Monreau's Daemon

"Why didnt you call me sooner?" Norman asked as he took her home. "Not now okay, just drive.. please.." Colette was quick to remember her manors. She relied on this man far more than any other right now. To upset him would be a huge mistake. He watched her in the rear view mirror as they rounded the bend into the Highland Estates.

"Well at any rate Im glad your home." Once the car stopped she didnt even wait for him to get the door for her she bolted from the car, up the steps, ignored the butler and hit the stairs at a full run to her room. "Colette! what on earth?" her mother was ready to talk to her but was never given that chance. A door slam was all they got as Norman walked in. "She said nothin to me either.." he said as he knew he would be asked. Crossing her arms her mother left the room and the others went to bed.

Upstairs in her room Colette went over and over that voice in her head. She had a feeling that she knew it was the man that bought that box, but how? He had already left. Or had he been watching her? She would have seen him right? And her wallet.. "damn" she sighed, he had it now. Some stranger with all her information. It was late so she turned in for the night but it wasnt for a restful sleep. Riddled with nightmares she tossed and turned all night.

Morning came to early and she wasnt willing to get up. The phone rang and she picked it up. "No.. no Im gonna stay home today alright, oh yeas that box sold, he paid full price, yeas thanks.. ok bye" hanging up Colette hid out in her room till almost 1 pm.
It was early morning before Damion had finished. The locket that had been hidden inside the secret compartment now gleamed with its former luster. He had decided what to do with the wallet, and it would be picked up with all the outbound post. He had simply put it into a small cardboard box and wrapped that in plain brown paper. There was no return address and even though it seemed rude to him he had not invaded a note. At least he knew a little more about her, well her family at least.

A while later, closed in his study he tried to concentrate on a very lucrative deal and yet his mind kept wondering. She might have identified him by the name on the check, and if she had then recognized him in the alley… He needed to be sure she hadn't recognized him.
"oh Colette.." her mothers voice filled the air with artificle frill as she entered her room without knocking. Slunking at her window Colette was in no mood for her mothers fake presence. Colette was still thinking about that voice from the night before.

"Oh come, come now darling you have been hidding out in her all day.. whats wrong sweetheat..?" her mother didnt really care she just had to act like she did.

"Nothing.." Colette lied as she moved to her dressing room. "Im going out, please ask Norman to bring around the car." Closing the door between them Colette fixed herself up in no time and left the house. Her mother followed her trying to get more information but failed. Once in town Colette went to collect her check and to double check the alley thinking that just maybe, the events from the night before were only a dream.
Damion never slept, even if he wanted to he couldn't. He felt fatigue after strenuous activity but that always went away after a short rest. Though even if he did sleep at this moment he wouldn't have been able to. Something had gotten under his skin, there was something about that girl, Colette, that had prevented him from feeding on her. It had never happened before and he needed to know why it had so he could make sure it would not happen again, but to do that he needed to come face to face with her and do what he couldn't the night before. It would be dangerous to go out at this time of day but it could be done if he was careful.

A short time later outside the shop the black Bentley parked in the shade. Inside Damion waited wearing his usual suit and dark glasses. If he could see her again he was figure he could figure out what it was that had happened.
"Thanks again" Colette called back into the store as she beamed with her well earned check. "yes.." she said to herself as she crossed the street and went toward the bank. In short order she was out agian crossing the square heading toward the alley. Her hair bounced in the small pony tail she had it pulled up in. Her Juicy sweatpants fit her like a glove and matched, her pink top that also carried the name, Juicy. She only wore them to make her mom happy, and they were cozy but she never did like being branded by lables.

Colette felt a bit chilled since she forgot her sweater in the car so she rubbed her arms and walked into the alley. With her arms crossed for warmth she scanned the cobblestones but there were only bits of trash and a half eaten sandwich. That must have been what she had touched the night before. It was pointless, she would never find it now. And to top it off the bank deposit had already been made and not a single person looked at the check. There was no way of knowing who it was that bought the small box, she was just out of luck.
Damion saw Colette exit the alley, something about her locked his eyes to her. He could not exit the car but he wanted to talk to her. No if she saw him she would know... but know what? He was being silly. She was human, and even if she wasn't he had best avoid her. Connection to anyone was dangerous. He had to get out of there.

With a loud roar the engine started and the Bentley moved off down the street, he would have to drive past here but that couldn't be helped, it was the fastest way out of the sidestreet.
Colette's mind was still thinking about her wallet and what was inside it and who she'd have to call first when she stepped off the sidewalk. She wasnt paying attention at al;. The sound of an engine filled her ears as a UPS guy called out to her. "Hey..wait" he tried to grab her arm but just missed it. Standing in the street she turned back toward him. "what?" she asked him and then looked straight ahead at the car comining toward her. She was frozen in place.

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Tires screeched as Danion hit the breaks, but he was just a fraction of a second too late as Colette has knocked off her feet and rolled off of the bonnet. The UPS guy quickly knelt beside her and then looked up at Damion who looked frightened and hesitant to leave the car. "Hey buddy." called the UPS guy,

"You hot someone.." Damion's door opened and he stepped out into the sun and opened the back door.

"Get her inside, I'll take her to the hospital." he said and the two of them got her and her bad onto the back seats.

"You're now just going to leave her somewhere are you?" the UPS guy asked half serious.

"No, we know each other, I'll make sure shes safe." he said and quickly got back into the driver's seat and closed the door. He didn't even know where the hospitals where in this city, he never needed to visit one so he began his search.
Colette lay very still for a while but she was breathing. Slowly very slowly at best she moaned and tried to sit up but a horrible pain washed over and she whimpered. "" she was confused and hurt not even sure where she was. She tried again to sit up as her fingers wrapped around the drivers headrest. "Ster.." as all she said before she whinced in pain and held her wrist. She could taste something and it was blood. Licking her lips she touched her mouth and saw blood. What just happened. It had to be a nightmare. Everything seemed very dark from where she sat.

"Norm?" she tried again. Was she dreaming she wasnt sure. "what happened?" then again she whimpred and curled up in the backseat. It felt just like the one her family had, maybe it was dream and if she just closed her eyes she would wake up back inside her room, safe and sound. She fought to keep her eyes open as she looked up at the driver. A pain gripped her a she held her wrist and blacked out.
Damion kept driving, he had been burned by the sun but that would clear up in a few hours. He didn't watch where he was going. Eventually he came to a hospital and found some shaded parking. "I need a physician!" he called out beckoning to two nurses who where exiting the front door. They looked at each other in confusion before calling a stretcher when they saw Colette.

In the reception area he was explaining what had happened when he was presented with forms.

"Please sign here sir." said the nurse behind the counter.

"I can't." he said simply freezing in mid sentence.

"Someone must sign her in before he can start treatment, I'm sorry but its policy for non-emergency cases."

Damion signed, it was and filled in his own name. "If you would like to wait there is a guest area down the passage."

He found himself following her gesture and taking a bench in a small room near where the doctors where busy putting a cast on Colette's wrist. "We gave her something to knock her out for a couple of hours, after that she'll be fine except for a few bang and bruises." A doctor finally said coming up to Damion. "Shes pretty lucky to have someone waiting for her, the drugs will leave her disoriented and someone beside her she knows will really help."
Colette slept for hours as her cellphone buzzed away with dozens of missed calls. Some were from friends, others were from her brother, her driver Norman and ofcourse her mother. All her strange behavior from the night before and now her going missing all afternoon was cause for alarm. A nurse walked by with one of the doctors and they were talking.

"Well I know that, dont you think I know that, let me have another look at the girl, Sterling and I go way back, he should be here.. r" the nurse nodded as the doctor had already gone into Colettes room. He looked at her chart and took her vitals. Something was a miss and he hit the red button, instantly three nurses and other doctor flooded the room.

"Get in here now, her heart rate is to high.. get a crash cart in here.." the room was a firestorm of activity as they worked on her. As soon as she was stable she was wheeled into surgery.

As they wheeled her down the hall Sterling crossed their path.. "COLETTE!! Oh my god, what happened.. whats going on.. who did this to you..??" he tried to stop them but it was to late they wheeled her beyond the silver doors at the end of the hall. A nurse stopped Sterling. "they found a blood clot we have to get to it or she will die, please wait here, we will let know you how she is doing as soon as we can.. the man that saved her life is in there" she nodded toward the waiting room and then held her sergical mask over her face and went back to Colette.

Sterling was sick, his whole world was his sister and after he had been mean to her he felt just awaful. He had to know who it was that saved her life... he had too. He walked into the waiting area scanned the room. His heart was racing...
Damion waited, his face in his hands. He only looked up as Sterling approached. Damion easily read his face. "Shes not going to make it is she?" he asked before Colette's brother recognized him.

"Damion Moonborn!" he exclaimed, of all the people he hadn't expected it wasn't this business partner. "The doctors say there is a blood clot, it was there before this happened, but its going to kill her unless they can cut it out."

Damion looked into Sterling's face he could see the uncertainty and fear mixed with the pain at the thought of looking his sister.

"Do you trust me?" he asked.

"What!!?" Sterling looked confused.

Damion hug a hand on his shoulder. "Sterling, I can save her. Do you trust me?"

"The doctors..."

"Do you trust me?"

"Yes, if there is anything you can do to help her do it."

"Then get me in there alone."


"I can save her life."


The two moved down the corridor just as the doctors came out, tired looking and not exactly cheerful.

"Doesn't look like... Sterling, you can't go in. Shes sleeping."

Sterling looked at Damion is surprise, Damion just smiled at him and walked around the guards, without being noticed an the well-lit corridor.

Inside he looked at Colette, she was lying on the bed, waiting to be moved to the ICU.

"Colette, I'm sorry but I have to kill you." he said softly, but you won't stay dead." he was standing over her and with one hand cleared away the hair from her neck.

"This is the only way to save you."

He peeled away the gauze covering the stitches, musing that withing two hours it would be gone without a scar, the only scars she would get today would be from him.

He slipped his mouth around her neck, feeling her soft skin then her blood gushed into him. He didn't take enough to kill her but enough to turn her.

He spluttered as the drugs in her blood hit his system buy he took what he needed and staggered away from her bed. He felt giddy, he couldn't walk. He stood leaning against the wall, Collete's blood dripping down his chin, breathing heavily. He could only hope he wasn't too late.
Sterling was pushed aside as a nurse fought with the curtain and flung it back. "what the??" the nurse stepped back covering her mouth. Blood was everywhere. "She's waking up hurry!!" she called to the doctor. "Oh my god.. she must have... I mean dear lord.. quick get some guaze we have to stop the bleeding.. Oh my god she's going into shock."

The doctors and nurses worked fast as the room was flooded with white coats. "Who could have done this.. Sterling your insane! Get him out of her and patch her before she bleeds out completely.. what the hell is going on around here, is it a full moon or what?" the doctor asked. It was more to himself then the staff.

Colette was very weak but stable so they moved her to a quite room on the top floor. It was only for the very rich. A complete floor filled with staff for each person. With a private elevator to the heilpad on the roof for discreet exits and arrivals.

Sterling was shaking in the hall as he watched them take his sister. He felt sick and lost it all over the wall and two chairs in the hallway. So much for his power lunch. A nurse came by and helped him sit down away from the mess as help was called to clean it up.

"I know its hard, but she will be alright. Sterling you have to be strong now, she needs you more than ever." Sterling nodded and sipped the water she gave him. "Wheres.. wheres.. Damion.. he was just here.. I saw him." He tried to stand but the hallway weaved in and out of focus the stress was really doing a number on him.

"Sterling that other man left, he must have felt guilty for hitting her so he left.. but in truth he saved her life. Just wait here Ill get her room number" The nurse left him alone to get the room number, leaving Sterling confused as he sat in the hall. Everything was like a bad dream.. a horrible nightmare. He said he trusted the man, but with what? His money, that deal.. oh dear god his sister! His eyes grew wide.. what had he done?
It was done, in a few minuets her heart would stop and second after that she would wake up. Damion was no longer at the hospital, he had left to recuperate from the drugs in Colette's blood. He would have to visit her, to tell her what she now was, to warn her about the sun. He only hoped he had made the right decision.
The staff went into a full panic as Colette's heart stopped but then started beating again very slowly but steady. It was very strange but at least she was someplace they felt they could help her. Sterling was by her side as the hours crept by. Nearing midnight Sterlings cellphone rang and he already knew who it was. After a few words with his mother he returned to her side and kissed Colette on the forehead.

"Sleep well dear sister, Ill be back in the morning, they will take good care of you here" Sterling hated to leave but he had too. All the lights were dim as the staff respectfully kept their voices low as he left. "Call me the moment she wakes up alright" a nurse nodded. As soon as the elevator doors closed a nurse giggled as the other two laughed. "Girl please give me that remote that girl is out to the whole damn world." the nurses turned the tv on and then turned their backs on Colettes room.

Her eyes flickered opened as she thought she heard Sterling saying something but when her eyes opened the room was dark and she was alone. Alone and very scared. One moment she as walking near the square and now she was in this place. It was cold and dark. What had happened? No one was around and she felt cold. Nothing felt the same, nothing smelled the same. She could feel things and hear things, it was surreal to her the way the night seemed to welcome her even if she was scared it felt right, but why?
He couldn't help but return, even when he has out of the hospital he could feel her. When she awoke he was there, noone had seen him enter and even if there had been anyone else in the room, they still would not know he was there. He hesitated to speak. Could she forgive him for what he'd done. He had turned her into a monster. He sat still on his perch an the corner watching.

When she opened her eyes he went to her, a shadow of a shadow is the dim light, but perhaps she would see him.

"It feels different, it will always feel different."
She spoke softly almost a whisper but she knew he could hear her. "will it always?" In her heart she already knew the answer. It was all meant to be and in some strange mystical way it was something she had always wanted. She wanted something so powerful and unforgiving yet something that might set her free. To scared to ask she let her eyes speak for her. Looking toward him her eyes begged for reason as her body screamed for warmth. She was trembling as her body temp started to fall. Her teeth were chattering as she hugged her knees.
Damion put his jacket around her, "Yes, always. I'm sorry I had to do what I did but it was the only way." he paused, sitting on the bed in front of her. "There are a few things you need to know. The sun will hurt you, more than a few seconds will kill you." He looked at her with an expression of worry. "Do you know what you are?"
Colette shook her head still not understanding him fully. "It was you wasnt it?" she asked him chaning the subject as a way to avoid the truth. "It was you that night, you saw me and it was your eyes in the shadows. You were there all along, werent you" her voice fell away as she hid inside his coat. It was giving her a comfort that she didnt expect.
Damion looked at Colette, "I doesn't matter weather it was me or not. What matters is that you've changed. But I think you've already felt that. When it happened to me I was told what was happening while I was still dieing. Your family will not understand. It will not be long before the doctors come, do not let them run any tests, just leave as soon as you can." even though he had his eyes on her he had been avoiding her gaze the entire time. "It is important you must understand wht has just happened."