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    Chris barged into his private office, before his hands frantically fumbled for the lock on the door. What the fuck were those things?! Well, he knew what and who they were, but something horrible happened which had caused the test subjects to run a rampage through the building. He was there on the second floor, watching in terror and confusion as the patients tackled and violently raped whatever doctor or nurse they could get their hands on. The image of a female hyena morph aggressively straddling one of the male doctors was burned into his mind. The young man shivered and slumped back against the door, panting heavily while his heart hammered so loudly that he could barely hear anything else.
    He slowly stood up, his keys clenched tightly into his sweating palms. He had a key for just about every room in the entire facility, given that he was the son of the founder... who had recently died of a heart attack. As soon as dad dies, all hell breaks loose... how fucking ironic. He thought bitterly, his hands reaching underneath his glasses to rub his eyes. This couldn't be happening... All he knew was that the company was working on developing a cure for decreased sex drive. Then all of a sudden, shit hit the fan and the entire company was thrown into a spiraling pit of drooling sex-crazed people and anthros...
    He had to get out of here... he had a key for almost every room in the facility, but it would be extremely difficult navigating the massive place with those freaks running amok...
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    Alene was outside, it was her break time and she had already been in the building for almost five hours. The sun felt great and she was more then happy to sit on the ledge and closer her eyes while the too white skin attempted to soak in the sun. A loud thump made her eyes flash open and her heart give a thud. Her eyes went to the door, on the other side a younger male patient, about the age of 26, looked at her wildly and in a way that made her skin crawl. As a nurse, she was groped pretty regularly, but this, the look he was giving her made her stomach churn. Gulping slightly, she was suddenly very happy that the door was locked unless you had a workers I.D.

    She moved off the ledge, she didn't want something to happen and she accidentally fell to her death! Slowly, she walked to the door and her eyes never left the male patients. His eyes were wide and she could almost swear he was humping the door. Movement caught her eye as another patient, a female, joined the party. The two patient's looked at each other, clearly an understanding happened between the two as the female turned and left the situation. What in the world? She thought as she debated on opening the door and telling the two patients to go back to their room. Something though, maybe it was the way the two silently understand each other, the crazy lust-filled look the male gave her, him humping the door while watching her, or maybe it was her sheer gut that made her not want to open the door.

    She fumbled with her phone, who could she call? She couldn't call outside source's, that was for damn sure. Looking through her contacts, she was suddenly very happy the boss gave his number to every employ. Maybe he knew something like this could happen? Shaking her head, she did not want to think that at all. Deciding calling was probably better, she hit the green button that had a white phone symbol on it and it rang. Please answer, she silently prayed as the door started to squeak from the male humping the door.​
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    Dr. Aiden Cristal

    "I WARNED HIM! Hundreds of times I've warned him about the side effects, the possible problems that can occur. Now, look at what's happening?" Cell phone glued to his ear as his hands frantically attacked the sensitive documents piled on his desk; feeding them to the shredder.

    "No, Spivey! Just get rid of anything with your name on it and get out of there! But don't hit the halls - they're everywhere. Take the emergency ladder...reach the roof. Then, maybe we can climb down to the atrium and head out the side exit...." The whole idea about reaching the roof of the five story laboratory suite sounded good in theory, but Aiden...being scared of heights...was starting to get cold feet.

    With nervous eyes staring fearfully at his computer screen, focused on the many moving images of attacks happening within the center, Aiden continued to stuff his briefcase with everything he felt should not be seen by Authorities. Then, grabbing the only weapon he had in his office - a half full can of Lysol and an envelope opener - he headed to the wide view windows, opened the emergency latch and flung his things out onto the fire escape. Quickly, he headed to the roof, glad that windows were locked for the sight inside was worse than he'd thought. The issue of over-sexed madmen and women would of been a dream come true for some people, but when such fantasies kill you...

    As fast as he could, Aiden reached the atrium, finding a nurse already there. "Hey! Are you...alright?" She didn't look as if she was - out of control or anything, so carefully he stepped towards her, eyes carefully reading for any oddities in her behavior related to his medical findings. "You're Alene? You got out safely. Was anyone else from your wing able to get out?"
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    As Chris sat there thinking, he remembered that the window to his office had a fire escape that would lead to the roof. Rufus went out of his way to make sure that his son had the best seat in the house, which would include a top-of-the-line safety equipment. If he could make it up the stairs, then he might be able to wait on the roof until help arrived. Of course, there was still the issue with legal action. Rufus had started this experiment of his two weeks ago, but had died of a heart attack a week later. In his will, he left everything to be in Chris's name, which would mean that the 23-year-old was left with the responsibility of running the company and continuing his family's name. Ever since then, Chris had allowed the experiments to go on, as it just didn't feel right to abandon his research... despite the constant paranoid pestering from one of the doctors. Now Chris wished that he should have listened...
    He shook his head and stood up, before running over to his desk and yanking open one of the drawers. After a bit of rummaging around, he managed to find his father's old pistol that he kept hidden there. If he were to use it, then he would have to conserve it greatly, since there was only one clip. Not to mention that the sound of a gunshot was sure to attract a hoard of those sex-crazed lunatics. He stuffed the handgun into his jacket and yanked open the door that would lead to the fire escape. Thankfully, the lockdown mechanism had not been put into full effect... at least, it never did for the company officials. He gritted his teeth and bolted up the stairs as fast as he could, nearly tripping more than once. After running an agonizing three flights, he reached the door that would open to the roof, and tried to yank it open. It was locked. Chris cursed and fumbled for his officials identification card, before holding it up in front of the scanner. He sighed with relief as the door unlocked with a click, before he shoved it open and sprinted out. It was then that he noticed the two employees already there, and screeched to a stop. He recognized them both as Alene and Aiden, and was relieved to find that they didn't look infected... however, the crazed doctor on the other side of the door near them was horribly unnerving.
  5. Kellius awoke on the floor of his isolated cell still rather dazed from the sedatives he was given. He wasn't sure what he'd gotten himself into, but this bargain he was offered was looking like a huge mistake. He slowly stood up looking around the walled in cell. He could hear sounds on the outside, but couldn't make out what they were possibly because of the after effects of the drugs or maybe the walls were quite thick in the cell. Whatever it was he walked over before pushing on the door that wouldn't budge an inch either way making him sigh rather heavily as he glanced around the room trying to look for another means of escape. However all he could see was his bed and a few typical amenities and a camera up in the corner of the far wall.
    He questioned what the might have planned for him. After all they had to know he was awake by now given the blinking red light of the never blinking eye. He sat down near the door with a heavy sigh as it was clear he couldn't get out under his own means and the slight flickering of the light in his room didn't exactly help ease his stress on the situation. He stared at the camera for a moment before laying back down near the door. He assumed they would come get him when they were ready...right? He couldn't be left here to die. He was supposed to part of some experiment...or so he was told...
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    A voice behind her made her turn, noticing it was at least another staff member, she hung up the still ringing phone. Shaking her head slightly, she gave a very weak shrug. "I don't know honestly, I came out here for my break. I always come out here for my break, and next thing I know he," she pointed to the patient still humping the door as the hinges starts to pull out slightly, "is humping the door. The look," she stopped and shuttered.

    Another doctor soon joined them, him she knew. Everyone knew him. After all, who didn't know the man that owned everything, both the building and everything in the building. "We really should move....just...where should we go? We cannot stay here, that door doesn't look like it will hold much longer. Besides, what exactly is going on? Earlier a woman came over and the two....comunicated...but without talking," she knew she sounded a little crazy, but, she also realized whatever was going on was because of the drug they were trying.

  7. [​IMG]

    Dr. Aiden Cristal

    "I don't know honestly, I came out here for my break. I always come out here for my break, and next thing I know he," Alene pointed to the patient still humping the door as the hinges starts to pull out slightly, "is humping the door. The look," she stopped and shuttered.

    Aiden watched the events behind the glass door, a growing sense of urgency crawled up the back of his neck. "It's worse than I'd thought," his voice cracked as the patient's eyes rose towards him and the pounding of his hips escalated. The doctor registered the man's emotions - his eyes darting between him and the nurse as the patient's sudden arousal seemed to heightened at the idea of two potential encounters at once. The sounds of the door hinges creaking and the spray of spider cracks in the tinted plexiglass indicated to him that not only did the infected patients have a hyper-hormonal sexual arousal, but also an amazing rise in human strength.

    A door behind them clicked loudly. Aiden suddenly jumped, whipping around with the envelope opener raised high. He hadn't noticed how tightly he was gripping it. When he realized that the person stopping before them was non other than Mr. High and Mighty Chris Murdock himself, he exhaled in a huff of relief - and irritation.

    "Well, I can's good to see that you're not infected...," knowing good and well the opposite he would of preferred if he wasn't present. "Any ideas you wish to express about our predicament now? Like... a safety plans for any and all emergencies - including the ones you WERE warned about!" Aiden bit his tongue, trying his best to hold down his anger for this was not the time for it.
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    As relieving as it was to see two sane and normal people for the first time in hours, Chris had a hard time restraining himself at Aiden's comment. His expression of relief quickly morphed to that of bitter annoyance, and he only shook his head in response. "I'm really not in the fucking mood right now, Aiden." He said firmly. "Once we get somewhere safe, then feel free to rub it in my face all you want." He walked past the two and approached the door that had the infected doctor lying in wait. As Chris came closer, the man's pelvic hip-thrusting rapidly increased against the locked door. Chris gulped nervously and quickly backed up, his hand inching to the spot beneath his jacket where his pistol was.
    After a moment, he reached up and rubbed the back of his neck. "My office is secure, and the floor it's on is empty for the most part. I was able to lock it up before any of these people could swarm around it." He said, gesturing to the fire escape he just came out of. "That's our best bet. Escaping through the front doors or the fire escapes are out of the question for two obvious reasons: The entire facility is on lockdown, and most of the exits are crawling with those people." He shrugged. "Jumping off the roof is an exception, but I doubt the chances of the human body surviving a six-story drop is slim to none. Think we can cooperate for long enough to work together on this?" His eyes glanced toward Aiden on that last part.​
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    Another harsh screech made her look at the door and shake her head, her jet back hair bounced slightly. "Come on guys, we don't have time for this. Now, how about we get the hell out of here before...that...gets through? Besides, we should see if anyone else is alive, or...uninfected, whatever! The more uninfected we have, the better. One, means less of those things trying to hump us to death, and two, we could use more people to either kill everything, get it back into order, or getting the hell out of here and torching the building," she looked over at Chris, "Chris, your office has camera's right? They look in each room? What if people are perfectly fine and stuck in their room? It's our job to at least try to save them!"

    Looking between the two, she tried to give big eyes and an adorable look that may just help the situation. "Please, we need to work this out and save as many people as we can and then get the hell out of here."
  10. [​IMG]

    Dr. Aiden Cristal

    As soon as Chris' comment fell upon him, Aiden looked away with a negative roll of his eyes. "Now he wants to cooperate," he mumbled under his breath as his arms crossed his chest defiantly.

    Yes, he wanted so badly to hear the man apologize for all the hell he dragged him through. The constant bashing about his father's medical legacies - mostly the negative - and his youth, automatically left him with the need for retaliation. This lead him into searching for anything to ruin Murdock's fame. The lack of concern Chris shown over the hidden issues involving the experiments alone proved his incompetent in Aiden's eyes.

    "Come on guys, we don't have time for this. Now, how about we get the hell out of here before...that...gets through? Besides, we should see if anyone else is alive, or...uninfected, whatever!"

    Nurse Alene's words stole his attention, and as she spoke and the sounds of impending doom grew louder and louder, Aiden toned down for the moment. There were more important things to deal with.

    "There's .... a few patients who were still under stages one and two of the treatments." Aiden mentioned, uncrossing his attitude in the attempts to be more civil. "In my research the breakdown of control occurs within the final stages - four and five."
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    Chris only rubbed the back of his neck in response, before rolling his eyes. True, there was still quite a bit of bitter resentment between he and Aiden, but the wise thing to do would be to put that resentment aside until they could figure out what to do. He looked over at Alene and shook his head. "No, my office doesn't have cameras or closed-circuit television. That's all in security... which is in the East building. We're currently on the South." He said, shaking his head. "If we're going to look for survivors, then our best bet is to just find them as we go along. We can try our luck, but I'd personally like to remain a virgin until I meet that 'special someone'."
    With that, he walked over to the door he had just come out of and yanked it open, relieved to find that the stairwell was still empty. "Like I said, my office is still barricaded, and the floor it's on is mostly desolated for now. We'll do what we can, but we'll have to do it quickly. It's only a matter of time before they catch up with us." He looked over at Aiden and shook his head. "I think it would be better to leave those patients be. Early stages or not, it wouldn't be a good idea to risk it."​
  12. Kellius sat silent in his room. The minor flickering of the overhead lights and the red flash of the cameras light being the only real movement, if it could be called that. While he wasn't claustrophobic he was quite paranoid. He never liked being the side of the glass being looked into. Truly he questioned himself why he agreed to help with this experiment in the first place.

    He sighed continuing to watch the blinking red light of the never blinking eye before his paranoia finally got to him. He stood up and went over to the camera standing up on his back two legs to tear the cords out that were behind it. He wasn't sure if that would disable it, but the blinking light stopped. Maybe he did disable it. Soon after he began to hear muffled sounds outside of his room for a moment before things went quiet once more. Was something going on here didn't know about? Surely someone would have at least scolded him for messing with the company's property. And yet it was quiet again.
  13. Patient #48, Jessica, pushed the double doors of the lab room open as she searched for the one who's scent seem potent. Her body was partially covered with bloody torn clothes - eyes wide and wild with lust and hunger for what she yearned. Breathing calmly with a light panting, she waited for the door to close behind her before facing forward. Her arms hung to her sides with lively scrapes dripping blood on the floor. She didn't care. She didn't feel any pain except for the aching churning in her gut for a touch, a kiss...a tongue placed well.

    Slightly limping, she began to step forward, scanning each plexiglass lab cell in hopes that someone was still there waiting. A few times she would test a door to see if it would open, but always found them closed. Moving forward, she caught the scent that guided her there in the first place. Licking her lips, her eyes raised towards the cell on the left. She could see something moving near the front of it - something large. With a sudden urgency she ran forward and slammed against the glass wall - finding a very tall dragonkin standing in the corner of the room.

    She lunged forward, attacking the glass with her entire body; nails scratching, her bloody breast flattened against the glass as if she could melt into it to reach the other side. Her eyes burned into the eyes of the dragonkin standing behind the protection of the glass; God only knows what's running through her mind.

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    She wanted to argue, that was just her nature though. Alene couldn't in good conscious just leave healthy patients to a horrible fate...not like that, she thought but the another loud SCREECH made her bite her tongue. She quickly move over to Chris and went to the stairway. Pausing for just a moment she gave him a hard look. A look that clearly told him to shut it and be a good boy. "I'm not leaving healthy patient's and hear or watch them die that way because your nervous," once she was done, she hurried down the stairs.

    It didn't take her too long to get down the stairs and into Chris's office. Looking out of his door, she realized he was right. A few bodies littered the ground, maybe the patients thought they killed everything here? Would the corpses jump up and attack the door now that they were in it. A chill went up her spine at that thought. Shaking her head, she waited for the boys. While she may seem confident about saving the patients, in reality she knew if she was by herself, she was very much screwed. And not the fun way.
  15. Kellius was about to pull the cords out from the camera until he heard something hit the glass making him jump slightly as he thought maybe it was one of the doctors trying to stop him. Instead he turned only to see a bloody patient trying to force her way through the glass. He looked at her nervously as something seemed wrong with her besides the blood staining her skin and torn clothes.

    He stayed to the far side keeping a defensive stance as he wasn't sure who she was or what she wanted. For all he knew the blood was someone else's and she was trying to murder him as well. He beared his teeth at her hoping to scare her off so he wouldn't have to fight...whatever she became.
  16. [​IMG]

    Chris clenched his fists in response as Alene approached him, giving him a rather cold glare. He knew what the glare meant, but it didn't affect him whatsoever. He has had run-ins with employees who think that they could get their way if they gave him a threatening look, a technique that Chris made sure to let them know didn't work. "Healthy? Did you not hear what he just said?" He demanded, travelling back down the stairs. "The first or second stages of infection. If they're infected, then they're not healthy."
    As they made it back down to his office, he sighed and shrugged. "You know what? Fine. We'll run around and collect whatever infected patient we can. But we're keeping them separated from whatever healthy people we come across. You may think it's noble to save patients who are still in their early stages, but let's try to keep a good grasp on reality as well." He fumbled around in his office for a bit, before also peaking out the door. "Empty. Let's move quickly, but stay quiet."
  17. [​IMG]

    Dr. Aiden Cristal

    Aiden kept his desire to giggle deep in his chest as the young nurse scolded Chris passionately before she rushed towards the stairway. Giving his -boss - a glance, he followed; more concern that the hyped up nurse might run into something she can't get away from. He heard Chris follow behind them eventually, but not with an air of concern for her feelings.

    "Healthy? Did you not hear what he just said? The first or second stages of infection. If they're infected, then they're not healthy."

    As they reached Chris' office, Aiden added, "But, they can be cured." He stopped in his tracks. "My research not only expressed clearly that this treatment could cause this horrific outcome, but that it is treatable within the early stages. They have a chance..."

    "You know what? Fine." Chris sighed, "We'll run around and collect whatever infected patients we can. But we're keeping them separated from whatever healthy people we come across. You may think it's noble to save patients who are still in their early stages, but let's try to keep a good grasp on reality as well."

    Aiden wanted to spat off about how it would of been more noble for him to save them from the inevitable at the very start, but he ignored that. Instead, he held his tongue and waited until the man unlocked his office door. Aiden kept glancing behind him over and over again, growing nervous from the faint sounds coming from the other floors.

    "Empty. Let's move quickly, but stay quiet."

    After Chris entered, Aiden allowed Nurse Alene to step inside before him, then did the same as he quickly pulled the door shut behind him. Locking the door, he turned and sighed as his body slumped against the door. "I've never felt so..." Glancing up, he quickly stood and quietly cleared his throat. "So... let's check the monitors to see if there's anyone in the lab wings still alive."

    Hoping that the cameras were still rolling, Aiden moved towards Chris' desk, giving the man a glance first as if to ask permission to use his computer before typing in his personal access code into the mainframe system and pulling up the security camera networks. Instantly, various live frames showed up onscreen. A few of them were completely blacked out - off line or shut down for good. But a few of them showed exactly what was happening in each wing. There were some wings in complete chaos; patients and staff fighting for their lives, dead or...turning, while the infected attacked the living, the wounded...and when there was nothing left, the dead. Aiden clicked each image to open up more frames within that isolated wing to find more and more images of the infected breaking into closed cages of patients - those who were either just starting treatments or were in the first two stage of it. Many of the cages were empty. Only a small few still held living patients.


    Seeing the fangs of the Dragonkin only heightened Patient #48's need for more. She hissed and growled as he nails seem to dig deeper into the plexiglass, leaving jagged tracks within it. Her eyes never left his; the clear signs of her horny eagerness was obvious. She moved away slowly from the glass, sashaying in means to tempt the beast on the other side; licking her lips and pinching her nipples. Then, as if the urges were too much for her to take, with a loud scream she rushed towards the glass and slamming her body repeatedly against where her nails had cut through. The tracks began to spiderweb at each hit, and her frustrated screams began to turn into heated, pleasurable anticipation.

    She knew what she was doing. She's done it before. After having her way with other patients in these strange cells, she's figured out how to get inside... The plexiglass began to crack and break more and more; she was about to have her first taste of Dragon.
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  18. Kellius glared at her gritting his teeth from the foul screech of her nails against the glass. He stared at her as she seemed try and tempt him making even more cautious as it was clear she was lost in a pure lustful rage. For a moment it seemed like she was going to leave but that quickly changed when she slammed the glass wall again and again making it crack with each hit.

    Now it was clear he would have to fend her off. He never was a creature to cause pain, but he wasn't going to let this thing have her way with him. He took a deep breath before angling his left side towards her defensively as his glare became more serious. He readied his right claw to strike her once she charged him after all she wouldn't just break the glass and leave.
  19. [​IMG]
    Alene moved over to the blonde doctor, so far she liked him. At least he seemed to have some sympathy for the patient's, even if they were trying to rape them, she couldn't help but feel bad for them. While she wasn't one of the doctors that did this, she was one of the many that gave it to them. Even if she could save one, ONE, patient; she would feel slightly better. She understood that the men around her may not understand the guilt she felt, or the need to save them, but she had to try. Shaking her head, she looked at the camera's. A few patient's looked freaked out and trying to stay safe in their room. "Look," she said and pointed at the dragon creature, "they are still alive, plus, imagine having a DRAGON on OUR SIDE, or worse, on theirs!" The thought made her shutter slightly.

    Turning her head slightly, she looked at Aiden. "You said you were working on a cure essentially right? Can you make it? If you are able to get to the main chemistry area, could you make the cure? Or at least stave off the final stage?" She gave him rather hopeful eyes, because if he could, she would be more then willing to charge in there and save as many as she could; even if it was probably the stupidest thing she has ever done!
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    Dr. Aiden Cristal

    Turning her head slightly, Alene looked at Aiden with wide open eyes, "You said you were working on a cure essentially right? Can you make it? If you are able to get to the main chemistry area, could you make the cure? Or at least stave off the final stage?"

    "I'm...not sure." Aiden's eyes dropped at his failure before lifting again. "I've figured out...most of the elements necessary for it, but...something is missing. I'm not sure what it is right now, but... it's either something within the original chemical compound blocking any healing elixir, or I'm missing something within the elixir itself." It's clear, from the look of frustration and loss, that this young genius has been mentally tearing himself apart over this. Alene's expression didn't help his feelings all that much either. "Maybe, if I can focus on this problem, I might be able to work out a solution quickly. I mean, I've pretty much predicted this - outcome. If others took heed to those warnings, we wouldn't be in this mess right now!" He kept his eyes away, but his words targeted Chris.
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