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  1. I'm only familiar with the real life story of Hachiko, is the book based on the true story?
    I haven't seen the movie, though I kind of know what it's about. Seems that if you cried over it, it was a good movie, something you'd recommend watching?
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  2. Lilith eagerly move onto his face, following his guidance, sighing pleasurably when she felt his tongue.

    Mars could feel his hard on and she strip off his pants gently and reach up for his underwear, deliberately taking her time as enjoy his fingering.
  3. His member seemed to almost tear out of his underwear it was so stiff and large. Aeleosir was glad that Lilith was becoming pleased with the tongue work. He used his other hand to play with Lilith's breasts and finger her nipples. He almost couldn't wait for himself to be inserted into the both of them.
  4. Here's a picture of me and a friend at Homecoming.

    I'm the short one. And she was wearing heels that night lol.

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    Dun dun duunnn....

    You guys now know how I look.
  5. There are also quite a few Murder Group newbies.
  6. Apparently being a Triple Agent is a thing.
  7. "People who run in our circles, well, it's possible. Who was it, Mark Twain, who said.. The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated? Sorry for your loss, Miss Smoak."

    "I stand corrected. Cloak. When does a cape turn into a cloak, when it gets past the knee? I ought to look that up sometime."

    @LuckycoolHawk9 @Raven
  8. Well, you can call me A, but you're probably going to call me Mason. Mason is my go-to RP OC and he's pretty cool. I'm one of the most "aggressive" RPers around (as in I'm leading that plot because I'm not mean, I'm actually really sweet) and I'm able to lead others' actions through memes, puns, and OOC comments and people pretty much roll with it. I'm awful with names and remembering genders, and on that topic my profile has "Person" as the gender right now for a reason. I like making my posts pretty with colors. My current character is Mason in Murder Game XV Civil War, except he's sorta joined by a half-character who speaks in Blue Text. Whenever the Halloween event starts up, I'll be playing Gym Leader Valerie from Pokémon, and for MG Zero: Genesis I plan on playing Alfendi Layton from Layton Brothers: Mystery Room. I'm really enjoying my time here on Iwaku so far!
  9. Mason was always a part of some multiverse.

    In previous RPs, prior to me joining Iwaku, Mason would be someone who would travel between universes or timelines or canons or at least countries. His nickname/alias is The Traveller for how he travels between different universes.

    Heck, way back before he was even named Mason, (we don't talk much about those times,) he had a Keyblade. I suppose the World's Heart is his equivalent thereof. Technically, a younger version of him now has a Keyblade thanks to Kim's RP Kingdom Hearts: Daybreak. Can't wait to start posting on that.

    Traveller!Mason also has a bit of tragic backstory, so, perfect fit. I'm glad I joined in. You all seem like great people!

    Except for Aki.
  10. Hmm, I post in the morning, not tonight. And I probably post tomorrow night also...hmm so just today was a game-day. Not tomorrow. I got some work to do tomorrow, but I just finished some of it. So it hopefully wont take as much time tomorrow.
  11. I'm proud of your UN lore as well.
  12. Well, unfortunately Iwaku has a strict policy with that. Basically once site staff that are in the right position has reason to suspect one of age circumvention, they request evidence in the form of ID, censored except for the name, age, and face I think.

    If that isn't sent within 3 or so days, the account is then banned, but it is revokable as long as the proof is sent, and is valid, I think. However, I suspect there are other factors that may nullify this.
  13. the UN's successes are accredited to akane's cuteness
  14. Do it. Bring him to Madripoor, and have a Deadpool/Gwenpool moment...

  15. So like this guy:
  16. I probably want to finish up the current two rps on Wednesday, Thursday, and however long till we reach the minimum amount of post for the wolf rp. (Which was 40 posts I think...) The dragon rp I figure we can end soon as we reach a good spot.
  17. No, I don't think so.
    yes, play sakura instead because sakura is precious cinnamon roll
  18. At this point, I imagine every Saber will be played one day
  19. i would actually like to see an Attila lol

    instead of all these sabers though we need to build a kotomine army