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  1. Shining Armor walks through the streets of Ponyville with his wife Cadence walking at his side. Princess Celestia had called the two of them to come from Canterlot to Ponyville as quick as they could but didn't give a reason as to why. The two of them had no idea what the Princess wanted or what had taken place just the week before and how much disorder the event had caused.


    The sheer thunderous noise of breaking the sound barrier echoed through the valley. But this wasn't your usual Sonic Rainboom. No, no. This was a Blazing Redboom. A red and black pony was streaming across the quickly changing landscape, a red stream of color and a path of fire trailing behind him.

    "WOOO-HOOOO!!!!!" his elation-boosted voice resounded over the plains he was now in.

    There was only one problem: he was getting closer to Ponyville already.

    "Aw no..." he said sadly. Then he braced all four hooves in front of himself in an effort to brake. Deep furrows began appearing through the dirt, but it was to no avail. He skidded the last mile into town, before crashing through 3 different apple trees and implanting himself firmly in a 4th.

    "Of~ course I get stuck at Sweet Apple Acres... again. Big Mac won't be happy with me."
  3. The skies were clear as a dark blue pony with black hair and green eyes zoomed through the clouds. He was obviously a Pegasus, but he seemed to have a horn as well. He was the son of Princess Luna; Dark Stars. But he was a happy stallion, very outgoing and a joker. His cutie mark was that of a joker card itself. He was fully grown, but not as tall as Celestia, his aunt. She had never met her nephew let alone knew about him.
  4. A young male unicorn from the Ponyville academy walks the streets with his back pack on. He looks up at the sky as he's walking just admiring the beautiful day. He then sees a dark blue pony jetting across the skys at top speed.

    Then the young unicorn hears some sheer noises behind him and looks to see a red and black flash figure zoom by him at what seems like the speed of light. He sees AppleBloom who is one of his classmates getting home around the same time and sees her moving into pathway the red a black figure is heading in a little bit. The young male unicorn dashes ahead at top speed and flings himself on top of AppleBloom to pin her down just seconds before the red and black figure jets through and crashes through a few of the apple trees and going through and getting stuck in the trunk of one of the apple trees. The young unicorn after the red and black figure comes to a hault due to getting stuck in an apple tree can see that it's a pony. He puts his hoof to his head and then looks to see how the apple trees faired.

    AppleBloom still pinned to the ground under her classmate blinks her eyes having just witnessed the red and black pony's crash says to the young unicorn. "I sure appeciate you saving me. Golly..that was plum close."

    The young unicorn looks to his classmate and says "Yeah. You're welcome Applebloom. Anytime."
  5. Dark Star was relatively new to Ponyville, so he had no idea what he could do. He landed and began to walk around, searching for any familiar face. Many heads were turned as they saw his mother in him. He never wanted this attention but was tired of being alone. He never had much social skills, so he had no idea how to talm to other ponies. he spotted a blue mare with a rainbow mane; could that be the famous Rainbow Dash?
  6. Rainbow Dash who was watching over the clouds of Sweet Apple Acres that day had just seen the crash landing finish of the black and red pony's efforts and the young unicorn saving AppleBloom and hoping that AppleBloom and the red and black pony are okay. She then turns to see the dark blue pony looking at her.
  7. Once Dark Stars saw her look at him he blushed. He looked the other way and desperately searched for an outlet to escape. 'Why did I even come here? I'm never going to fit in!' he thought as he started to back away.
  8. Rainbow Dash sees him backing away and says "Don't be nervous. I won't do anything. Is there something I can help you with?"
  9. Dark Stars began to stutter and looked as if he was going to cry. "I...I...I...uh...I...," he stumbled over himself. He'd been raised alone, so it came to no surprise that he had no socail skills. He closed his eyes then opened them, giving himself a pep talk. "I'm Dark Stars...son of Nightmare Moon," he barley was audible.
  10. Rainbow Dash having had her ears trained to hear very quiet talk because of Fluttershy's conversations with her being so low in volume is able to hear him even though he's talking way soft and says "Nightmare Moons son huh? Wow. That sure is a supprise. But cool. I'm Rainbow Dash. It's very nice to meet you buddy. I warn you to watch out for my friend Pinkie Pie if you don't want much commotion. Believe me. She is like the queen of parties. It's her special tallent. Hense her cutie mark is one of three balloons. You'll know her when you see her though. But yeah welcome to Ponyville."
  11. "Thanks for the heads up. I've always wanted to meet you, I've heard so much about you...I wish I could be as good as you when it comes to flying. They say you've perfected the rainboom, I've perfected what they call the shadowboom. It's hard to do and it's dangerous," he said. Confidence was growing within Dark Stars.
  12. Rainbow Dash "Anytime my friend. And really? Well I thank you that you think I'm that good of a flyer Dark Stars. It means a lot considering them." She points to the wonderbolts zooming by and says "The Wonderbolts are the best flyers in Equestria. I'm hoping to become one of them someday." She then turns back to Dark Stars and says "And the shadowboom huh? cool. I'd like to see it sometime my friend."

    Rainbow then glances back down and sees big mac comming out to the orchard and says with a slight laugh seeing the red and black pony still stuck in the apple tree "This should be good."

    Applebloom sees her brother comming and says to her unicorn friend "Here comes my brother. Boy is he going to be mad seeing all this."
  13. The unicorn Skye Steamheart was walking through Ponyville, looking around curiously since it was her first time in a town like it. Her smallish hooves barely made a sound, being that she was small for her young-adult age. She looked much like a teenager with her short and curly dark brown mane and tail, intertwining gears for a cuteymark. She had a smile on her face as she trotted around, watching and studying the various ponies she saw.
  14. AppleJack comes out to the orchard first thing while big mac goes with granny smith out to the barn. AppleJack sees the red and black pony stuck fast having shiskabobed an apple tree of their's and sees the other ones that were damaged and or knocked down after being crashed into and says "What in tarnation happened here?"

    AppleBloom still on the ground says to AppleJack. "He couldn't stop in time again sis. It was an accident."

    AppleJack looks to her little sister and goes over to her and helps her up and brushes her off saying "Heh. Well accident or not sense those trees have been damaged we have to pick all those apples off of them and sheer them of there leaves so we can use the wood. But anyway you okay little sis?

    AppleBloom nods to AppleJack and puts her arms up and around her sisters neck.

    AppleJack pulls AppleBloom close to her returning the hug and then smiles at her little sister and says. "It'll be okay. You'll see."

    AppleBloom nods again and says "Okay."

    AppleJack walks with Applebloom over to the barn to tell Big Mac what had happened over at the orchard.

    Meanwhile SweetieBelle is walking along the streets of ponyville heading home from the academy on her own sense her older sister Rarity, due to a huge order requested of her, didn't have time to pick her up from school.

    SweetieBelle spots a new pony of the unicorn species as she is walking ahead of her just checking out the other ponies. SweetieBelle then noitices the intertwining gears cutie mark on the dark brown mane and talied unicorn and thinks to herself. "I wonder what kind of talent she has to have an interesting looking cutie mark like that one."

    She then looks to see Pinkie Pie skipping down the street with Mr. and Mrs. Cake's twins strapped to her back and happily playing with them and SweetieBelle says to herself. "Heh..As usual Pinkie Pie is merrily happy with everything it looks like."
  15. Dark Stars walked passed Rarity and SweetieBelle, and towards the sweet shop. He wanted to know every single shop here, his confidence having grown. He now held his head high.
  16. SweetieBelle doesn't notice Dark Stars pass her at first but looks back behind her a few minutes later to see him entering the sweet shop.

    Rarity rushing around on different streets trying to gather what was needed to make the dresses that we're ordered from her not even noticing SweetieBelle walking the streets as well and by herself even though they're slightly paralell from one another.
  17. Skye smiled a bit once she saw Pinkie Pie, recognizing her from a stain-glass window at Celestia's palace. She kept walking though, continuing to look around and map out the town in her mind.
  18. SweetieBelle isn't paying any attention and passes by the street she needed to turn at. She just keeps going.

    Pinkie Pie witnesses SweetieBelle pass her street and sees her looking spaced out which worries her a bit. She tries calling out SweetieBelle's name to get her attention but to no avail.
  19. As dark Star entered the sweet shop, a strong smell wafted into his nose. It smelled amazing. "Hello? Is anyone there?" he asked.
  20. Mr. Cake comes out of the kitchen and says "Yes. We're here. Is there anything I can help you with.

    Mrs. Cake comes out shortly after and sees Pinkie Pie rushing to the counter and says "What's the matter Pinkie Pie? You look frantic."

    Pinkie Pie "It's my friend Rarity's little sister SweetieBelle. She just went past her street without moving her eyes up to look. I tried calling her name like 50 times but she won't answer. I don't know what to do."

    SweetieBelle just keeps on walking furthur and furthur forward.