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What setting would you like to play the most?

  1. Sci-fi - Space scale

  2. Crossover - Planet scale

  3. Fantasy Kingdoms & Empires - Planet scale

  4. Futuristic - Planet scale

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Anyone else in the mood for a good freeform Nation RP? And if so, what setting would you like?

    Mass Effect style, but not necessarily limited by it.

    From Star Wars to original factions fighting on a single planet.

    Fantasy Kingdoms & Empires:
    Growing fantasy factions interactions in a single world. From Elves to original races.

    A setting taking place in the future, on a single planet. Could be pro-human factions or even entirely AI controlled nations. Maybe with a slight hint of mecha.

    Nothing in set in stone yet, so comments, ideas and anything else is welcome and up for discussion.
  2. I'm for Fantasy and Futuristic.

    How far into the future can Fantasy go, btw? I had an idea for an evil faction who dealt with black powder weapondry, up to tank tech, but was still largely a feudal dictatorship which worshipped no gods, only their king.

  3. I don't want to get too far into the future, as that would be more steampunk than fantasy. But black powder and primitive tanks could be a thing, and countered by magic.
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  4. I think guns and magic could be interesting. But the guns I'm thinking of are muskets, double barrel shotguns, and flintlocks. Fantasy set in the 1700's.

    I'm worried that I'm gonna get my hopes up for this but I'll realize that 5-8 lines are required per post. More often than not, I only have one or two lines to write, and even when I can make it so that there's an opening for others to react, people won't accept it. It's happened too many times to me. D:

  5. Much to learn you still have my young Padawan.
    Good roleplayers cram as much detail into their post as they possibly can.
  6. I am interested in the Sci-fi and Futuristic ideas you had.
  7. I may be interested in this, I have tried a steam based one in the past but gave up due to the Head of it basicly DMing his nation was impossible to defeat.

    I would be interested in either, medieval/fantasy or a sci-fi type though it would depend on any war mechanics as well as how diplomacy/trading and resources are treated, maybe random card draw I could suggest that could throw up random issues such as flooding or drought or famine etc.
  8. Well, so far fantasy have taken the lead. I suppose sci-fi or futuristic could be saved for another time. I'll get the OOC up soon.
  9. sweet, thanks for the heads up Rion.
  10. That makes no sense. What if progressing the story doesn't need as much detail as one can possibly fit in? Purple prose only makes a post cloudier than it needs to be.
  11. @Salt Lord

    I think that's where the collab post comes in handy. It allows a conversation scene without filling up unnecessary space
  12. Collab post...?
  13. But seriously, one to two lines in a nation RP is unheard of. There is so much to write and describe.
  14. When you and another RPer conversate in a shared post
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