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RESOURCE Need an RP content tag? Request one here!

Discussion in 'HELP DESK' started by Astaroth, Mar 13, 2016.

  1. On Iwaku, we use content tags on roleplay threads! Content tags are for GMs/one-on-one hunters to use so potential players/partners can get a quick idea of whether the RP fits their interest, or for members to filter for specific key words when searching for RPs. We currently have 300+ tags. The complete index of definitions can be found here.

    But if you can think of a tag that fits your RP or which you want to be able to search for that is NOT on this list, members are welcome to request that a tag be added! Please provide a definition when making a tag request. (We will probably re-word this definition to fit with the rest of our tag wiki, but we might not know what your tag means!)

    Examples of things to request tags for:

    - Subgenres such as cyberpunk, dark fantasy, or cosmic horror.

    - Fixed location settings such as inn, city, or school.

    - Plot themes such as drama, war, or coming of age.

    - Character themes such as vampires, teenage characters, or original characters (fandom).

    - Roleplay mechanics such as face claims, dice, or posting speed: weekly.

    - Roleplay preferences such as female partners only, convo roleplayer, or explicit euphemisms.

    - Content warnings such as character death, explicit language, or rape.

    - Specific fandom sources such as Marvel, Zelda, or Naruto.

    - Anything else you think people might use to search for or advertise an RP.

    What will NOT be accepted:

    - Names of user-created roleplays which could only be applied to the thread in question or to ancillary character/info threads.

    - Names of user-created roleplay universes such as Iwaku Mythos, Murder Games, or Welcome to the Guild.

    - Names of characters, either original or from a fandom source.

    - Usernames.

    - Anything else we deem does not fit with the current tag system.
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  2. The Maze Runner - Based on or borrowing elements from The Maze Runner Trilogy and/or movie adaptations.
  3. Added! Tag is maze runner.
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  4. I was surprised to find that there was no Dragon Age tag, so that's my suggestion!
  5. Added!
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  6. Any chance for an Assassin's Creed tag?
  7. Sure thing. Tag is assassins creed
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  8. I think we are missing Premade Characters and Nation Roleplay at the moment. I will try to thnk of anything else that is not on the list.
  9. Those both already exist and are in the FAQ. o__o nation and pre-made characters
  10. Weird, I am fairly sure that I did not find them when I first searched. Maybe I need to brush up on my Ctrl+F skills.
  11. You might have searched "premade" as opposed to "pre-made" and "nation roleplay" instead of just "nation"? Nation is also contained in several longer words, so you might also have accidentally skipped over where the actual tag was.
  12. Would "parody" be a good tag, perhaps? To cover roleplays that are a parody of a certain series or setting? Or, I dunno, maybe satire has that covered. I'll leave you guys to decide that.

    I dunno if this is a good tag either, but possibly afterlife? For all roleplays that take place in a setting beyond the grave.
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  13. Can I get a non-fandom multiverse, please? This is important. For reasons.
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  14. I thought of another one: holiday. Around Christmas, New Years, other holidays, and etc roleplays with this theme pop up so it'd be nice if there was a tag to find or label them. :)
  15. Also, how about an Undertale tag? There are a lot of roleplays of it. lol.

    Undertale - Based on or borrowing elements from the Undertale game.
  16. Can you add omorashi? I can explain it if you don't know what it means?
  17. How about a General Chat or OOC Talk tag for threads that are solely meant for talking about the roleplay or talking in general and a Character Sign-ups tag for threads solely meant for applications? Sure we have an Open Sign Ups prefix, but in some cases they don't necessarily serve the same purpose.

    Also, a Firefly tag for shows based on or borrowing elements from the show Firefly. Serenity may need not apply since that movie was kind of based off Firefly >.>;
  18. Thanks for the poke! I've been busy with IRL stuff. I'll get tags added tonight.
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  19. @Klutzy Ninja Kitty @The Mood is Write @thetuliplover @Noctis the Devious

    New tags have been added: afterlife, firefly, holiday, multiverse, parody (fandom), undertale, watersports

    The satire tag should cover what the new parody (fandom) tag doesn't. Satire would be for more general poking fun, whereas something making fun of a particular show or book or group of works would go under parody (fandom).

    Omorashi isn't a widely-used term (especially outside of Japan) and is a bit too niche, so watersports should cover it.

    As for "Sign-Ups" and "OOC Talk" tags, we have actually already decided to make thread prefixes for these rather than tags. We're just waiting on a fix for the bug that's affecting prefixes.
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