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It is set after a nuclear war in Moscow. Completely destroyed and irradiated everyone lives in the metro as a haven. Everyone lives off of mushrooms, pork and rats as food and there is lots of poverty. Only those that are officers of the Hansa, or lives in Polis are privileged. Every other week stations inhabitants are disappearing and no one knows why. You and a group of people are from Polis sent out of the "city" to find out whats happening to these stations. Once you reached the first station you are met with a horrific sight. Bodies dismembered and stung up from the ceiling. You have to find out who or what is causing this and act accordingly quickly or the people of the metro may not last any longer.

(Okay so this is my first rp I've created, It sets a few years after the book/game Metro 2033 by Dmitry Glukhovsky. Reminder that this is only set about thirty years from now and the nuclear war was set about present time.)

(Here is the best map I could find all the english names are in grey please use those just click the picture so you can get a better view of the icons/names)
Whoa. That sounds really awesome. How many people are you wanting in the group and everything??
I don't really know how many people but anywhere from 3-10 should be good

Alexi stood in the middle of Cherkizovskaya. He and a group of people were almost at the end of the Red Line but already he is seeing that there would be nothing left of the end. Bodies were everywhere and no survivors in sight.
Turning to his comrades he orders them "Search for survivors!" bending down he studies the ground for anything strange. not able to find anything useful he stands up again and flips his overgrown hair out of his eyes and wipes off the knees of his dirty military uniform.
Kami looked around in horror and disgust. "What the hell happened?" She asked, shocked. She searched frantically for anyone who had survived. She knew there was none.
"I have no clue" Alexi said sighing. They'd been travelling for days and it was wearing on him. Walking towards the exit to get to a populated station he beckoned everyone over. "No use in staying here lets move out and find an inn" he said slowly walking into the dark tunnel switching his flashlight on.
Kami switched on her flashlight as well as she followed him with the group protecting eachother. "Whatever it was that killed those.. Those innocent people.. Is highly dangerous. We need to be careful." This job was highly dangerous and very nerve wrecking. They all had to be on the lookout every second. Letting your guard down could be fatal.
"Well whatever it is.... It's moving quickly" He said shuddering a bit. "Come on let's move faster before everything shuts down in the next station" Alexi sped up always sweeping his flashlight about to keep a watchful eye for his comrades.
Kami watched carefully. Scanning every inch of the tunnel. As the reached the end light seeped in. Hurting her eyes slightly.
In the next few hours nothing eventful happened as they walked to the next station. Arriving Alexi scanned the place for an inn and walked up to the teller digging in his bag for gun cartridges. Giving the man fifteen the elder led them to their separate tents for them to sleep.
The day had been exhausting. Sleep had been very good for Kami. As the sun rose she got her guns ready for the day.
His watch rang and he got up quickly fixing his clothes and placing his bag on his shoulders. He held his AK-47 as he walked out of the tent and waited for the crew.
Kami walked up beside Alexi. "How did you sleep?" She asked casually.
"It was sleep" Alexi said stretching a bit "Where do you think we should go next?" he asked his grip tightening and loosening showing his anxiety.
"Maybe we should try taking the slowest way to the next station." She replied scoping out the area.
Alexi Took out his metro map and looked at it for a while "Well VDNH requested help a little while ago so we should head there soon to check what is happening"
"Sounds like a plan." She replied. Then they started back up. "I hope we aren't too late."
"It might be if you don't get your arses in gear." The flap leading out of the tent opened and one of their crew looked in, the name of the crew member being Ryan Holiday. Ryan, being nearly sixty years of age, had the undeniable pleasure of being one of the last toursts in Moscow when the nukes hit and the air turned to poison. That left him, barely nineteen at the time, to force to fend for himself. And that he did until he became one of the better known traders in the Metro... for a time.

Now the fifty-something man glared at the two who were wasteing time. "Check your guns before we go. You are going to need them if we're going there. The rest of the Red Line may not be as calm as this one." He stepped out, waiting for the two to get out.
Kami scowled and checked her guns. "Let's go." She said roughly. "Enough time has been wasted."
It was scolding hot and the air made her throat raspy and sore. She wiped a band of sweat from her forehead and started moving forward.