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  1. Currently not accepting new characters whom aren't from the interest check - to reserve a spot PM or send a comment to me.

    It is the start of spring at the Konohakagure and it is a glorious day in history. It is a beautiful sunny day for the leaf village and what could be better? How about the dawn for a new group of shinobi? A class has graduated, a new force assembled, and it is all set up to be one hell of a day. It has been many years since the great shinobi wars and the peace of the village has been secured. The great previous three Heads of the Konohakagure of old are gone and now the village has a younger new village leader, the 4th Hokage as of now, and Yu has been in power for about four years now and is only thirty two years of age. His name is Yu Hasakawa. He is a understanding, passionate, and not a very unkind man. He known to be very crude at times, but very considerate man to those whom don't threaten his village. Despite his position he shows a lack of ambition common to village leaders in this age. Yu is a man who loves his people but he has also been known to be very, very cruel and harsh in his actions when it comes to protecting his village. This is what has made him quite a few enemies inside and outside of the village. But this is not his story, but the story of the Konohakagure squads that would become legend. This specific class is known as the "The Leaf's Light and Shadows", a nickname with no real importance but it is one of their larger classes in a while, with three students being paired up into each group with a sensei in each. This specific group we will be following will be under the tutorage of a man known for his skill. This squad is Squad 13 and will be one we shall be following. As a man once said "For justice and honor we shall defend our lives and our beliefs." Now we shall start their story welcome to Squad 13...

    1. All basic roleplay rules apply
    2. No jonin spot is to be taken until all three genin are taken only then will I allow a jonin to be claimed. The jonin will be an npc unless all the genin are claimed.
    3. You're able to be a tailed beast holder but you will have less jutsu in exchange for having said beast at the start. You will have little to no of control of the beast as well and will gain it over time.
    4. Jutsu have to be properly leveled to the character meaning a genin/chunin wouldn't have some move like Rasengan/Chidori/Shadow Clone off the bat.
    5. Jutsu will be gained, strengthen, and learned as the rp goes along.
    6. No KG of the following: Blaze Release, Dark Release, Dust Release, Kurama Clan's Kekkei Genkai, Rinha Clan's Kekkei Genkai, Ryūzetsu's Kekkei Genkai, Sakon and Ukon's Kekkei Genkai, Swift Release, MG Sharingan(at the start at least) , Rinnegan, Kimmimaro's Kekkei Genkai.
    7. If you are unsure of something message me.
    Character Roster:
    Mitsuhide Senju - VanceXentan
    Hyuuga Tsubame - Fubuki
    Neiji Uchiha - Tim
    Waiting List of Characters: Phantom Zero
    NPC Roster:
    NPC Roster (open)

    Mina Hoshigawa - Mina Sensei
    Hiyato Mikugami - Hiyato Sensei
    Sora Nara -
    Shina Uchiha -
    Kenshin Uchiha -
    Takumi Inuzuka -
    Ai Yamanaka - Shina's Sensei
    Mitsunari Kohaku - Squad Thirteen Sensei - Team Mitsunari
    Tashirama Senju - Mitsuhide's Dad
    Akhisa Senju - Mitsuhide's uncle

    Character Sheet:
    Rank: (genin)
    Chakra Nature:


    Weapons/Items: (optional)

    Jutsu: (Note: We shall have a maximum of four or five basic moves at the most. Stuff like dragons and whirlpools and water walking shouldn't be in our general vocabulary. Don't go overboard and canon jutsu over a low C-Ranking move are not allowed at the start. delete this note when making a CS)

    Canon Jutsu
    (Links go here)

    Custom Jutsu
    Name of Technique:
    Type of Jutsu: Nin/Gen/Tai
    Range: Mid -
    Nature Type:
    Name of Technique:
    Type of Jutsu:
    Nature Type:
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  2. Name: Mitsuhide Senju
    Nickname/Alias: The Boy of the Wood Style
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Clan/Bloodline: Senju Clan
    Skill Specialization: Ninjutsu
    Rank: Genin
    Chakra Nature: Earth, Water (Kekkei Genkai based)
    Kekkei Genkai
    Name of Kekkei Genkai: Wood Release
    Clan: Senju

    Personality: Kind and (somewhat) virtuous, Mitsuhide is a very understanding boy for his age and has a fascination with nature in general finding it beautiful and loves to simply lay down and look at it for others. He is a loves the peaceful nature of the village and the area around it and normally has a bright smile on his face. Mitsuhide is very trusting towards his friends and is very hurt when he is betrayed by someone holding a grudge for a very long time. He has a distrust of the Uchiha Clan due to their histories during the shinobi war. However he is not trusting without reason as his family is always remembered the betrayals they've suffered and as a result this impression was forced onto a young Mitsuhide as well. Despite this however he still has a couple of friends inside the Uchiha Clan. He is very grateful of others and is always willing to repay someone's kindness and is never one to forget when someone had helped him. He loves animals and is especially fond of young dogs but most wild life also makes him curious as well be them flowers or boars. He keeps his word as often as he can and is always the first one to admit he made a mistake thinking of it as a learning experience in his excitement to grow up. While he is energetic he is not overly so and keeps a calm demeanor for the most part but when allowed to he lets his child like side of himself do what it wants. He is quick to make a friend and tries his best to help others with their down faults if they look like they are struggling. However he tries his best not to bring up personality faults. He is not one to pull pranks on others or to act out but he is somewhat sarcastic and sometimes whines a bit when he doesn't like what he hears. Despite this Mitsuhide somehow manages to be polite when the occasion rises.

    History: It was during the great shinobi war when the clan Senju and the Uchiha Clans built the Village Hidden in the Leafs, which came to be a very powerful village in the day to come. However before dying Hashirama settled down and produced a family that would be protected by his brother until his demise. The Senju clan has thrived and grown strong. Some few generations later and continued to thrive in the village. One of the newest children to grace the clan appeared in the form of Mitsuhide whom was born on a warm autumn day.

    Mitsuhide was gifted with great chakra reserves and a natural talent as comes from being a member of the Senju family, as well as the clan's innate ability to heal faster than normal in a way similar to that of the Uzumaki Clan but still inferior in chakra and healing prowess. Regardless, Mitsuhide was born healthy and his parents promised to raise him to be a great young man as the family embraced Mitsuhide smiled and giggled happily. As a child Mitsuhide proved to be a handful, as he was always exploring and trying to see new things; even as a baby he was one to try to quickly figure things out or simply enjoy small things around him especially smaller animals whom had a tendency to try and scratch him for hugging them to tightly. Despite this he did get along with some animals such as dogs more so than cats. He was often read to as a child by his father when he was home and when he got older it was also his father whom helped him train. He was taught some simple first aid by his mother on the side because of his tendency to go out and get himself hurt falling on trees. But Mitsuhide being the stubborn young boy that he is didn't mind his mother's warnings and kept on getting scrapes and bruises exploring the village.

    However something was different about this Senju boy which became more apparent with time. His father found him to be oddly talented in the ways of Ninjutsu, and when the time came, and by complete accident none the less, while trying out a basic jutsu he accidentally summoned some wood out of the ground leading to the boy being called by some of his family as The Boy of the Wood Style. Even some of the villagers whom Mitsuhide had befriended called him by that name. Some of his more fanatical family members whispered about possible second coming of the first hokage in Mitsuhide, but his parents would have none of it saying that he was just a boy. Mitsuhide himself was confused about being compared to his great grand father but he liked it too, his great grand father being a great hero, and all the various friends who Mitsuhide was known to be around outside the house, were mixed in their feelings between being surprised and not so much as they expected Mitsuhide to be a great ninja when he grew up but didn't expect him to have the wood style ability.

    Mitsuhide had often gone among the villagers as a kid and had gained many friends throughout the village, but not because of any special skills or his kekkei genkai, but because of his upbeat attitude and general friendly joking nature. He was and is still a boy who doesn't give up and tries his hardest no matter what the task is. Not to prove himself but because he is determined to get all the things he strives to do finished to the end. His drive pushes him to become stronger and better which is why he had become so skilled in ninjutsu even at his age. However he is known to have some humility despite his sometimes prideful nature clearly willing to admit when someone is better than him, well at least when he wants to. He also freely admits he is an awful genjutsu user as he hates illusions. He wasn't much of a prankster and didn't like messing things up around the village but he did enjoy making a good joke at someone's expense. While he had many expectations pushed upon him, especially with the second nickname he received and was determined not to be called by it often.

    His drive and determination to live up to it his expectations. But he didn't show it outright as a goal and never stated it he simply said he wanted to be better for his family and for his own sake. He passed at near the head of his class in ninjutsu, bottom in genjutsu, and he did fair in his Taijutsu skills but despite this his reputation has become slightly overblown in some groups. While he is bombarded with expectations, Mitsuhide has graduated the academy fairly well in the class ranks and like always with a smile on his face and a fearsome determination in the will of fire in his heart.

    Name of Weapon or Item: Basic ninja equipment
    Wood Release - Wood Clone - Mitsuhide is is an extremely talented user of Ninjutsu but even he is unable to make a clone without a sturggle. At his young unexperienced age he is only capable of making a single clone at a time and has a limit of three without using any other jutsu or chakra. However it is still rather crude in terms of form. -
    Wood Release: Cutting Sabers of Wood -
    Mitsuhide uses this technique as a way to make swords without carrying them around. He doesn't tend to use these as a way of defending and purely uses them for the aforementioned.
    Wood Release: Threefolded Wood Shield - A smaller version of the shield used by Yamato in the anime -
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  3. -WIP-

    Name: Yamashiro Akihito
    Nickname/Alias: "Downer"
    Gender: Male
    Age: 13
    Birthplace: Kirigakure, moved to RP's current location at a young age.
    Clan/Bloodline: Yamashiro
    Rank: Genin
    Chakra Nature: Water, Lightning

    *To draw and add later*

    Personality: Akihito is a quiet boy with a realistic outlook on situations and life. He is known for being the 'Downer' because he is a realist. His attitude and usual behavior is rarely on the 'glum' side, but rather as the calm and collected. He is also known for his 'technique' of managing to slip away unnoticed, though it is never used in a real battle. It's not considered a 'Jutsu' or fighting technique to him, since anyone can slip away when no one is paying attention. Akihito is also a very observant individual, not just to the other ninja around him, but for himself as well. He takes mental notes of what a person does and how they reacts so that he can further understand them. The same can be said for situations and nature, which only fuels his realistic view on the world. Akihito isn't very fond of loud mouths or arrogant individuals. He sees them as those who cannot accept that they are weaker than they believe they are. It is a trait inherited by his father, but his thoughts are usually kept to himself to avoid unnecessary conflict.

    History: *Currently thinking this over*


    Ninjutsu: *Has a habit of accidentally using more Chakra than necessary. Will develop his skill enough to stop this over time*

    Hidden Mist Technique: *In need to develop further before mastery*

    Water Clone Technique: *In need to develop further before mastery*

    To develop/learn: Higher C rank Water Release techniques

    To develop/learn (Later on): Lightning release, other Water Release Techniques


    Dynamic Entry

    Still in development for more Taijutsu

    Genjutsu: *Is poor with the Jutsu and requires work if he wants to exceptional*
  4. As stated above clone jutsu that is not a part of one's kekkei genkai shall not be allowed unless it is one of only a few techniques you know. This is because of one simple reason: chakra control. Mitsuhide is just barely able to make a wood clone and that's only because he has an amazing affinity for ninjutsu at the cost of his primary style of fighting and his lack of genjutsu.

    Also I'm not sure the Kirigakure would just allow a ninja family to relocate while they have knowledge of the hidden mist jutsu that they teach their ninja. I'm willing to accept water clone, abet hesitantly, if you have fewer jutsu and you bump up your character's chakra control, which he apparently doesn't have seeing as he uses a lot of chakra like Naruto but unlike Naruto it will tire him out very quickly and not be very effective. But Hidden Mist Jutsu in the Leaf Village doesn't seem like something that's feasible unless something extremely lucky happened with your family say amnesia or something. To site an example it would be like if the Leaf Village's Shadow Clone Jutsu leaked out.

    Edit: Going back to my character real quick I'd like to make a comparison: the wood clone is more than likely easier to learn than other jutsu based clones is/are because after you grow or make the clone it is just a solid mass. It's not like say a lightning clone which is constantly moving requiring chakra control to make sure it gets to a point where it can move on it's own, or a shadow clone which is a B rank jutsu.
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  5. I'd like to also apologize if I come off as condescending. I'm just stating my own opinion on the matter if you different feel free to argue your own point of view if you desire.
  6. Nah. I'll do what's needed tomorrow, considering it's night time here.
  7. I'm just waiting for you guys to finish your CS's.
  8. Name: Utarie Kurama
    Nickname/Alias: Arie the Mist
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Birthplace: Konohagakure
    Clan/Bloodline: Kurama Clan
    Rank: Genin
    Chakra Nature: Illusions
    Appearance: 0199c7e845f912b75262c6a65972dec4.jpg

    Personality: Utarie is a very bright young ambitious ninja who likes to make new friends and wants to become someone important one day. In her family she was always called weak, useless, green plant and she was getting tired of being the underling of the family. Wanting to be able to make a remembrance of herself she wants to train hard to do that but she can slack off if there are sweets involved. Never giving up no matter what anyone said she would always thing positive and try seeing the good in everyone. Her demeanor can change though if you are not careful with your words. Utarie is a smart cookie but she never really let people know that because she knew she would get teased about so she asked her teacher to not say anything to her around the other kids.
    History: Utarie as a kid was always happy and tried to be friends with others but people would never give her a chance but she would always try to make friends but she never knew why she would be left alone. She would ask her parents and they would just say it would take time, Utarie soon started to make some friends after she turned 10.
    She couldn’t wait to get older to train like a true shinobi and be able to go around the world and learn new Jutsu’s and new styles. She always heard of her father traveling to different and she once seen her father create a mist clone and so she been practicing and one day she was able to get it making not one but two clones, this made her happy and her parents found out and they couldn’t believe how long it only took her to learn it which was only in 3 days tops.
    Her family was smart and always knew how to back up a team member or family member. Utarie never really was able to participate in lots of things with other kids because they thought she was not yet ready but she proved them wrong and now she can’t help but smile at the people who miss judged her.
    Weapons/Items: Basic Genin equipment
    Demon Illusion: Hell Viewing Technique
    Demonic illusion: False surroundings technique
    Kasumi jusha no jutsu (Mist servant technique)
    Type of Jutsu: Genjutsu
    Range: Mid/ far
    Description: She can use her chakra and make mist to her advantage and make mist like clones but appear real and feel real to the victim. She is able to use illusions to help her team if need be if times get hard and this is one of her clans specialty’s. She can make loved ones appear infront of her target.
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  9. Well I would add one or two more jutsu to make the character viable in terms of combat so you're not stuck spamming your one genjutsu.

    Likewise Genjutsu doesn't have a nature type so I'd just get rid of that part of the description. A better way to describe the jutsu in my opinion would be that she is able to create the illusion of a loved one in front of the target.

    Also the weakness thing isn't exactly correct. Someone bringing up her older brother would only really effect her if she was the one target of the jutsu. Also I'm assuming by mist that you mean she uses her chakra to make the illusion of mist correct?
  10. Thank you fro helping and I see where you are going with the weakness
  11. alright just inform me when you're done.
  12. Is there a genin spot left or no?
  13. Timv9 can take my spot, I'm gonna have to drop this.
  14. I am also looking for a spot, potentially. Not sure this RP would satisfy my Naruto craving, though.
  15. Well both of you can make characters if you desire. I'll just need to adjust it so that it will be a four man squad.
  16. One of the players plays the Sensei, or is he a NPC?

  17. Name:
    Uchiha Sahoru

    'The Great Uniter'
    Sahoru Of The Halo Blade.




    Land Of Fire.


    Known history and secrets:


    Sahoru is a driven young man, who's well adjusted and always pushing to become better, as he feels he has to, being the heir to the Uchiha house. Sahoru works to become a greater warrior and a better operative, the best ninja he can be. He's not one to be a goof, and when he does crack jokes, they're always coated in sarcasm. Being self secluded is his way of dealing with his pressure, not sharing his load with others ensures him that he will be strong enough to carry the weight of his clan.

    The guy is far from a party pooper, though, as he still takes part in pranks, games and the such, he just always strives to, and thinks of himself, as the best at pretty much everything. He is an Uchiha, after all.

    Born into the Uchiha clan, his father, Soru taught him to always be strong, that “Us Uchiha do not deal in weakness, we only deal in strength.”. That being an Uchiha means that you're strong, weakness will not be tolerated. Soru is the head of the Uchiha clan, and as such, people all around look to Sahoru to become a prodigy, just like his father, which all of his life, Sahoru has had to strive to.

    The boy have never been able to get out from under his father's shadow, he doesn't even know how to. But when he joined the Ninja academy, he gave it his all, and he started trying harder than ever before, each day passing the bar for what he thought himself capable of, constantly trying to improve, which made him very focused, but kind of an anti-social, as he became rather hard to approach. It was during one day, during his last year in the academy, that he ran away, out of the village and into the wilds of the Land Of Fire.

    He came across a bunch of bandits who had made it through the security of the village borders, someone was probably sleeping on the job, and the bandits were stirring up trouble with the local population, assaulting a few civilians. The Twelve year old Sahoru decided to intervene, he was an Uchiha, the heir to the clan, the pride and joy of Konoha's Police Force, he sure as heck could not just stand there and let people that are under his clan's protection be harassed.

    He assaulted the bandits, taking on the five bandits alone, using every trick he had in his arsenal, he managed to wound two of the bandits, before the leader engaged him and kicked the snot out of Sahoru, as the bandit leader himself had used to be a shinobi in his youth. Sahoru was on the brink of death when the panic, adrenaline and anger pushed him beyond his limit and he saw things so clearly. He had activated his sharingan, his birthright.

    As if he could forsee the future, Sahoru could fight off the bandits from the civilians, saving both their lives, and his own. He then alerted the outlook guards of the bandits pressence, and the bandits were then captured and sent to jail.

    He graduated top of the class, hailed as a prodigy for awakening the sharingan before even graduating the academy, only a handful Uchiha had ever managed that. And now, he gets to finally truly prove himself as the shinobi he knows he can become, to step out of his father's shadow, and become his own man. A man who will change the world.


    Dreams and aspirations:
    To become a great uniter that unites all countries in the world under one banner.

    General strengths:
    Speed and agility.
    Self Taught Combative Expert.

    General weaknesses:
    Lacks a fair bit of raw strength as he's focused on training his speed and skill.
    Cocky and arrogant.
    Under constant crushing pressure from his clan, family and himself.


    Combat intel:

    Known chakra natures:


    Kekkei Genkei:
    Sharingan, activated, two tomoe.

    Skill Specialization:

    Jutsu's that (s)he has shown capable of using:


    Uchiha Style: Halo Dance
    He slashes twice with his tanto, making three blades. The technique is obviously drastically weaker than Shisui's version.

    Fire Style: Great Fireball.
    Can use Twice a day before running out of chakra.

    Genjutsu: Sharingan.
    Still not comfortable with the technique, nor Genjutsu in general.



    Uchiha Style: Consuming Fire.
    Kind Of Jutsu:
    Sahoru moves similiarly to as if he would use Halo Dance, but instead, it's a mere genjutsu, throwing an overtaking wave of fire at the opponent, tricking them into thinking they're on fire, should the technique hit. Technique's power can be increased by the use of his sharingan.
    He doesn't actually put people on fire, since it's just an illusion.


    Equipment Info:

    Shown weapons:

    Ninja Tools

    One “Box” of Shuriken, Kunai and other ninja tools strapped to Marco's leg. Standard equipment.


    Sahoru carries a Tanto on his back, given to him by his father. The handle is black with red and white glass pieces making the Uchiha Symbol .
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  18. Added limitations to his canon jutsu, changed his theme song. I'll expand on his History later if you see it necessary to add more fluff to it, even though I'm sure you're well aware of where I lie in terms of skill as a writer, haha.

    I gotta say, I do dig a Naruto RP that's this tightly winded in terms of power, there's not a lot of them out there. Kudos.
  19. duel chakra natures are not available at the start of the rp. I recommend getting rid of wind and keeping fire. Duel chakra natures are for those with kekkei genkai which is bred into them.

    The Halo Dance I'm confused on. Does he unleash small slashes/waves of fire based chakra by concentrating on his tanto like a fire bender from avatar sort of deal?

    General weaknesses are not generally weaknesses except for the last one which is pressure on him to fight harder which causes him to slip up. Him being a dick doesn't necessarily cause team work problems unless it is an inherit problem he has, that being working in a team or getting along with the team. Also I find it hard to believe that he is a tactical genius more than a very good solo fighter. Being anti-social means he has little to no friends to train with as to get a handle on how people can do strategy and tactics meaning he has little experience teaming up with people to train to learn other ideas. It seems to me that he trained himself in a way that makes him very talented but left little in the room for things that he hasn't thought of.

    As you said the bio could use fluff. how he dealt with others, hobbies, how he unlocked his sharingan's abilities etc. Did he get it through thick hard training like Itachi?

    One more thing while minor what gives him the nickname "the uniter". I can understand that he be called the second one but the first one doesn't have any notable reasons to be called so. Mitsuhide being called the boy of the wood style is self explaining and the other being the second coming of the first by some people refer to the fact that only one person before him has legitimately awakened the style in recent history so people are over thinking and expecting of his abilities. If he achieves that first one later then by all means add it but this is for nicknames for right now and how the got that nickname.
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  20. Are okay with me making an uchiha?
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