Samantha packed her bag, with water, meal bars, sweat shrits and flash lights. After some thought she grabed her baseball bat, better safe than sorry.
  8. Lliira took Railey's hand, listening carefully as he animatedly poured out a fountain of information. He had obviously performed considerable research on Nevermoore Court, and was hot on the scent for more. He reminded her more than a little of David Tennant's Dr. Who, or perhaps Sherlock Holmes on a case, while also on crack.

    "An adventure? You mean," she said, then lowered her voice to a whisper, "breaking in? That sort of thing should be planned very carefully." Then, she returned her voice to normal so as not to attract attention with conspiratorial whispers: "I think I could get us a tour to start." Given that questions seemed to be hanging around the very existence of the place (or at least with regard to when it started existing), Lliira was disinclined to just go busting in in the dead of night with no idea of what awaited, no concept of its floor plan or where important files might be located, what sort of security systems it might have, or how many medics and security guards would be on night duty.

    On the other hand, the hairs on the back of her neck were standing up. She had documented proof right in front of her that Nevermoore Court had been built before she was born, yet Uncle Nikos had never heard of it until Father's first letter arrived. And if Railey was correct that people who knew of its construction had anomalously hazy memories of it... Despite her natural skepticism, as a practicing Magician, Lliira couldn't rule out the possibility of metaphysical forces at work, things against which the two young men would have no knowledge or defense. I can't let them go in there alone.

    "Could we talk about this more in private?"
  9. "Of course I mean break it. Going during the day won't work. I already went for the grand opening. The place nearly gave me a panic attack just standing in it. I found the office of the main doctor but then i had to get out of there."

    Railey knelt down and crawled under the table slightly. He grumbled softly and rummaged through some old papers. He started to stand back up, hissing softly as he hit his head. He came up with a large messenger bag full of papers. He started to shove his articles into the bag after carefully folding them. He hummed softly and turned Lliira.

    "What did you have in mind for a private place? I got a weak map from the opening and I found some old blue prints that were thought to be thrown out." He shifted his weight, he didn't want to freak her out by suggesting his and Lexi's dorm.

    Lexi watched the two. He could only shake his head. He was sure that the two were crazy. How could they still want to do this?
  10. Lliira was relieved that Railey seemed to have put some serious planning into the escapade after all, even if his friend was looking at him and her as if they were both insane. Still, it wouldn't hurt to find out more about his plan in detail before jumping into it. "Perhaps we could have lunch somewhere, or go on a hike? Or you two could come to my house, or I could go to one of yours." Under other circumstances, Lliira might have been a little more careful about the idea of going to an unknown young man's house, but it was not as if either of them were making romantic overtures. 'Nevermoore Court' worried her more than the possibility that they might interpret her suggestion as 'My place or yours?'
  11. "There's a quiet room in the back of this library. I spend some much time here that they let me use it like a second dorm. It has more of the info I've collected."

    Railey hummed softly and tapped his chin. he shuffled through the papers in his bag. every piece of information that he had collected picked at his brain. It was making him nervous, the place made him jittery. Just thinking about the Court made his stomach queasy. He took a deep breath and slowly straightened. He shifted his weight from one foot to the other and smiled tiredly. To be completely honest, he had barely slept through this entire thing.

    "Will that be okay? Lexi's a great cook, he can make us up something to eat." He was trying to lighten the mood before it turned drastically darker. He wasn't sure that it would help in any way but he hoped it did.
  12. "Yes, that would be perfect," Lliira said. It was readily apparent that Railey found Nevermoore Court deeply disturbing, every bit as much as her own intuitions about the place said it would be, if not more so. Lliira had English Literature, but this not being high school, no one would get uptight if she missed it. This was obviously more important, and furthermore, she could catch up. "I have had some...very dark forebodings about Nevermoore Court, though with less of an empirical basis than you have," she said, so he would know she did not think less of him for being so badly shaken up.
  13. It was about a hour since Samantha talked to Paige, it seemed to be a good idea to try to find her to get a game plan. Sam didn't want to get caught without one if things got sticky. Problem was Samantha didn't know where to find her, maybe she should ask around to find out about where she hangs out or even where her dorm is. Grabbing her bag and softball bat, Samantha headed out toward a common place where people hanged out between classes. She started to ask around and got no where, until she talked to this one girl.

    "Yeah I know Paige, we have class together. Her dorm is just down that way, it'll have her name and her dorm mate's name next to it." Samantha thanked her and headed toward the dorm. We she got there, she knocked on the door.

    "Hey Paige, its me Samantha from earlier. I wanted to see if we had a game plan." Standing at the door waiting to see if she was in or not.
  14. Railey hummed softly as he led his two companions towards the back room. He sighed softly as he dragged his fingers through his hair. His mind was beginning to drift. He smiled weakly as he offered her a seat on the most comfortable of the couches. Railey took a seat across from his new friend and took a deep breath. He laid down his bag and began to pull out all the information. He laid out papers, blue prints, and hand-drawn maps scribbled with notes.

    Lexi went to start making them lunch. He was worried about Railey, he didn't eat as often as he should. Looking through all his things to cook something. He smiled and looked into the other room.

    "Lliira, what would you like for lunch?"
  15. "Oh, I'm sure whatever you make would be fine, thank you," Lliira replied as she slid smoothly into her place. Railey seemed...quite drained. "I suppose I should explain how I came to be involved in this matter of Nevermoore Court. When I was twelve, my father sent me to live with my uncle Nikos because...well, that is not relevant. About two months ago, Uncle Nikos started having terrifying nightmares about which he could recall very little, apart from disconnected pieces about being forcibly committed to an asylum of sorts. He and I are both practiced in the art of dream recall, he more than I, so this was quite unusual. Uncle Nikos could only remember a few images, such as a checkerboard floor, Gothic architecture, and being wheeled in in a wheelchair or strapped to a bed with restraints. One night he recalled seeing a carved stone sign, covered with dying ivy, which said 'Nevermoore Court.' At the sound of the words, I experienced a very dark foreboding about it, and have ever since.

    "At the time, we couldn't find any information about such a place existing on this pl--" Lliira hesitated. Were she to continue, the young men would probably dismiss her as insane or a kook. Yet she had to, if the danger they faced came from the very sort of things they might not believe in. "On this plane. Cosmologists tell us that approximately eighty four percent of the mass of the Cosmos is composed of what they call 'dark matter.' But it is not dark, otherwise we could see it when it gets between us and ordinary matter; nor is it matter as we know it, for it can pass through ordinary matter without colliding. There are telescopic observations which show this. All that is required for the existence of complex, inhabited, unseen realms is that eighty four percent of the mass in the Cosmos be at least as diverse in its constituents and mutual interactions as the sixteen percent that we know," she said with an elegant gesture at the library around them.

    "On every continent, for as long as we have been human, people have been reporting experiences of such unseen realms, and interacting with beings who dwell there. Or on occasion, interacting with such beings and their powers, when they come here. My uncle and I are practitioners of the Hermetic arts, and we are among those people. We thought that Nevermoore Court might be a place within the unseen realms, and sought to use...alternative methods to find out what it was and what it meant. Yet it is as if it willfully and capably resisted our efforts, giving us only enough indication of its presence that we could not dismiss its reality. Taunting us with an unmistakable malevolence that refused to become fully present, or go away.

    "Then, about two weeks ago, Uncle Nikos received a letter from my father containing a promotional brochure for Nevermoore Court. The letter advised him to seek admittance. You see, he has Parkinson's Disease, in the early stages. It is not severe enough to compromise his ability to live independently, and hopefully will not be for quite some time. We don't know why my father would do this. I tried to call the number on the brochure and visit the website to learn more, but neither had a referent, as if Nevermoore Court did not yet exist.

    "A few days ago, there was an advertisement in the paper about the Grand Opening of Nevermoore Court, and just today, Uncle Nikos received another letter from my father, this one containing a contract offering a guarantee that father's company would pay for Uncle Nikos' 'care' and 'treatment' at Nevermoore Court in perpetuity. All he has to do is sign on the dotted line. Both of us are greatly concerned that my father might try to force Uncle Nikos to be admitted to this horrid place. We fear that there is much more to it than an 'assisted care' facility with a creepy name. Encountering you, and your findings," she said with a glance down toward Railey's papers, "has only confirmed this for me. You may not believe in the existence of realms beyond the immediately visible, but it looks to me that you have already been touched from beyond the veil, and that you may be in danger from forces that await there. What you find may not be a news story that would earn you a Pulitzer, but the kind of tale you cannot recount for fear that you may be thought a charlatan, or insane."
  16. It seemed to Sammie that Paige wasn't gonna answer, maybe she was sleeping? Well Sammie wasn't gonna stand here all day, so she headed to the library. She figured that their could be at least something about Nevermore court there. When she asked the librarian for where she could find some information, the man said another student was looking for the same thing and pointed where he was. Thanking the man, Sammie went to the little back room. Sammie gave a knock at the door.

    "Hello? Is there a guy here by the name of Railey? The librarian said that you were looking into the Nevermore court, I was wondering about it too. May I come in?" There were three people in the room, two boys and a girl.
  17. Railey.... Railey... who the hell is Railey? This was the question that went through Jason's mind as he looked around the library for the guy who was supposedly going to be heading to the Nevermoore Court at some point or another. Honestly he was cutting into his gym time, if it werent for his teammates putting him up to this, he would be there instead. He had hoped that this would be worth his time but so far he found no sign of the journalism major anywhere.

    "This is getting me nowhere. I need to ask someone if they know where he may be" he muttered to himself as he finally decided to ask for some help. After a but of fruitless searching, one student knew who he was and told him to look over at the quiet room in the back of the library, as he swore he saw him going there with someone named Lexi and some other girl . After pointing Jason in the right direction, he made his way to the quiet room. As he made his way there, he noticed that he may not be the only one looking to join this group. He did not recognize the girl, though he doubted he would know anyone on this little venture.

    She walked in knocking on the door asking for Railey. Well what a coincidence. Without hesitation, he too knocked on the door and looked in, his tall figure towering the shorter girl, though he kept a respectable distance as he said in an even tone, crossing his arms, "Yeah Im looking for a Railey too. Little birdy told me you might be planning a visit to the Court."
  18. Lexi opened the door and was surprised at their guests. He sighed slightly as he moved to the kitchen area to make more snacks for Railey's little convention. He could only hope this all didn't go as nearly bad as he felt it was going to go.
    A very frazzled looking Railey gazed up, mouth open as he was about to reply to the girl sitting next to him. His eye twitched slightly as the two newcomers mentioned him and the Court. He gritted his teeth and looked them over speciously. He bit his lips and sighed, waving them in quickly.

    "I'm Railey." He frantically scrabbled for the papers. He glared down and tried to organize them into a certain level of meaning, "Get in here and shut the door!" Lexi frowned at the commotion as he brought out tea and sandwiches. He looked over at Railey in worry, the stress of this was running his friend ragged. Railey hid his papers under his hand and looked at the two newbies.

    "Need something?"
  19. Wow, this Railey guy sure seemed... stressed. Though that may have been understatement of the century. He seemed like he lacked proper meals, as well as sleep, which is what made him seem so frantic. Were all journalists like this? Jason did as was requested, closing the door behind him and the girl that had just entered. The other guys seemed worried, the focus of that worry seemed to be on Railey, and Jason figured he had good reason to. Railey went on to ask if they needed something, and Jason nodded.

    "Name's Jason Harrison. A little birdie told me that you might be the guy thats looking to get an up close and personal look inside Nevermoore Court. Seeing as this place seems to have a lot revolving around it, it would seem that you guys could possibly get wrapped up in something pretty crazy. My request is simple. I want in"
  20. Railey glared slightly, eye twitching as he huffed. he opened his mouth to reply grumpily but Lexi quickly sat next to him. The black-haired boy placed his hand on the journalist's lower back to calm him down. Railey gritted his teeth and stared down at the papers on the table. his mind flicked through all the information that he had painstakingly gathered. His finger twitched as he fidgeted.

    "You two should leave. You don't understand the gravity of the situation. You're not taking this seriously." He looked up at the two newcomers. His heart hammered unhealthily as he was on the verge of an anxiety attack. Lexi quickly noticed and whispered calming words to him as Raily continued talking to the boy, "There's something evil in that place! And everyone in town is too gone to see it. they can only see it for the stuff that it supposedly brings to the town."
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