Midnight Forest

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  1. (please fill out the following form on your first post)

    Name: Silver Jay Storm, preferably Jay

    Age: 14

    Species: Half-Human-Half-Magical Being

    *Skills: Invisibility, speed, super senses, strong, perfect memory

    **Elements: Fire and Water

    ***Weakness: Friends, air, earth (Friends are her weakness as in she'd give her life for them)

    Appearance: Jet black hair, deep blue eyes, olive tan skin, average height and weight

    Wardrobe/Outfit: Muddy brown cargo pants/shorts, black shirt with red outlines, blue and black shoes, hair pulled back, black backwards cap with red and blue outlines, blue mirrored glasses

    *No god-modding, no invincibility, no mind-reading, no future knowing stuff, ect.
    **Can't have all elements, elements means the element you are comfortable in
    ***Weakness is the stuff that will agitate you or make you surrender. (you HAVE to have a weakness!)

    Jay walked along the riverside in the darkness. "I wonder how long I've been out here. When the sun comes up, I gotta go to bed." She stretches and yawns. "I haven't slept in a while, I don't know how long it's been." Jay sighed, looking ahead to see if she could spot anyone, or anything for that matter. "Hello?"
  2. Name: Krise Sanbin

    Age: 5 but acts like a 30 year old human

    Species: Humanoid Plant Being

    Skills: Slow regeneration as long as water is around or other plants, control of plants, multiplication and communication any living thing. (plants and animals for example)

    Elements: Water and Earth (Light if that counts)

    Weakness: Fire (And of course darkness lol)

    Short Backstory: Krise was enchanted and named by a Sorceress to find a way to blend into a "human" life as a little experiment. The sorceress keeps an eye on him through her magic mirror and he has no idea. He stays in well vegitated towns and cities to feel more at home when possible. He can talk to almost anything through the magic the Sorceress placed on him and learns the way of "humans" as easily as if he were a mirror image of them.

    Appearance/Outfit: Krise hides the fact that he is a plant that mimics a human. He is made of vines and wears long pants and a long sleeve shirt to hide most of it. As well as brown boots and a large straw hat to cover as much of his face as possible.

    Krise had slipped into the ground once the sun went down to sleep. His head poked out of the ground and looked like a random spikey weed to ward off herbavors and peolpe alike. When someone had come close and passed him he woke up curious as to who would be out in the middle of nowhere. He climbed out of the ground and spoke to the person that was quite a ways off now, "What brings you to this place?"
  3. Herig a voice, Jay whipped around to find it was not who she was avoiding. She walledback towards the person, more relaxed. "I'm just taking a walk. I hope I get to the river before the sun comes up... Anyway, what are you doing here?"
  4. "I am just....uh looking for food? And uh...enjoying the night time air." Krise didn't know what to say to her since he didn't want her to reject him. Saying he was sleeping in the ground got him attacked before because the person thought he was a vampire or something. He was glad it was dark so she couldn't see what he really looked like but the darkness made him sluggish and he hoped she didn't run off on him. He should be able to keep up if she continued to walk.
  5. "Oh. Ok." Jay looked around, then sat down. "Mind if I stay here with you?"
  6. Krise sat as well, "Sure I don't mind, it's not like I own this patch of dirt haha. So what's your name?" He wondered why she was trying to get to the river like she stated earlier. Was there something important going on there, or maybe it would lead her somewhere? He would make small talk and try to figure it out.
  7. "I'm Jay. And you are?" Jay was trying her best not to fidget, she hadn't stopped to rest for a while, and she had no idea how far she was away from someone.
  8. "My name is Krise, it's nice to meet you Jay. So have you been traveling long and from far away?" he looked up to the sky and saw thousands of stars littered everywhere. It amazed him that there was something out there, even if it wasn't living.
  9. "Umm, yea, I guess you could say that. I'm kinda trying to stay away from, umm, someone." Jay stuttered. She dropped her head to hide the tears that were gathering in her eyes. "I, I'm sorry. The guy I'm running from, he" Jay sighed. "I'm just waisting your time." Jay wiped her eyes and looked back up. "You wouldn't be scared if you saw some magician person thing, would you?"
  10. "You can tell me what's wrong, even though I'm a total stranger there is no reason to fear me. I don't have anything against you but its you're choice. And no I wouldn't be scared as long as you aren't scared by monsters haha." Krise was referring to himself since most who saw his true form yelled and attacked or just ran away. He was always fearful to open up to anyone about himself and sometime created lies about himself.
  11. "Ok. And no, nothing... well, almost nothing could scare me." Jay looked back to where she was walkin away from only a little while ago. "Well, you really want to know what I'm running from?"
  12. "Sure go ahead and tell me, I'm all uh ears." Krise wasn't sure if he actually had ears or how he heard. It was another mystery like who made him and what his purpose was.
  13. "Uh, ok." Jay took a deep breath and laid back. "Well, I guess I'll start at the beginning. When I was little, this guy killed my parents to get to me. He caught me once, and I escaped. I've been avoiding him since, and if I got to the river, I would have a magic advantage. The only other way I could gain that advantage, would be fire... I couldn't use fire. Anyway, that's pretty much the whole thing in a nutshell. Umm, yea." Jay sighed again.
  14. "I see....so he is chasing you now? I may be able to assist you in this fight if you'd allow. I'm pretty crafty when it comes to traps and ambushes. You see I have control over plants and I can change their shape and everything. It would be best if we could fight in the day time however, even sunrise would be ok."Krise was already devising plans to use plant clones to overwhelm him after he snagged his feet with vines or weeds. He needed a little more information on the mans abilities.
  15. "I don't know if he is or not. Wait, you said sunrise? Have you been here and awake during sunrise?" Jay sat back up.
  16. "Not exactly, I haven't been here long but you'll have to wait and see if you want to know why I say sunrise." he would have winked if he wasn't trying to hide his face.
  17. Jay did some sort of chuckle. "Well, when the sun rises, we'll have to be super careful. Humans come an explore all the time, and then the Black Hawk, that's the guy I told you about, can fight. He feeds off the light, and turns it into dark power, or something like that. I haven't completely unlocked his secrets."
  18. Dark energy from light.....that was concerning to Krise but hopefully it wouldn't matter if he caught the Black Hawk by surprise. "Are there any other abilities you know of?"
  19. "Umm, well, He can teleport, other than that, I don't know." Jay looked at the brightening sky. "Looks like the sun's coming up." Jay stood up and stretched. "So, we're a team now?"
  20. "Hm....well let's hope we can handle him, partner." He got up and held out a gloved hand for her to shake. He was glad the sun was almost up, at least he would be at full strength when and if they fought.