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  1. I think it would be more damaging if she even kissed Garret while he was in there.
  2. Astorath carried Melody and her cereal up to Lyra's room.
  3. I was under the impression we were waiting on you. I can post soon, if otherwise.
  4. Why is there a manga about World Leaders playing Mahjong?

    I feel like the Japanese read All Quiet on the Western Front and took that joke about World Leaders playing chess to settle wars a bit too seriously.
  5. The Schutzstaffel Slipshoe
    The Luftwaffe Loafer
    The Panzerkampf Pantofle
    The Hitler Heel
    The Master Race Moccasin
  6. Looks like so far we have @Nomad-22 , @LuckycoolHawk9 and myself interested in playing under you in this @Gands .

    Is there a comfortable level of number of PCs here for you? I find 4 is good and more than 6 tends to drag as we wait for replies.
  7. Glad you like it! It was a character after my own heart since I still have plenty of VHS tapes laying around the house in boxes,drawers, etc. Figured I'd make a character who was both nostalgic for that era of media and wanted to do something with his collection rather than let it sit on a shelf and gather dust.

    If you'd look around Rewind's apartment, you'd probably find Betamax/CED/Laserdisc stuff as well. But he wants to treat those with kid gloves as while you can find plenty of VHS tapes on Ebay, MUCH harder to find the latter two.
  8. Her blush got darker, and she let out a cute 'eep' in surprise at what her crush was suggesting. "Lunch...right. Um...clothes. Lets dressed first..." with her wondering if she should try and see if Yura would be interesting in dating her for real....but how? She did not want to risk ruining their relationship or current 'dating for experience' thing. " you want to go flying or something after lunch. Or we coming back here?" She knew if they came back they probably have sex, not just have a date or hangout like mentioned before. while flying did sound steam would come out of her ears....
  9. Jaqueline ( Jack ) Rao Burton

    Daughter < illegitimate > of Sir Richard Burton. English Explorer

    Aparent age 25-30
    Level Street
    Origin India, 1860's

    5 ft 7 inches
    Green eyes
    Long Black hair

    Intelligence 5
    Strength 3
    Speed 2
    Durability 3
    Fighting ability 4
    Ranged 1


    Ritual Magic. Jack knows several forms of Thatamaturgic Ritual magic from India, China and all parts of the East. Ritual magic's however take time to prepare.

    Evocation Magic. Skilled with Water magic, but only enough to produce water and some minor healing.

    Linguist. She speaks several languages. Primary among them, English, Hindi, Persian, Sanskrit, Latin, Mandarin, Arabic and Spanish.

    Scholar of History, specializing in ancient India and Ancient China

    Has been trained in orienteering by her father. She has survival skills for forest, rain forest, Jungle, & Desert.

    She is an expert in Martial arts, secret not quite abandoned arts of India, arts of the Monks of the Himylayas, and of China.

    She is an expert swordswoman.

    She runs well and has good endurance running skills for an Victorian Woman.

    She has good social skills and charisma, thriving in social settings on three continents.

    Gifted with a Wizards constitution and long life.

    Gifted with a matter dissolving Curse
    This curse is centered on her hands and the soles of her feet.
    It doesn't work on anything made of Bamboo, cold Iron or Silver of any type.

    Jaqueline was born in India, daughter of Sir Richard Burton and an Indian woman who was a practicing Wizardess. Not gifted with a great deal of wizardly power but being a very smart woman, She raised young Jaqueline in a very open minded and adept manner. When Jack came of age, she had the opportunity to meet her father. He was convinced of her genuiness and took her to England. In the few years remaining of his life, he took her to all manner of places, introducing her to the great smoke filled halls of other Victorian adventurers. Visiting Egypt, Persian, Hong Kong and parts of Africa.

    He died when he was not yet 21. She was still voracious for knowledge and studied antiquities in Edinburgh. She picked up languages like other women shop for jewelry.

    When she graduated she traveled extensively, coming again to China. Finally running afoul of two feuding Chinese Warlords. Neither of which got any of her attentions in a positive manner, she thought them both perfectly fowl. Fu Man Chu and Lo Pan. Both Feuding over her. Fu started to try and woo her, to no avail. Lo Pan tried brute force... again.. to no avail, partly due to Fu's interference.

    In the end Fu Man Chu was able to drive Lo Pan off. But, he could neither bring himself to kill the woman he secretly loved...and hated... or let her go to the possibility of Lo Pan capturing her.

    He had her cursed, a powerful thing. Then had her bound and placed in a powerfully enchanted Silver cabinet with many odd locks and protective magic, expecting her to sleep an enchanted sleep forever, thus depriving Lo Pan.

    Lo Pan had one last trick to play.. He too both loved and hated Jaqueline. As much as that, he hated his rival Fu. He put many thousands of silver coins in the bottom of the cabinet. Two Enchanted blades and a set of expertly crafted robes made of Bamboo thread, white with entwined gold and Red Chinese Dragons. A Webley Pistol crafted of Cold Iron and a small bamboo box of Victorian Business cards.

    When found in the incredibly intricate Silver Cabinet, she will be in an Enchanted sleep and will wake up when it opens.

    Two enchanted swords from ancient India
    Expertly crafted robe made from Bamboo thread
    A small treasure of old Silver coins from China.
    Box of Victorian Business cards hand crafted in Hong Kong.
    One hand crafter Silver and Cold Iron hand gun resembling a Webley Pistol from the Victorian Era.


    @Ringmaster @Michale CS
  10. I guess that is about it for tonight? I am kind of surprised your awake this late as it is...although I guess both of us can sleep in during the morning so its not much of a problem.
  11. Alright Michale CS I'm game for the attempt. I have a storyline in mind. We can set this up after this weekend if you'd like !

    @Michale CS
  12. "Nothing new in alchemy?"
  13. I think there might be? I mean all they would really have to do is put hibiscus instead of roses. :^)
  14. Oh sure, start the stream at the time when I just wake up, getting ready for school. > > xD Well, it's Corpse Party, so a great dodge for me.
  16. sorry about yesterday. Started working on something and wound up greatly losing track of time.
  17. Hey look! It's me! XD

    Anyways, I'm gonna try to get a post up today in the Gotham FP and might join up with any plots going on that Spidey would seem fit for.
  18. I call dibs on Winn Schott
  19. Talia Al Ghul

    Human, DC earth, Chinese & Arabic decent

    Apparent Age 25-30

    Intelligence 5
    Strength 3
    Speed 2
    Durability 4
    Energy projection1
    Fighting skill 6

    Race Human
    black hair
    Brown eyes

    Talia has had access to the Lazarus pits during her lifetime. This has affected her body in several ways.


    Talia has had access to any number of things both magical and technological during her career.

    Advanced degrees in Biology, engineering and Business ( MBA)

    Expert hand to hand
    Expert with guns
    Expert with Swords.

    Capable with disguise
    Capable with poisons
    Trained in acrobatics and parkour
    Is an exceptional human peak athelete.
    (( more to come ))