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  1. Teachers have lives too!
    I based this idea kind of (but not limited to) the anime Junjou Romantica, and possibly Sukisho (haven't watched it in a while though XD)

    (Warning: This is a yaoi.)
    There is an all boys school, but rather than focusing on the students, we focus on the teachers, in and outside of school. There can be student characters but only a few. Relationships could form, drama can surface, anything can happen in this private academy.
    Here's where the fantasy comes in. This is completely optional and can be voted out but some of the teachers and even students aren't completely human, they are half human, half supernatural, each having one (non-op please XD) power. So they have to struggle to keep this a secret. They are all also unnaturally beautiful.

    Demons can have a sadistic, manipulative, lustful side. They have a demon form which usually has bat wings and horns.

    Fallen angels are vengeful and can have sort of a god complex. They have black angel wings which can merge into their backs to stay hidden.

    Vampires are blood sucking, seductive creatures. When hungry their eyes turn red, their fangs can retract.

    Kitsunes are fox spirits who have no morals and tend to hold grudges. They have a fox form and can even have fox ears and tails out in human form if they wanted. The number of tails determine how strong they are (no more than 4 please)

    Hebi are mysterious snake spirits, who can turn into snakes.

    Bakeneko are mischievous yet graceful cat spirits, who can turn into cats.

    Inugami are hyper and rebellious dog spirits, who can turn into dogs.

    jorōgumo are spider spirits, who can turning into spiders.

    Warlock (still working on this one)

    Remember that they are only half supernatural, half human, or completely human, there are no full supernatural characters.

    (yeah that's all I've got for the yokai information XD lol)

    (I must ask that illusions and mind control not be included in the powers, they are too op and ruin the fun.)

    Again the supernatural part is optional and can be voted out if it seems like too much.
    (If it's voted out then it will be put under modern.)

    I'm looking for:
    Active, long term people
    One or more paragraphs (no one liners)
    Correct grammar and spelling in IC (though everyone makes mistakes. I'm not strict about this just no txt language in IC please)

    Despite the anime, sex scenes should not go into detail, I don't want to put this under mature.

    Anyone interested?


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  2. OMG, I'M IN! Wanna do a sexy vampire teacher. >:) Ah... is there a character limit? Because I'd like to make one uke type character and one seme type character. X3
  3. YAY XD we shall fangirl together on the ooc if we can get enough people to start it XD
    Hmmm, lets make the limit 2 =3
    I'll put up a sign up sheet if enough people think this is interesting.
  4. Yay! XD

    I-I... really want to make a student? Would that be alright? know...*nudges* teacher student relationship... X3
  5. Yep thats perfectly fine XD I was hoping to have a few of those lol
  6. *cheers* XD
  7. I'M MAKING A KITSUNE!!!~~~~

    An over adorable teacher - w - He is going to be the Grown Honey Senpai...
  8. But badass as well o - o" His sensitive part is his ears...touch them and he melts x.x
  9. Lol sounds good to me XD I'm making a kitsune as well XD I'm excited, if we can get a few more people we can get this started =3
  10. I have submitted a banner for this, @Gladis did an amazing job creating it ♥♥♥ XD
  11. Im going to have to decline on this one.

    I can not do guyxguy rp. Especially romance. Im not homophobic, i just can't get into the character if that makes sense ? o.o
  12. That makes perfect sense, Wolfsin. ^^
  13. I'm not a homophobe, but automatically being called that if you're not interested in guyxguy things kinda irked me ^^'
    Just wanted to say that, not participating though.
  14. I understand completely =3
    Oh, I didn't mean to offend anyone. I didn't mean that if they didn't like guyxguy they were homophobes it was a warning to those who actually are, but I see now that it looks that way, thank you. I'll change it right away.
  15. I'm in. Not sure what I'll do, probably a vampire. *has a whole storage of vampire characters*
  16. Yay XD
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  17. Sinopa... do you think we could add more supernatural species or...? X3
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