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  1. "This is our land. Our people."

    Amidst the forest laid a tribe, nearing the size of a decent sized village. However, within laid much different inhabitants. During the day, granted the right conditions, they looked like any other human out there. At night, everything changed. What separates them is that their bodies began to violently transform itself into something that of a wolf. You could, however, very easily tell the difference between a normal wolf and... these.

    First off, their size. Their body, skeleton and skin may morph but they do not shrink. Second off, their eye colors are much more... well, there's much more variety to it, basically. Thirdly, and this is most important to keep in mind, they were able to control elements.

    There were tribes for each element, oddly enough people within a tribe only had that element, perhaps due to an environmental attribute. This made them both dangerous and resourceful. At night, depending on how much the moon might be showing, their powers are magnified. During the day however, they're much weaker, much to the cursed's chagrin.

    These tribes are far from friendly with each other and rivalries very passionately exist amongst the population. Some view these things as a curse, while others view it as a blessing. Which will you lean towards?
  2. Name: Reid
    Age: 19
    Element: Ice
    Appearance: Reid is a decently tall young man, his body lanky in physique. No matter how hard he seems to try, he finds himself having trouble getting weight on him. This unfortunately resulting in people immediately assuming he's weak. His canine teeth are slightly elongated as a display of his bloodline, but nothing too noticeable. His eyes are blue, but not terribly noticeable.

    His wolf form keeps his hair color but also adds a few markings down his back- a slightly lighter gray forms a line across his shoulder blades. He keeps the same unfortunate lanky physique but his overall size is ever so slightly bigger than his peers.

    Personality: Lone wolf, hur hur. He's a stubborn young man who is willing to fight for the respect he believes he deserves. He enjoys sitting by river beds and reading while the sound of water rushing by lulls him into a state of relaxation. He can be a bit rude or cold, but deep down he's a nice guy. Probably.

    Extra notes: He lacks a surname.
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    She controls everything.

    Iolani's pack has mysteriously vanished, no clue why nor how. She's been alone for a while now, and just wishes to be part of a pack. Any, but with all of the one wants her.

    Her wolf color is caramel on top, and her belly and ears are creme. She has a small symbol on her forehead, when she transforms. It's a small diamond, to show which pack she comes from. She is--oddly--similar to a feline when she is a wolf, walking in a seductive manner, as if she was still human. Her eyes change color with her mood as she pleases.

    She is sadly a lone wolf, and wishes to just have a semi-family. Not even, just someone that she wishes was there. She's stubborn, headstrong, tends to be flirty, skillful in lots of things, but sadly doesn't know how to control her powers. She is nice to everyone, unless they give her a reason to not be. She tends to blow up on people, on accident.

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  5. Reid reclined back onto a rock, warmed by the sun. Most of his pack had gone hunting, but he decided to be left to his own devices. This quickly got boring, so he set his book aside and dangled his hand into the water below.

    He closed his eyes, beginning to concentrate as the water closest to his hand began to freeze. He then let go, the ice quickly breaking apart from the rivers current. He stared up at the trees, beginning to regret not hunting. With his book in tow, he jumped off the sheet of rock into the ankle deep water and began to wade his way across it, thanking the fact that it wasn't too wide of a river.

    He took a large whiff, something caught his suspicions. There was something in this side of the forest, it was just a matter of what.
  6. Iolani was running, and running. Her lungs burned with ice, as she knocked branches in the way of her previous path, so she wouldn't get caught. From whom you ask? From one of the various werewolves, that's who. He was from the Fire pack, and he was the Omega. He noticed her and immediately thought she was a threat. She was a gorgeous threat, or so he thought. She was a woman by herself that was about to step on his territory.She was barely wearing clothes, only a thin creme tunic that covered up to her mid-thigh, and undergarments. She's been running for days, maybe even weeks.

    Days simply meshed together gracefully like two people sharing one breath. She looked behind her, gasping for air. She could hear the werewolf, as if he was in her ear breathing. However, he was miles away--but the fastest of the pack. She was faster--luckily. "Don't look back, Lani. Don't look back," she repeated the mantra to herself breathlessly.

    Her legs wanted to give out, she felt her inner werewolf wanting to take charge. She couldn't change, she only had this tunic left to wear. If she shifted now, she would have to wear strands of clothing and her hair until she stole from another tribe. She had to lower down to stealing, as she was the only one left of her pack alive, she presumed. Crying, wasn't her thing and she lost *everyone*. Her nine brothers, mother, and father. She never had time to drown in sorrow.

    She wasn't looking as to where she was going, thinking too much about surviving. Suddenly, she tripped and fell into the lake, right in front of a handsome young man. She stopped moving, and looked down at her clothes, drenched and now everything was see-through
  7. Sounds of rustling leaves reached Reid's ears, his body began to tense up as he anticipated somethings arrival. A frantic woman rushed out, clumsily managing to find residence in the water. At closer inspection, she was pretty but also terribly tired looking. His eyes began to scan downwards to her body, she... might as well be naked with how much he saw. He fought back a blush and bit his lip.

    He didn't reach down to try and help her, instead of only found himself able to dispense a harsh glare. "Who are you?" He began, little politeness left to his tone. "What are you doing here? I strongly doubt you should be here." He suspiciously looked at her, his eyebrows furrowed. Another scent caught his nose, causing his posture to tense up even further.
  8. "He's coming, he's coming," Iolani muttered frantically. She didn't even care anymore how her skin shone through her wet clothes. "I know I shouldn't be here, I know. Please I--" Iolani's words were cut off by close leaves being rustled. Her muscles tensed up uncontrollably as she tried to get up on her tired ankles and knees. She noticed how the man didn't help her up, which wasn't hard for her to believe. "Shit, shit," she whispered.

    Suddenly an oversized coal black wolf exited out of the trees, a growl already escaping his lips. He was tense on his legs, ready to attack Iolani. Iolani hid behind the strange man she ran into just moments ago. "Shit, he's going to kill me," she said shakily behind the man.

    Sure enough, the werewolf morphed into his human form, which was extremely tall, and big in muscle. The Omega man had a glared set on his face, his eyes burning with anger. "Move away from the girl," he spoke through gritted teeth.
  9. A eyebrow rose on his face as he listened to what might as well be described as begging. She was very desperate, frantic- he really didn't know how to even begin to respond to such behavior.

    Then, with the sound of rustling, he realized. She was being pursued. The hair at the nape of his neck began to stand up and he instinctively began to make himself look larger than he actually was- animal instincts were pretty deeply settled. With teeth bared, he began. "Get off of our territory before things complicate."

    He made a fist, cracking his right hand with his left. "You have no right to be here, whelp." The man was tall and well built, in comparison Reid's build was fairly thin and skinny. He looked terribly fragile. If he did want to attack, he'd likely have to call his pack, but for now he attempted to intimidate the man as much as possible.
  10. The Omega man only wanted the girl, but it seemed like she was in luck because Reid was ready to fight for her despite the difference in size. Omega backed down, and growled at the girl. Iolani yelped, backing down only to fall back into the water. She hugged herself for reassurance and to keep warm, which was ridiculous because she was in cold water.

    "I'll be back for her, when you're not around," Omega spat, then he shifted within a blink of an eye and ran off back to his pack's territory. Once the man was gone, and miles away...Iolani finally got up. "I'm so sorry, please don't kill me. I-I-I know t-t-t-this isn't my territory, I'll leave. Just don't call your pack to hunt me down," she pleaded, practically begging because she was tired of running.

    She never showed vulnerability to anyone before, but this man caught her off guard. She was hungry, exhausted and scared for dear life. The man was gorgeous, and just saved her life whether or not he thought he did. She got up slowly, her knees shaking as her gaze shot downward, not looking at the man. "I'm so sorry," she muttered almost inaudibly, as she was ready to start running again.
  11. He crossed his arms, not really impressed or intimidated by the fire wolf's words. He turned to look at her, she seemed very weak, fragile. A part of him felt pity for her, but at the same time it conjured up annoyance. "I'm not going to kill you." He said. "I care little for these petty games." He began to walk back through the river to where he previously sat.

    He did indeed want to leave her behind and wash his hands of her presence, but something about how weak she seemed bothered him deep down. It brought back memories of being pushed around when he was younger, he was always one of the smaller runts in the pack. With age he gained height and a bit more respect, thankfully.

    He stopped, still standing in the water when he gazed back at her. "Well?"
  12. Iolani jumped once she heard him speak to her. She quickly gained confidence once he said he wouldn't kill her and called her petty. If anything, she was easily offended by his words. "You...asshole! I'm petty because I showed a glimpse of weakness? Even the greatest fall! How dare you call me petty." she retorted back with anger.

    As she felt the anger grow within her at his pure attitude and glare, bubbles started to erupt at her feet. Not in control of most of her mind, she started to boil up the water at her feet. She was imbalanced. She was tired, angry, cold, starving, and overall confused. She looked down at her feet in shock, jumping and going straight for the land. Once she was on land she noticed how the leaves slowly started to singe. She gave him one last glare, "I would say thank you, but an asshole like you doesn't deserve it," she spat as she walked off into the trees, just wanting distance between them.
  13. Reid started laughing at her response. Now, that's a much better response. He didn't care much for the kicked puppy attitude. "Oh, by the way." A cruel smile played across his face. "The pack's out hunting, so do take care." She was simple enough to rile up, that alone made it fun. "Your scent is easy enough to track."

    He crossed his arms and leisurely walked. He somehow managed to keep a pace about two feet away from her, not speaking a word.
  14. Iolani was frightened but didn't show it once he informed her about his pack hunting. Her eyes I'd change color, however. They changed to an electric green, meaning she was worried as to what may come for her. She did not want to die. Not today. She only made plans day by day. Her plan today was not to die. Tomorrow may be a bit similar, like to find food without getting killed.

    Once he started walking in delayed tome behind her, she was annoyed. "It's sad how you pick on others just to feel better about yourself. Is it because you think of yourself as the weak one, perhaps?" Iolani asked as she turned around, whipping her hand around as well to cause a gust of wide to knock him on the floor. She bitterly laughed, her wet hair falling back.
  15. Reid fell back then quickly got back to his feet. "And what about you?" He wore a blank face, neither amused or upset at her words. "I've only said perhaps three sentences to you, and yet you're the one lashing me with words." He couldn't help but roll his eyes.

    "If you're so sure I'm weak, I'm willing to show my strength." He sighed at this, clearly finding it all to be ridiculous. "What, so you're from the Air clan then? You're a bit far from home, pup." He took a deep breath, then released. It began to float over towards Iolani, as if it was more than mere air. He smiled in his attempt to freeze her frozen hair, nothing nearly as violent as her.
  16. "See? Willing to show strength. Pathetic really. And me lashing out on you? I have every right. I've been running countless miles for my life, starving and knees wanting to give out from under me. I fall into a river and all you do is stare? You have no respect for women!" she yelled, shaking her head profusely.

    "I'm not a pup, nor from the stupid Air clan. I'm from one you probably wouldn't know of," she spat. She tried to calm down, truly did. However every time this savage opened his mouth, anger pumped her adrenaline. She gaped, at how he froze her hair. She smirked, and whistled lowly, causing his pants to singe slowly with fire. She then blew on her hands, to warm them up past comfortable temperature, and touched her hair to melt away the ice. "Now, tell me what clan do you think I'm from?" she asked him.
  17. "I have no respect for women?" His nostrils flared and he reached forward, grabbing her arm. "You look here. I lack respect? No, you lack respect. Do you think yelling is even a good idea? You'll get more than that fire goon. If you can't even stand up from a river, then you're already dead. Simple as that."

    "I don't know where you're from, not at all. And frankly, I don't give a damn. Here, princesses don't exist. I'm not here to cater you, in fact I've already done too much for you!" He let go of her arm, brushing away at his pants. "You have no right. Rights don't exist here."
  18. Iolani was extremely pissed, wondering if steam was coming out of her ears. She took her arm bak harshly, the sloshy noise echoing from her wet sleeve. She suddenly remembered she was naked.

    "I am *not* a princess. I didn't ask for rights I simply asked for you to be a gentleman. I'm assuming chivalry isn't part of your character," she murmured as she tried to keep a steady voice.

    Tears were thick in her throat, surprised she was even letting him get to her so easily. God, he was annoying! "You selfish bastard," she whispered lowly as she turned around to strip off her shirt. Her hair luckily covered the right parts, covering at least half of her butt.

    She shifted within seconds, into her sweet caramel-colored wolf. With creme ears and stomach. She turned to look at him one last time, and snorted as if in disgust. Her eyes a bright yellow, her diamond engraved in fur looked at him as well. She then sauntered off into the woods.
  19. "Yes, of course I'm the selfish one." Admittedly, as much as she annoyed him he found himself with a slight blush as she stripped herself of clothing. He sighed, his head falling back as he looked upwards. She definitely was tiring. "She just doesn't want to listen, does she?" He said, beginning to pull his shirt and pants off, carefully letting them hang from a branch for future retrival.

    His body began to morph as a warm sensation came over his body, his appearance quickly becoming that of a wolf, black in color. He stretched, giving her a head start. Obviously, a direct approach wouldn't work with her.

    Why did he want to help her, though? He found himself slightly conflicted, unsure why the fact that she actually got him upset was one of the drawing factors. He was far from finding her attractive outside of physical appearances, purely because of what just happened, but she did intrigue him. It'd be a shame for his pack to kill her out of some silly turf war.

    He began to sprint, his long legs giving him a nice speed boost.
  20. Iolani kept walking, sniffing around to see how far any of the other wolves were. She needed to stay on her toes, not wanting to be chased down twice in a row, when it was only the morning. Or was it noon? She didn't really no. Nor did she give a damn. She smelled a wolf, and she froze, it was that asshole.

    She turned around, growling while she let her stance show she wasn't playing anymore. Her eyes read that she wanted to know why he was following her, because she made it clear she wanted no relations with him. Her eyes were coal black, clouding with annoyance. Her head was low, her front legs out and ready to attack him if he didn't leave her alone.