Monreau's Daemon

"No.. dont try and tell me that Ive changed.. Ive never been normal.. Ive never been happy and now.. this.. no.. its a lie your lying..just go away... everyone and everything can just go away.." As she spoke she flung off his coat and started to yank the IV out and other wires. Alarms were going off as she got out of bed on unsteady feet.

"Dont.. just dont.. I dont need you or anyone.. everhherr." she was still to weak to be moving as she was. She held onto the door frame as the nurse started to come toward her room. "NO!! dont.. dont you dare.." she hissed at them and they backed up scared to death. Colettes eyes changed as she moved. Shaking and very unsteady she ran down the hall to the stairs. She didnt go down, she went up instead. The heavy door slammed as they called security and well anyone that would show up at 2 in the morning. Colette reached the roof top and the wind took her hair. She closed her eyes and felt more alive then ever before. She felt wild and savage, she felt bitter and mean.. things she never expressed before. Things that only demons must feel..
Damion of course followed her, there was nothing else he could do. He approached her slowly and stopped a few few meters away from her, in the moonlight his white shirt seemed to glow softly and the wind buffeted his form and pulled at the jacket in his hand. He didn't move he just waited, he could hear the others on the stairs but they had easily outdistanced them and had a few moments.

"Colette." he called out.

"How does it feel?" he asked indicating the cityscape around them. "You can see better, darkness cannot fool you. The night is out domain." he smiled revealing with fangs, "do you not feel it?"
"why? Why me? She asked. Colette wanted to hear him say it. She had to know more. Why me and not someone else.. why not let me die, I have no life worth living. I have no one to love no one to obey. Is that why? Could you see all that in the store? Am I that transparant? It is isnt it.. It was your car that hit me.. you wanted me dead, but with you forever.. so now Im trapped.. forever.

Colette wasnt sure what to say now. She was cold and tired. She felt alive but lost. "I wanna go home. Sterling can take me home now.. Ill be good I promise. Ill obey him okay. I can do that." Lowering her eyes to him she walked toward the many footsteps coming from stairwell. She had almost reached it when she stopped and looked back at him. "I can go right?"
"I'll leave that up to you, but I couldn't." He hadn't moved all the time she had been walking, but now he turned to face her, "I saved for the same reason I didn't kill you in the alley. You're not like the others." He slipped something out of his jacket pocket and threw it, metal glinted as the locket flew through the air towards her. "It was in the box... and now its yours.

He turned away and walked towards the edge of the roof seeming to disappear as he did so but his voice lingered. "You know where to find me."
The door from the stair well was flung open as Sterling came running toward her. "Oh dear God Colette.. get me a blanket. Are you alright, are you hurt.. " Colette blinked as Sterling picked her up and the medical staff helped get her inside.

"I want to go home Sterling.. please take me home.. please.." she begged him as he told the nurses to wait outside.

"Coe.." it was a nick-name he gave her as a child. "Coe its best you stay here.. your not stable honey and well.." Colette started to cry.

"But I want too.. please.. I hate it here I dont feel right please.. " he hated to see her cry and just like always it worked. Within twenty minutes they were in his car heading him. She had been quite the for the whole ride.

"Coe? Colette are you alright" he asked her as they drove. Nodding to him she fixed the scarf around her neck covering the bandage. "Im fine.." she was lying to him but he was so tired he let it go.

"Look just dont tell mom okay" she asked of him as pulled into the driveway. Taking her right hand he smiled. "Your damn lucky that Damion saved your life, I almost lost you today and I wont ever let that happen again, you understand. Now come on you need some ice on that wrist." He smiled as he kissed her forehead and got out of the car.

The house came to life with a busy of activity even if it was almost 5. In her room Colette looked at the pink and blue of the sky and closed her curtains tight. Sitting on her bed she held the blue gel pack over her left wrist. It was hard to take in but she knew what she was now and there was no going back.

Sterling was an angel and took care of this mother, and the staff for days after she came home. Colette had not left the house at all. It was now moving into her second week and at long last she agreed to work a late shift at the store. With the necklace on that Damion had given her she sat the piano and looked at the keys. She could pay it yet but it was nice to be alone in the store again. She hadnt stopped thinking about him and where he might be. Had he mean the alley? Or the roof top? She wasnt sure. All she did know was that she was getting sick of hidding.
Two weeks Damion waited, the deal with Sterling had been concluded and the next phase was waiting to mature. He had gone to see her sometimes, but never up close. He needed to be sure he had done this for the reasons he though he had.

He opened the boot of his black Bentley and pulled an irregularly shaped box towards him, he undid the latches and opened it, the smell of varnish greeted him as he lifted the violin out of its case. Unseen he moved into the alley and shouldered the old instrument and began ti play. It was the same tune she had played the day he had first entered the shop, she would know it was him.
Colette was about to leave the shoppe for the night when the heard the music. An instant blush filled her cheeks as she grabbed her sweater. She couldnt get the backdoor open fast enough as she fumbled with the locks. Once open light from within the shoppe flooded the alley. She saw his shadow and the music stopped.

"I know its you.." she smiled and stepped toward him. She was shy but very happy to see him. She couldnt help but run toward him and wrap her arms around him. It felt like a lifetime since the last time she had seen him.

"Im sorry for hidding for so long. Ive just.. I mean.." Colette struggled to find the words as she looked down. She was trembling agian. There was something about him that thrilled her and scared her. It was a wonderful sensation.
He heard her coming, is the light found him he lowered the violin and smiled at her silhouetted form. She ran to him and the arm holding the bow returned her embrace. "I was worried you wouldn't come." He said when he was able to find words. To have her close to him filled him with feeling, feelings that he hadn't felt in so long, feelings he though lost forever.
"I.." Colette went to say something but stopped. She just clung to him as she buried her face into his chest. She seemed smaller then before. Weak but still standing and it was clear that she thought the same thing.
"Colette..." Damion began "You must come with me." she had lost weight, she hadn't fed,\. But there was no time now, beside she could feed where they where going. "You should lock up here and then we must leave. No time to explain, just trust me this is important."
Nodding Colette let go of him and quickly locked up the store. She came back out with her sweater wrapped around her tight. It was impossible to say but from the looks of it she was extreamly cold and tired. "Damion, I.. " she went to say something as she walked with him to his car but stopped. She was suddenly shy and very quite, not sure of where they were going but she didnt want to challange him by asking questions.
Damion walked over to the back of the car and put the violin away before walking up to her. He was weak with hunger, but there would be blood where they where going. "Come." he said opening the front passenger door for her, there will be food there, you'll feel better once you've eaten. "I um.... did not know your size." he indicated a box containing an evening dress on the back seat. "You can change when we get there.."
Colette blushed as she soon as she took note of the box. "Where are we going? Ive never.. I mean no one has ever.." she was blushing as she got in. Her mind was racing with where they might be going and why. She waited for him to get in and as soon as his door closed she moved into him and kissed him quickly and softly on the cheek.

"Thanks Damion, I dont even know what it looks like, but Im sure its perfect.." she blushed again and she fiddled with her seatbelt.
After she had kissed him Damion looked away and out of the window. He was still listening to her but ho couldn't allow himself to become invested in her, not yet, not until he was sure. He put the car in gear and drove in silence.

He seemed to know the way well and they where soon in front of the most exclusive club in the city. Noone who wasn't on the list ever got in and most didn't know what the inside looked like. But tonight it seemed people from all over the country had gathered, dressed to the nines in old fashioned ballroom gowns, evening dresses and bright colored jacketed. A valet opened the door for Colette and helped her from the car while Damion retrieved the dress and then took Colette's arm and walked her up the red carpet to the front door.

"Mr. Moonborn, a delight you could make it, your attire is prepared, and who have you brought?" said a very proper looking man standing in a black suit with long coat-tales.

"Gabrielle, this in miss Colette Monroe, we will be announced together. She not on the list, but shes new blood."

"Very well, she may change in the third room on the left." he indicated a passage to their right, "Well well well, Damion Moonborn has turned someone, this is indeed unusual." He made some notes on a clipboard, "I wish you both a marvelous evening."

With that he moved on to the next group waiting to enter.

"Colette, I'll meet you over there above the grand staircase, do not enter the main hall without me." he walked down the oposite passage as the one indicated to Colette.
Colette looked around again and Damion was gone. The place was flooded with men and woman in ball gowns that were just dripping with jewerly. "This way darling, you must be new.. come one this way.." a womans voice filled the hallway as couples came and went in all directions. Colette felt a woman tug at her arm and the next thing she knew she was in a massive dressing room.

There were a few other women in there, all of them beind helped into their dresses and wigs. It was really a sight. "Now then, who are you and well do tell me everything.." the woman was already opening the box and gasped when she removed the lid.

"Oh dear God, are you with.. I mean no man has ever.. this color and you.. its perfect.." The woman took out the dress and the rest of the room fell into awe.. Their voice fell away into whispers and giggles. "Now sweet child who, are you with? Your arrival must be noted properly, Im sure you understand, I mean after all it is my duty to be in the know, of well.. everything.." the woman smiled as Colette just stood there.

The gown was like nothing she had ever seen before. It was a deep blue with diamonds and lace. It was the most wonderful thing she had ever seen in her life. It matched her hair and eyes perfectly, and it fit like a glove. The woman kept talking as a younger woman came over and helped zip up and lace up Colettes gown.

"Ah you are just a sight my dear, now come come tell me the name of your.. well your ah whats the word?" she looked around the room at the others, and they all smiled and laughed. "Master is it?" she asked out loud.

"my date?" Colette offered but from the response of the others she fell silent once again.

"Oh please" her comment was tossed aside along with her street clothes. "You wont need that anymore anyway, your one of us now my pet.. umm you do have a fine scent." The woman caressed Colettes neck line as she helped her with her hair. "ah so young and umm fresh." her voice was softer now as she circled Colette.

"No darling dont be fightened.. my name is Vivian, you can call me V or Viv, either one is fine, Ill do anything I can for you alright. Now do tell, who can I thank for bringing such a wonderful gift to this party?" she mused as Colette started to shake.

"Im.. I mean Daminon brought me.. althought I dont know his last name, Im Colette... Colette Moreau."

The woman who seemed so warm and comforting stepped back and looked shocked. "He is here Damion.. are you sure?" she looked angry but then tried to cover it up. "So a Moreau are you.. that name sounds familar, hmm.. well let get you back to your prince shall we." her tone lacked all modesty as she stepped out into the hallway with Colette at her side like a throphy wife. Her eyes were keen on finding Damion. Boy would he have another thing coming to have brought fresh meat and never said even a word to her.. how long had it been now.. Vivian's mind was going full speed as she tried to smile at the terrifed Colette. It was so cute to see her fear, it was also very arousing.
Damion entered the changing room, it looked like a study with changing screens and there where already several others. He went over to where his attire was laid out and began to change.

After a little light chatter he exited the room and began searching for Colette and had been waiting for a couple of minuets near the grand staircase when he spotted the dress he had picked out for her. She looked exquisite is it as she walked towards him, but there was someone beside her someone familiar.

"Vivian.... its been too long." he greeted the older vampire with a slight bow, "And Colette you look wonderful." his eyes switched from one to the other.

"Well Damion, it HAS been too long." Vivian said her voice going as smooth as silk as she change from holing on to Colette's arm to Damion's, she signaled the announcer who called out. "Annoucing Damion and Vivian Moonborn." Vivian then pulled Damion along with her down the grand staircase into the main hall and out onto the ballroom floor.
Colette was trembling and was about to stay something to Damion but he was stolen away from her by that damn woman. What the hell was that she thought but without warning some very very old looking man took her arm and smiled. "Now then whats your name young one, we cant have you walking around her by yourself, you need someone to enter with.. now lets have a look at you.." the old man dressed up in a vintage tux with tails spun her like a doll. "ah very nice, well choosen I must say.. I know just how to have you enter with.. one moment dear girl.." the elderly man walked over to a group of men all dressed nearly the same except for variations in color combinations and facial features.

The elder man smiled at her and nodded as the man he was talking to seperated from the group and walked over to her. "My my, and who do we have here, its tragic that you are alone, let me remedy that for you..and your name ?" he gave her a winning smile as the old man waited to hear it as well.

"Colette Moreau.." she was blushing as the man took her tiny hand and set it upon his arm. He smiled at her and whispered. "Now just smile, everything will be just me." he flashed a smile as other guest turned to watch them enter.

"Announcing Lord Berkingham and Miss Colette Moreau" the elderly man stepped back and off they went down the steps. Whispers and hussed converstaion filled the room. Lord Berkingham patted her hand and didnt let her go. He wasnt about to let her go just yet. He thought of the fool that let her slip away with an evil smirk. As they walked he nodded to a few other guest all the while making sure Colette was guled to him. In her fear that wasnt a problem, she had lost sight of Damion and was willing to go with anyone that was kind to her. Little did she know his reputaion.
"I am here with Colette." Damion said as he danced with Vivian, she had arranged everything exactly as she wanted them, this had even been their favorite dance.

"Not anymore Damion, look who you're dancing with." They stopped talking as Vivian ducked under a bridge formed by Damion's and the man in the pair next to them's arms.

"How long has it been Viv?" he asked as he spun her around.

"Too long, you don't want to know the effort that went into getting you here. You've been absent the last few times."

"If I had known they where for my benefit I would have stayed away."

"Damion you wound me." She said as their faces came close together in the final step of the dance. "How I've missed you scent."

Damion bowed to Vivian and turned around to find Colette but Vivian latched onto his arm and steered him towards one of the tables. "Wouldn't leave me hanging again would you?" she whisped into him ear, her action awakening memories. "She'll be fine, I just want to talk for a bit."
Lord Berkingham danced with Colette as many other guest smiled and blushed with a glow Colette had never seen before. The room was filled with so much light and color that she felt faint and tried very hard to keep up with her partner. He could feel her sag in fleeting moments and slowly worked them off the dance floor. Once over near the bar he smiled and wrapped his burly arms around her pulling her into him.

"You know, If I had known you were going to be here I would have dressed up." he smiled a goofy smirk as the bartender came over with two goblets. "here you are Lord Berkingham, enjoy.." the bartender winked at Colette as she was handed a glass. She looked at it with complete fear.

"Ah come now, lovet.. just try it, it will bring new life to you Im sure of it.." he touched her cheek and helped her put the glass to her lips. It had a strange smell to it and it was warm!" she tried to stop him but it was useless. He smiled and touched her face and neck over and over as she drank a little at a time and then found herself gluping it down. She licked her lips and he smiled. "Ahh see I knew you needed to fee my pet.. here have some of mine.." he handed over his glass and kissed her forehead as she drank. Suddenly Colette felt happy and blushed as she set the second glass down on the bar.

Giggling she nuzzled into Lord Berkingham and he ate it up, he started to kiss on her neck and lick at her ears. She was enthralled by him and he was taken in by her. Colette had no idea what she was doing. Her heart was racing as she allowed her eyes to close and the music swelled in her ears. All she could feel was him mauling her. She didnt even care..
"You have to admit, we did well together." Vivian said her hand finding him arm, her eyes found his and locked on. She seemed almost venerable as she sat facing him. "Just tell me one thing... Did you miss me?"

"I did." Damion admitted placing his hand over hers, "You where, and still are an exceptional woman. I would be lying if I said I felt nothing for you. Even after everything." she had drawn his eyes he hers, and they looked at each other with such intensity as to look into each others' souls.

"A walk in the moonlight?" she asked him, standing up and gesturing towards the open gardens behind the building. Damion stood and took her arm in his, she didn't have to steer him this time as they walked arm in arm, her leaning against his slightly, a look of triumph on her face that wuickly gave way to a shy smile.