National Novel Writing Month

Thanks, Im having a hard time knowing where to put in the chapters, like is it after 4 pages or 14 or 24 and so on. I know its best to put them where you think its best, but well I dont. But Im trying.
Well my minimum per chapter is 2,500 words. Once I get to that point I just keep writing until I find a good spot to end it.
oh thats good to know so Ill hightlight sections and see how many words are there and what to do, next thanks.
So, I've decided to change my story and it's going a lot better. ^_^

I'd say I'm up to 1 or 2k.

YAY! (Even though that's probably nothing in the scheme of things. lol)
im so close to 30,000 i just have to shut up and write, what the hell am I doing here. *flutters away*
I've pretty much given up. I'm too intent on the story to do this kinda thing. I'll pop one out in a year. lol
Well I have given up on the due date but not on the story. The recent construction job we have to do in the house is taking up my time for now.
Im doing my best but my son is sick and well im freaking out. He is not doing good and will need surgery right after Thanksgiving. ;( Im not one for praying a whole lot but well any support would be great, thanks guys.
My word count's starting to rapidly pick up now from the abyss it was in, but whether it'll hit the 50,000 mark by the 30th...

...Ah fuck, who am I kidding? It's not gonna happen.
Go go go! You still have a week and a couple days! One good writing spree could totally do it!