National Novel Writing Month

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  1. Check out National Novel Writing Month!

    Every year in November you have a month to try and write a 50,000 word novel. No editing, no nitpicking, just sitting down and WRITING 50,000 words in 30 days. It's a fun exercise for writing hobbyists and serious authors alike.

    Are YOU going to participate?
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  2. I already have. I started last Friday. :P
  3. The chance to show off how better I'm at english than some americans?

    Cont mi de FUCK in.
  4. Here's a picture of me and a friend at Homecoming.

    I'm the short one. And she was wearing heels that night lol.

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    Dun dun duunnn....

    You guys now know how I look.
  5. There are also quite a few Murder Group newbies.
  6. Apparently being a Triple Agent is a thing.
  7. Well, it worked for Lovecraft.
  8. Well, you can call me A, but you're probably going to call me Mason. Mason is my go-to RP OC and he's pretty cool. I'm one of the most "aggressive" RPers around (as in I'm leading that plot because I'm not mean, I'm actually really sweet) and I'm able to lead others' actions through memes, puns, and OOC comments and people pretty much roll with it. I'm awful with names and remembering genders, and on that topic my profile has "Person" as the gender right now for a reason. I like making my posts pretty with colors. My current character is Mason in Murder Game XV Civil War, except he's sorta joined by a half-character who speaks in Blue Text. Whenever the Halloween event starts up, I'll be playing Gym Leader Valerie from Pokémon, and for MG Zero: Genesis I plan on playing Alfendi Layton from Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. I'm really enjoying my time here on Iwaku so far!
  9. I would love to...honestly I would. To work hard and actually script something out would be awesome for my eventual goal...but with so much rp commitment I would have to go under the radar in order to undertake the task.

    I don't want to abandon my modly duties nor leave people I might have to bow out by default.

    *Stares at Asmo* I know YOU can manage it...and I have yet to figure out how.
  10. Well okay, it's only about 17,000 words, so maybe 40,000 by the end of the month.

    And it's a novel about vampires, zombies and Victorian serial killers. It's IMPOSSIBLE to get writer's block on something like that.
  11. Very cool... because it has reminded me that I need to proof read my rough draft, and then revise it. I'm really not looking forward to going over all five hundred pages give or take a dozen.
  12. I've heard of this before. I attempted to try it out and failed miserably. I just became too distracted with school and the like. So good luck to anyone who participates in this event!
  13. protip? shoud WMD write a novel shitfaced?
  14. Yeah, but only after he'd snuffed it.

    And also,

    I'd fucking read that. Sounds awesome.
  15. Do it. Bring him to Madripoor, and have a Deadpool/Gwenpool moment...

  16. It's not a contest though, Mister Palonis! You don't win any awards (besides a little button that says you reached your 50,000 goal), nor does anyone on the site ever have to see your novel unless you share it. >:D

    So I have no idea where you'd hear that it's about any specific writing topics... o___o; Got the right project?

    ....and I STILL can't settle on my story. >:[ Looks like I'm going to be a failure AGAIN.
  17. Dun Say that, Diana!!! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!
  18. Well, I've gone and made my account, and I'm getting a rough outline of mah plot planned out. I mean, hey, preparation always helps; I wanna know where my story's going.

    My account:

    Anyone else got theirs made yet?
  19. You'll fine me right here!

    ....I still have no idea which plot to role with. Likely the one I was attempting last year. >>;
  20. Cool. I've added you two to my Writing Buddy List. Seeing as Pirogeth is pretty much a taken name I went and used the name that nobody has to date, Pseudoping.

    You can find me Here!