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So I've decided to expand on my 1x1 Search. So I have a couple of plots and pairings in mind. For most of the plots, I do have a character set up for it, I just need to retrieve them ^^" Anywho, here we are. I'm still a sucker for drama and romance! Also note that depending on the pairing, pregnancy may become involved.

About Me
-I can play either Male or Female Characters, but if pregnancy is involved, I'll most likely aim for Female
-I don't really touch MxM Pairings, not that I have anything against them
-Unless I have Writer's Block, I will type minimum up to a Paragraph and a Half. On Good Days, I can probably write up a Novel for a Response if I really wanted.
-There will be days that I don't respond at all, but on bare minimum, I will provide responses at least once a week.
-Its not often I'll delve into Fantasy, I much prefer Modern RPs (Its okay if we have Fantasy Elements, just ask first)

Rules/Requirements - What I Expect In A Partner
-Basic Understanding of Parenting, Pregnancy & Childbirth (Stay awake in Health Class!)
-If there is anything that is making you uncomfortable, please let me know so we can fix it, let's not have any drama over miscommunication.
-Fade to Black Sex Scenes (I don't need to know what people do in the sheets)
-Romance Rule: I don't believe in Love At First Sight (If I don't believe in it IRL, why would I believe it in Fiction?), so if our characters are going to be in a Romantic Relationship and are involved in one prior to an RP, we should work out the details (Like how did they meet, how long have they been dating, when will they tie the knot and in some cases, how do their kids feel about it if they have any from a previous relationships)
-Character Development: I cannot stress this enough. If we are not going into detail with our Character Sheets, we can compensate for explaining certain details in character.
-I understand if you're busy in real life or if you have family emergencies, just let me know and I'll understand, I won't blow up.
-No One Liners: Maybe 2-5 Sentences per post? One Paragraph minimum
-Response Time for RPs: I usually respond once a week on minimum, I will expect the same at least. I'm not that needy.
-If you're going to drop, please tell me instead of disappearing out of the blue (This happens to me a lot, so for the love of God if you're getting bored please tell me!)

**If the Role is Bold, it means I desire that role

Plots Ideas

1. ((MxF)) Muse A and Muse B are Childhood Friends, from living on the same block to attending the same school. Despite being close at heart, the distance between them sadly grew as life moved forward, especially post-graduation. In Early Adulthood, Muse A finds herself in an unhappy and abusive marriage. Following a Domestic Dispute, they reunite by chance, where Muse B finds Muse A badly battered. For her safety, Muse A decides to stay with Muse B. During her stay and while working towards a divorce, she slowly rebuilds her friendship with Muse B and they reconnect. After the divorce is finalized, the two elope. During their honeymoon, Muse A becomes pregnant with the couple's first child. (And where we go from there is up to us to decide)

2. ((MxF)) A young Mother-to-be reunites with her husband after seven months apart after the couple had a heated argument. However, after several complications and with little support from their families, the couple attempt to reconcile. As they do so, the husband learns that the couple are now expecting a little girl together. Can they work out their straining marriage before their darling daughter arrives?

3. ((MxF)) Muse A and Muse B are childhood friends. Since elementary school, they have been the best of friends. Despite growing apart as the years went by, they made a pact to help one another through any issue. Several years after high school (even after college because they didn't attend the same one), Muse B gets a call from Muse A after she is kicked out of her home for getting pregnant and months of couch hopping. Remembering the pact they made almost a decade ago and that Muse A is cashing in. The two downsides: They have not spoken to one another since their Class' Graduation Ceremony and Muse A is about to show up at Muse B's front door with a belly the size of a pumpkin.

4. ((MxF)) Proteges United
Both Muse A and Muse B are both from Different Backgrounds. Regardless, both of them are now within the Police Force, working Street Crime for the past five years. In the process, they work their way into the Organized Crime Unit as Detectives with potential for Undercover Work. However, this plan is scrapped when their mentor is assassinated, leaving the two out of the Organized Crime Unit and back to working Street Crime, where they are forced to work together. While they dislike each other, they work together reluctantly on orders of their boss. However, everything changes when they are called in by the FBI to investigate their mentor's murder. In the process, they are tasked to bring down four major Crime Syndicates through unconventional means to uncover the truth. As they do so, they begin to grow on each other... ((I have no preference on which one as I have two different characters set up for this RP))

Undercover FBI Agent X Crime Boss' Girlfriend
Husband X Pregnant Wife ((<3))
Pregnant Girl X Pregnant Girl
Kidnapped X Rescuer
Single Mother X Single Father (Requires Doubling - Children)
Pregnant Widow X Widower
Doctor X Patient
X Scientist
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