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  1. Who knew walking out at night was so fun. The stars the moon the life in the dark, It made her feel alive to work the night shifts as a security guard. Or it was until she got fired because of one mistake she didn’t even make but just because it was her shift she got booted to the curb. Now teaching self-defense classes she settles in. Or till she comes across a kidnapping in process on one of her nightly jogs and jumps in to save the poor guy. When everyone refuses to let you out of the house, you tend to get restless and naive about the world outside the walls of your home. Like how taking blood from humans who clearly are not who they say they are is not a smart idea. So he gets tossed in a van or they try to and along comes a human who saves his ass. Oh did I mention his parents are asses and he just realized his savior is his mate?

    Name: Alyxander (Alyx) Lessard
    Gender: Male
    Age: Looks= early college, 18 or 19; actual= about 30
    Looks: [​IMG] (brown eyes and black hair)


    'I should have stayed home.'

    All Alyxander wanted was a peaceful walk around town. Especially since he hadn't been out of the confines of his own home for almost 25 years; or so. After a while, he just lost count. Perhaps stopping for a drink from a passer-by hadn't been such a good idea, but when that's what someone has grown up with, that's what they consider to status quo. The humans in his home had never minded. Then again, they also didn't happen to be vampire slayers.

    Curiosity really does kill, and not just cats. He wasn't dead yet, but if things continued the way they were, there was little doubt of that. Especially not after Alyx saw the wooden stakes sitting in a box against the wall of the van. He tested the ropes that bound his wrists behind him, but the bindings didn't budge. Probably laced with silver. This was just his luck. 'How was I supposed to know? Humans all smell the same. I guess my parents should have paid more attention to that aspect of my education.' They never would have expected him to sneak out though. But how could he not want to, with them bringing in picture after picture, woman after woman, to find him a 'suitable wife'? It was suffocating and ridiculous. He wasn't that old. And he didn't want to marry someone who he barely knew, just because his parents thought she was 'the one'. Marriage was a game to them.

    What was better? Putting up with the endless visits and lectures; or being trapped in the back of a vampire slayer's van?
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  2. Name: Suki Yukikono
    Gender: Feale
    Age: 25
    Looks: [​IMG]
  3. Life sucked when you land your dream job or rather a job at the best time of day. Only to be scammed by life and lose it. Yes life sucked and boy did she know it. She'd been kicked to the curb one night after she arrived at work to find her supervisior very angry and her co-workers looking at her in shame and disapointment. She was the youngest on the team and the one to be put to the curb after the day time security team found that the some things were stolen and they were found in her locker.

    All the evidence and video feed showed her doing it too! But she hadn't done it! she was no where near the vault! she normaly just stood at the door turn on the lights and look around. not break in rob the place clean! She tried to plead her case but no one listned to her. So she was charged with attempted theft and lost her badge at the end of the day. Luckely the owner of the vault decided that gogin to jail was a waste of time and that she sho be put to use. So she'd just do comunity service for a decaade and be done with it. She agreed knowing no matter what she said would be useless and her creataabality was done for.

    Now she just teaches at an martial arts dojo. The Place offred just about every thing, karate, judo, takawndo and others as well. She knew some and learned the rest quickly from watching and practicing with classes daily. The owner of the place was a tiny old man who'd proven that his size was not a limitation on what he could do, his wife was the same seeing how she taught the black belt classes and could kick serious ass on any given day of the week.

    She did the odd jobs around the place and filled in for instructors if they were sick or couldn't come in. Being comunity service she wouldn't think of accecpt money from them and tried to find a job. Sadly with her newest addtion to her once clean record made it hard to find one. Sadly the old pair insisted they took somthing in return for her assistance at the dojo. So settling for somthing she settled for living in an tiny house they owned on 'rent' that was paid by her working at the dojo

    And that's how she spent her days. working days at the dojo and joging at night. Peaceful days they were for her. only 5 more years of it and she'd be able to finialy acecpt the money the old coupple pressured so much on. sadly to night was not the night. She'd seen some shady people in the cornner, it looked like a drug deal and she wanted to stop it, but the memory that her badge was no more made it impossible for her to do so. but no one said she coudln't intervine and give the kids some hard advice.

    It was when a van came up and shuffinling occured did she know it was no drug trade but a kidnapping. That she could stop and stop hard she would. Lundging in to action she started to put her skills to the use. kickign and punching limbs and bodies. the fought back but against her? they lost quickly and she managed to get her hostage out of the van before it spead away with it's injured passangers

    "you ok kid?" she asked even though she was 5'5' and the boy seemed taller then her
  4. Alyxander quickly figured out that he couldn't break the ropes. However, that did not keep him from trying other things to get out of the van. He kicked at the door, trying to dislodge the metal bar and free himself. This was no silent feat, however, and soon caught the attention of his captors. "You break that door and you'll regret it, bloodsucker." One of them called over the seats that separated the trunk from the rest of the van. The male hesitated for a moment until the slayer turned back around, and then tried again. The creak of bending metal screeched through the vehicle, and with curses and shouts back at him, the driver started to slow the van. But not before Alyx managed to knock the bar out and open the trunk.

    Once the trunk opened to the fresh night air, the young vampire shifted himself to his feet and jumped out of the vehicle; which was mostly slowed down, so it was no amazing feat. His landing, though, was not graceful, and his feet gave out, sending him sprawling on the street. Stealing his one chance to get away. Before he was back on his feet, the slayers were already on him, pulling him up by his bound arms and holding a blade to his throat. "We should've just killed him when we had the chance earlier." One of the men mumbled as they dragged him back to the van. "He's more trouble than he's worth." Alyx fought hard, but between his bindings and the multitude of his oppressors, he didn't stand a chance. That's when she came in.

    Just as the men were forcing him back into the trunk of their vehicle, an unknown assailant began picking them off. With speed and might that was no surprise for a vampire, his captors were taken down. But when the struggle subsided and his rescuer was clear in the moonlight, Alyxander realized one crucial thing; she was not pale enough to be one of his kind. Then what the heck was she? He would've been able to smell if she was a werewolf or a shapeshifter; their stench carries for miles. No, her scent was distinctly mortal. He was saved by a human.

    "you ok kid?" Alyx gave a single nod in response as she helped him back out of the trunk. "I'll be alright." 'Blast it. I leave home to take a peaceful walk, end up kidnapped by slayers, and saved by a human! How could this night get any worse?' With a glance around, he found it did. He had no idea where he was. He was completely and utterly lost.
  5. She looked at him wirly as he anwsered her question, unsure if to trust him considering he looked quite lost and very pale for his age. She thought about calling the cops and handing the kid over to them to deal with and leave after she gave them her statment, but rembering how she'd lost their trust and friendship when she was kicked to the curb 5 years ago. Made her chose to see what she could do for the poor boy. After all her father was the city's head of police, her mother was the head of a security company and her brother an aspiring cop in action. Her parents and brother shunned her for her crimes. It'd been very hard on her considering how close she was with her parents and her younger brother. Now they just think of her as a cheating lying scum bag. They all saw it fit for her to be in jail not walking around with the chance to commit a crime again. Even though she never did anything at all. They were so rooted in their belifs of justice they lost sight that she was their eldest child and not just some stranger on the streets.

    "you sure about that kid?" she asked looking at him worried "I can tell your lost and your probely a bit rattled right?" she asked knowing how to read people. she was no expert but taking extra classes in collage and from her parents before she was booted out proved to help her in many ways. She was like a counsler for the kids at the dojo who had no one to talk to. She'd sit them down and let them pour their heart out to her and like a bullet proof jar she'd be shut tight after they finished pouring and never spill her contents of knowladge. The kids trusted her even if their parents didn't trust her and was wirly or her pressense. Most were she had that air of confidance and sometimes malace around her. She was proud of her guts to stand up to thoese bigger then her and defend the weak but at the same time saddened that they looked at her as if she was too far to reach or that she was a crul pearson when she wasn't
  6. "you sure about that kid? I can tell your lost and your probely a bit rattled right?" Alyxander turned his gaze away to hide his thoughts. Annoyance, with himself for getting caught and saved by a mortal; and annoyed that this woman kept calling him 'kid'. He was not a 5 year old. Once he got his emotions bottled back up, he returned his gaze to the female. Were humans always so worried for each other? Pitiful. But he didn't dare think that she was pitiful, as that would imply that he was even lower. He couldn't escape by himself, after all. "I'm fine." He murmured. "And I'm not a kid." His arms shifted, and only then did he realize he was still tied up. No matter how he tried to twist free of the bindings, they remained firm; they were definitely tempered with something. Swallowing his pride, Alyx raised his gaze from the ground again. "Could you help me with this?" 'Pathetic.'

    He turned slightly, exposing his bound wrists, and lowered his eyes again. If vampires could blush, his face would have been red as a tomato with the shame that boiled within him. How humiliated he was, to not only be rescued by a human, but to beg for her assistance as well. Pitiful indeed. What was worse, it was a woman. Up 'til now, the only women of the mortal kind that he had seen were the ones his family kept in the house as servants that were nothing more than a midnight snack. How degrading it was, to be put in such a position as this. 'I really should have stayed home.'
  7. "sorry about that, I work around real kids all day so it's a habit" she said rubbing the back of her head as she knelt down to his height to see him better and so that he could see her properly, that way she could show him they were equals not on opposing levels of power. She had to learn to level her self to the same level of power as her companion, because no one would open up to her if she portrayed the higher power. they would see her as a threat rather then someone who was trying to help them. She looked at him and analyzed him out of habit, she deduced he was not used to living the streets and clearly was not from this part of town. She easily noticed his binds and when he asked her to help him undo them she agreed to help him take them off and dispose of them.

    He turned away from him, his face shameful and frustrated. She felt sorry for the guy, clearly he was not used to asking for help and to ask her was clearly a blow to his pride as a man. She whipped out a pocket knife she kept in her shoe and cut his binds easily and rubbed at his ankles and wrists to help blood flow. She blinked at the temperature of his skin and brushes it off, she knew some kids had cold hands and feet and it was just natural to them. She tossed the binds in the trash and helped the guy up to his feet
    "anything I can do for you?" she asked wanting to help him
  8. Alyxander glanced up out of the corner of his eye as the woman knelt down, moving ever closer to him. Her blond hair glistened in the moonlight, and reminded him of oh so many of the suitors his parents had introduced him to over the years. The blond ones were - almost - always the ridiculously pompous or overly sweet ones. One a select few had done anything that even remotely caught his attention; even less did so for good reasons. His thoughts were interrupted as she began to remove the ropes from his wrists and ankles. The moment her fingers brushed against his skin, a shock like electricity ran up his arms so sharply that he almost pulled away. She didn't hurt him; it was a sudden sensation, one that caused his slowly beating heart to skip a beat. 'What the heck?' Alyxander shifted slightly once his hands were free, looking down at the female as she worked on the bindings around his ankles. The shocking sensation only happened once though, just that once. What did that mean? Confusion, which he promptly attempted to conceal, replaced his shame as he wondered what had caused such a reaction in him.

    "anything I can do for you?"

    This was his chance, and before he could reconsider, Alyx jumped for it. "Would you happen to have an extra room? I don't have anywhere to stay." His curiosity was getting the better of him. What had caused that reaction earlier? Besides, he really did need somewhere to stay; especially since he knew those slayers wouldn't let a vampire slip from their grasp without a long search. This was a win-win situation, if he could convince her. "They might come back for me." He glanced over his shoulder, in the direction that the van had sped off not too long before. "And it's too dark to try finding my way home." Not to mention the fact that the more he looked around, the less familiar things looked. But that's what happens when you've been stuck in a house all your life.
  9. she'd snuck some galnces at him here and there, he was quite good looking and there was no shame in sneaking a peak at his gogerous hair and his shockingly red eyes. his hair looked so silky and perfect, she had to control her self so she didnt start petting his head. It was a habit she'd grown out of but at times she just gave in and patted her students at the dojo, mainly for their achivments and also for her induglance. But it was his eyes that caught her attention the most. it made her own blue pair linger bit to his red ones. At first she was supprised at the colour but when she looked closer she couldn't tell if they were coloured contacts like the ones some of her students wore or his real eye colour. She'd done some readings out of intrest about genetic defects that give off positive and beutyful results like multicoloured eyes or mismatched pairs at times. but his was clearly not a text book case. She even found him...a lttle cute almost. She had to do a mental slap there.

    "get a grip girl, the man's trammatized and you want to gock at the guy? reality check please!' she thought as she looked around to see if any more idiots would come slantering back to finish the job. It wasn't uncommon but at the same time it would be a dumb idea considering how easy it would be for her to send them away with more then just bruses this time. Try broken bones and dislocations. Yes she knew how but only used it as a last resort because she didn't like hurting others. It went against her belifs and personal morals so she settled for a bruse or a cut or two. Broken bones and dislcations were last resort. Using her knife? life or death senairos only. She had it to scare off muggers or drunks but never to real harm any one.

    "Ya I've got a few actualy" she said replying to the guys question after she shook her self mentaly out of her girly rut and in to her serious and cop rut that was slow filling up due to the lack of use. much to her distate. "you can stay as long as you need. I can tell you need it" she patted the guy on the back gently to show a sign of friendship to him so he was a bit more confortable and not looking like she was about to give him the lecture of a life time

    "I'm Suki by the way. you?" she asked
  10. Alyxander quickly caught onto the fact that he was being stared at, and made an effort not to react. He took a glance toward the young woman at his side whenever her gaze shifted away from him, and downcast his eyes whenever her attention turned back to him again. When she started to look at his eyes, her own glistening with curiosity it seemed to him, he stared back. 'What are you staring at, mortal?' He would have said, if this situation was different. He felt that keeping his identity (what he was, anyways) a secret would be best for the time being. After all, he was completely lost, with nowhere to go, and with no way to contact anyone he knew. Besides, if she knew he was a vampire, she would probably hand him over to authorities personally, if she didn't kick him out onto the street again. Or kill him herself. She was strong enough. Then again, if she was a slayer, she never would have helped him; she would have been able to realize what he was instantly, like the others had. His gaze turned away when her eyes left his. His thoughts froze once she spoke.

    "you can stay as long as you need. I can tell you need it"

    Alyx gave a small smiled and nodded once. "I appreciate it." He shifted uncomfortably away from her after she patted him on the back, giving her a weary look. "I'm Suki by the way. you?" His voice hesitated for a moment, then answered; "Alyxander." Why bother coming up with a fake name? It didn't seem that strange or out of place, anyways. Now, if he'd had his father's name, there would be some doubt; Mathias didn't sound very modern to him. He looked over to her after glancing around, running a hand through his clean black hair, trying not to let his gaze linger too long. For someone so strong, she didn't look it. How frail she looked, how spotted and blemished her appearance was. It was almost endearing. The only human females he had known, the maids in his home, were much older than the woman who stood before him. There was something more interesting about human girls, a vitality and energy that those of the immortal kind often lacked. 'Stop thinking such foolish things. Am I so shaken that my intelligence has been compromised? She's a pretty little mortal, nothing more.'
  11. She backed away form the boy giving him space to get up on his own now that he was out of his binds and a little calmer then when they first met. She pulled out her phone to check the time and to see if she could call a cab to come take them to her place seeing it was late and she didn't want to walk him to her home and risk him being attacked again. she could fight off a group of guys but not a gang of them on her while she tried to keep them away from him. doable but not with out major injuries, considering how she only had a tiny knife compared to what they could bring if they do come for him with back up. not a good fight that would be.

    "nice to meet you Alyxander, you've got quite an unusual name there" she smiled "but that's a good thing! it's good to be different. it's what makes you you." rushing the last part out shyly hoping she didn't offend him with her words. she looked at him again to find him starting at her. she wanted to look away but then again she had looked at her so it was fair...
  12. 'How am I going to get out of this mess I've gotten into?' Alyxander thought as he glanced up toward the sky. The cloudy darkness allowed glimpses of the moon and vast expanse of stars. How many times had he tried counting them from his window, as he sat ever awake through the sleepless nights? If only he knew. The night was just so peaceful, so soothing. During the day, he would always keep his windows closed; not only to avoid the harsh glare of the sun's rays, but to block out the obnoxious noises of the crowds that passed to and fro along the sidewalks. Yes, the night was definitely much quieter. "nice to meet you Alyxander, you've got quite an unusual name there. but that's a good thing! it's good to be different. it's what makes you you."

    'You talk too much.'

    How rude that would be to a host, however, so he held his tongue. He merely nodded once and continued to glance between Suki and the sky. After his curiosity was sated, for the time being, he put his focus on more pressing matters; how he would get back home. It was quite difficult to think of such things while being stared at, though. He glanced every so often, less now than before, to the young woman standing near him, wondering why she seemed so obsessed with staring at him. He had only begun to stare because she started it, and it seems she would be the last of them to stop too. "Do you live far from here?"
  13. She watched him look at the sky, he had that kind of longing in his eyes, he looked like he'd never seen the sky this close before...like he watched it from beind a glass wall. she wondred what his life was like and weather he grew up like her or if he had a rougher upbringing like some of the kids at the dojo. She didn't let her self ponder on this anylonger. after all negetive thoughts led her back to the past and this made her very hard to talk to, the last she needed to be was a block of ice for the poor guy to deal with. She snapped out of her negetive thoughts and back to thoughts abou how she'd take him to her palce and get him settled in before she'd hit the hay and go to bed. she had work in the morning and she didn't want to be late. the kids were getting their new belts tomorow and she was the one giving them out, so she coudln't be late. She knew she'd need to make him some food and may be take him with her to the dojo so he wouldn't set her place on fire and add to her list of problems to deal with

    "oh no!" she said realising she'd been caught staring at him "It's a short walk but I think I should call a cab cuz you look like you need it" she said, it was late and she felt a little lazy
  14. "oh no! It's a short walk but I think I should call a cab cuz you look like you need it"

    Alyxander chuckled softly to himself at Yuki's reaction to being caught staring at him. How distracted she was by him. Then again, who was he to judge? His mind returned to earlier, to the shock that had run through him at their first contact. He still saw no explanation for that. Alyx cleared his mind for a moment, not recognizing something that had been said. 'What is a cab?' Of course, being as prideful as his kind was, the young man refused to ask such a thing out loud. Not only would it place him even lower than he already was, it would reveal that he knew very little about this new world he had thrown himself thoughtlessly into. So in response to her words, he merely nodded.

    A cab. Obviously a mode of transportation, a faster way than walking. Perhaps it was like those metal contraptions that he saw on the roads during the evening, when he watched the city after the sun had set enough not to harm him. Yes, that was probably it. They were strange to look at, those things; how had pitiful little humans created such a ingenious idea as that? And how did it work? Did they fuel it with some sort of magic? No, ridiculous; they're mortals, not wizards. There was so much to this world that existed beyond the confines of his home. So much Alyx had yet to see, to experience, to learn. In human years, he may be 30; but in their world, he was little more than a child.
  15. (he's so cute!)
    she puffed her cheeks and looked away like a child, at his giggling, mumbling about how boys were idiots and how anyone wouldn't not look at him, with his odd eyes and good looks, hell they were bilnd if she had a say in anything! she sighed and decided to let it go, they were both adults and both senesable, so they shold act that way. not that a little bit of childish antics werern't good every now and then but still. she pulled out her phone and dialed a cab to pick them up in front of a mcdonalds in an hour, She might as well put some food in the guy before she stuffed them both in a cab to go home, better go home full and happy then empty and upset. She found that if she went to bed sour, she woke up that way and be like that till she got called for it and the old lady at the dojo would littearly wipe the floor with her till she snapped out of it and focused on her job, teaching others. Not being a stubon bitchy mule to kids who didn't get what was going on with her life.

    "just called the cab, We'll walk to mcdonalds down the street and grab a bite before it comes to get us" she said pointing up the busy street to wards the lit up giant symbol for mcdonalds. "come on" she said as she took a steo or two from him
  16. ((I agree ^_^ And what more do you expect from someone who hasn't left their house for 25 years. And I'm not entirely sure if he got very far the last time he managed to sneak out XD Books can't teach you everything))

    Alyxander was amused by Yuki's reactions, how childish she appeared to behave. His sister would respond in a similar way, when she was caught doing something she wasn't supposed to. Except that vampires couldn't blush, unless they had recently fed or were still very young. At that age, they were still mostly human... blushing... blood. As Alyx looked over at the woman who had saved him from a fate worse than death, and noticed the blush in her cheeks, the thought of his thirst flashed into his mind. He hadn't been able to feed earlier, not from the slayers. His eyes trailed to her throat, flickering back to her face to make sure she was still looking away. 'No. Not her. I cannot feed from her.' And he quickly diverted his gaze and attempted to distract himself. Time, which had seemed to slow around him, returned back to it's normal pace; what had seemed like minutes for him, was barely half of one.

    "just called the cab, We'll walk to mcdonalds down the street and grab a bite before it comes to get us"

    Alyx glanced up from the ground, nodding silently. He followed after her, hands in the pockets of his coat, his mind abuzz. ' "grab a bite". An odd thing for a human to say. Or it may just be me.' Another reminder of his thirst, but he tried his hardest to keep it down. If he revealed himself now, in such an open and public place, he was sure to be dead before the night was over. "I am not very hungry. I ate before I left my home." A poor excuse, and a flat out lie if there ever was one. But he had to figure some way out of this; if he never ate, she would know something is up with him. And that was the last thing that the young man wanted.
  17. (lol this is so much fun! and true you can't live off the books, it makes no sense to anyways)

    "your not hungry?" she asked turnign back to look at him a little confused, how the hell could not be hungry? He'd been attacked and beaten up! who cares if he ate at home. She shook her head and looked him in the eye as if she was ordering one of her disobident students to go cool off and come back when they cooled down enough to think stright. "oh no you don't buddy, you're going to eat somthing and that's finial, it doesn't have to be a lot but just eat somthing, you look seriously pale and I'm considering taking you to the hospitail for a check up if I can't get some kind of colour back in to you" she said making her desion finial. Even if he wasn't hungry, she was. After all kicking ass does take a lot of of you, plus the taxi woul show up at mcdonalds to get them so why not go grab a bite to eat while they were waiting. Plus if thoese kidnappers did come back they won't be bold enough to pull a stunt in public view with camaras all areound to record everything they do.
    "I'll just get you something small then" she said with a sigh "so come one, we don't want to waste time or give thoese kidnappers time to get you in this ally way, they wont be bold enough to do it if we're surrounded by people and under camaras eyes" she said as she started to walk out of the ally way
  18. "oh no you don't buddy, you're going to eat somthing and that's finial, it doesn't have to be a lot but just eat somthing, you look seriously pale and I'm considering taking you to the hospital for a check up if I can't get some kind of colour back in to you"

    'A stubborn woman.' Alyxander thought, slightly annoyed. 'Fantastic.' But what was he going to do? He'd never had anything except blood, and he doubted anything meant for mortal consumption would be a good idea anyways. If he ended up getting sick from it or something, Suki might bring him to this hospital place; which he didn't know anything about either, but it didn't sound pleasant. The less humans he had to interact with, the better chance of keeping his secret a secret. Then again, following her into a building full of mortals was not a very smart idea either, so he would have to cope.

    Alyx followed her silently out of the back alleyway, keeping his hands in his pockets and his gaze on the ground. The closer they got to the bustling streets, however, the more curious the young man became. This was the reason he went out after all; to see the city for himself. Finding himself in the middle of the city, though, was quite daunting. So many new things to see, hear, and smell, all at once. It was disorienting; but for the sake of not being questioned, he tried to contain his enthusiasm.
  19. She led him through the busy streets of coupples and people comming back from work as they made their way to the resturant. She'd glance back at him from time to time to make sure he wouldn't get parted from her or get lose in the mass of people. the streets were busy and it was easy to lose track of people at this time of night.

    She noticed his enegry and exciment in being the city. She chuckled at this gently and they soon reached the resturant. it wasn't too busy and she managed to find a table for two. for them to sit at. she sat him down and told him to sit and wait for her whiel she went to buy them food to eat. She ordred their food and returned with it quickly to him.
    "had no clue that to get you so I got you a jr chicken" she said as she placed a small paper bag with the burger in it while she sat down with her much larger one and took out two big macs and a salad before pulling out a large sprite to drink from
  20. The last thing Alyxander wanted to happen was for him to end up lost, so he stuck close to Suki at all times. Concentrating on following her kept his thoughts from wandering. A wandering mind would lead to thoughts of hunger, and he didn't want that to be his focus at the moment. Not when he was surrounded by humans. So he concentrated on the young woman in front of him, constantly reminding himself that he was in debt to her for saving him, and therefore needed to behave and not cause trouble in public. Owing a debt to someone was a serious thing for him, and vampires as a species, and having a debt owed to a mortal was equally as binding he believed. A flush of shame coursed through him again; indebted to a human woman, how pathetic.

    Once they reached their destination, Alyx stayed at the table as he was told. His gaze surveyed the small restaurant, from person to person, constantly shifting focus. The food did not look very appetizing in the least. What was it made of anyways? "Had no clue that to get you so I got you a jr chicken" He focused his drifting mind as Suki returned with their food, forcing a small smile. What to do, what to do? Force himself to eat it, for her sake? Hide it somehow? He cautiously peeled back the wrapper from the burger, and took a small bite of it. 'It could be worse, I suppose. This is what I get for sneaking out anyhow.' And so continued the meal, as he slowly and silently ate the food Suki had graciously brought to him.
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