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  1. Solaris flickered in the distance. A puff, a second, and then the small yellow dot faded into the blackness.The last star in the universe had died and light with the physical world ceased to exist. Reality plunged into nothingness yet time tread on through countless years. An eternity passed, then a flash. A radiant spark then another. More joined and soon the sky was filled with brilliant, snapping arcs. They danced and grew to encompass all things before vanishing in a thunderous clap. A behemoth painted grey blinked into existence. A ship of humans, time travelers, and the first of their kind.


    We will play a group of humans. The last from their universe but able to travel through alternate realities. This will be a soft-science RP where anything could exist. Ghosts, magic, science, and everything else in between. However, at the end of the day this is a Sci-fi RP about a crew looking to return to their own reality.

    We come from a world set in the near future of our own. Like I said this will be soft science so we will be playing the rules of time and space recklessly and impossibly.

    Anyone interested?
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  2. Sure, why not?
  3. What would the writing level happen to be?
  4. I'm not the best writer myself but somewhere between adept and advanced.
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  5. Then colour me interested. c:

    Science. <3
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  6. Cool. We will start when we have five or six, including myself.
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  7. Nice. When the OOC goes up I'll start on a character. Not that I already have something in mind... >__>
  8. Might be interested. I like time travel RPs
  9. Sounds interesting. I haven't done a time travel centered roleplay yet.
  10. cool. I'll get started on the OOC and IC Sunday evening.
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  11. I'd like to see the OOC too!
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