Mirror Mirror

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Would you like this to be a available story?

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  2. No sounds stupid

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  1. Mirror Mirror is based on a dream I have had recently where a girl in a private school who finds a book entitled Mirror Mirror and once she opens the book the book itself is unleashed like holy hell. She must find her three other sisters that are only connected to her via the necklace of sapphire she wears around her neck. Each sister has a different jewels and when connected they seal the soul of the queen who was trapped in the book and is hunting down each sister so that she doesn't have to go back into the book where she is trapped in a loop of never ending dying and sadness. Each girl has a different jewel to represent a different Princess but more of my own version and a different element and position of the castle tower.

    Sapphira- Sapphire- Blue- Water- West tower- Snow White
    Esmeralda- Emerald- Green- Earth- North Tower- Ariel
    Destiny- Diamond- White- Air- East Tower- Cinderella
    Rebeccah- Ruby- Fire- South Tower- Belle

    Now the idea is to split up each girl into their own section of the castle that the other are usually able to go freely into but once the queen from the Mirror Mirror book is released they are forbidden to cross each section. There is suppose to be a book for each girl dealing with the princess they are suppose to represent. Mirror Mirror is the first section then the Golden Conch, the next is Glass Slipper, and the last is Red Rose. Following the patterns now a certain portion of magic is involved each girl possessing an element. Not quite sure how well this will go over with ever one but its worth giving it a shot. ​
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  2. Interested!
  3. Awesome thanks its kinda like my dream I really wanna get up and out there you know
  4. Sounds like a movie I watch but sounds fun
  5. I think it was Twitches
  6. No no different from that. Its about four girls who are unrelated but because they were connected via the jewels they wear and connects them like sisters
  7. Yeah I know, just the beginning part reminded me of that
  8. I don't know! It's early, and my brain is weird
  9. Early lol what time is it for you missy?
  10. 1:30, I just woke up like half an hour ago
  11. jesus its 330 where I am at lol and you would be interested in it I mean I am already going to be playing Sapphira just need one more person if @Shayla is still interested in it
  12. I can play any of them, though I would prefer Ariel. I like names with A
  13. Yeah me too lol except her name is Esmeralda but her princess connection is Ariel
  14. Ahh, well, Destiny might be better then, maybe, IDK im tired
  15. Which ever one you want they don't really go by the princess name its more along the lines of that is which one they are connected to because that is the book that draws them in
  16. Still interested!
  17. I would love Destiny, because Cinderella favorite Princess, there for taking last spot^^.
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