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  1. [​IMG]

    Over time, technology has grown to unbelievable proportions. From landmark advances in medical assistance to complex artificial intelligence, the population of Earth has pushed further than ever before, but when the economy turned sour, there was someone there to back it up.

    A single man created an empire, building stocks and buying companies all over. When the world was dipping into an all-time low, he scooped everything up, and soon there was a monopoly. A company by the name of LEGEND owned everything, and the man was sitting at the peak. This man created something new. He created a game. Neo Genesis.

    Neo Genesis is the New-Age Game that controls the lives of everyone. Now, the population lives in conditions that require internet and a computer, which would usually be good, but not like this. In this new age, people have to play the game to survive. The more you have in the game, the more you have in real life. If you die, it's game over, and you only have one shot at starting over from scratch before you are taken from your family and shipped off to jail, forced to work for LEGEND.

    The game is nothing like ever before. It's unbelievably large, almost as large as the real world, and more complex than anything in the history of games. The features of the game go deeper than monitors and chairs, but a person is plugged-in to the game to live, breathe and quest. It's almost like the early Twentieth Century Matrix, but here the world is fantasy. In this game, the supply of quests never ends. The artificial intelligence of NPC's match that of a humans, and the graphics make it hard to tell that the world around you is fake.

    In the real world though, people are planning a revolution. Secret informers and spies are Training to take over LEGEND, crash Neo Genesis and free families from slavery.

    The woman now at the top will not be taken down so easily though, and she's ready to put up a fight to stay Queen of the castle. She will do whatever it takes to stay in control.

    Enter the game, explore, fight, form parties. Work for your freedom, your royalty or right to live in peace.
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    "Almost dusk." A young man said to himself, glancing at the orange streaks licking the tall sky. He looked at it lazily as he popped in the cassette tape which contained his preferred music. It was an old way to keep music, he knew, but they were the best in his mind. Those tapes were very important to him. Craig glanced back down and flipped "play" on the device, letting a subtle bass beat it's way through his ears. The familiar voice of a man rapping started up, and he almost smiled to himself at how good it sounded. 'Real' was the way he would have described the music. something about it made him want to breathe deeper, move his head in rhythm, it was just.. good.

    He popped his black hood up and walked through the room, flipping off lights and unnecessary machines. An old woman's voice called from the front opening of his living space, "I'll be heading off to bed now!" It was followed by a subtle cough, and the raven-haired boy went through his hallway and past the draped curtain to meet the woman. It was the old woman who lived next to him, who had been looking after him for a while. It was sort of both ways, they did things for each other. He'd help with handiwork and she'd make him food, a good arrangement. "Ah, okay." He nodded, bowing slightly to her. It was a custom of his to bow when giving thanks, but only him. Everyone else was normal in this place, but with the weird origins of Craig, nobody knew much about him. "Don't you forget to eat again." She scolded him with a bop on the head with her hand, but it was gentle enough to be playful. When he looked up, he saw a caring smile on her face, the wrinkles accentuating her features. He felt like she used to smile like that for her own family. "Yes ma'am."

    After his eyes followed her back to her house next door, he went back inside his and continued his previous activities of shutting everything off. When he got to the makeshift kitchen, he was about to turn the light off when his hand stopped. It hovered over the switch, before dropping back to his side. 'I said I would eat.' He thought. Craig wandered over to a cabinet and opened it up, looking through the canned foods. The can of peaches caught his attention, and he grabbed it along with the opening knife. After he got the thing pried open he began to go through it quickly, swallowing down the sweet juicy slices of peach like they were noodles. A small bit of the liquid dripped down his chin as he finished, which he wiped away with the fabric of this sleeve. It was delicious, he was glad he ate.

    After the whole process, Craig went into the back room of his house and began to turn on the machine. It whirred to life after a moment or two, the lights along the machine going on one-by-one. Their neon blue glow created an atmosphere of relaxation when mixed with the music, and the boy sat on the old machine's chair while taking off his jacket. He tossed it to the side and cracked his neck. "I need to upgrade my equipment."

    The large overhead monitor read:

    "DR: 8:13 p.m.
    System function: Normal

    Run: Neon Genesis?
    //Y //N "

    Craig lied back in the seat and got comfortable, laying his head on the special rest. His hand reached over and pressed the Y key, initiating the process. He had a few seconds to put his arm back on the chair before the robotic "BZZ" of the chord spiraled directly into the circular, metal port in the back of his head. He shivered heavily once when it clicked into place, but after that his body relaxed, and it felt like he was melting. The process of going under started, and he closed his eyes, blacking out. He was headed for wonderland.
  3. In-Game

    "Ha!" Jericho brought his sword down with force, cleaving a skeleton in two. Bone matter erupted from the poor creature, practically obliterating it entirely. Though surrounded by half an army of undead, Jericho and his blade was more than enough to take any one of them out.

    Jericho was like a wraith. The black hood obscured the better part of his head, as usual, and his fel green eyes shone brightly with bloodlust.



    Eventually, the necromancer stopped counting his kills. it became a trivial number-- and he was growing weary after a while. He found himself dead in the middle of the Blessed Woods, where the undead were a driving force upon the land. There was an endless supply of corpses after the years of war, and Jericho could not raise any more servants when they were not under his control.

    Finally, after what seemed like hours of fighting, the corpses stopped coming altogether, and everything fell silent.

    "They must need more time to respawn." Jericho thought. He was exasperated, panting, and finding his way to a pitiful excuse for a tree nearby before sitting to rest.

    Jericho sighed, "Where is that damn key!?" he said to himself.

    He'd been looking for a certain treasure for most of his life, and he felt like he'd hit a dead end.
  4. reality:lola

    Lola woke up finding herself in her bed.Somebody came up to the attic,she hated when they came up to the attic.she sat up looking over her room.Something was different, she didn't like it. She got out the bed flinch at the cold floor. Lola's room honestly looked deserted. all she kept in there was her furniture and vase of flowers she walked over to her dresser sitting down and looking at the mirror. same as yesterday. She never looked at the mirror for long, she found her face boring,it was the same as always,never changing.she looked over at the flower vase. she pulled the flowers off the stems putting them into her pocket. She walked out her room seeing her family gathered around the table to eat. She said nothing just stared at them for what felt like 15 minutes she then turn to walk away before her mom stopped her

    "you need to eat before logging in"."that was it,the most she would get out from her mother for the remainder of the day,or even week. She walked back over grabbing a piece of toast. Her father smiled at her, he didn't speak to her,and avoided being alone with lola. Not that he didn't want to interact with his daughter;he just didn't know what to say. as for her siblings they did the most interaction with her,in fact it was hard to be alone with them around. she nibbled on the toast making her way to the Game Room.

    "have fun lola.",her dad chimed in happily. See,he never knew what to say.
  5. Real life

    "It's showtime..." Ken whispered within his attics full of recollection of manga and games that he bought through online over the past year. Unlike what people would think a former celebrity's room would be like, Ken's bed room are so minimalist. A simple futon and portable chair only to decorate the blank white painted room, nothing more and couldn't possibly a lot lesser than that apart from the cpu that lies beside the table and monitor on the table. Writing the whole data of the game was what he does as well, as part of understanding the games a lot more. The handwritten data that was written in a small notebook with pens consist of several unique data such as item, monster, event, or even status trend within each class. Amazingly his laundry are tidily laid out outside his room, there's no hanging clothes all of them are folded in a somewhat decent way. Ken logging into the forum where he can search for possible recruits for his secret rebellion squad or any major event that shake the whole game world. The forum that he log in, was an unofficial forum for player that play Neo Genesis to hang out with almost reaching the same number of registered user than the official ones. As night came, it's time for Ken to Dive into Neo Genesis, where he would log in as a spirit sage, his alter ego, Mizuki.
  6. In Game

    The troll seemed to still be enraged. So she hadn't killed it. Her blade, still stuck in the monster's chest, was out of reach of the elven girl's grasp. Maybe that chest hadn't been as important as she thought. Aurora wasn't worried though, the beast was an idiot. And too emotional, as soon as he ran up to her Aurora ripped the rapier out of his chest as she dodged his blitz attack and stabbed him in the back of the head. The beast fell to the ground, Aurora's rapier jutting out from its' head. Aurora walked up to the now-dead-monster and pulled the blade out of him. She always loved this blade, ever since she had those dwarf craft it for her in the Cordendum Mines she knew this was her weapon.

    She swung her blade through the air, smiling as she heard the "FROOO" with every swing. Aurora put the blade away and continued her current journey, she was currently looking for a legendary book that could give a person the power of immortality. Of course, this book wouldn't grant a player like Aurora immortality but if an NPC told her to find a book in exchange for 3500 coins, she was going to find that stupid book. Aurora spotted a hole in the ground and ran toward it, hoping this would be the location of the book. She jumped down into the hole and found herself slightly frustrated that she had to crawl into the tunnel. After what seemed like forever of crawling through that tunnel, Aurora found an entrance to a cave which was way more spacial and roomy.

    It had to be in here, right? Aurora drew her blade, not trusting that this place was enemy-free. Suddenly, a spider appeared from a hidden web and bit Aurora before she could kill it. "Shit!" The elf cried out, punching the abnormally sized spider off of her. The venom began to work its' progress and began eating away at her life bar. She cringed at the green liquid oozing out of her bites. The pain felt so real, and she couldn't stand the feeling of the poison coursing through her blood, turning it a sickly green. The elf killed the spider and struggled to open her inventory. She grabbed a potion that cured her poison and began swiping and killing the other spiders that ran her way. There were hundreds of those spiders and they just kept coming and coming. Finally, it stopped. After the last spider had been killed, Aurora put her sword away, breathing heavily as she searched the cave for the book that might not have been there. Unfortunately, Aurora had been poisoned again and didn't have a spare cure potion to use it so she had to hurry.

    There it was! In the grasp of a skeleton that had been there for quite a while.. Or at least, it was designed to look like that. Aurora practically dove toward the book and greedily snatched it from the dead person's bony hands. Now she could go find a merchant and hopefully not die. She couldn't afford to die. Moments later, Aurora was out of the cave and searching for a nearby shop. Her heath bar was dangerously low and she was getting more and more desperate as the seconds rolled on. The elf had finally spotted one and ran happily toward it. Aurora hadn't realized how far she wandered from the cave until she read the sign on the shop. She had been in the Wispin Woods, her race's "base", now she was in the Blessed Woods. Walking into the shop, the merchant said their usual dialogue and Aurora searched for the cure potion. After finding it, Aurora quickly changed her mind and rather than buying one potion, she bought two.
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  7. [​IMG]
    Real Life
    Hayden was downstairs in his home. His father had already left for work hours ago, Hayden was twenty now he needed to find his own home...soon. For now, though, he went into the fridge. Getting a red strawberry Fanta out the fridge, he jumped on the couch. "I told you about that, Mr. Fuller!" Hayden rolled his eyes, his maid Sophia treated him like a little kid still...well she did raise him more than his father ever did. "Sorry, Sophia." He got up and gave her an apologetic hug, smirking he drunk the Fanta. "I'll be upstairs, you know what time it is." Sophia smiled at him, as he took the in house elevator up to the Game Room. His father had the High Tech game room built just for Hayden...or so he says. "Let's get ready." He smirked, sitting in the plush chair, waiting for the game to take over.



    In Game
    "Wooo!" Mr. Prince Trickster, or Tricks was in the same spot Hayden left him...swinging from the trees in Blessed Woods. He would be considered a monkey more than a kitsune the way he jumped from tree to tree. His custom costume glowed bright red every time he moved, thanks to his new augmentation. Being an A.N.G.E.L. Tricks didn't have a lot to do, battling others would be like a lion fighting a fly...pointless. He did however have quests he could do, so that was fun.

    While he was swinging around in the trees, Tricks spotted a Necromancer. He didn't want to scare him off, since most players knew that an A.N.G.E.L. interacting with you meant certain death. Tricks wasn't like the other A.N.G.E.L., he didn't go around killing off players, most of the older gamers knew that he wasn't around to end people's gaming and real life. Just to not scare the kid, he used his cloaking's great to be a Thief. He hoped in a tree, smirking and watching the kid.

    Interaction(s): @Elfie
    Mentioned: @StarCaster
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  8. reality:memoria

    "scene one"
    picture this:a small cabin like house surrounded by tall grass,the sun showing no mercy as it beat down causing the dirt path to be to hot to walk across barefooted. a small breeze carries the scent of flowers as a wolf like mutt emerges covered in pollen,a man following after him with a small bag of chicken feed.

    "scene two"
    camera is now facing an old dusty window bringing in light to a make shift bathroom. the floors were wooden and if not careful you could get splinters. in the corner was a shafty little sink and a broken mirror resting on the wall. in the center of the small room was a large tin tub were we

    "actually me,you not doing much of anything,anyway back to the movie"

    were we introduce are antagonist. a young girl woman rested her back at the end of the tub as she scrubbed the dirt off her arms. do not let her simple looks fool you this woman is a hero, the future of mankind,the keeper justi....

    "okay remove from script that was lame. and action"

    Just a simple country girl for most her life,never to far from home,never seeing anything new. She was under radar,not even taken in accounted for. But she had dreams,big ones. She wanted to walk down the street and ppl see her and go 'hey,thats the girl that took down legend'

    Memoria opened her eyes as she floated back down to reality from lala land. she took a dipper scooping up water and pouring it over her head. when she opened her eyes again she found a chicken stand at the end of the tub staring her down. "always something new" she groaned sinking down under the water.
  9. in game:memoria/eji

    Eji jumped in front of a man when a very large spider spit venom at it. he charged at it holding it back as i tried to push its way forward. and archer was making his way through some spider webs till he found what he was looking for.

    "got it!" Eji didn't look at him,not really caring what it is that he got. he honestly just wanted to get out of this cursed cave. He hated caves, boy did he hate them. the archer while under the protection of eji as he engaged the the spider shot a couple of arrows till both their efforts aided in its death. Eji wiped his sword off before putting it up. He turned to look at the young man.

    "sweet nailed it. high five big guy!" the archer held his hand up wit a gleeful look on his face, before setting it back down scratching his head awkwardly.

    "not much of people person are you?" Eji stared the man down then turned walking out the cave.

    "wait, thats it,we are done? no payments?" Eji did not respond as he skidded down a hill. he eventually find the road back into the main city. He was headed for an inn, the main place anyone could find him. He tried to stay in populated places,always near when needed, not that far away when called for. Tho,as he was told by many allies, he isn't the most approachable guy.
  10. IN GAME
    ✖ MILO ✖

    There was a small flash of light, accompanied by a sort of electric buzz that spawned another player into the world of Neo Genesis. There stood a tall, pastel Abecean who was holding a Bottle of crushed herbs. It took him a moment to register his body's functions, as connecting to all artificial neurons was a difficult process with old equipment. The game was still connecting the last parts of his brain for about five seconds, and then Milo took a long inhale, breathing in the fresh, fake outdoor air. Of course here, everything felt real. The gills in Milo's neck felt real, and when he reached up to touch the slightly slimy incisions, the tingling sensation ran up his spine and caused him to shiver. 'sensitive as always.' He thought to himself, lowering the soft fingers back to his side. The gills of an Abecean were extremely sensitive to touch and feeling, because they were one of the weakest spots on the body. It was easy to influence an Abecean if you knew where to touch.

    Milo pulled out a small flute which was made of some kind of sturdy plant material. It was smooth and green, with small specks of red on the ends. IT was a customized item that had a specific pitch, matching that of another identical flute. This was the way the male would communicate with his party members through a certain distance of the woods around him, and if the other was online, then he would be able to hear it and distinguish it. He lifted the small device to his lips and blew into it, sending a specific tone across the trees of the forest. The noise was a little uneasy on the ears, but it got the point across rather nice. When it was done, the man put the flute away and rubbed his cheek. "Well if he's online, he'll hear it. We should still be in the same area...." Milo tried to recall what their conversation was the day before, but it was hard to think of. "Oh!" The memory popped up into his head, and he was able to recollect the events of the previous day. "He said if he couldn't find it, then he'd go to the city. Right. I really hope he's still here."

    The ocean-boy began to walk in a seemingly random direction while he sorted out his activities. He had several quests to turn in, as he liked to collect them all, do them and turn them all in at the same time. It was easier, especially if they were in the same area. "I need to go to the merchant near the outskirts of the forest, also to Arcana..." He began to list off places he needed to visit, as well as where to go next. If he heard the flute in response, then he'd have to change his plans, because together the two of them would get more done.
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  11. In-Game
    Jericho stood up, wiping the sweat from his brow. The eerie sounds the Blessed Woods made always left players with chills down their spine. The barren earth seemed to almost ooze supernatural energies, each footfall was sometimes greeted with a groan or a strange sound or groan.

    As a necromancer, such energy fueled him, adding to his strength. The Blessed Woods are where he's his most powerful, surrounded by spirits and corpses for him to control. It was in these woods that his army was unending.

    He decided to head east, deeper into the woods, and where the sun ceased to shine. Blocked by the endless gray swirl of clouds in the atmosphere.

    Jericho trudged on for several minutes before hearing a high-pitched noise that penetrated his hood.

    "Milo." He grinned.

    Jericho took a strange little green flute out of his coat with small specks of red on either end. The texture was odd and, as usual, oddly reminiscent of seaweed and coral. He raised the mouthpiece up and blew, setting off a similarly pitched note for his friend.

    He smiled, he didn't have many friends here, but Milo was a rare find that could be trusted.
  12. In Game
    ✖ MILO ✖

    The male kept walking in the general direction of his quest turn-in when he heard something. A high-pitched return call that made him perk up and smile. "Jericho's online." Good, his friend was close by, which meant they could continue on together. He began to walk towards the source of the noise, as he had an acute sense of direction, hearing. The Abecean slipped out a small vial of yellow liquid and popped the cork out of it, then quickly swallowed the contents inside. It went down easy, but as the liquid slid down his throat, it left a very cool, cold feeling that caused him to cough once. The potion quickly took effect, sending little sparks of feeling inside his body. He felt more... energy. Like he wanted to run. So, Milo broke out into a sprint, running full-speed past the trees and branches. He dodged the longer ones that seemed to reach out towards him, and jumped over uprooted trees that seemed to litter the forest.

    As he passed by the natural surroundings, the color in the forest seemed to grow dimmer, and dead plants began to show up everywhere in replacement for the beautiful, bountiful flora he saw only moments ago. If Milo had stopped to examine the transition, it might have been a little depressing, but since he had crossed this border many times before he would only see it as the transition into the Blessed Woods. These woods were desolate, barren, filled with rough history and rich lore. Here, the ground was saturated with more souls than plants, and eerie noises accompanied the grim landscape. Milo passed them by, only focusing on the noise he heard a few minutes ago. He was surely close now.

    As he suspected, the male broke through the dead trees and into a dusty clearing. The ground was cracked with death, and in the center of the clearing was Jericho. "Ah!" He smiled at the spotting of his friend, then on a split-decision continued to rampage up to him and nearly jump when hugging him. He didn't do that a lot, but for some strange reason he was compelled to. Almost as if somebody told him to.
    "Jericho! Hello friend!" He smiled wide, and gave him a squeeze before letting go of the elder. "How are you? Get any sleep?"
  13. Out Of Game

    Katelyn exited the large builidng where LEGEND resided. She had just finished up a meeting with the ANGELS and other LEGEND game related members. They had a discussion about the game and how it was working. Sighing softly, she saw night had come upon them. A black limo pulled up and Katelyn climbed into the back. "Well?" Her brother asked, staring at her with blue eyes like hers. "All went well." She replied and with a mere nod of his head, no more was said. That's how things were between the twins. They never said much to each other but neither cared that much.

    Upon reaching the manor, Katelyn exited the vehicle and walked up the strobe steps to the large wooden door. Katelyn pulled out her key and unlocked the door. Opening it, she was greeted with 10 maids on the left and 10 butlers on the right. They all said 'Welcome Back' at the same time and stood straight while Katelyn walked down the middle of the marble floor to the red carpeted staircase. Walking up to the platform, she took the left staircase while her brother took the right. Their rooms where in different hallways after all. Kateltn walked down the long red carpeted hallway until reaching the last room on the left. Opening it, she slipped inside and locked the door.

    Katelyn entered her large bedroom and walked over to her desk which was near her door. Grabbing her head gear, Katelyn walked over to her chair and sat down. Putting her feet up on the for rest, she slipped on the head gear and leanded back.

    You are now entering Neo Genesis.... Enjoy your stay!

    In Game

    Aria was still where Katelyn had left her. Sitting on a branch in a tree with Ghost in her lap. The fox girl blinked and took Ghost in her arms. Standing on the branch, she leapt from branch to branch until reaching the ground. Aria looked around her surroundings in the Blessed Woods and smiled slightly. Setting Ghost down, the female kitsune followed the sound of water. After a short walk, she reached a river and culled her hands. Dipping them into the water, she watched as it filled her hands. When her hands could no longer hold water anymore, she carefully yet quickly brought the water to her lips and tipped the cool liquid into her mouth. After doing this a few more times, Aria stood up and looked down at Ghost. "I'm at a loss for what we should do. Sorry." She apologized to the adventure loving fox. In response, Ghost nodded in understanding and they wandered around the woods. Even if they had nothing to do, Aria was still enjoying the scenery and found it rather peaceful.
  14. In Game

    Mizuki, the infamous notorious monk across Neo Genesis and yet a lot of people still came to him to ask for guidance. He logged into the last place the logged out, the capital city of Arcana, a place where people would gather around. Mizuki went just outside the town where no one would expect to go, it was really nothing going on at first but with Mizuki's sly work, he managed to create portal to a secret lair where he had planned far since the first time he played, the place where people like him would gather, people that would stood up against the LEGEND and Neo Genesis itself. The base isn't that much of an appealing, it's like what you in an dungeon crawl rpg abandoned castle where the final boss would be. Apparently it's also installed with traps all around so it's like a maze, originally the base wasn't intended to be one, Mizuki found a place where people would least to go and never been touched by anyone since and that's a place located just outside the capital city.
  15. In Game
    The white haired creature dug through her inventory, looking for the item she had found. It radiated a purple aura and Aurora could practically feel its energy. This item would probably backfire, causing a sequel mission and the elf would have to fight some spirit that was trapped inside the book because the ones that held the book were too irresponsible to deal with such power. But she was getting off track. That quest didn't matter, what mattered was that she met up with the other Revolutionists. Aurora knew that another member of the Revolutionists would probably be at the hideout. In fact, she probably should've already been there by now. Aurora continued munching on the peculiar snack she had bought from the merchant. It honestly tasted like cardboard and had the texture of a worm. She had no idea what it was, but it wasn't good. The elf took out her map and located the place of the hideout. It was a distance away from where she was now and Aurora wasn't sure if she wanted to travel on foot to the Capital City of Arcana or fast travel...

    She ultimately decided it was ultimately more important to get to the hideout than try and level up her character, though that was always such fun. Charlotte would never admit it, but she had fun trotting around as Aurora and killing everything in her sight.. Charlotte was addicted to the very feeling that Courtney loved and thrived on. Even though her heart was set on destroying LEGEND, Neo Genesis was an awesome game! Aurora began trembling at the thought of Courtney.. the thought of "Empress Ka'la". Aurora would gladly slice through that avatar with her blade. Courtney, however? Maybe a good ol' punch in the face. Aurora grabbed the teleporting item from her bag and selected her location, and in a flash she was standing in the buzzing streets of the capital city. Aurora usually steered clear of this place unless she was trying to meet up with the Revolutionists. It was too loud and too populated for her. She would rather be walking alone in the peaceful Wispin Woods.. Well, not entirely peaceful.

    After finding the hideout that Kazuki, the Revolutionist leader, had discovered Aurora found herself staring at castle. She had almost forgotten when the traps were. It was a bit frustrating, all of these booby taps and obstacles she had to pass to get into this place but that only made her feel that much more secure. No person in the right mind would try to enter this place if they hadn't known about the traps. Aurora had to admit, she had been impressed when she was informed that Kazuki found this place. To her, Kazuki was always sketchy.. The way he manipulated people and such would just set her off and she wasn't afraid to let him know. Passing trap after trap, it didn't take Aurora long to get past everything. She then spotted the very man she had been thinking about.. Speak of the devil. "Kazuki," the elf greeted him, nodding her head at him, her sign of respect for the man.
  16. IN GAME

    The blonde sage smirked as he saw a familiar face, Aurora the fighter, her striking white hand made cuircass making Kazuki to recognize her directly. He stood up from the table he sat before and approaching to the female elf fighter, "Aurora! same as always I see." Aurora, a reliable female elf fighter which Kazuki know her worth, it'll be a good addition for the revolutionist. Kazuki once state in his note that Aurora could be the most compatible person to play with him if she would have the same sly and evil personality as him, Kazuki felt that Aurora's too kind of a player. Kazuki went around the female elf fighter with a giggle, a frightening giggle that echoes to the whole building, "I bet you have fun with my "toys" right?" by toys, Kazuki referring to deadly trap that he set. The trap was set by the sly man days ago to the extend each room have it's trap apart from the rooms that'll be used entirely for the Revolutionist such as the main hall or barrack.

    He then pull out his staff and clear his throat, "so any potential member for revolutionist? if so, what shall we do? what type of blackmailing shall we do?" evil as it is, Kazuki had proved that this method was really effective and saving time. Kazuki usually can black mail people from simple embarrassing video up to secret information about the target that no one could ever get. He did everything through hacking the entire server, in real life Kazuki was the renown hacker called shadow, a hacker which break the security and restore it to it's original state without leaving traces of him hacking. He begun to smile idiotically while thinking the method he could use to blackmailing people.
  17. In Game

    Aria soon came across a common relative of the Orc. They were smaller and not as strong, but faster no less. It seemed to have noticed her cause it for into a battle stance. Ghost was devoured by white flames that circle around his body and in a mere split second the fox was only three inches below Aria's shoulder. Now they were ready. Ghost bared his long, sharp fangs and his deadly claws glistened. Aria, on the other hand, and pulled out her sword. She slid one for behind the other, slightly apart and raised her arm until her sword pointed at the Tolkein. That must have angered it cause now the beast ran at her with it's already damaged sword and sheild. The fight had began.
  18. In Game
    The eerie man stood up and approached her, it seemed like he always wanted to put Aurora on edge. The elf wouldn't ever show how off putting he was to her but Aurora hadn't be surprised if the man ever turned against her. He greeted her and Aurora held a sigh. Yes, this man was their leader. Aurora ignored both of his remarks and walked over to the seat Kazuki had been previously sitting in. She sat down, crossing her legs before she spoke again. "Have you heard back from.. Mr. Prince Trickster?" The name tasted sour in her mouth. The kitsune was just as every bit of sly and mischievous as the man in front of her. Aurora still hadn't trusted "Mr. Prince Trickster" entirely but she believed that no one could be stupid enough to betray the Revolutionists. And Aurora would personally kill the man if that had ever happened. As for now, she kept her doubts quiet and minimalized her contact with the kitsune.

    Blackmailing, blackmailing, blackmailing. That was the only thing Kazuki was interested in. Aurora rubbed her temples and shook her head, "I think the Revolutionists have done enough blackmailing for an eternity. We don't need anymore enemies, Kazuki." As Aurora explained this, she began searching her inventory for her encrypted note book. She had it personally made so any other player that tried to read it was severely poisoned.. But that hadn't mattered because all of her notes were encrypted with a spell that made it impossible for any other set of eyes that tried to read it other than Aurora's. There he was. "I've found an elven Necromancer named Jericho. He isn't the best player but he's currently in a party with Revolutionist member Milo so he's trustworthy. He's a nobody which makes him useful but he's not at a comfortable enough level to join us."

    Now Milo was someone Aurora trusted. Whislt Aurora hadn't thought of staying in the shadows and going unnoticed, Milo posed as poor and LEGEND would never even consider him a member of the Revolutionists. Aurora, however, was too blinded by rage and didn't care about how others would respond to her character. Charlotte had leveled Aurora up too fast and hadn't thought about the consequences.. Now everytime she went into town, people recognized her. She was known by everyone including LEGEND. "I say with a bit of training, he could be an excellent member. But I'll have to do a little more research before confirming that." Aurora closed the note book and looked up at Kazuki. "What are you thinking, Kazuki?"
  19. Out Of Game

    Fällan, Sweden.

    A boy leaned back against his chair, reading through a book with his room keeping him inside. The journal was not his, but belonged to a friend of his, or: perhaps, a different persona. It wasn't Jonas handwriting, and the letters all looked pretty with curves. It however detailed things that was impossible to be done in real life, sort of. It kept hidden truths amidst the greatest crime sprees one could think of, Bonnie and Clyde level, although if Bonnie was more alone and more thoughtful before going up against the police. The book contained a small text that took his attention to the series of alphabetical letters.

    Dear Diary

    Deal went down today, sharp as usual. Guy's a smart one for not crossing me so far, 'least. Don't think he knows about my plan to him, sorry: but once I'm through with him, he'll be lucky if this wasn't his second try in life. The bank's going to be hit at 00:01 AM, or it isn't gonna happen at all. The potion with the cloaks will atleast trick them to think I'm high-geared and LEGEND, for a while. We'll see what happens tommorow.

    Yours truely, Kah'Raos.

    To him, it felt almost alien to have read this text that's clearly in someone elses head, yet it had a deja vû feel to it, as if he had read it before. His focus was shattered when he heard a knock on his door, and some form of Swedish being uttered from outside. His mind translated the Swedish, fixing the grammar and freshening it up to become an english text within his mind. It was his father, Benjamin. Jonas had great respect for him, for keeping his gamer life clean and didn't attack him for being a gamer: then again, Jonas was the one providing for the family. Atleast for now, with what little remains of the retirement money.

    His father had asked him regarding if he was going into the Neo Genesis for a while, in which Jonas nodded quietly to himself, before hollaring out in Swedish that he would be gone for a few hours or so, but that he would try not to do anything major. He was met with the sound of silence, until he let out a sigh. His father tended to always break up conversations like that, but it didn't bother him too much anymore. He reached over for his headgear, and began making his usual preparations.

    Water bottle, Check. Packaged Sandwiches, Check. Comfortable Chair... He sat down on his own chair, and began to tilt backwards a ridicolous amount, until it appeared that his chair had somehow become his new bed. Check. Lastly, the Headgear. He took ahold of the headgear, and wrapped it around his head. He began to screw it up tightly around his head, and flicked on the device. He felt his body leaving the plane below, transpiring into a circle before he awoke in a bed out of his world.

    In Game

    Capital City Arcana, Destro Province

    The Center
    Kah'Raos awoke in a bed with a wolf's pelt drapping over his body, protecting it from the cold or the warmth when the time for either arised. He let out a yawn, before he continued on with waking up. He tilted his body somewhat, shifting it left and right until his motor function began to kick in properly. He sat up on the edge of his bed, and reached over for his pants, slipping them on with practiced ease, strapping on his boots around his feet, his tunic over his head and two arms popping out of each corner: until he was properly dressed for his profession.

    Kah'Raos walked down the steps of the attic, to be greeted by a young lad, probably just as old as him: saying somewhat calmly with a snobbish tone "Ah, you have finally awoken, Kah. Your 'to-do' list is somewhat packed today, with the new guests of this tavern, along with some travelers that came in after you went asleep. No worry, of course: I'm sure you'll get it done by the end of the day, you always have your ways, don't you?" The tone was aching in Kah'Raos skull as the words felt like rocks being tossed against his skull, in which all he could do was nod grudgingly to what his boss spat out.

    "Yeah, yeah I do. I'll get it done, boss. Just, give me some time to think properly, head's a bit in the dry." His boss nodded towards Kah'Raos once, before rushing over to a door to greet another recently awoken person, hopefully not to bash his skull in like he had done Kah's. Kah'Raos walked down the steps until he was at the bottom, in which he turned a quick corner to hide behind the counter of the bar. He looked out to the scene of the tavern.

    It's a bloody party of some sorts. Kah'Raos heard his mind speak. And they appeared to be somewhat NPC like in nature, drinking an almost unstoppable amount of ale, some hitting the deck, others just kept on sipping as if their life was on the line. It was going to be a heated day, with no joy heading his way. Pinned underneath the counter was a 'To-Do' list with writtings of almost thirty plus things to do by the end of the day. No joy at all. And some kept coming over to the counter, yelping out that they wanted more ale.

    Kah'Raos took ahold of a nearby keg and propped up over the counter, using most of the strengths in his arms to set it up properly so that anyone could come and take a sip from the keg. Kah'Raos himself was close on the brink of breaking, he couldn't handle a quiet life as a tavern boy anymore. He wanted out, to raid again; raid the bank, do something adrenaline rushing: but his hands were tied. All he could do was keep the servings coming to guests of the tavern, and occassionally doing a flick over towards his 'to-do' list and attempt to get atleast one of the writings done until the end of the day.
  20. in game:eji
    Eji entered the tavern. he looked around just to see who was who, no one he knew,so no one important. He looked over at the tavern boy,a drink would be nice,but he didn't want to go through the trouble.he remembered his friend's bantering about how lazy he was. It wasn't that,in fact he just didn't like to approach people. eve a harmless tavern boy. He instead took his seat at the corner table. he ignored the looks he got,he realized he hadn't been back in a while. he was usually wasn't paid any mind,its as if they have forgotten how to forget him. this was the first time he had been here since three quest. before the archer was some necromancer, and before him was an Abecean girl.Real sweet,didn't talk much not that he had to room to talk. This was to be his break,for the time being. If no one bothered him he would just go on a quest alone.

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