Miraculous! Reversing Spots and Claws (Yuuki_Tatsunohi and Ravenbelle)

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    • Miraculous Ladybug fan rp but genderbended! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

    • Marcq Dupain-Cheng (Yuuki Tatsunohi)



      Kwami: Tikki
      Adrianna Agreste (Ravenbelle)



      Kwami: Plagg

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      • Alec Cesaire
      • Nina
      • Cody Bourgeois
      • Sabreen
      • Nathalie Sancouer
      • Gabriel Agreste
      • Sabrine Dupain-Cheng
      • The Gorilla

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    Marcq Dupain Cheng, 15
    “Do you think Ms. Hughes will be okay?” asked Alec, closing his gym locker.

    Marcq Dupain-Cheng pulled on his hoody and also closed his locker. He shrugged in response. “What Cody did was really awful though.” The two boys exited the locker room as the last bell rang, passing by Cody Bourgeois as the bigger boy bragged to the whole locker room how he put substitute teachers who can’t find a decent job back in their place. He could feel Tikki shaking her head in disapproval within the folds of his shirt.

    “This certainly won’t be the last time we hear it,” Alec sighed.

    “Agreed,” said Marcq as he followed his best friend out of the locker room.

    In the closet of the school gym, isolated from everyone sat Ms. Hughes. She was huddled in the corner, wiping her eyes as tears streamed down her cheeks. What Cody said struck close to home. So what if she’s a sub? It brings food to the table and she’s giving it her all to help kids. It’s her field, her calling. How dare he mock her like that? Just because he is the mayor’s son doesn’t mean he can trample all over an adult like her.

    A little butterfly floated in the room, flitting in the air for a few seconds before landing on the kick ball between her fingers. A deep voice that came from nowhere spoke to her, promising Ms. Hughes the revenge and respect she deserved. In returned the voice asked her to retrieve a set of black earrings and a red ring. Ms. Hughes smirked as an outline of a purple butterfly appeared over her eyes.[/tab]
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  1. [​IMG]
    Adrianna Agreste, 15
    "Don't put it all on me! I tried to get him to lay off when I got there, but Mr. Gelvas kept me in the classroom for awhile, you know how he gets when he's excited about some miraculous chemistry experiment...speaking of which, I am not excited about switching to new lab partners tomorrow. I don't know how I'll pass the labs without you Nina."
    "That's not important right now, you'll be fine anyway. You underestimate yourself Anni." Nina waved her hand dismissively, then adjusted her backwards red cap as they walked out of the girls locker room. "Even when it comes to Cody. You know you could have shut him up if you just spoke up."

    "Why me? Why would I have to shut him up?" Adrianna raised an eyebrow and fiddled with her braid.

    "Because he was showing off for you! Are you so dense that you haven't noticed him drooling all over you like a delusional dog?" Nina rolled her eyes and stopped by the wall to clean her glasses real quick.

    Adrianna stopped beside her and winced. "There's no way he has a crush on me. And even if he did, it wouldn't be my job to keep him from being so mean. Poor Ms. Hughes. I hope she's alright..."

    "Whatever you say, Anni. Let's just get out of here before--" Nina was promptly interrupted by Cody himself, sliding in front of them and barring their way to the exit and pickup area. He had an annoyingly self-satisfied smirk on his face by Nina's standards. She crossed her arms and gave the tall blond a bored and irritated look. He ignored her of course, blue eyes set on her best friend.

    "Hey Adrianna, did you see how I totally kicked butt in dodgeball? Even the sub was jealous of my skillz," he bragged. Of course, in reality, he'd broken several of the rules, coming close to actually hurting other students before he humiliated Ms. Hughes until she fleed. Or at least that's what she heard when she got there. She wished Mr. D'argencourt wasn't absent. He doesn't let Cody get away with his usual stunts.

    Adrianna grit her teeth and averted her emerald eyes. "Not funny, Cody." She mumbled and walked around him with Nina on her tail as they left the building. Inside, she wanted to yell and put Cody in his place. He can't treat people like that without consequences! But then she had to remind herself that while she was just Adrianna, it wasn't her place to decide those consequences. She has to remain calm, quiet, reserved. The way she was always taught to act in public in order to maintain her father's reputation. She isn't supposed to make noise/raise her voice. Only smile and pose for the pictures. She was just relieved her photoshoot wasn't today.

    Nina was aware of that too, so to get her friend's mind off the whole Gym crap, she stood with her friend at the pickup area and asked if she wanted to come over and hangout.​
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  2. "You would have loved it, sweetcheeks!" Cody called out to Adrianna as she walked past. A moment later Cody was joined by his only friend, although it would more proper to call Sabreen a follower. Even though he was there to witness the incident and heard it seven times, the bespectacled redhead was still eager to hear Cody’s latest story. The two boys decided it was time to head home themselves, taking a shortcut through the gym as Cody’s voice echoed throughout.

    “The look on her face when I beat her at dodgeball. Ha! Like a second rate sub could even think they could best me,” said Cody, a smirk on his face as Sabreen laughed beside him.

    “Cody Bourgeois!” someone barked. A woman dressed in grey form-fitting jump suit decorated in orange flames emerged. Her hair was spiked upwards, colored in red and yellow to resemble fire. A butterfly mask rested over her eyes as she regarded the two boys.

    “Ms. Hughes?” asked Cody, raising an eyebrow. “What do you want? And what’s up with that get up?”

    “It’s Firebomb to you and I want a rematch. And this time―” the dodgeball in her hands burst into flame, her lips curling upward “―I’m gonna win.”

    Marc and Alec walked down the hall away from the gyms when they heard a scream. Suddenly, Cody and Sabreen came running from the corner, waving their hands wildly as a blur of red objects pummeled into the adjoining wall. They ran past them, and Marcq could’ve sworn he caught a whiff of smoke. Alec shouted and Marcq turned back just in time to see a ball of fire coming right for them. On instinct, Marcq pushed Alec away, the fireball passing right between them and hitting the adjacent wall.

    “Marcq!” Alec called.

    “I’m fine!” Marcq called back. “Get out of here, I’ll be okay!”

    He watched his friend leave, taking one more look at Firebomb. She drew closer, the dodgeball returning back to her hand before igniting once again. Marcq ducked behind a corner, pulling a nearby fire alarm to alert and evacuate people quickly.

    “Tikki, we got trouble,” he said, opening his hoodie to let her out. “Let’s transform now! Spots on!"

    “Right!” The red kwami nodded, disappearing into his ring. The piece of jewelry turned red with five black spots on the head. There was a flash of red light and moments later, Marcq emerged, fully suited in a black spotted red suit. The superhero who liked to be known as Coccinellidae stepped forward, his yoyo ready.


    “Time to put the fire out!” he yelled, leaping forward.

    "Hey, Anni, wanna hang out today?" asked Nina just as there was series of loud bells coming from behind them. Students and staff were rushing out of the school. Most of them were confused while a few were obviously shaken up. Among them was Alec who looked like he had just seen a ghost.

    "Alec? Dude, what happened? What's going on?" asked Nina.

    "Ms. Hughes somehow got powers to throw fireballs and attacked Cody, Sabreen, Marcq and I." Alec looked back at the school. "I got separated from Marcq and I don't even know what happened to him."
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  3. Just as Adrianna was about to gratefully accept her friend's offer, shrill bells echoed throughout the school and she covered her sensitive ears, wincing at the sudden onslaught of noise until she realized they were fire alarms and the people rushing out of the building weren't just leaving in a hurry because school hours ended. Her green eyes widened as Alec came stumbling out and she rushed to his side with Nina and the latter immediately asked about what was going on. Adrianna hoped it was just another microwave malfunction in the teacher's lounge, but no such luck. If Ms. Hughes got powers...oh no. Another Akuma! And this time at her very own school! Could this get any worse? She had to come up with an excuse to get away and fast. The crowd started backing away from the building, though no fire was immediately apparent to the outside and Adrianna could hear the approaching sirens of firetrucks. She swiftly pulled her cell phone out and pretended to check something urgent.
    "Oh crap..Nathalie gave the driver the wrong side of the school again. I gotta get going. Seeya tomorrow guys! Make sure to text me later about what happens." Then before anyone could protest otherwise, Adrianna cut around the side of the school with Nina calling out to be careful behind her. She just smirked and ducked behind some bushes. There was no need to worry. Cats have nine lives.

    She shook off her backpack and woke up a napping Plagg in record time. He floated up maddeningly slow, rubbing his eyes irritably. "You had to wake me up before I could even take a bite of that delicious--"
    "Plagg! There's trouble! another akuma! In my school, no less! I need to transform now!
    "Plagg, Claws Out!" She called and tilted up her chin, forcing the reluctant kwami into her black earrings. There a was a flash of green and black, giving her earrings matching green pawprints before Cat Noir leaped forward, eyes flashing with mischief.
    staff poses: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/07/7b/a7/077ba7c55fc56b4d56b5d4c84f4b9afc.jpg

    The black cat with the messy blonde hair easily discovered a side entrance to the gym area, inside of which she could hear quite a ruckus with her sensitive ears. She picked the lock with the claw of her index finger and burst in, dodging a red rubber ball with a duck and roll just in time. It melted beside her head. It smelled rancid. She wrinkled her nose and spotted Ladybug on the other side of an akumatized Ms. Hughes. "Woah. Someone needs a nice, relaxing bath. Maybe an ice bath?" She smirked and gave herself a running start before leaping over Firebomb in a beautiful arching front flip to land face to face (well, face to chest since LadyBug is almost a head taller than her) with her red-spotted partner. "Need a paw, BugBoy?" she winked, slightly too distracted by his sky blue eyes to notice another dodgeball behind her flaming straight toward the heroes.
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  4. Coccinellidae rolled to the right as a series of red dodgeballs flew right at him. Not only were they fast, they seemed to be made out of a different material because they were able to go make a hole through the brick wall he was standing in front of moments ago. Again, more dodgeballs were shot at him and he could only jump back and forth between the two sides of the cramped hall.

    “Aww, don’t be a spoil sport. Get your head in the game!” Firebomb cackled. Coccinellidae could have sworn her last sentence almost sounded like a song.

    From the wreckage a single dodgeball returned to her hand. Purple in color, Coccinellidae noticed it was still in perfect condition; it wasn’t burnt, flat, or torn to shreds. On the surface was a flame insignia surrounded by a butterfly. There! Firebomb threw the ball into the air and it split into nine, each one ablaze. Again she launched them right at him and he just barely got his yo-yo to form a shield against them. The heat intense even through his costume, one bounced off his shield and melted into the wall where Cat Noir’s head was moments ago.

    "Need a paw, BugBoy?" she teased as she joined him.

    “Watch out!” He grabbed Cat Noir by the shoulder and practically swept her back to the other side of the hall. They barely dodged the fireball; Coccinellidae could’ve sworn it would have burned right to his skin. “Glad you’re here Cat, but that was too close.”
  5. Cat Noir gasped as Coccinellidae suddenly pushed her into the wall yelling “Watch out!” and the air in her lungs whooshed out of her. Her green cat eyes grew wide in the flames that rushed past the pair. She blinked and shook away the distracting thoughts gushing about how strong his grip was and how he totally just saved her.
    "Oh I won't have to worry much if I've got you on my side." She smiled, hiding how mad at herself she was. She could've seriously hurt them both. She wouldn't let that happen again.
    "Ha!" Cat stepped toward Firebomb, pulling out her baton from above her tail which swings back and forth like a predator's until the next barrage of dodgeballs came flying, only to be deflected at the akuma by the way Cat spun her weapon in a blur of green and silver. It took concentration for her not to let the staff clatter against the tight hallway walls. She didn't like the close quarters at all. As Firebomb yelled furiously at the returned attack, Cat Noir glanced over her shoulder at her partner, "We can't stay in this hall forever! Got any lucky plan up your sleeve?"
  6. "At least try to be on the alert." Coccinellidae rolled his eyes, helping her stand up. Regardless of how careless she was earlier, it was amusing she still tried to charm. She then stepped forward, blocking the next onslaught of fireballs with her baton, but he could tell she was struggling with their current location.

    "We can't stay in this hall forever! Got any lucky plan up your sleeve?"

    "I'm on it! Lucky Charm!" He threw his yo-yo in the air. There was a flash of red light then a large red and black spotted bag dropped down. "An empty gym bag?" He put his nose in it and wretched. "Did something die in here?! Ugh!" Rubbing his nose, he scanned the area, looking for a way to use the charm Tikki's power bestowed on him today . . . with no success. Groaning, he crumpled the bag into one fist and picked up a brick with the other. "Move to the gym. We'll have more wiggle room there. And a chance to come up with a new plan."

    He tossed the brick at Firebomb, wincing when the stone hit her arm. Sorry, Ms. Hughes, he apologized in his head. But the distraction worked; Firebomb stopped throwing fireballs, giving the two ample time to make their escape into the gym.
  7. As usual, the two worked perfectly together and Coccinellidae caught her meaning immediately when she asked for a plan. Cat squinted, focusing on deflecting the harsh onslaught of large flaming projectiles while the tell-tale crimson light of their Lucky Charm filled the hallway. As soon it died down, Cat Noir coughed, able to sniff the gym bag behind her without even turning around. It was rancid and she had no idea what they could possibly use it for; Ladybug was usually the one with the plan on how to use her Lucky Charms. They always seemed so random. But she had faith in him and when she glanced back at him as he told her to move to the gym, she caught sight of the brick in his hand, probably one that had fallen off due to the Firebomb's destructive power. Oh did she want to yell at Cody now!
    Sensing the moment Ladybug threw the brick, Cat Noir paused in her staff spinning just enough to let the brick through, where it found its target, quite effectively. Only then could she let out a breath and tuck her shrinking baton behind her back again. "Right. Let's go!" she pounced toward the back of the hallway, making sure Ladybug was safely around the corner toward the gym entrance before she turned back for a second, calling back at the akuma to make sure she'd follow. "C'mon 'Firebomb'" she smirked mockingly. "Not afraid of a real game of dodgeball are you?"

    "You're on! And when you lose, I'll take your miraculous!" Her eyes blazed and the powerful dodgeball nearly singed the ends of her hair as Cat Noir dashed around the corner, giggling with false bravado to cover up her fear before rushing into the gym with her partner. Hawkmoth was getting more cunning by the day.
  8. Coccinellidae retreated into the gym with Cat Noir close behind. He slammed the door shut and used all his weight to keep it that way. Something hot banged against the door and it took every once of will power in Coccinellidae to not jump away. They need a plan now, before their asses get burned

    "The akuma is in her dodge ball, the purple one. We need to get it away from her, but how?" Think, think! He scanned the gym, his eyes landing on the gym bag, the ceiling and the basketball hoop above his head

    "Gah!" His ring beeped, startling him and briefly allowing the door to open before he slammed it shut once again. "Cat Noir, I need you to distract Firebomb; the ceiling should help you out. I'll come in from above—" he pointed at the basketball hoop "—and get the dodge ball to you to destroy. Got it?"

    He lifted himself onto the hoop with his yo-yo, balancing on the pipe lining and making himself as small as possible. Firebomb burst through, her hair an even brighter orange than before. It was almost like her hair was really on fire. The purple dodge ball floated around her, bobbing up and down.

    "Aww, no Ladybug here to save his little kitty cat?" Firebomb teased; behind her, Coccinellidae grimaced at his . . . other moniker. She smirked and her dodge ball turned into nine, each one ablaze. "Too bad. You'll just have to burn alone."

    She threw fireball after fireball at Cat Noir. The purple dodge ball stayed at her side, spitting out more ammo for her. Soon the gym looked like a massive version of what happened in the hallway. Coccinellidae perched himself on the edge of the hoop, smelly bag ready, and jumped. His ring beeped for the second time and Firebomb spun around, only to have her face covered by the gym bag.

    "Gross! It smells like sweaty mold!" she cried, clawing at the bag.

    "I know right?" he said. He kept his hold on her for a few minutes a she tried to shake him off, grabbing the dodge ball as it came within reach. "Cat Noir!" He threw it to her before he was thrown off of Firebomb's shoulders and onto the floor.

    "Don't EVER do that to me!" She stomped towards Coccinellidae, ripping the gym bag off her head. Now her hair was really on fire. "I'm a person! Not some thing kids like you can just shove around because you think it's funny. I don't like being treated like that, much less having your smelly gym bag shoved over my head!" She raised one hand in the air. "Hawkmoth wants your Miraculous stones, and once I have them, I will burn you and all you shitty kids to a crisp!"
  9. Cat Noir immediately joined Coccinellidae at the doors, trying to help him hold back the fiery akuma she'd lured here. She nodded beside him, wincing as her tail avoided the wisps of smoke and sparks coming through the crack in the doors. Her ears twitched when she heard the beeping of Ladybug's ring and a particularly strong blast pushed them forward "Woah!" before the pair slammed it shut again. Her green eyes widened and looked to her partner desperately. As often as Cat Noir can think fast in sticky situations, Cocci's the strategist. The man with the plan.
    And if this plan he explained involves a cat's distraction, that's what she would do. The blonde nodded with a determined look in her eyes the leaped away from the door a second later than him, just barely landing on her feet as Firebomb burst through, flaming red as ever. The cat's target bobbed around her fiery head and Cat Noir was wearing a signature smirk already, making sure not to give away her partner's position in any way.
    "Yeah I mean he's got more important things to deal with than you." Cat retorted and promptly backflipped onto the top level of one set of bleachers on the sides of the gym.
    "I think you'll find--whoo!" She cut herself off by dodging a new volley of dodgeballs. "I don't need saving!" She finished her sentence just in time to block another round of ammo with her staff, each time getting closer to the basketball hoop where Ladybug had perched himself. Cat Noir kicked, jumped, weaved and rolled from any balls she couldn't swing away as if they were baseballs. Cat Noir laughed as the gym grew smokey and Firebomb raged. As she neared the hoop with Cocci's waiting gym bag, Cat Noir smiled and sang, "One, two, three strikes you're out at the old ball game!"
    Then Ladybug came soaring down on top of their akumatized adversary in all his stinking glory, staying on just long enough to send the all-important purple dodgeball hurtling toward her, calling her name while he was thrown off.
    Cat Noir caught it in the air and instead of coming back down, grabbed one of the metal bars on the ceiling with her unoccupied paw. Hightailing it from one bar to another as Firebomb's words echoed through the smoke, Cat Noir dived down yelling, "Not Today Hawkmoth!" She raised her paw while it sparked green and black with bad luck "Cat-aclysm!" and slashed the ball into shreds with a satisfying tearing sound. Firebomb's fire instantly went out and her costume melted away while a small dark and purple moth emerged, drifting in the air only long enough to be caught by her trusty partner, whose time was about to run out. However, just after he got everything back to normal and a confused Ms. Hughes began to come to, the heroes shared a victorious "Pound it!" fist bump and a warm smile before Ladybug had to inevitably dash off to keep his identity a secret.

    Cat Noir gave a soft little sigh as he disappeared out of the gym because gosh he's just so handsome and smart and kind and---

    "Wha--Why am I back in the gym?" Ms. Hughes scratched her head with confusion and grogginess behind the blonde superhero, whose earrings have a soft beep of warning.
    Cat Noir turned to the substitute teacher, guilty for having caused her so much trouble as her civilian self. "Uh It's kind of a long story. But the fire alarm was pulled. Let's get you outside, alright? Everything's gonna be okay now." Cat Noir smiled and helped the wide-eyed Ms. Hughes up from the floor to lead her towards the exit at the front of the school.
    "Cat Noir?...you came because of a fire alarm?" The woman furrowed her eyebrows with a sort of dazed look in her eyes. The masked cat could tell she would be one of the lucky akumatized victims who didn't remember much of anything that they'd done under Hawkmoth's control. She knew of a few others that weren't so fortunate.
    "I was just nearby. The fire's gone now though. You sure you're okay?" Cat Noir asked by the door, making sure she was ready in case there were reporters out there.
    "Y-yeah. Thank You.." She stepped away from the teen, now sure of her ability to stand without leaning on her. Then they both stepped out just as a couple of firemen were about to come in through this entrance. A bunch of them must have already entered in other places because there were a couple firetrucks in the car loop now. She and Ladybug had finished the battle quicker than she had thought. The reporters hadn't caught wind of any superhero appearance yet. That might be because they hadn't left the school, though.
    Cat Noir's earrings gave another little beep as she winked to the firemen, glancing at Ms. Hughes. They knew what she meant. They were local and at least one of them had seen a couple of these cases before. So one radioed the others to come on out and the other led the substitute gym teacher toward the truck just to make sure she would be alright. She smiled at them in farewell, for they were heroes in their own right, but just as she was about to make her disappearance, she heard an excited "Cat Noir!" She blinked, caught in their awed stares. Alec and Nina were still here! No chance to run quite yet then.
    Play it cool, kitty. Just for a minute.
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  10. "Game over," he smirked, leaping over Firebomb. "Time to purify this akuma!" Twirling the yo-yo, he swung his weapon with expertise, scooping up the purple butterfly and pulling his weapon back with a tug. The butterfly was released, cleansed of the corruption and Cocci watched with a satisfied grin as it fluttered away. He tossed the gym bag into the air, the Charm breaking apart and fixing all of the damage Firebomb had done as the former villain reverted back to her civilian form.

    "Pound it!" the two superheroes fist bumped in their trademark victory cry.

    Coccinellidae's ring beeped again, the last small black dot disappearing. "Well, that's my cue to go. Au Revoir, Cat Noir. Till next time." He saluted to her, dashing through a pair of double doors leading outside. He ducked behind a dumpster, releasing the transformation. With his hand outstretched, Tikki gently landed on Marcq's palm, her eyes a little droopy. "We did great today. Though I have to wonder, why did the Charm have to be so stinky?"

    Tikki wrinkled her nose but chuckled. "Just take it as a reminder that your own bag needs some airing." Marcq shrugged, but he took note that he would get that cleaned this weekend. "Creative way to use that aspect to your advantage."

    "I try." He placed Tikki on his shoulder and started walking. "Let's head home; I got a plate of cookies waiting just for you. Also, Dad might have finished making the moon cakes. Wanna try it?"

    "Sounds delicious!"

    Nina was the first one to reach her. "Whoa! It's Cat Noir! Alec. Dude, this is like, my second time standing this close to Cat Noir!" she jumped excitedly.

    "Well, this is my third time standing next to Paris' famous black cat," Alec bragged, earning an incredulous look from Nina. He pulled up his phone, turning on the camera feature to record their encounter. "It's live and it's real folks! I'm here with the Cat Noir after another victorious day keeping Paris safe!"

    "Girl, I need to take a selfie with you," said Nina, pulling out her own phone. "My best friend Adrianna left before you came and she's gonna be soooooo jealous!"

    "Not now, Nina. I gotta interview her for the LadyBlog!" Alec turned the camera onto Cat Noir, leering at the firemen standing by who were ready to shoo him and Nina away to get to Cat for any information. "Cat, Cat. I was one of the few who saw the criminal, and I didn't even know she was a teacher of mine! I mean, did you see how she looked? Was she corrupted or something? Like a spell? Also, I gotta know if you pulled off any awesome moves in today's battle. I've seen Ladybug do it, but I wanna know if you know any kickass moves. Oh and I don't see Ladybug, was it just you today?" He waited for Cat to finish answering his questions, A truck with a local new station logo pulled up and he noticed the firemen starting to approach. Apparently, they believed this interview, and others to come, were over. He turned back to Cat Noir and added, "Also, did you see my friend? We got separated in the attack and I haven't been able to get in contact with him since then. I'm worried he might be . . . ?"
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  11. Cat Noir gave a quiet laugh as she put one hand on her hip and watched them boast about how many times they've encountered her in person. And then of course Alec pulled out her phone for the Ladyblog. Sometimes she forgot how perceptive Alec is. She has to make sure that the Ladyblog doesn't get too close to the truth of their identities. If not for her sake, then definitely for Ladybug's. She twirled her tail in her hand with a cocky smirk on her face at Nina's demand for a selfie, displaying her obvious lack of suspicion that her best friend is in fact standing right in front of her. However another soft beep in her ears said Nina wouldn't stay clueless for long if she didn't hide soon. Two minutes left! Her smile disappeared and her ears flattened as she giggled nervously in front of the camera, trying to answer the questions she fired off one after another though she kept getting cut off until the firemen started to look annoyed that she was occupied with a couple of students.
    "Um. It's kinda hard to explain, but there are these things called akumas that take over people when they're too weak to resist and it's not their fault when they try to hurt people, so yeah they're just victims of a spell kinda. But yeah Ladybug and I kick their butts so we can remove that stinking akuma and turn em back to normal. So yeah, Ladybug was here, but he left a little earlier."

    The remark seemed to remind him of something important as Cat Noir prepared to leave, pulling her staff out for a quick getaway. But Alec spoke up before he could get cut off by the officials, mentioning his friend who went missing. It must have been Marcq. She hadn't seen him anywhere, but if he hadn't left already, surely the firemen would find him. She didn't have time to go back inside.

    "I wouldn't worry, kittens. I didn't see him so he probably got out before I got here to save the day. If not, the firemen will find him. I'm sure he's just fine. So when it comes to kickass moves, I gotta high-tail it out of here!" She smirked, saluted and balanced on the ball of her foot atop her staff as it elongated higher than the roof. Then she hopped off with a flourish and ran across the roof and out of sight.
    Before her transformation ran out, she went to the side of the building where she'd left her stuff and came down the way she'd gone up, landing in the bush with her backpack in it when Plagg fell out of her earrings at last. As Adrianna emerged from the shrub and brushed off stray leaves from her clothing, Plagg floated up on her shoulder and gave her a glare.
    "You have to cut it close every time dontcha? You owe me, blondie," he griped.
    "Yeah yeah yeah as soon as we get home." She sighed, rolled her green eyes and dashed off to the back of the building where the Gorilla was waiting for her, clearly irritated that she hadn't even texted to stay she'd be late. She's usually friendly with the Gorilla so she felt bad as she got in the backseat with Plagg hiding in the pocket of her cardigan now.
    "Sorry I'm so late, sir. I forgot I had a test to make up. I should have let you know..."
    Her driver simply dismissed the apology with a wave and a grunt, though she knew she'd be forgiven by the time she got home...if it could even be called that.
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  12. [BCOLOR=transparent]“Akuma? Is that what those things are called?” Alec asked, turning to Nina who only shrugged. Before Alec could ask anymore, Cat Noir was gone. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]Once Adrianna had buckled herself in, the Gorilla turned on the ignition and maneuvered out of the school parking lot. The drive home was silent as usual. As soon as The Gorilla pulled in front of the Agreste Mansion, Natalie Sancoeur burst through the doors and wrenched open Adrianna’s door. She had opened it with such force, almost unhinging the door, that the Gorilla gave her a look. Natalie barely waved in apology before flooding Adrianna with questions. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere? I received a call from the school about a fire. [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]A FIRE! [/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]I’m not sure if your father heard about this yet, but if he does he will have my head!” She jumped when her phone rang, the color draining from her face when the name Gabriel Agreste appeared. Clearing her throat, Natalie answered the phone. [/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“Hello? . . . Yes . . . Yes. She just got home . . . Uhm . . . Y-yes. That is true . . . I-I don’t know yet sir. But she looks fine! Not a scratch on her. . . For sure . . . Oh you do . . . No, no! Not a problem sir. Not at all!” She handed the phone to Adrianna. “He wants to talk to you.”[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=transparent]“I heard there was a fire in school today. At 6:25 in the afternoon. Usually you are home by 5:45. Care to explain?” Gabriel Agreste said through the phone. “Perhaps this would make you see going to a public school like Dupont is only wrought with red flags. I had hoped you would have seen the error in your choice when you invited that unruly girl into our house that day.” He didn’t bother to remember Nina’s name, very disappointed in the people his daughter chose to associate herself with. [/BCOLOR]
  13. Adrianna took this time within the black-tinted windows the way she always did, preparing. She never knew what she'd be going home to on any given day, so it's best not to expect anything. She took deep breaths, coming up with stories and lies that turned into collars, taming the cat, filing down its claws. She has to do this in order to keep from saying anything out of turn. No freedom allowed, not in the Agreste Mansion. As it came into view, reflecting coldly in her bottle-green eyes, Adrianna briefly noticed it as nothing but a cage. A large, spacious one, but a cage nonetheless. And Natalie came rushing out of it like a frazzled bird, feathers ruffled and blue eyes wide.
    Adrianna raised an eyebrow and looked up at the Gorilla, wondering if he knew something about her uncharacteristic panic. Before he could even shrug, they were pulled up to the curb and Natalie pulled her out by the wrist in a sudden move that, had she less of a cat in her, would have made her trip. And then maybe she would have gotten an injury, but it definitely wouldn't have warranted the frantic response she received from her father's assistant. Especially since she rarely showed this much concern for his boss's daughter unless it was about when she arrives at her scheduled appointments.
    Adrianna shook her head repeatedly, trying to tell her without interrupting that she was completely fine. Sometimes she felt bad for Natalie, she's the one who spends the most time with her father in business mode, but then she has to remind herself that Natalie chose that, while Adrianna would much rather avoid him most of the time.

    The blonde sighed when the phone rang. She knew who it was before she answered, so she just turned around and reached into the car to grab her bag, murmuring to the Gorilla that he could go now if he wanted. She had nowhere else to go today, and judging by Natalie's tone behind her, she would not be leaving the house at all today anymore. The Gorilla was perceptive and he often knew what the young girl was going through, but he could do nothing about it except give her a reassuring smile before driving off.
    She blinked when Natalie handed her the phone, looking at it like it was a bomb about to go off. She grit her teeth and turned off emotion. To talk to her father, she often has to go numb. She wondered for a moment what his reaction would be if Natalie had told him she wasn't okay. That maybe she was severely burned and stuck in the hospital for a few days. Would he even spare the time to visit her out of concern? Maybe?

    When she heard his monotone in her ear, so close to her Miraculous, the answer leaned farther towards no.
    "I...I--" She meant to give him the same lie she'd fed the Gorilla about making up a test, but it suddenly sounded much less believable at the back of her throat. He cut her off anyway.
    Adrianna bit her tongue. He could make her feel stupid all he wanted, but she despised when he talked about her friends that way. It took a great deal of willpower for her to keep from defending them even if she knew she wouldn't get anywhere. He doesn't have time to argue and she won't argue with a wall anymore.
    So with a strained, but agreeable tone, his dutiful daughter stared up at the arch of the entrance to the Agreste Mansion and mumbled, "I apologize for arriving late, sir. I do not share your opinion of my school, regardless. I could explain the safety measures in place for these circumstances, but I doubt you have the time to listen to me list them all." or listen to me at all, she thought. Natalie's eyes looked like they might pop out and break her glasses and there was a moment of silence on the other end of the line for a second. Adrianna bit her lip thinking maybe she'd gone too far, but then there was the muffled conversation of assistants or associates of his in the background and she figured he'd barely heard her anyway.

    "Mhm....Yes.. Nevertheless, I do not want to hear about any other incidents that may delay you again in the future. I believe you have a piano lesson in a few minutes. Be prepared."
    And then he hung up.

    Adrianna handed the phone back to Natalie and pressed the code into the keypad by the gate, walking silently through the bars of her prison without even looking over her shoulder. She knew Natalie was right behind her. And she'd be there to keep the gate open for the Russian woman pulling in to give Adrianna another piano lesson. All of them were her jailers, and she could feel the weight of her chains simply by walking into the house. She only had a minute to dash inside, grab a hunk of camembert from the kitchen stash and drop off Plagg in her room with it and her bag before rushing back downstairs to the piano bench to meet her teacher with Adrianna's signature model smile.
  14. The piano lesson ended later that evening, Natalie more than relieved to be done with Tchaikovsky for the week. Gabriel didn't come home, meaning a normal quiet dinner. Natalie was glad her boss wasn't here. She'd be pressed with questions about what happened today and she had a lot of work that she wanted to finish if she was going to make her way up in the fashion world. Once Adrianna finished her dinner, Natalie sent her upstairs to finish her homework.

    Adrianna's phone buzzed with a text from Nina.

    {From Nina, 8:55pm: Hey I got awesome news! There was a big fire at the school so it got cancelled tomorrow! Plus I got to meet Cat Noir! Dude, she's so cool! Anyways, since there's no school, want to go the movies tomorrow?}


    Marcq plopped himself in his desk chair, having just finished dinner. Tikki was on his bedside table, sampling the egg custard he managed to snag from the front counter. He turned on his computer, ready to work on homework. He opened Facebook and immediately a chat window with Alec's profile picture popped up.

    {Jfc man, where the hell did you go?} was Alec's first message. Before Marcq could respond, Alec called him and started talking really fast; saying how he'd been waiting all for him all afternoon and the firefighters said they could not find anyone except for his backpack. Alec feared the worst, and was forced to go home only to find out his best friend had just logged on and was alive. He then ranted about Marcq being a terrible friend, saying how he thought he had died and that he was going to strangle him the next time he saw him. It was a bit ironic how Alec believed Marcq had died and now was going to kill him

    "Sorry, Alec. I got out of there as fast as I could. I couldn't even go back." Plus I was actually fighting that lady too.

    "You're still the worst." He sighed on the other end. "You see my new post on the Ladyblog? I got to interview Cat Noir!"

    "Oh really?"

    "Yeah. gimme a sec!" A new message appeared on the chat window with a link to the popular blog Alec ran. The latest entry was about Alec's encounter with one half of the Paris' superhero duo today. Marcq skimmed the entry, noticing the word ‘Akuma’ pop up.

    "So yeah, apparently there is this . . . this—I don't know, a disease called Akuma going around infecting people and turning them into monsters with freaky abilities. That definitely answers the question about how people get that way. Good thing we got Ladybug—“


    "And Cat Noir to save us. Haha they're even curing the infected—Holy crap."

    "What?" Marcq asked, very, very concerned. Tikki stopped eating her pastry and flew close to Marcq's phone.

    "What if Chat Noir and Ladybug are actually aliens?" he said. Tikki dropped onto Marcq’s desk. "No seriously think about it. Those two came on some outer space ship and brought the disease with them. And now it's turning everyone into crazy monsters. So feeling bad for unleashing misfortune on Paris, Ladybug and Cat Noir go around Paris curing people to atone—“

    "I think a dodgeball hit you too hard in the head today, Alec," Marcq interrupted, checking to see if Tikki was okay. She waved him off, shaking her head in exasperation.

    "Whatever. Hey, so school got canceled. Wanna catch a movie?"

    "Sure. I've been wanting to see the new Marvel movie. Meet you at eleven then."

    The next morning, Marcq found Alec waiting for him by the theaters. He was furiously typing on his phone, which probably meant Alec was now working on his alien conspiracy theory. Marcq shook his head but joined him anyways.

    "We'll see the movie in a minute, I'm just waiting on some more people to come in," Alec said,
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  15. Once her fingers were thoroughly sore despite how much she practices to prevent that, dinner was served. She smiled at the woman setting down her plate, Diana, one of the cooking staff she was fond of and sat at the long, empty dining table. She could hear Natalie's footsteps echo through the hallways heading up the stairs back to her office. Tonight's meal was whole-wheat spaghetti with a greenish pesto. Adrianna sighed at the dish when Diana was out of earshot and the empty chairs surrounding her seemed to mock her dejected posture. It was easy now to see the signs of a major photo shoot coming up in a few weeks. Her father probably already told Natalie to restrict the kitchen staff to tasteless super-healthy foods to make sure she'd meet the measurement requirements when the time came. Ugh, just the thought of the measuring tape around her tiny waist made her visibly flinch, but she shook it out of her head. She wouldn't have to worry about until a later date.
    This is why she hates eating alone. She'd grown used to being alone everywhere else in the Agreste Cage--Mansion, but she never got the hang of ignoring the loneliness at mealtimes. She couldn't even talk to the kitchen staff, for the act was definitely forbidden in her old Dining Etiquette classes and though sometimes she felt safe enough to let Plagg keep her company, it was rare. She didn't want to risk it. In fact, as reckless, daring and risky as Cat Noir tends to be, Adrianna is the opposite in her house. She's walking on eggshells constantly because this is where she's most likely to be caught making mistakes worthy of a scolding. She felt bad for leaving him stuck in her room all the time though, especially since she knows the feeling so well. So she finished most of her pasta relatively quick and Natalie dismissed her to her room when she returned soon after.

    Once the door clicked shut behind her, Adrianna stepped into her spacious room and immediately headed for her school messenger bag, where she found a round-bellied kwami in a cheese coma. She laughed softly so as not to wake him and carefully pulled out her phone, which alerted her to a few notifications, one of them being a text from Nina. She opened it instantly and her eyes brightened when she read the invitation. She knew the school was fine and probably just taking precautions so she wasn't worried about the cancellation. She was sure she could get the permission to go tomorrow though and so she smiled as she responded,

    {To Nina, 9:27 PM: Wow that's so amazing I wish I'd been there! Make sure to tell me all about it tomorrow because I should definitely be able to go see a movie ^-^ Do you know which one we should watch at what time?}

    Her phone buzzed at her not a minute later with her best friend's response.

    {From Nina, 9:28 PM: Yeah totally! You should watch the interview Alec got on the Ladyblog.
    Awesome I can't wait! So glad you can make it! We're planning on watching that new Marvel movie showing around 11}

    Adrianna could tell Nina was excited to see her friend outside of school again, since the occasion tends to be less frequent than it should be recently. Her best friend understood though. And she was always reassuring the blonde that it was no trouble, that is wasn't her fault her dad treats her like a puppet. Adrianna is so grateful to have a friend like her.

    {To Nina, 9:28 PM: I will! I'll be there, but who's we?}

    {From Nina, 9:29 PM: Alec and Marcq are coming too. Like last time. Seeya there!}

    {To Nina, 9:30 PM: Oh okay, goodnight :)}

    Adrianna spent the next chunk of time writing a detailed and carefully worded email to Natalie about her plans tomorrow. She always has to do this when she leaves the house of her own volition so Natalie can forward it to Mr. Agreste, get approval and work it into the busy teen's schedule (unless she leaves as Cat Noir that is). This time, it shouldn't be a problem and she felt lucky her hopes were up for something that had a high chance of success. Once it was sent, she checked out the recording of her as Cat Noir on the Ladyblog which woke Plagg, who floated over with a stinky burp and proceeded to distract his chosen superhero while she finished up her homework. They both ended up watching funny cat videos on Youtube before finally heading to bed covered in her light blue satin blankets.

    Morning couldn't come quick enough for Adrianna. She woke up earlier than she would have for a weekend even without her alarm. Plagg obviously complained, further burying himself in her pillows while she excitedly rolled on her desk chair and checked her email, green eyes bright. A wide smile grew as she read through the expected permission to go out today. "Yes!" She squealed and dashed to the bathroom giggling like a kid going to Disneyworld.
    "Keep it down! Can't a cat get his beauty sleep around here?" The kwami groaned and she quieted, knowing she was probably overreacting compared to most teens just meeting up for a movie, but she couldn't help it. She hopped in the shower and even sang a few of her favorite tunes (a habit Plagg teases her about when she's in a good mood) before getting ready.

    "Oh don't pretend you're not excited. You're sure to love this flick, it's full of superheroes like me. And you get in free." Adrianna mumbled toward her open purse while the Gorilla pulled up to the curb by the entrance to the movie theatre where she could already see Nina sauntering toward the double doors.
    "And you don't think i get enough of you stupid kids in costumes?" He grumbled, but Adrianna was already waving out the window at her best friend now beckoning for the blonde to hurry up. Plagg closed the purse above his head as she dashed out of the car, thanking the Gorilla behind her.

    "Hey girl, you made it!" Nina smiled at her best friend who gave her a smiley greeting hug and replied with a chipper "As if I would flake on you!"
    Nina laughed and pulled her friend along with her, "Then come on, the boys are waiting inside for us."
    When Nina spotted the pair they were to join up with, she noticed Alec with his nose far too close to his phone and a wicked smile grew on her lips.
    Adrianna gave her a look. "Nina--"
    "Ssh!" She grinned. The boys hadn't spotted them yet and she kept it that way until she came up behind Alec and suddenly blew in his ear, effectively startling him enough to nearly drop his precious cell phone. Adrianna shook her head with a smile at her friend's antics. She could tell Nina had a crush on Alec, but she hadn't realized it yet. So while Alec was expressed his irritation, Adrianna met Marcq's bright blue eyes and rolled her own with a smirk, telling him with her face a joking, There they go again, huh?
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  16. Both boys jumped when Nina approached, Alec barely saving his phone from landing on the floor. As he berated Nina, Marcq stood on the side as he watching the two quarrel until he noticed Adrianna was here too. Eyes wide, his throat constricted and cheeks burned. He was sure her smile and eye roll was about their two friends (who he was sure were flirting with each other and tried to hide it) but wasn't sure how to respond properly.

    “A-Alec, can I talk to you for a second?” he tapped his friend on the shoulder, not even waiting for his reply before dragging him a distance away from the girls. “Why is Adrianna here?”

    “Well, school’s out so we got a day off. Nina and I thought it might be fun to get together.” He checked his phone to see if his blog draft was saved. “’Sides, this is your chance to talk to her.” Marcq responded with a pout and slump of his shoulders. “Just be yourself, buddy.” He patted Marcq on the shoulder before walking back.

    “But myself sounds like an idiot,” he said, but followed him anyway. He smiled, although it looked more like a grimace, and waved.

    “Looks like we’re all here. Any bathroom breaks before we go?” Alec noticed Marcq hadn’t stopped waving at the girls and knocked his hand down. They bought their tickets and handed them to the concessionaire. Alec told Marcq and Adrianna to find them some good seats while he and Nina went to buy some snacks, much to Marcq’s dismay. Before he was gone though, Alec pointed at Adrianna, flapping his fingers in a talking motion. Now left alone with Adrianna, Marcq’s stomach churned. Underneath his jacket, he could feel Tikki nudging him in encouragement. Okay, Marcq, just say something. Small talk, yeah.

    “So, um . . . Marvel like you? I mean—Marvel you like? No wait, like you some Marvel? Uh—“ he clapped his hands over his cheeks, closed his eyes and said, “Y-you like superhero movies?”
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  17. Nina laughed outright when both boys jumped at her sudden appearance and couldn't help but giggle every so often as Alec began a rant about how he almost lost his precious phone to the cold-unforgiving floor because of her. His light hazel eyes get all fiery up close like this...

    The short-haired girl blinked when Marcq interrupted Alec's lecture and she considered herself lucky that her slight blush was almost unnoticeable because of her skin tone. Alec gave her a glare as he let his friend tug him away for a moment, but Nina new he wasn't actually mad anymore. She glanced at her blonde best friend standing kind of awkwardly until she met her eyes and Adrianna gave her a confused cock of her head. Like a clueless golden retriever puppy, Nina thought.
    "Didn't they know we were coming?" Anni asked, hoping her best friend hadn't invited herself without telling anyone.
    "Yeah but I don't think Marcq knew you were coming." Nina mumbled with a small smirk. She loved being in the know now that Alec had to tell her about Marcq's debilitating crush on her best friend, but it sucks when she just wants to slam her glasses into the blonde's face. Maybe then she wouldn't be so freaking blind to it!
    "..I mean I know I couldn't tell you in advance whether I could come or not, but..why would that make a difference..?" Adrianna asked, hoping she'd get some kind of new clue as to why Marcq always seems so shy around her.
    "I promised I wouldn't telll..." Nina whispered something Adrianna didn't quiet hear and for a second she wished she had her cat hearing without the suit because then Nina just coughed and rolled her eyes, "Heck if I know."
    A little v formed between Anna's eyebrows, but before she could question Nina further on her tone of voice, the boys returned, Alec asking if they needed to go to the bathroom beforehand and Marcq waving with a seemingly forced smile. Nina shook her head in response to Alec and Adrianna tried to give a reassuring smile back up at Marcq, but it came out a bit anxious. She hoped she wasn't intruding. She had offered to pay, but none of them allowed her to and Nina said she could pay her back for the snacks the next time she sleeps over.

    "I know what you want." Nina told her best friend before walking off to get said snacks with Alec. She smiled slightly as they laughed together, blissfully unaware that they were laughing about her and who she was currently standing with. She looked back up at Marcq as he started stumbling over his words.
    “So, um . . . Marvel like you? I mean—Marvel you like? No wait, like you some Marvel? Uh—“ he clapped his hands over his cheeks, closed his eyes and said, “Y-you like superhero movies?”

    One of her running theories about Marcq had for a small time been than he had a speech impediment, but after seeing him speak perfectly around others, she'd dropped the idea. Which again left her in the dark about why he trips on his sentences with her...maybe there's something he doesn't like about me? What if i smell bad and he's too embarrassed to tell me? but i don't always smell bad do I? DO I?! Oh! Maybe it has to do with my dad. I mean Marcq does wanna be a fashion designer. I hope he's not trying so hard to stay on my good side just for that..I mean my dad's pretty intimidating, but..

    Despite her roaming thoughts, Adrianna kept her eyes up on his bright blue pair while they wandered anxiously. She's mastered the facial expression of paying attention politely even if her mind is slightly elsewhere. She'd have never made it through any of her etiquette classes or conversation with her dad's clients otherwise.

    "Yeah. I mean I'm not so informed about Marvel in particular that I could find inaccuracies in it, well..besides when the action sequences break the laws of physics, but that's part of the fun hehe.." She smiled and ran a hand through her hair, trying to break the ice. She was definitely a movie lover to the point of geekdom (in fact, she's often considered being a film major in the future), but she wasn't wrapped up in the Marvel storylines enough to compare the comics to the movies or anything.
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  18. “True. They do break some physics laws.” Marcq remembered in an old Spiderman movie, the main character stopped a train by sticking his webbing against the surrounding walls and anchoring himself against the front to slow the train before it went over the edge. Marcq liked to compare himself to the spider themed superhero for various reasons, but the idea of pulling off that stunt would probably rip his arms off.

    Alec was even worse. He complained about every fallacy in these movies and Marcq was more than sure he would do the same thing today. Still, despite their inconsistencies, Adrianna was right. They were fun to watch. And sometimes when on patrol, he liked to hum the theme song.

    Marcq looked around, trying to find something to say. He couldn’t look Adrianna in the eye for fear if he did he’d probably see nothing but her green eyes and blubber like an idiot. Alec and Nina were still getting food and why was it taking them so long? From the corner of his eyes, he noticed a stray lock of blonde hair loosen itself from her braid when she ran her hand through it. He looked at a poster of the new movie they were going to watch. The entire ensemble of Avengers poised to fight. “Er . . . do you . . . have a favorite?”
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  19. Adrianna nodded and fidgeted with her fingers a little, hoping he didn't think it was too nerdy a thing to say. It's not like she would point it out in the middle of the movie, especially since she didn't have the highest grade in physics. It was still high enough to satisfy her father, but she didn't love it, like Marcq's best friend seemed to. Alec was at the top of the class and everyone knew it. She absentmindedly twirled a stray strand of hair around her index finger, glancing toward the concession stand to check for Nina. She wished she could just give him some magical reassurance of her character or say the right thing so Marcq would see there's nothing special about her that he needs to be nervous about. It makes her nervous too.

    Her eyes started to wander toward the pictures of new movies coming out soon, but Marcq captured her attention again before she could read any of the titles.​
    She blinked and followed his previous line of sight to the Avengers poster, quirking her lips with indecision. She'd seen an old Hulk movie before so she was a little biased, but she'd rather watch the new movie before choosing.
    "Mm...Ask me again when the movie's over." She smiled up at him and winked just as Alec and Nina returned loaded with a popcorn, a couple sodas and personal candies. Nina tossed her a box of twizzlers and she smiled,"Toldya I know what you like."
    "Okay let's get in before the trailers end, slowpokes." Alec smiled, walked ahead with a mouthful of popcorn and led the way past the ticket attendant into the movie.
    Even though it was fairly new, the theater wasn't packed much, probably since it was early. After a small spat between Nina and Alec over where to sit, they compromised on one of the middle rows and Nina marched in first followed by Alec, Marcq and last, Adrianna. Though she was farthest from her best friend, she didn't mind because that meant Plagg could stay on one side of her, obscured by her body from the others.​
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