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  1. Greetings, prospective partners!
    As you may have guessed from my name, I enjoy writing. The art lends itself to many uses, and offers me valuable exercise for my mind, and therapy for my soul.

    It is with this exercise and therapy in mind that I come to Iwaku, the newest place where I dare to post that I am seeking partners to share in a long-term story that involves working my brain and helping it expand. I love realism and the ability to suspend disbelief. I adore drama and danger, human nature, dealing with stigma, fear, and bringing new eyes into the worlds I have created.

    I do need to work on my ability to do combat and type romance, but those, I feel, are secondary to the things I enjoy, so are slightly lower priority.

    About Me
    I am twenty five, and have been roleplaying since I was thirteen (I started almost exactly on my birthday). I have a form of high-functioning Autism called Asperger's Syndrome (diagnosed by medical professionals), and have difficulties relating to others. Roleplaying helps me learn empathy, and how to act confident and normal.

    I have successfully completed two years straight of NaNoWriMo, and am editing my first novel and finishing my second starting in January. My favorite colors are brown and orange, and I love ice cream, even in the winter.

    1. Ability
      I expect my partners to be capable of proper capitalization, spelling, punctuation, and to use readable sentence structure. I prefer a length of between two sentences (for dialogue or action-heavy scenes) and two paragraphs (or more, I won't be scared off).

      I expect careful attention to tense and person, and I will only roleplay in third person, past tense, and I will correct those who use the word "would" in place of a past tense verb. I can supply examples and explanations on request.

      As an important note, typos and occasional errors are fine. It would be hypocritical of me to say otherwise.
    2. Roleplaying Manners
      I ask my partners do not take control of my characters (including NPCs). I also ask that said partners do not try to use their characters to overpower the setting or antagonists, or to alter my characters or settings in ways not previously asked about and consented to.

      When I am GMing for a partner, I expect that partner to adhere to the rules of the world and to the notes I have listed. I have put a lot of work into my settings and plots, and I would appreciate said work being heeded.

      Another request I have is that my partners do not steal art and edit it. Artists put a lot of effort into their work, and seeing someone take it, change it, and not offer even a line of credit to them is disheartening.

      For prospective partners uncertain about good roleplay manners, please ask, and I will do my best to explain further.
    3. Format
      I will play either in PMs or threads. I will not play over skype or any other instant messaging client. I might be convinced to play over Google Documents, but it is unlikely.

      Fanciful post formatting in the roleplay is something I discourage, because I have a hard time reading when text is colored or small.
    4. OOC
      I am seeking neither OOC romance nor roleplay with one person exclusively. Few things make me feel more uncomfortable than a jealous partner.

      On the subject of reminders (because sometimes I do take a long time to reply), I would like my partners to remind me to post if I have taken more than a day. My mind is not always up to the task, and if I cannot post for some time, I will inform my partner and ask that we continue when my mind is once more able.

      If I take more than a week to reply, it may be that I am having difficulties with my depression. I ask my partners please understand, and to be there when I return so that we can continue. As with before, I will try to let my partners know when this is the issue. I pride myself on being an honest player.

    In the following posts, I have listed my characters and my worlds. Please read the summaries, and then click on the names to learn more on either charahub or wikia. Currently, the order of posts is the order of preference. Names that are struck through are characters or settings for which I am not seeking new partners.
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  2. BC Corp Timeline
    The BC Corp timeline starts in 1998 and ends in 2xxx, spanning four stories and including the option to change the fate of not only the characters involved, but also the very world. Dare you change their fates? Or will you enact them?
    Julie Mortimer
    1999 pre-modern setting.
    Pre-existing characters might not be viable.
    An unknown eight year old is committing horrible crimes to a mysterious and possibly dangerous end.
    Seeking: Adults are the best option for this plot. The setting allows for minor super powers, however there must be drawbacks as well. Partners should be willing to play against someone who doesn't want handouts and can't take a hit.

    2006 pre-modern setting.
    Pre-existing characters not might be viable.
    A young woman, formerly known for a series of kidnappings, has used a child army to conquer a large chunk of Scandinavia. Now, she is being hunted by the United States.
    Seeking: Adults are again ideal, though children are also an option, if they are between the ages of three and twelve. I am looking for either partners willing to play people in opposition to her or as underlings or allies.

    Sidney Stone
    2014 modern setting.
    Pre-existing characters may be viable.
    After the fall of Biocybera, one of her generals survived the explosion, and is living in foster care after her death, and trying to find new purpose in life, while attending high school and managing a part time job.
    Seeking: Adults or teenagers work for this, either as teachers, fellow students, foster parents, or more roles. Partners should be willing to do a slow-paced roleplay centered on curiosity and mental issues.

    Vincent Vance
    Advanced modern. Minor sci-fi.
    Pre-existing characters may be viable.
    Vincent Vance is from a species that is an offshoot of humans, called demis. He's a runaway who's under government protection, and needs stability in his life.
    Seeking: Males and females over age sixteen are ideal. Humans are preferred over demis. Parental instincts and racism against demis are both required.​
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  3. Worlds
    Two worlds, waiting to be explored by a fearless roleplayer and their character(s). I promise you, they will not bore.

    Empire Lands
    Home of Empress Ianna

    Custom fantasy.
    Pre-existing characters from other worlds may be viable.

    (Major construction.)​
    A somewhat tribal world ruled by a titular empress, this world has three intelligent races and limited resources.
    Seeking: Either strangers from other worlds or natives. Both can change the course of history-- for good or ill. This will be heavily political, though the politics will be low-level and somewhat feral.

    Custom fantasy.
    No pre-existing characters.

    (Major construction.)​
    A difficult world where life is hard and magic is harder. Every man, woman, and child can protect themselves, and the common man is never quite common.
    Seeking: Open-minded people willing to make completely new characters. Very complex. Very picky. New characters required, and tools to make themir appearances will be provided.

    Custom fantasy.
    Pre-existing characters viable.
    A city full of short pacifist humans and beautiful jellyfish-like architecture. This city is the capital of a continent-spanning empire, ruled by the aged, titular emperor. The Emperor's regent and granddaughter, is the one who truly rules these peaceful people, but the emperor still has significant power in his old age, and could cause trouble if he gathered enough of his mind to make an edict. People may rarely appear here from other universes, with only the sound of a sneeze and the sensation of falling through a void as their memories of the trip.
    Seeking: Humans or near-humans from settings that are not Pehl-la. Looking to explore the transported character's psychology at the same time as the setting.
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  4. Standalones
    Below are listed my characters who are in standalone settings, or can involve characters
    from many different settings. There aren't many at this time, but more will come.

    Modern Fantasy Setting.
    Pre-existing characters may be viable.
    An androgyne scholar who wants to learn magic, K is prepared to venture even into Witching Country and Hell to learn how to finally use the magic he's studied all his life.
    Seeking: Human travelling companionswho force themselves into his company, or who possess some aspect that interests K enough to derail his journey temporarily.​

    Fantasy setting.
    Pre-existing characters viable.
    Twelve years ago, a young man enslaved everyone within hundreds of miles and turned them against each other. The only solution had been his death. Now, again, it looks as though people are being controlled. It's up to the same ones who stopped him before to find him and stop him-- will they still have the same edge that they had before? Their edge is that his magic won't work on them.
    Seeking: Men and women older than thirty who are neither human nor elf, but something similar enough to pass as either and make a living hunting down those who cause trouble, either from the next country over, or from another continent, or even another world.

    Benjamin Yitch-Bates
    Pre-existing characters viable.
    A young man with Asperger's, struggling with high school. He's nearly done, but his antisocial ways are a problem, since he finds it hard to talk to his teachers.
    Seeking: A teacher, parent, his older sister or a friend of hers from college, or a fellow student who steps into his life and turns it upside down.

    Markke Wrothsen
    Fantasy or scifi.
    Pre-existing characters viable.
    A servant of the crown with a huge stick up his arse.
    Seeking: Throw some ideas my way, I have no idea.

    Ser Edienne Vresk
    Fantasy only.
    Pre-existing characters viable.
    A lady knight who serves her noble father by making appearances at various courts.
    Seeking: Throw some ideas my way, I have no idea.

    The Forest Witch
    Pre-existing characters viable.
    A woman and her young son live alone on a farm in the middle of a forest. Men appear from all sorts of other places when they get lost, sick, or hurt. Ellith nurses them back to health.
    Seeking: Men older than twenty. Romance. Mystery. Suspense. No injuries that reduce mobility to near-nothing. Preference for men who are capable and gifted in some sense, without having too much in the way of unnatural abilities. Males involved in this RP are not from Ellith's setting.

    Pre-existing characters viable.
    A worlds-traveling young man with ego issues is looking to fill a hole in his life.
    Seeking: Unsure. Maybe someone who stumbles across his home, or wants to play around in his past with him. This will take excellent ideas.

    Aldric Roberts
    Modern, Advanced Modern, or Sci Fi.
    Pre-existing characters viable.
    An older man with a temper, deformities, and surprising love is seeking a husband or wife to take care of his young child after he dies.
    Seeking: Males and females over age twenty. Humans, maybe human-like aliens. I prefer people who might be unable to look past his appearance initially.​
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  5. No problems with any of these guidelines, though if my tense gets muddied up be free to kick me in the head.

    Well, you mentioned this in your introduction thread so I decided to see what it was all about. I admit I’ve had problems with 1x1’s in the past, but I’ve also been completely consistent with them just the same. Perhaps a partner who can kick me in the head a few times is what I need? I don’t know. Though I will say it is particularly refreshing not to have the entire responsibility of world-crafting or leading or whatever (basically GMing) for once. That said here’s some observations and notes:

    The worlds section is particularly interesting and your wiki for Saldecia is to the point and easy to navigate. I get the impression that this one is a medieval fantasy(?), something I am particularly adept at handling. Assuming you can help guide some stuff I would be totally interested in involving myself in such creative works. Though I am confused about the “tools to make appearances” bit if in theory we do this thing.

    I could also maybe be convinced in other avenues you have suggested, of course. Lately my mindset is that I just want to write and stop talking about writing if that makes any sense.

    But yeah, open to discussion and all that.
  6. Hey, sorry for the delay (I feel like I'm taking forever to reply). Thanks for coming to take a look. <3

    As for tense reminders, I tend to be gentle on those, though I could be persuaded to be tougher.

    Saldecla is medieval fantasy, and I'm glad you found it easy to navigate-- I always get nervous about that. There are some unlisted details I need to include, but those come up rather quickly in discussions so I'm not too terribly worried. I'm more than happy to help guide, as well. Isn't that part of a GM's job? ;)

    The tools are just dollmakers that suit the feel of the world, because I'm not keen on using art by others that's uncredited and often edited. With doll makers, at least, the style is often just as clear as a signature, and a link can easily be provided for others.

    Right now, I think I'd prefer to discuss Saldecla, since it's hard for me to start out on a site on anything but-- it gives me a chance to explore the site with the setting I'm most comfortable with.

    So, shall we figure out an RP for Saldecla?
  7. Sounds good, but where should we begin with said discussions? I suppose I should read the wiki more or you should feed me such delicious information. Though I probably should have inquiries, but today’s been a bit busy for me.
  8. I usually begin with one question: "Do you have any starting ideas?" and go from there. Right now, the regions I don't have explored by players are Lushzhek, Tradzhek, Fayezhek, Kotazhek, Highpoint, and Hotazhek.

    I'd really like to explore Tradzhek, myself. It's home to criminals seeking to reform their ways, two baronies, and one duke whose heir supposedly ran away a few hundred years ago to become the legendary Hero of Light. There are many rumors about his longevity, and about his close relationship with the monarchs of Saldecla-- typically, if he requests something, it's given without a question.

    Does that location interest you?
  9. Well, if all we have is “small duchy where criminals run rampant and agriculture is archaic” there’s a lot of room to explore ideas and I could be down to explore possible concepts. Though I don’t particularly have any starting ideas yet.
  10. Would you like to think on it a bit while I work on filling out some more of the information I've been naughtily neglecting to include? =)
  11. Yeah, though plot helps for character design as well or supporting characters.
  12. Right, that would be important. I've updated the Tradzhek page, so perhaps that will spark something?

    Sorry if I seem like I'm placing the burden of deciding on you. I don't pre-plan plots for Saldecla because I worry if I tried to list them, it would fill up a lot of space.
  13. Will be reading, though I imagine you’d have a supporting character or a loose plot suggestion to go off of, but given time I can think of something.
  14. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you on this-- my friends demanded I play MC with them when I mentioned that the only way to slow down our powergamer friend was to find a modpock that actively would try to murder him. It worked, and he almost noped himself out until I mentioned it would take a great deal of skill to recover from our losses.

    Anyway, back on topic!

    While I was playing, I figured out a plot suggestion or two.

    1. The Duke is hiring.
      Duke Bloodstar has sent a message to the barons, asking for servants to help care for his home. This job is usually lifelong, though everyone is free to quit. He pays well, and offers quite a bit of vacation time. The last time he was hiring was a seventy years ago. Twenty years ago, the last person to serve him returned to live out the rest of her life with her family and enjoy retirement at his insistence. The two barons are seeking out trustworthy people to send to their liege lord.
    2. Visitors are coming to the Treestand family's barony.
      Specifically, visitors seeking the hand of Henrietta Treestand. Her aging grandfather may not have wealth, but being right below the most influencial duke in Saldecla may have its perks.
    3. Baron Antoine Guillory has gone missing.
      It's not unlike him to go visit the Treestand family, or make the trip out to the cliffs to stave off boredom, but he hasn't been seen in days, and his pregnant wife is concerned. There are rumors that the Duke came to see him not long before his disappearance. Antoine's wife is dealing with his duties as Baron in his absense.
    4. Several of a local shepherd's goats have gone missing.
      The girl is distraught because one of the missing goats belongs to Claude Treestand. She's trying to quietly organize a search party to find it before Claude notices.
    5. Traders are about to venture out.
      With rumors of more goblin activity than normal, they're a little leery of leaving the safety of the barony towns. Sure, once they get through the mountain pass, they'll be safe, but until then, they insist they need protection, or won't go even for ten percent.
    Do any of these appeal to you or give you ideas?
  15. At least you got to do something, I basically had to watch a no budget horror movie that was terrible!

    Here’s some relative character “skeletons” that I could draw up based on scenarios you have given oh so graciously to me:

    The Duke’s Request: I could run a hedge knight or some other loyal advisor from one of the barons that the Duke requests for dutiful service. There’s a plethora of ideas to really grasp from, so there’s opportunity with that.

    The Courting of Henrietta: Never done something like this, could be interesting if I could figure out a baron or count (or their kin) having interest amongst this matter and trying to play “the game” per ce.

    The Missing Baron: This one I could run a particularly skilled ranger, bard, or adventurer to perhaps chase down leads using their contacts or skills. This has again possibilities.

    Merchant Caravan: I’ve run hireswords and all that before, in one of my settings more times than I’d like to admit. But this is another one I’d have a degree of comfortability.
  16. That stinks! Thankfully I've made it so the only people who like watching low-budget horrors with me are the people who know I react badly to suspense, so they'll handle my nervous hole-poking with laughter-- given they've seen the movie already. =)

    The one I'm most interested in exploring is The Duke is Hiring, simply because I need to explore his character and the abandoned fortress city he lives in further.

    I do feel I should explain a few things that I neglected on the wiki (I need to work more on that).

    First, Tradzhek is not large enough to have any of the in-between steps for nobility. It has only a duke, two barons, and about 400 common born farmers, hunters, and families. It is the smallest duchy in both landmass and population. (More information on nobility here.)

    Duke Bloodstar is primarily seeking cleaning and serving staff, though it would not be beyond Baron Guillory's wife to send someone more suited to fighting, since she's new to ruling and in a panic.

    My next favorite is the Merchant Caravan, since that will not only show Tradzhek's culture, but also some of Kotazhek's, and have a lot of opportunities for plot expansion, such as finding other jobs after that one, becoming a lone survivor after a goblin raid, or finding out that the traders are planning to bring back illegal goods-- particularly trying to introduce the drug trade to Tradzhek.
  17. No counts assigned running any of the selected townships or such? I mean, it makes sense and is likely depending on the technological (and feudal) development. But yeah, both of your ideas can bear fruit, and I'm putting it once again in your court and we can go from there since you are the fearless leader of this whole shindig. But playing Crusader Kings II is getting me in the particular mindset for sure.
  18. Barons run the townships, earls get a third of a duchy (in the duchies that have them), and a duchy is like a state. It's a bit simplified, mostly because the land, though varied in geography, is somewhat small.

    Also, fearless leader I may be, but a bit more input would be helpful with finding ideas that suit us both. ;)

    I vote we go for the hiring plot, since that's got my imaginating churning like crazy.

    The duke will be hiring men and women from 13 (early adulthood) to as old as 45 years old. They need to be capable of cleaning and defending themselves should there be a monster infestation (though everyone in Tradzhek is capable of self-defense, to be honest), trustworthy, and unafraid of the cold, since he does not heat much of his dwelling. Typically, the people hired will be those who aren't much use otherwise to the baronies-- the infertile, the clumsy, the lazy. It's almost a punishment, if not for the rather large pay involved-- one year of work gets enough money to support a family of four up to three years if they spend carefully.

    One thing to note, given the self-defense bit-- the most common weapons in Tradzhek are slings, spears, hatchets, clubs, and knives. Most people will carry one or two weapons with them whenever they go out, but always place them at the door of the squat, stone houses when they enter someone's home unless there is severe mistrust. Most weapons are dull, but heavy.
  19. I updated the Tradzhek page again. <3 It looks glorious.
  20. The real challenge for me lays in creating a character and deciding if I want them to be decently combat-oriented since the way I’m starting to think is that it’d probably be more interesting to develop a servant girl or lad who gets tossed over to this duke of yours and develop them from thereon. I just wish I’d have a bow or sword opposed to a club and sling, but I can deal with it.

    But yes, the page does indeed look glorious.
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