Most anticipated GAMES for 2016

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  1. Not sure how many of us are gamers, but i'm looking forward to the following in 2016:

    - Doom

    - Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

    - Nintendo NX (new console)

    - The Witness

    - New Batman game by Telltale (yep, a Batman adventure game)
  2. Dark Souls 3 & Uncharted 4 is about it.
  3. Dark Souls 3, XCOM 2.

    That's all on my list for now.
  4. Love the Uncharted. But I only have PS2 and PS3. I didn't bother with PS4, i've always been a member of the PC Master race :thumbsup2:
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  5. I don't play many games, but I am excited for Yooka-Laylee. Will hopefully be released in 2016.
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  6. >English Release of Monster Hunter X
    >XCOM 2
    >No Man's Sky
    >Uncharted 4
    >Probably some more but I forgot them. Whoops.

    P.C. master racer here too, though I use my beloved 3DS for some stuff, such as mh4u. I'm hoping No Man's Sky will turn out to be good, because I can imagine it getting rather tedious/boring after a while if incorrectly developed. Fingers crossed it'll be a fun experience all the way throughout!
  7. The Division. Been several years in the making. I got that hype going on.

    Also excited for Ace Combat 7, but that's obscure as hell.
  8. This guy's got it. The Division.

    I'm hoping for Doom to be good, but meh, we'll see. Mildly excite for Uncharted 4 and Deux Ex.
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  9. Final Fantasy 15

    Persona 5

    Mirror's Edge Catalyst

    Dissida Final Fantasy Arcade Xbox one and Ps4 port?

    The Walking Dead: Season 3

    Left 4 Dead 3?

    Naruto storm 4?

    Also, fauck KH3 if you're wondering xD
  10. -Shadow Warrior 2
    -Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
    -Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan
    -Mobile Suit Gundam: EXTREME Vs. Maxi Boost (I can only hope it comes out next year >_>)
    -Mighty No. 9, if only for that particular saga to fucking end.
    -Dreamfall Chapters Book 5
  11. I can't wait for an endless pile of sequels that play largely the same as their original counterparts, priced at 80 fucking dollars, and then insultingly sold to me piece meal upwards of six months prior to release as season passes and DLC packs. I can't wait to spend over a hundred and twenty cunting dollars to get one, single video game.

    To be honest, I'm not really looking forward to any particular release in 2016 until they go on sale. The price gouging on most of these titles is insane. For the price of three triple AAA titles, I could buy a fucking game console. Wrap your mind around how disgustingly overpriced that really is.

    The only games I have an inkling of interest for coming 2016 is X-COM 2, and Warhammer: Total War. Both of which are confirmed to have been ripped into for massively overpriced DLC, while launching at a gross price. Remember when pre-orders used to give you discounts at least? Now you don't even get that, and people still buy them in droves anyway. Warhammer: Total War has a fifth of the game outright cut out, and people are still buying it. X-COM 2 is months away from release, and it already has a season pass that has an affixed addendum that it may not get you all the DLC that launches after the game releases anyway. I'd at least accept it if we got bigger games, with more content, but Warhammer Total War is going to release with the fewest number of factions ever in any Total War game, and X-COM 2 still can't manage to deliver on the tactical depth a game released in the 90's on the budget of two donuts and a basement computer from the Windows 3.1 era could somehow deliver.

    Look, if a modification made for Rome Total War can achieve more content than a full release several years later by the developers themselves, why should I even be remotely excited to get my ass gouged for over a hundred dollars to get a lesser product? That will probably release with bugs, with only a 50/50 chance of them even being patched?

    Hell, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided initially released with a pay scheme that literally held sections of the game hostage if they didn't get enough preorders. That's absurd. A video game is not this important.

    So, while I'm excited to see new additions to franchises I adore, and while I'm liable to pick them up at some point, I can't say I'm anything less than extremely cautious. I'd love to play X-COM 2, but not until it inevitably comes out with a "game of the year" edition that comes with all the DLC for 50 bucks. Which won't be until several months after the game releases, really. I'd love to play Warhammer: Total War, but I guess I'll have to wait a year or two for them to actually finish the game and then price it appropriately, considering the horrendous abortion that is Rome II: Total War is still 65 fucking dollars at its regular price, without any of the DLC at that.

    I guess the entire reason I wrote this isn't out of some loathing of video games. I love video games, and I imagine I'll pick up at least a couple titles in 2016. I'll just have to wait for them to go on sale. This is more simply a word of caution, reminding everyone that while it's fine to be excited, please don't go burning your money on yet another easy money scheme by publishers who don't care to deliver you a working product. Make them work for your money, don't shove it in their faces without at least waiting to see if it's any good. And if you pay more than a hundred dollars for any single video game, you either have an enviable amount of disposable income, or you're a fucking idiot. :ferret:
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  12. Preordered the Sleeper Agent Pack, so I'm getting all kinds of awesome goodies.

    Doom looks good too, can't really go wrong with it.

    I'm also really curious to see what Bethesda does with Fallout 4. If DLC makes the game better.
  13. It was also holding the game itself hostage for 4 days during that whole augment your preorder atrocity. It's fortunate that Square dropped that 'cause they delayed the game into the summer soon after.
  14. Hmmmmm... Lets see.

    -Dishonored 2
    -Total War: Warhammer
    -Gears of War 4 (This is because I have been playing this series since it came out in 2006...when I was way too young >.> Carmines 4eva)
    -Mass Effect: Andromeda (I have been playing ME since it was released as well, and 3 wasn't that bad. Idc that Shepard died, I think it told a good story.)
    -Dark Souls III (Same as the other two, and Dark Souls just give a good challenge and have a lot of content and lore that you have to explore and learn on your own instead of being spoonfed. Dark Souls II wasn't that bad either...sad killing that version of Ornstein, or whatever they called him in II. Old Dragonslayer or something?)
  15. Anyone subscribed for the Battlefront DLC? I got the game at launch but still haven't ordered DLC. No announcements as to when or exactly what we're getting but we're paying another $60.00 and will not include any content related to The Force Awakens (eh?) or the Prequels (yay).
  16. Pretty hype for X-Com 2
  17. They're afraid if they tell you, then you won't have a fear of missing out on new content/not buy it off of impulse. I was debating getting it, but then, I could just buy another game I'd get far more enjoyment out of. Battlefront is good, just isn't worth a slowly increasing sum of money, you know?

    I'm excited for more tabletop games than upcoming video games, though. Games Workshop is finally re-releasing Battlefleet Gothic and Fantasy Flight is releasing another Star Wars game to add to Armada and X-Wing, Rebellion. Just to name two.

    As for video games, it's looking like Total War: Warhammer (even if it's already announcing DLC before launch in as much detail as the actual game) and XCOM 2. Oh, Dark Souls 3 as well.
  18. Persona 5
    X-Com 2
    Dark Souls 3
    Odin Sphere
    Digimon Story
    Bravely Second
    FF7 Remake
    NieR 2/Automata
    Class of Heroes 3
    ToMe: Embers of Rage
    Stars Beyond Reach
    Starward Rogue
    *Insert any Nippon Ichi title here*

    Probably forgot some.
  19. Shadow of The Beast Remake - Seriously, I'm hoping they do it justice, and from the art style to the platforming it looks promising.

    Tekken 7 - Admittedly, it's the "Overly popular" Fighting Game I like between that and Street Fighter. the new additions look fun as fuck.

    Persona 5 - Late Fan to the series, absolutely loved 4 and 3.

    Horizon: Zero Dawn - intrigued me, want to see more.

    Last Guardian - HAHAHA JOKE RIGHT?! naw, Hope it releases tho.

    NieR2/NieR Project - sequel to one of my all time favourite games, honestly.Bbeing developed by one of my all time fave developers.

    There's probably more, but these are the ones I have the mosthope for.
  20. Personally as far as pre-orders are concerned I outright refuse to take part in them now.
    Total Biscuit raised some insanely good points on why it's a horrible practice.

    The last game I ever pre-ordered was actually XCOM - Enemy Unknown, which was years ago now.
    Though oddly enough, in that case specifically it just so happened the free game to come with it, Civilization 5 I latched onto enough I currently have 640 Hours on it.

    Which is almost 3 times the amount of hours I have in XCOM which is 227.
    Granted, I likely would have grabbed Civ 5 eventually any ways because friends of mine also started to get into it later on.

    That being said though, Firaxis has been pretty good with DLC of late with their last 2 big titles.
    XCOM only having one expansion and one small soldier pack (though that pack being behind a pre-order was stupid as hell), and then Civ Beyond Earth only having Rising Tides.

    Civ 5? Eh... Less though, two solid expansions... But then a shit ton of micro which are either maps/scenarios (so can be skipped completely) or mini-civ packs.
    I think you mean "Left 4 Dead 2 - Episode 1".
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