Monreau's Daemon



Timeless Moreau

Damion Moonborn

This is not living. I am forced to feed on the lives of others in order to sustain my worthless existence. I an no longer truly alive, though I am not entirely dead. It feels as though a part of me died on that day though, I have never been truly happy since it happened. I am not sure if I can remember if I can remember what happiness feels like. The trill my affliction gives me at the sight of fresh blood, and the ecstasy of its taste are merely shadows of true joy, fleeting moments of pleasure at best.

My story in an old one, but is far from unique. I was turned against my will, cursed to feed, which I do only because I must. Abstaining leads only to an uncontrollable bloodlust. I only hope I can keep my sanity, as so many others before me have failed to do so.

Character Name: Damion Moonborn
Gender: Male
Job/Roll: Rich landowner / property developer / Vampire
Age: It is nearing his 203rd Birthday but he looks to be in his late 20s
General appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: To reclaim his humanity, or find something close to it.
General Personality: Raised as a European gentleman time has weathered his aloof snobbery down to just a mild detachment from those around him. He spends most of his time in his mansion outside town and noone has seen him outside in daylight. With few friends outside his business contacts there are rumors that hes hiding something in his mansion. A few ave attempted to break in at night to confirm this and sometimes never returned. Is face to face conversations he is reserved and uses a mixture of old and new English adding to his general reputation as a weird recluse. Deep inside he burns for a connection with others, but given his 'affliction' is afraid that he'll hurt anyone who gets too close.
General History: Born in 1806 to a wealthy family he was raised to adhere to the strictest manners. And like any suave gentleman of the day became a hit with the local ladies. (it didn't hurt that he was a distant relative of some royal family or another). One fateful night he was on his way home from a night out at the local inn with the other young gentlemen when he was dragged into and alley and fed upon. As he lay dieing the vampire told him of his fate and gave him the name Moonborn, telling him that he could never return to his family again. He caught a ship going to the Americas and within a few years had a plantation. Now he used his almost two centuries for experience to develop land across the globe.

Colette Moreau

A paino plays in the night as images of victorian dancers and whimsical musicans frill the night with endless melodies. Alone in her own light of sound and pure solitude Colette Moreau lives in a world distant from her own. Her days are blurs of motion with no meaning as her domiant family pulls the strings of her heart and life.

She longs for something new, something forbidden, yet worthy of her complete devotion. Nothing in her life has filled this void without stripping it of all its worth. Terrifed of even saying the word love Colette moves into each new day wishing for the night, and her time to be alone.

Character Name: ))) Colette Moreau
Gender: Female
Job/Role: Part time clerk at an Antique Shoppe
Age: 25
General Appearance:

Current Goal/Purpose: Move out into her own place
General Personality: Sweet but shy, quite but once she has opened up she'll shine. She loves to try new things and is very curious about how things work and the history behind the items the store sells. She read a lot of history books and is a huge fan of ghotic art, fashion and historical myths. She is relucant to trust people in fear of being hurt again. She's been very unlucky in love.
General History: Colette was deeply in love once and wanted to marry a guy but he cheated on her and then died with the girl on a ski lift in Germany. She was torn from being cheated on then completely lost from his death. She finds it very hard to date and has since not. Colette is from a very wealthy family that hates that she works. She lives under the pressure from her mother to marry money and to stop working. Her mother dominates her life and her older brother tries to hold the mother off her back, but its not always easy. She has one older brother, Sterling and one younger brother Simon, he is a closet gay, hardly ever home.
"Colette? Colette?" A womans voice filled the empty store as she weaved in and out of the historical collections and some great knock-off items. "Oh there you are" Patting her hair the older woman smiled and touched Colettes arm. "Well Im leaving for the night deary would you please drop the safe and lock up I have to meet the girls at El Toro for drinks, Im sure you understand." The woman smiled again and patted Colettes arm again. Colette just stared at where her hand had been and remained silent and very so obident. " Well, goodnight love" and with that the woman left the store and Colette followed after her to lock the door.

"Night.." Colettes voice floated in the night air as she sighed and heard the click of the door. Smiling to herself she nearly ran to the victorican piano near the front window. She closed the curtains just a little bit and then sat down. Her face was glowing as now she had the whole place to herself. Her fingers held above the ivory keys, her eyes closed and the softest melody came to life. Chopin filled the air as her fingers glided across the black and white canvase before her. Nocturne was one of her favorite. A smile gave way as her eyes closed and her playing completely engrossed her. It was in this late hour that she felt most alive.
“Yes I understand, If its so worthless lower the asking price........ I have already offered you fifteen percent above market, I'm not going any higher...... Yes understand but this is a bossiness deal …... yes that is agreeable ….... yes I'll get the papers to... just a second.”

Damion lowered the phone and pricked up his ears. It was a soft sound, most likely wood and string, something he didn't hear that often anymore... skillfully played too, whoever was at the keys was certainly playing with real passion.

“Yes we have a deal, my people will send over everything, now I have something else I need to address, good day sir.” he hung up and exited the luxury saloon car he had been sitting in and looked around the lonely street. It was late enough that almost all of the small shops had closed and the only open one close enough to be the source was an old antique shop.

The bell above the door jingled as Damion stepped through the doorway into the quaint interior, He didn't wish to disturb the pianist so he simply listened while he perused the items on sale, unfortunately most where not even worth looking at, but one item caught his eye. High on a shelf an old wooden box inlayed with brass, beautiful rosewood, definitely old, definitely familiar.

Slowly he reached up and with a little stretching brought it down from the shelf and turned it over in his hands. “Excuse me.” he called out standing in view from the piano.
"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Colette screamed and stood up knocking over the piano bench and all the music books inside it spilled out. Holding her hand over her chest she was panting as she tried not to cry. "You... you scared me" she stutterd as righted the bench and started to collect the books.

"I thought I had locked the door, but I guess.. I guess I didnt.. um were closed sir" Colette looked up at him with an arm full of Chopin, Mozart and a few others. She was shaking a little but blushing all the same. Her hair fell forward and she tucked the wayward strands back. Her hazel eyes danced in the soft light. "Um Im sorry to scream.. oh you want to buy that.. I have notes on it just a second okay." Colette set the books down and hurried behind the sales counter. "We have note on nearly ever item in here, let me see if I can find it." rustling of papers and the opening and closing of a drawer could be heard. The she popped up and blushed again. He is so cute. She thought. "Um, yes here its, its part of an estate, but the date is rather hard to read." Colette swinted but wasnt able to see it.
“Cailot.” he said

“Cailot estate, belonged to Maria Cailot when she married....” he strained his memory. “in 1796.” he stopped surprised at himself, he almost never though of his parents, let alone spoke about his mother to total strangers.

“Umm... yes.” he hesitated “My apologies, yes I would like to buy this box.” he smiled. “I couldn't help but notice you play extremely well,” he indicated the piano. “It has been longer than you will believe since I've heard nocturne played like that. If I may say so. you do the original justice.”
blushing from head to toe Colette lowered her eyes to him and smiled. "I studied under my grandfather many years ago.. shall I wrap it up for you then?" she offered quickly trying to change the subject. A car could be heard stopping out from and the door chimed again as a well dressed man walked in and looked concerned.

"Colette Ive been trying to call you.. why are you still open you know that.." the man stopped talking as Colette walked around the counter. "Excuse me please. "

Tugging slightly as her brothers sleeve she moved him away from the customer. "would you just calm down, Im making a very good comission off this sale, so dont blow it for me..Im almost done." she huffed and it was very cute her trying to be mad but she was still blushing as she went back to the counter.

"So um we have very nice wrapping and its all free.. may I" she asked him softly as she reached for the box.
Damion hesitated and turned the box over in his hands looking at the bottom. He nodded slightly and looked a little relieved then handed it to her. “Please do.”

He nodded to the man in greeting and took out a leather checkbook from the inside of his suit jacket. “I hope you don't mind, my cash is in the car. Erm.... How much is it?”
"Um not at all really.. its umm $2,351.00 just skip the tax, its rolled into the price.." Colette was praying that he wouldnt mind paying that much for it. She wasnt good at haggiling and with his good looks she was very tempted to let him just have it.

"Ah Colette, may I see you a moment" her brother asked in a pissy voice

Nodding to him she looked at the stranger and touched the top of his hand that was holding the check book. "Ill be right back"

Rounding the counter she looked at her brother. "What is it now,? Im not going to rush him.." With a strern glare he eyed her. "Look I only came down here as a favor to mother, I dont have time to wait for you and watch you filrt instead of doing your job, that ended over an hour ago. Im not waiting any longer I have someone waiting for me and your not gonna blow it for me, you can take the bus for all I care, Im outta here.." And with that Sterling left the store. Blinking and her heart racing Colette sighed and tried to look composed as she went back to complete the sale.

"Im very sorry you had to hear all that my brother Sterling can be a bit tense, he has work to do or something Im not sure..Ah I have a store stamp so you wont have to fill in the name." she smiled at him again and took in his nice clothes and wonderful scent.
Damion paused, this girl, this pianist, was certainly paying an interest towards him. More than might be appropriate. By the time she returned he had filled out everything except the name, he had neglected to read the name on his way in. The girl seemed to be stranded since her brother left, an opportunity? Perhaps.

“If you are unable to get home my car is nearby.” he said smiling warmly, “It would be no trouble.... Miss.....?”
Damion paused, this girl, this pianist, was certainly paying an interest towards him. More than might be appropriate. By the time she returned he had filled out everything except the name, he had neglected to read the name on his way in. The girl seemed to be stranded since her brother left, an opportunity? Perhaps.

“If you are unable to get home my car is nearby.” he said smiling warmly, “It would be no trouble.... Miss.....?”
*He wants to know my name? But why, Im nobody*. Her mind was rambling on as she confessed her name.

"Colette" she spoke her name softly as her smile slowly fell away. *Whats wrong with you, dont take ride from strangers just call the house and they will send Norman its no big deal.*

"No, no I want to trouble you, I can walk" her heart sank as the reality sank it. What the hell had come over her? She never acted like this, and she never upset Sterling. *Just be calm he will leave soon. *

"I can stamp the name in, thanks again. I should really lock up now" she made no eye contact as she placed the expertly wrapped item on the counter in a purple sack with velvet ribbons. The name of the store in golden letters flickered in the soft light.

Colette sighed and made her way to the front door where she opened the door and waited for him to exit. "thank you again sir, it was very nice to meet you even at this odd hour." she looked down and tried not to be nervus but it was very hard and she didnt know why.

*Dont look at him just dont look into his eyes, its a trap. But he's so cute.. shut up he's coming..* Her heart and her mind were playing a sort of tag team on her emotions.
Damion reached under his jacket and pulled a watch out of his pocket, itself a priceless antique. “I might have to insist.” he picked up the package and walked towards the door pausing just outside.

“It would be no trouble, I was planning on talking a little drive anyway.”

A short distance away a large black Bentley waited, there was no sign of a driver so Damion must have driven it himself. The windows where darkened, even the windscreen was slightly tinted. The entire vehicle seemed to give the impression of class and wealth, but at the same time an aura of dark deadliness hung about it.

He walked a little way towards it the package cradled by one arm.

“Well if you're quite sure...” he began walking towards the car slowly.
Colette gave him a soft nod and watched him leave. His car was very nice but her family had one too. It was white and Norman drove her mother around in it all the time. Letting out a soft sight she closed up shop, grabbed her things and set the alarm. Colette hated the short walk from the alley to the sidewalk especially at night but now she had no choice.

She looked around and side stepped a few puddles as she walked as quickly as she could in her heels toward the faulse shelter of the poorly lit sidewalk. Just three or four more steps and she would be there, then she could try and call Sterling and beg him to come back for her. What had come over she thought as she just about rounded the corner and onto the sidewalk. Her pale pink heels clicked softly as she silky fabric of her dress swished. It was pink just like her shoes with hints of silver and white. It was her favorite.

Sadly her thin white shawl did nothing to keep her warm and sure enough she was showing that she was very cold. Colette tried to cover up but it was pointless. Dipping into her purse for her cellphone Colette stopped looking ahead and instead scanned her purse for her pink blackberry.
Damion opened the passenger side door and put his mother's box on the seat. He would find a special place to put it once he got back. For now he could feel the thirst, it had been two days sice he had last fed, any longer was to tempt fate. He got into the back of the car and closed the door. It was impossible to see what he was doing but we emerged seconds later wearing black jeans and sports jacket.

Damion slipped into an alleyway and began searching. He could smell the girl. Perhaps it would be her after all. He moved in the shadows almost invisible. He was not sure he was going in the right direction to find her, but someone else was bound to be around.
Colette fumbled around in her purse and at last found it but as she pulled it free a few other things fell. Her compact, wallet, lip gloss and pen scattered around her feet. "Oh dang it.. not now" she was ignoring everything around her as she started to collect her things. "Eww.. why is that gewwy.." she spoke mostly to herself in a soft whisper. She had no way of knowing that she was no longer alone. Colette thought she heard something and looked up. A shadow moved but then she wasnt sure. Shoving the things back into her purse she failed to see her wallet was the only thing left in the alley. Hitting speed dail she called Sterling. It rang and rang as she stepped out of the alley. Shaking and with her purse still unzipped she looked around. Something was really making her feel like she was being watched. "pick up, pick up.. please Sterling.. please.." she whispered to herself.
A hand scooped up the fallen feet silently moved forwards. Over a century and a half of practice was on his side. He sniffed the wallet, it was hers alright, he could see her now he was so close he could hear her breathing. She was hurrying now her ear glued to her phone, she was almost in reach and yet he could still not be seen. He moved ahead of her ready to cut her off.

Something stopped him, she should not die like this.... perhaps it was the melody she had played, or her connection to the box.... he couldn't tell.

He stood a little way ahead of her, perhaps she would see him as we went past, perhaps not, it didn't matter.
A sudden chime made Colette jump as an incoming call rattled her. She thought she felt something near her but let it go as she took the incoming call. "Where the HELL are you?? I have been waiting for you... why havent you called are you alright?? Colette answer me before I call the cops.." Colette pulled away from the phone as the rant nearly filled the block with noise.

"Shh.. mom.. mom.. Im fine, I ran late thats all.. mom .. mom please.. mother please!" she screamed into the phone. "Look just send Norman okay and hurry Sterling is mad at me.. and well Im alone here in front of the shoppe.. please mom..I love you bye" Letting out a tired sigh Colette put her phone away and went to zip up her purse thats when she noticed her wallet was missing. She dug around for it but knew it was in the alley. Looking around again she felt like she was still being watched. "dang it" she muttered as she walked back into the alley to look for her wallet.
He could hear her coming he had no doubt that she was after her wallet. He held it in his hands caressing its soft surface. This was his second chance, something he usually didn't get. They where alone in the alley. She was so close it would be easy for him to have her before she knew what was happening. One moment there was nothing but empty alley, the next there was a small sound behind her, but when she looked there was nothing, and as she looked forward again Damion stood in front of her as if he had always been there.

“I believe you dropped this.” he said holding out her wallet.
Colette jumped backwards and whimpred. "dont.." raising her arm to protect her face. She hadnt even really taken a good look at who it was but the thought she was being mugged. Blinking she took a few steps back. That voice she knew that voice. Colette tried to see who it was but it was so dark. "hello?" The sound of a car filled the still night air. Forgetting all about her wallet Colette bolted from the alley as the car came to a sudden halt. "Home..take me home please." Colette got in the white Bentely and looked out the window, all she could see were eyes.. but who's?
Damion stood there, more than a little confused. In his hand the wallet was still being offered to someone who was no longer there. He could have had her blood, but why hadn't he? He exited the alleyway and opened the driver's side door putting her wallet next to the package. He would have to find someone else to satisfy his thirst.

Back at his mansion he examined the wallet, there was enough here for him to find here again, even though he just needed to go back to that shop. He pushed it aside and opened the package before turning the box over in his hands. It was in decent enough shape and... He pressed a small metal stud on the inside that opened up a side panel. Yes he would see her again if only to find out why he hadn't fed on her..