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  1. "Moody's talking about something weird again."

    I'm sure a lot of people are confused about some of the terms I throw around, but that's because sometimes, when you talk to one person or a small group of people about one subject, language evolves naturally within that group of two or more, for the sake of communicating more freely with that group. This has happened, I realize, with how I view the multiverse.

    AU n.
    Alternate Universe. This sometimes extends into Alternate Multiverse.

    Beryl n.
    The previous host of the Multiverse. She handed the title to someone younger (Jade) and slowly transfers universes to her successor to avoid overwhelming the new host. Beryl is a complex golem created utilizing different forms of her namesake.

    Choice n.
    Any point in spacetime where the outcome of an event cannot be predicted. To at least an infinitesimal degree, this is without exception every point in time and space simultaneously. Each Choice splits into one or more universe.

    Constant n.
    Any being assumed to live, have lived, or who will live in every universe. Due to the nature of the Multiverse being infinite, these cannot be measured: only assumed given believable evidence.

    Council, The n.
    Former leadership of the Hunters. Well-intentioned at best, these powerful and secretive beings manipulated the fates of many universes, ordered the murder and persecution of magical and supernatural beings, and were charged with protecting Beryl and the Multiverse from the Unifiers and more personal dangers.

    Deities n.
    Supernatural or magical beings that are created by a universal spirit. They affect only their own universe. Other rules work on a per-universe basis.

    Denizens n.
    Beings who live naturally within a universe. They are sometimes created through evolution, direct involvement by the world spirit, or direct involvement of deities.

    Doucha Miez n.
    A moderately-known Hopper. His fame comes from physical clumsiness, positive diplomatic results, and incredible luck.

    Entropy n.
    The chaos and degradation of order and natural laws within reality that will eventually lead to heat death, but which is also the cause of reality's existence. Left unchecked, the systems that rely on entropy within the Multiverse will lose entropy and enter heat death.

    Eyes n.
    Also called Gift. An all-seeing entity bound to a Hunter named Twiggy and all of his offspring. This entity is a branched consciousness, and each branch is mostly unaware of the others, but share the same goals.

    Firstborn n.
    Beings of great power that preclude all other life in the Multiverse. Their existence is not widely known.

    Hopper n.
    A denizen of one universe who travels into another, either through their own will or otherwise. In order to travel, they must form an unconscious contract with the current Multiverse that swears they will not seek to destroy existence.

    Hopping v.
    The act of moving from one universe to another through a variety of means. Hopping slows the separation of the universes from each other, relative to the starting point and destination. This delays the onset of heat death and extends the life of the Multiverse.

    Humans n.
    The most common intelligent species in the multiverse, and most likely to cause trouble.

    Hunter n.
    A supernatural/magical being that is at least half human. They have super strength and senses, wield enchanted silver weapons that burn magical and supernatural beings on contact, and wear long dark leather coats with numerous pockets of many sizes. These strong warriors once served as unwilling pawns for the Council, but now serve Jade as willing agents.

    Jade n.
    The current Multiverse host and leader of the Hunters. She was given the Multiverse at 8 years of age by Beryl, and took control of the Hunters in a violent but secret uprising that involved the Council's own Shadow Stalker servants.

    Jerriko n.
    Father of Jade. Hired by Reaper Lord to judge the dead. Hired by Beryl to manage Hoppers before Jade took control.

    Jikei Narisawa n.
    A well-known Hopper famed for his control of plants and allegiance to Jade.

    Judgment n.
    After death, a denizen, deity, or world spirit comes and stands before Reaper Lord, a reaper, or Jerriko to be sent to either a reward or a punishment before reincarnation. A person's judgment appears to them as it would in their personal beliefs. To those with no personal beliefs about death, it appears as a waiting room.

    Merging v.
    The forced combining of two or more universes into one.

    Multiverse n.
    (1) A collection of worlds (universes), formed originally by unknown means. (2) The title for the person who acts as host to the Spirit of the Multiverse. (3) The Spirit of the Multiverse, formed by the coalescing of deceased creation beings.

    Ozymandias n.
    A little-known Hopper capable of impossible feats, such as defying death and altering reality.

    Portal n.
    A temporary or permanent connection between universes.

    Portable Portal n.
    An object that looks like beads on a string held in a carabiner. When the beads are aligned to the desired coordinates or position in its use history and it is thrown against a flat surface, it forms a portal for its user.

    Reapers n.
    Beings that work throughout most of the multiverse to harvest the souls of the dead and bring them before Judgment.

    Reaper Lord n.
    The primary judge of the dead. To those who do not have beliefs about death, he appears as a great, beaked being who is ten feet tall.

    Reincarnation n.
    All souls under the jurisdiction of the Reapers are reborn after they have been given their earned rewards and/or punishments.

    Shadow Stalkers n.
    Living shadows created by the first Multiverse. The Council took control of them when they began, and Jade took control back from the Council the same day she liberated the Hunters.

    Time n.
    Movement through the fourth dimension. Universes move through time at different speeds, and the speed between two universes can be equalized by opening and maintaining a portal between them.

    Unifiers n.
    An organization that exists to recreate the "true universe" by merging the multiverse together. They believe the existence of the Multiverse is a sign of the coming destruction of all things.

    Universe n.
    One system within the multiverse, not accessible to other universes except through hopping. Also called a "world".

    War, First n.
    The first war between Hunters and Unifiers. Hunters won after great losses on both sides. Unifiers went into hiding. This took place during Council rule.

    War, Second n.
    The second war between Hunters and Unifiers. Hunters won with no losses after allies arrived. Some AUs exist where the Hunters lost because their allies were sabotaged. This war took place after Jade took leadership of the Hunters, but AUs exist wherein Jade is not present to take control.

    World n.
    A single universe.

    World Spirit n.
    The spirit of a life-bearing universe or planet. This spirit shapes the development of its location through its unconscious mind, though conscious efforts may yield stronger results. They go through sleep and wake cycles that vary drastically, though most spend greater than 60% of their lifespan sleeping. The death of a world spirit will lead to heat death unless another world spirit takes their place either through a denizen receiving the role or offspring of the world spirit comes of age.

    One world spirit may have multiple universes or planets, and one universe or planet may have multiple spirits.
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  2. About the Unifiers

    Omni-Universal Militia for Unity (Unifiers, OUMU).

    OUMU is an organization that seeks to undo the damage to existence that stems from the existence of a multiverse. To prevent the coming heat death, their intent is the careful combination of all universes into one.

    Originally founded by its original president, [NAME], this group has been passed down to new leadership when the current passes away or becomes incapable. A board is called into attendance and they select seven candidates from all branches. From these candidates, any member may place up to three votes, and when the process is complete, the the board calls the highest-voted individual and interviews them. If the interview goes well, that person becomes the new leader, and the rest are invited to become members of the board.

    Teal is the primary coloration of the organization, stemming from an outdated theory that teal was the average color of the universe from which they originated. It represents that although everything shifts and there are ugly things, the joining together of all things into one will create beauty.

    Although OUMU originates on a world where technology far surpasses that of 21st century Earth, they prefer to operate from a massive station that exists in the void between universes. The local scenery looks similar to TV static.

    This station houses tens of millions of individuals, and is powered by a super-battery that requires a full board meeting for the president to gain clearance to view the files about the battery.


    Hiring Practices:
    Unifiers have three primary hiring practices. Most common is a resume and interview. The second most common hiring practice is contract work or on-site training that leads to full employment. Finally, the rarest method of joining the organization happens only to POWs. These POWs are given a choice to join the Unifiers.

    All hired individuals go through three months of training camp (similar to boot camp in a traditional military) where they are taught the skills they may lack (reading, writing, math, et cetera) and brought to understand and appreciate the reason for the Unifiers' existence. The process is called 'reeducation', but is often torture and brainwashing.

    Firing Practices:
    Low-ranked individuals within the organization may quit or be fired with modest severance pay. High-ranking individuals may not quit, and 'firing' often means 'firing squad', given the heavy classification of certain information within the organization.

    Those who make the choice to join the Unifiers may approach any OUMU group or branch and find work. They are similarly supplied with food, bedding, and other essentials for their stay.

    All members have full and free health care, excepting purely cosmetic procedures. Dental and pet care is included with a member's health care, and their children are similarly included until the age of thirty. Any member permanently disabled or scarred during service is eligible and may volunteer for experimental treatments.


    Two enemies of the Unifiers are known: the host to the consciousness of the Multiverse (simply called the Multiverse). They do not know the current host's identity, but are away the host can watch them if they do not use proper shielding.

    The second and more immediate enemy is an organization known as the Hunters: an army of supernaturally-powered super soldiers bred from races both monstrous and magical. The Hunters seek to bring a stop to the Unifiers for unknown reasons, though are often reported calling Unifier soldiers 'murderers', 'idiots', or some variant thereof. The Hunters have recently gained the ability to spy on the Unifier organization as well, though shielding prevents much of this.

    Each Hunter has a healing factor well behind those of humans, and can regenerate entire limbs. Even decapitated Hunters can be saved from death by placing the two stumps together and holding them in place for roughly fifteen seconds.

    Most Unifiers can identify a Hunter by their jacket and weapon of choice (all use silver-alloy daggers), and are aware that Hunters begin to bleed from the nose when presented with a magic-based being. A Hunter's flesh burns on contact with silver due to silver's natural magic-canceling properties. Injuries left by silver on a Hunter will heal very slowly, though the injury will be self-cauterizing.

    Finally, all Unifiers are trained to know of the cruelty and lack of emotions present within each Hunter. They are taught that Hunters are specially bred war machines in humanoid form, and that a Hunter with emotions and interpersonal relations is impossible.

    Unifiers seek peaceful cooperation with the universes they plan to fuse, specifically with any intelligent life forms. Toward this end, they often send teams to assist these natives and gain for OUMU a positive reputation.

    OUMU also possesses several military branches: foot soldiers, machine teams (tanks, etc.), air forces, water forces, and a special force comprised of 'unnatural' beings such as elves, fae, ogres, vampires, demons, and other magic-based beings. These branches often work together or independently in combat to either protect their allies or to conquer nations who resist their 'gentle' approach.

    This organization also possesses the only known technology that can block the sight of their enemies, the Hunters, from reaching the Unifiers. This technology curves and confuses the vision of the viewer until they believe they are looking at emptiness instead of a planet.

    Their secondary method in dealing with Hunters is overkill: or would be, if Hunters were not near-impossible to kill. Most often, the Unifiers capture the downed Hunters and offer a choice to join. Regardless of their answer, surviving Hunters are brainwashed over the course of five years.

    The last method, specifically for dealing with Hunters, involves performing scientific studies on those Hunters who opt against joining OUMU. These experiments are kept classified from any low-ranking members, and are primarily used to investigate new ways to kill a Hunter, attempts at discovering how to breed functional Hunters, and attempting to find the limitations of a Hunter's abilities. Often, these attempts resemble torture.
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