National Novel Writing Month

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  1. Check out National Novel Writing Month!

    Every year in November you have a month to try and write a 50,000 word novel. No editing, no nitpicking, just sitting down and WRITING 50,000 words in 30 days. It's a fun exercise for writing hobbyists and serious authors alike.

    Are YOU going to participate?
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  2. I already have. I started last Friday. :P
  3. The chance to show off how better I'm at english than some americans?

    Cont mi de FUCK in.
  4. Shuddup Asmo, starting early is cheating! ;__;

    ...Plus your that's your ACTUAL novel! XD Wouldn't it be cool if you finished by the end of the month though. >:D

    MAN... I try it every year, but I never get past the first chapter. I always end up distracted with real life stuff right about this time of year. >:[ Holidays and other nonsense. I'm going to try again though.

    Maybe I'll try writing a series of short stories instead of a full length novel. c__c; I can write short stories...
  5. Ah fuck, I'm gonna have to join this now...
  6. Sounds fun! I'll definitely try it.
    We should post what we end up writing. ^_^
    Mine will probably consist of teen drama and romance. lol
  7. Well, it worked for Lovecraft.
  8. Ah yes a perfect way to restart my Shintaion Rebirth story. I lost it in the crash of 4.0 but now I will have some true motivation to remake it. And no background story needed woohoo!
  9. I would love to...honestly I would. To work hard and actually script something out would be awesome for my eventual goal...but with so much rp commitment I would have to go under the radar in order to undertake the task.

    I don't want to abandon my modly duties nor leave people I might have to bow out by default.

    *Stares at Asmo* I know YOU can manage it...and I have yet to figure out how.
  10. Well okay, it's only about 17,000 words, so maybe 40,000 by the end of the month.

    And it's a novel about vampires, zombies and Victorian serial killers. It's IMPOSSIBLE to get writer's block on something like that.
  11. Very cool... because it has reminded me that I need to proof read my rough draft, and then revise it. I'm really not looking forward to going over all five hundred pages give or take a dozen.
  12. I've heard of this before. I attempted to try it out and failed miserably. I just became too distracted with school and the like. So good luck to anyone who participates in this event!
  13. protip? shoud WMD write a novel shitfaced?
  14. Yeah, but only after he'd snuffed it.

    And also,

    I'd fucking read that. Sounds awesome.
  15. I heard that this contest is more fond of stuff that tries to be philosophical or pretentious. Forget that.

    Besides, I don't have time to write novels! I'm writing essays here! Essays that actually determine my final grade in a course that's important for my GPA! Unless I can lengthen one of those out to 50,000 words, I really don't think I'd have the time.
  16. It's not a contest though, Mister Palonis! You don't win any awards (besides a little button that says you reached your 50,000 goal), nor does anyone on the site ever have to see your novel unless you share it. >:D

    So I have no idea where you'd hear that it's about any specific writing topics... o___o; Got the right project?

    ....and I STILL can't settle on my story. >:[ Looks like I'm going to be a failure AGAIN.
  17. Dun Say that, Diana!!! I BELIEVE IN YOU!!!
  18. Well, I've gone and made my account, and I'm getting a rough outline of mah plot planned out. I mean, hey, preparation always helps; I wanna know where my story's going.

    My account:

    Anyone else got theirs made yet?
  19. You'll fine me right here!

    ....I still have no idea which plot to role with. Likely the one I was attempting last year. >>;
  20. Cool. I've added you two to my Writing Buddy List. Seeing as Pirogeth is pretty much a taken name I went and used the name that nobody has to date, Pseudoping.

    You can find me Here!