Naruto: Plan to Eradicate the Tailed Beasts

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  1. Is anyone interested in a Naruto related private group rp? If so PM me and I'll fill you in on the details.
  2. Bump!

    we need 3 more people to fill slots
  3. Hello. You have posted this thread in the Seeking One on One Partners forum, which means no one who comes here is looking for a group roleplay. This forum is only for people who are looking to roleplay with one other person. :)

    I've moved it to the Interest Check forum, which should hopefully help you find some more people.
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  4. You're a saint
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  5. I might be interested, i'll join in if you get 2 more people.
  6. it's 4/6 right now....
  7. Oh, didn't see anyone post here regarding interest. I suspect everyone included here is in a group inbox chat?
  8. yes, I told everyone to pm me if they were interested, which they did.
  9. I posted here instead, my bad.
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  10. it's okay, now....would you like to be invited to the group chat?
  11. yeah
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