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    ★ Naruto: Will Of Fire [Group]
    ★ Rules of Conduct [1]
    ★ Table of Contents [2]


    Three hundred years have passed since the Fourth Shinobi War. A new generation is introduced to Konohagakure, direct descendants of valiant Ninja that fought with unity. A few centuries later, some grudges between Nations were long forgotten, creating an Era of Peace. Mamoru Nara, descendant of Shikamaru Nara, was appointed Kyūdaime, or 9th Hokage. He was founder of the Allied Forces Treaty; a negotiation between the Five Great Nations. A selective amount of children from each Nation are sent to Konohagakure and enrolled in the Ninja Academy. They are introduced to a different culture, forming a sense of unity. After these students graduate, they are promoted to Genin. Children of different Nations bare their Country's symbol, but are expected to remain in Konohagakure. Once they're assembled in Teams, each Squad is composed of different Nations. For example, one Squad may possess a Suna Genin, Konoha Genin, and Kumo Genin. After they're promoted to Chunin, children of the Allied Forces Treaty are given the opportunity to remain in Konohagakure or return to their Home Village. Mamoru Nara believed this Treaty would create a sense of understanding between Nations.

    This year, the Chunin Exams are hosted in Konohagakure once again. Children of the Treaty are eager to test their skills, along with Genin of Konoha. Will it be any different from the infamous Exams years ago?



    If you're interested joining, please reading the following,

    ★ #1: The First Arc is focused solely on the Chunin Exams. No one is allowed to create a Rogue Ninja until the Second Arc.

    ★ #2 A series of Timeskips will be incorporated throughout the First Chapter.

    ★ #3 Two Characters Per Member. (This is stated in the Rules of Conduct thread. A link is distributed above.)

    ★ #4 Every Genin from another Village must be apart of the Allied Forces Treaty program. In other words, you can't create a character that didn't participate in the Treaty. (If you want your character to leave Konohagakure, they must become a Chunin.)

    ★ #5 Every character is allowed to be a direct descendant of a Canon character. However, be reasonable in your selection. (For example, if a character was a descendant of Sasuke and Hinata, they only receive the dominant Kekkei Genkai, not both! I won't tolerate Godmodding!)

    #6 No character is allowed to be a direct descendant of a Canon character that perished! (Ex. A character can't be a direct descendant of Neji since he died during the Fourth Shinobi War.) This includes other characters like Zabusa or Haku.



    Pay attention to the following,


    ★ We're only allowing a maximum of four characters with the Sharingan.
    ★ One spot has been reserved, leaving three characters with the Sharingan.
    ★ First come, first serve.


    ★ We're only allowing a maximum of four characters with the Byakugan.
    ★ First come, first serve.


    ★ We're only allowing one character with the Rinnegan.
    ★ This position has been claimed.

    Wood Release

    ★ We're only allowing one character with Wood Release.
    ★ This position has been claimed.

    Other Kekkei Genkai

    ★ We're only allowing one slot for other Kekkei Genkai. (Ex. Sand Release)
    ★ A special exception has been made for Storm Release. (There won't be further exceptions. Do Not Ask.)
    ★ First Come, first serve.

    Original Based Kekkei Genkai

    ★ We're allowing members to create their own Kekkei Genkai, but you're required to follow a set of guidelines,

    #1: It has to be completely original. You're not allowed to base it off a Canon Dojustu. (Ex. Sharingan)
    #2: The design has to be original. Do not take a Canon design from the internet and alter it as your own. (Ex. Changing the color of Sharingan from red to blue.)
    #3: The Kekkei Genkai must be approved by an Admin before you submit a CS.
    #4: Our Word Is Law. If an Admin denies your request, don't create an argument.
    #5: Be sensible with your creation. No Godmodding, Metagaming, or Powerplay!
    #6: No Original Kekkei Genkai can be more powerful than the Rinnegan. (Don't even go there.)



    The Allied Forces Treaty was founded by Mamoru Nara, Kyūdaime. He was determined to create a sense of unity, inspired by the Allied Forces during the Fourth Shinobi War. He believed that every Nation had the potential of working together, despite their bloody past. His ambitious goal filled most people with hope, but he knew not everyone would agree with his Treaty. Mamoru Nara was adamant protecting the Will of Fire, a legacy passed down every century. He inherited his descendant's meaning; the future generation. Despite some protests, every Kage approved the Treaty.

    Every ten years, a selective amount of children are nominated to participate in the Allied Forces Treaty program. At the tender age of 7, a group of children are escorted to Konohagakure and enrolled in the Ninja Academy. Mamoru Nara believed that his people would understand his fellow Nations through the future generations. Each child is trained in the arts of Jutsu, learning about the history of Konoha. After they're promoted to Genin, they begin their journey.

    Please read the following,

    ★ If a large influx of Non Konoha Nin are made, a limit will be established.
    ★ Every Squad contains Genin from different Nations. (Ex. Squad One possessed a Suna Nin, Kiri Nin, and Kumo Nin.)
    ★ Non Konoha Genin are allowed to bare the symbol of their Home Village. (In other words, their Headband won't contain a Leaf symbol.)
    ★ When a Non Konoha Genin is promoted to Chunin, they're given the option of leaving Konoha or staying. (If a member chose to stay, they're officially branded as Konoha Ninja. In other words, the symbol on their Headband is altered to Leaf.)
    ★ No one is allowed to become Rogue until the Second Arc.



    ★ More information about the Group is found here. If you have questions, PM an Admin. (Or consult an Admin through the General OOC Chat.)
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  2. I really do like this idea
  3. Ok, from tomorrow my studies stark again do I won't be able to that active, I don't think I'm gonna be able to do this rp. I wish I coul.
  4. So, does this mean you're not joining us then?
  5. Yes, I wish I could, bit I'm afraid that I won't be able to keep track of everything happening in the rp. And I don't want to stall everyone because I canr keep up.
  6. Alright then. I hope everything works out for you.
  7. I really like this idea! But I don't know exactly who died since I lost my place due to being grounded and I was too far in the anime to start over..... Are we able to be descendants of none canon characters?
  8. I'm bringing back kaede and Mikasa if that's fine ;u;
    -different parents of course-
  9. Yes, you are allowed to have none canon characters as your descendants.

    How far in the anime were you? I can tell you who is dead and who isn't if you want?
  10. Up to the reveal of Madara. I don't remember if that happened before or after the fight with Pein, because I passed that too. I got grounded for awhile and completely lost my place.
  11. Hmm. Are you talking about the Masked man? Who is revealed just before the pein fight and all? Like where do you think you stopped watching the anime?
  12. A few episodes after the Pein fight, barely past the fillers I believe.
  13. Alright. You want to know who is dead or?
  14. I did, but you said I can have non canon characters as family. I just didn't want to accidentally use a dead character.
  15. Dead Character You Need to Know About (open)

    Sarutobi (Third Hokage)

    You can use other none-characters as well.
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  16. DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED WITH ITACHI //holds sad tears in
  17. Where would we sign up? And is there a skeleton to follow?
  18. Join the group. Skeleton is there. You can have a maximum of two characters.
  19. I know right? He was such an awesome character.

    Noceur, I am wondering about what you submitted in the Konoha thread back in the group. Are you making two Konoha-nins? If not, you need to remove one of your posts and post your second character in the respective village thread.
  20. What do you mean? I'm making two characters for konoha :o I'm not done with them
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