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  1. It wasn’t exactly a dark and gloomy day. But in Night’s eyes, that’s exactly how it was. She was perfectly content hiding in this run down house while it rained. just the thought was enough to make her whole body converse with violent shivers. But even through the clear hatred of rain; she felt compelled to sit by the window seal and watch the tear shaped water fill the empty space and kiss the surface of the earth. In all honesty, deep down inside her; Night had a secret desire to go outside in the rain. Just stand there, lost in the moment and let the cool drops kiss her skin over and over, until she's chilled to the bone. She'd then open her arms wide, tip her head back so she could face the sky and she'd twirl around. Around and around she'd go. Dancing in the rain. Her stomach began to knot at this idea. She placed her hands firmly on her stomach, as if the small gesture itself could make her discomfort go away. Night's upset stomach was a sign from her telling her "it" disagreed with her thought. Now she was annoyed. She was well aware that "it" and her were now one being, but Night hated this one thing more than any other. The feeling that she no longer had control over her body. " The possession is beginning to show signs of progression." Night had grown use to talking to herself. That's how it is when your only companion is yourself she thought. "Cant you just go the hell away?" And then a voice answered her question. One that was beautiful yet terrifying, ancient like the Earth itself, and deadly beyond belief. " Because we were destined to be one... You'll be alone forever... But I'll be by your side till the day we die." There was a sharp pain that began to grow within inside of her. Starting from her head down throughout her entire body. "Ughh! N-Not now!" She crumpled to the ground, groaning from the slow agonizing pain until her mind went black and blank. When she finally came back, she was laying on the floor no longer agonizing in pain, but she did have a throbbing headache. Slowly she sat up. Her senses were more alert and her nerves were on edge. She already knew. She had transformed back to her original self. A Neko. Her tail thumped lightly on the ground and her ears were, for the moment bent low, until she heard the creaking of wood. "Shit." She realized how bad this situation looked. In this world Nekos were the lowest of the low. Everyone treated Nekos the same. Like dirt. And over the years it had gotten so bad that now it seemed like Nekos were even at war with each other. Night's human form had worn off. It was an ancient spell that allowed another being to pose as a human for four hours a day. Then they'd change back. But as all great things are; there is a price to pay for the spell. She tried to sniff the enemy out but only got the smell of fresh rain and the robust earthy smell. This set her over the edge. There was more creaking and by this time Night was on her feet, ready to fight. If it was her kind she would most likely be fine. But if not there would be more complications. Her heart was beating so loud she could barely hear the rain. her eyes quickly scanned the room to see there was no place to hide or anything to use as a weapon. Night then slowly realized she didn't want to find out who else was in the house. Her only means of escape was out the window and into the rain. She had just reached the window when the door behind her opened.
  2. Adint walked through the cold of the rain outside, he was soaking wet, and cold, his tail stuffed in his pant's wrapping around his leg. He sniffled a little bit as he walked forward, his ears and eyes hidden under his cap, allowing him to only see a few feet in front of him. He looked to the left, seeing a fellow some teenager's harassing a neko, it was despicable to him. Of course no one would listen to him though, after all, he was one of them, if only they could find one good human to help, it could begin to lead others. He averted his eyes from the neko, and shook his head, trudging forward in the rain still, hearing a soft plea for help he turned his head to see a small female neko, she looked to be between seven and ten, a guy smirking at her as he held onto her tightly. Adint's eyes widening in alarm and sorrow. He moved over, not even thinking what his next move would be, "What do you think your doing?" He asked the man, a frown on his face, though he had to keep his teeth hidden.

    "Just having a little fun, what does it look like?" The man smirked, "There not worth anything anyways." He held tightly onto the girls hand.

    "I would normally just pass by an individual like yourself ... however for this case, you sicken me too much ... let her go. You'll end up killing her if I'm thinking what your thinking." He looked deep into the man's eyes.

    "As I said, they're worth nothing at all, I can do whatever I want with it."

    Adint felt a fierce rage, and brought his hand up, slamming it into the man's face, resulting in a spout of blood from the man's nose.

    "Wha-what the fuck?" The man said, gripping his nose and then looked at Adint, suddenly realizing, "Your a neko!?" He yelled, and suddenly several eyes darted to Adint and the girl, "I was just attacked by a Neko!" The man screamed again, then got in a fighting stance, people surrounding Adint.

    "Damn ..." Adint cursed, and looked around, he had no idea what to do, where to go, he looked at the small girl and gave a nod of his head, this ould be worth it if they could just escape, he grabbed the girl by the wrist, "Come on!" They darted off into the alleyway.

    A few hour's later, they arrived at a run down house, some blood and scratches on Adint, but they were safe none the less, having lost the group in the alleyway. "Come on ..." He said, leading the small girl inside the house with him, the door creaked open, it was dark inside the room, but every clap of lightning would illuminate it. "We can rest here for the night ..." He whispered softly, and looked at her, "I'm going to go see if I can find something to cover up with." He said, moving away and walking around the home, eventually he came to a door and opened it, seeing another individual he gasped.
  3. Night froze in her place. terror was a deadly thing to wheeled and she knew it. She choked the fear out and turned around slowly, preparing herself for anything at this point. A wave of relief washed over her as she saw it was nothing more than two Nekos. One was a little slender small girl no older than about ten at the most. And then there was him. Disgust washed over her as the thought of why they were here played in her mind. She took one step forward, her green eyes blazing like an amber, as she said " It's not really by business what other Nekos do, but I'll say this now. Your disgusting. Find some place else to be your whore shack or I'll send you to hell early."
  4. Adint looked down to the girl by his side, "Go wait outside the room, I'll be there in a minute ..." He said softly, and then closed his eyes, a small frown on his face as he heard the door click shut behind him. He looked into the girl's eyes, "We will stay out of your place, all we want is a mere place to rest ..." He said calmly, Then turned to the door pointing, "That girl out there, was about to be raped and killed out there in the rain, surely you can understand that I was saving her from such a terrible fate." He narrowed his eyes now and his lips twitched a bit, "But very well ... we will leave you here to wollow in your own self pity while we stay out in the rain and freeze to death." He said, turning away from her.
  5. Night felt a tinge of guilt and shame for having jumped to conclusions. But could you have blamed her? Their world was to crazy and unholy to ever let your guard down for a moment. Night softened her gaze and tried to make it seem as "friendly" as possible as she lightly grabbed his forearm as she said "Wait. I didnt know that was the case. I thought you were a low life about to screw that little girl." Night let go and shifted uncomfortably. It was awkward to her. To be around someone else, and even more so someone of the opposite sex. She muttered under her breathe softly, but at least loud enough for him to hear "Sorry." Night quickly averted her eyes away from him and began to study the old wooden floor. "By the way.. this isn't my place, I'm only staying here cause I hate the rain. So you can two can stay here. Just know I've got my eye on you." And with that she shut her mouth and went back to watching the rain. "Whats your name?"
  6. Adint turned back to face her, "Very well you may keep your eye on us but we wish you no ill will ..." He said softly, then turned to look out the window as well, "This world is a rotten mess ..." He whispered softly, "I don't blame you fof thinking such a thing but I merely saved her, and intend to protect her ... anyways ..." He stopped when she asked his name, "It's Adint ... and may I ask your name?" His features softened, along with his voice.
  7. Night hoped it wasn't noticeable that her ears flicked softly when he said his name. The corners of her mouth tugged into a soft smile as she said his name. "Adint." She liked the way it rolled off her tongue. It was different. But she almost liked things that way. She looked his way as she said "No not the world. Just the people. This world is ugly yet beautiful. And my name is Night. It's... a pleasure to met you."
  8. "Night ..." He said softly, looking at her and then gave a small nod, "Well night, we each have our own opinions of this world, either way, if it is the world or the people ..." He looked over to the corner, "It's filthy, and it need's to change ..." He whispered softly, then turned his head to her again. "Oh I should check on the girl ... do you have any cover's here? Or do you know where any towel's are?" He was still dripping a bit and he could hear the girl sneeze on the other side of the door.
  9. Night thought silently to herself for a moment "Shit almost forgot it." Night watched the sky. The rain was letting up a bit. She swiftly turned from the away from the window seal and begin to walk towards the door. "It's run, down, old and dirty but it still gets hot water in bathroom." She opened the door and looked down at the little girl. She was tempted to pet the girls head and tell her it would all be ok. But she didn't want to tell that lie again to anyone else. The girl reminded Night already to much of a life and people she left behind. She bent down to the girls level and said " One day the rain will stop and the sun will shine instead." At this point Night was smiling, with a light hint of blush in her cheeks. "Heh I envy your state but I guess you envy mine." Night pushed the ends of her hair behind her ear. Surprisingly Night was a very beautiful girl in a world of filth. Her hair was a black bob that was shorter in the back and longer in the front. Her skin was a flawless porcelain white, while her lips instead of a pale pink were a blood red. She had long lashes and high cheek bones and her eyes were a glowing green. When she looked at them in a mirror, she thought her eyes were like Emeralds. Night looked over the two Nekos before her and noticed how the desperately needed a bath. "Down the hall to the left is where the bathroom is. In there are some towels and I think a blanket."
  10. Adint nodded, looking to the girl, "You can take a shower first." He whispered, letting the girl run off toward the bathroom. He gave a small smile then turned to Night,"Why do you envy her position if I may ask?" He asked softly, "I don't fully comprehend that."
  11. Night's smile faded quickly as she stared off at the wall with burning, raging hatred. "Because she guys can go in the rain and your body wont reject it like mine." She scowled softly at the memory. But even more so at herself.
  12. He shook his head a little bit, "We hate the rain ..." He whispered softly, "I don't fully see your logic ... perhaps you can explain if more later." He whispered softly then turned away from her, "I'll see you in the morning of your still here."
  13. When he left the room she laughed to herself. "You love what you cant have and hate what you can." Night knew she was probably confusing the poor boy but she almost enjoyed it. Tomorrow she thought was a new day. Night decided that she would indulge him a bit but of course she expected information back. She walked out the room and down the stairs to the living room and went to the closet. She stood there just looking at the door. "I haven't been in here in years... amazing what time can do." She opened the door and just like it had been so many years ago the black bags were still there. She grabbed three bags and tossed them onto the floor. Hidden under there were secret covers made by little girls just like the one up stairs, only the difference was those girls were in happier days. There were also more towels large enough to probably wrap up two Nekos, along with sweet smelling shampoo. "Adint! Can you come here?" She called.
  14. Adint heard the girls call and gave a small sigh. Heading downstairs he came down beside her, "Yes Night?" He asked and looked at the black bags, he wasn't intent on learning what was in the bags, so instead he asked, "Whats on your mind?" And "What do you need?"
  15. She picked of one of the bags and pushed it in his chest as she narrowed her eyes. "It's clothes. Are you and her not drenched to the bone?" Night let go and slide past him slowly making her way back up stairs to her empty room. "Use what you want and take what you want. It doesn't matter to me. Also send the girl to me and I'll do something with that mane of hers." With that she went back to her room and shut the door softly behind her.
  16. Adint stood still as she pushed the bag into his hands. "Oh okay ...." He went to tge bathroom and knocked on the door. He gave a small sigh, "Hey you done?" He asked, and heard the water turn off, the girl had yet to talk to him so she nerely opened the door a crack and took some towels and clothes before closing the door.
  17. Night was bored. She realized she wasn't use to waiting on others. In her old life people waited on her. "I have no idea how to talk to him or her." She sighed deeply not liking this feeling. Like she needed to jump through hoops and please them. She had laid down on the hard floor and kept to herself. Night begin to hum in a low soft tune. She thought about how Adint looked. His skin was a pale white with light pink lips. His eyes were blue and reminded her of sunny days and his ears were large. She giggled softly, which stopped her humming; at the thought of poking one and seeing his reaction.
  18. After a few minutes the girl came out, a small smile on her face. "Night want's to see you." He said softly.

    She turned to look at him and gave a small nod, going into the room she looked at Night and cocked her head to the side. She gave a small smile, approaching her, "Thank you for the clothes." Shesaid softly.

    Adint stayed in tye bathroom and ridded himself of his clothes. A small frown on his face, he turned on the hot water and stepped in.
  19. Night returned the smile. "Your welcome." Night patted the empty space beside her and waited till the girl sat down, before she started to tame her long brownish blonde hair. They stayed like this, quiet, for a few moments before Night broke the silence. "What's your name?" The girl replied in a small gentle voice "Aria." Night was almost done with Aria's hair, putting it in a tight little bun. "What a lovely name you have. I'll tell you a secret. You remind me of my sister." Aria turned her body so she was facing Night. "Where is she?" Night remand quiet for a moment and the smile she now wear was sarcastic and fake. "She left this world at a very young age... too young." Aria seemed to ponder this over in her head before she asked "Are you glad she's gone?" Night was a little taken back this answer but even so she already had the answer to the sweet girl's question. "No I am not. She was the moons and the stars to me. My sister was someone who showed what real love is and brought people together. I'm telling you if she was still alive the world wouldn't be as bad as it is now." Aria's asked one more question that was like digging a knife in a wound. "How did she die?" Nights smile had completely faded away and what was left was the look of regret and despair. "She died because I failed her." With that Aria sat quietly and Night stood up and went down stairs to fetch the blankets. Her feet dragged across the floor and her hurt felt like it was being stabbed. Misery oh misery is what I drown myself in is what she thought to herself over and over again.
  20. Adint stayed under the water, staying warm and wet, after a moment or so of meaaing around in the shower he stepped out and grabbed a towel. Drying himself off. Once he had redressed in long pants and a sgirt he stepped out and looked at Night as she passed by, a look of despair on her face. "Hey umm is sometging wrong?" He asked softly.
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