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  1. [​IMG]


    'Crime has a new enemy'

    Due to the quickly rising crime rates in the United States, and in other parts of the world the United Nations has taken it upon themselves to institute Project Metalliká. Despite it's obvious dangers, Metalliká takes amputees and gives them a second chance--and the ability to served their country. The amputees who are selected for this program are based on mental stability and personality--too emotional and the chemistry in their brain will cause the system in their brain controlling the cyber-technology to go haywire. Initially, the United Nations attempts were unsuccessful--the subjects rebelled, wanting to return home and see their families. Armed with cyber-technology, the subjects were borderline unstoppable and uncontrollable, and they almost succeeded in their escape before being shut down.

    Then, Dr. Kim Aniston made several break through's in the field of Cyber technology. She created a flawless system where, AI's and humans worked hand in hand. There would be AI's or 'Kimbots,' as their creator affectionately dubbed them, guarding and patrolling the facility ensuring the protection of the scientists and imprisonment of the subjects. She's developed a memory wiping device stripping the subjects of their past and names, replacing them with numbers. However just because the memories are gone--that doesn't mean that it's permanent.

    The organization has it's own division in the Baltimore City Police Department, they are called in to handle serious and delicate situations and when they aren't training or doing that, they are solving cold cases.

    The Metalliká division in the Baltimore City PD are led by a Kimbot AI and two human detectives.

    On occasion, the Metalliká division works with Vario, together these organizations protect and serve--only at the cost of their own free will.


    1. No god modding. Yes, you're all cyborgs, but still very human.
    2. Please take note of the posting expectations, they are there for a reason. A single 6 sentence paragraph is the minimum.
    3. Please alert me if you're unable to RP, no alert = spontaneous death within the Rp
    4. Multiple Characters. I allow multiple characters to be created, but here's the catch. You cannot create two of the same kind, this rule doesn't apply to the family members of cyborgs.
    5.Romance is allowed, this RP may get gritty so if you manage to incorporate romance, have at it! But not literally. Take steamy scenes to inbox. Thnx
    4. Don't forget, you're assigned numbers rather than names.


    'Tin Men'

    [2] 'Harker,Maxi' @Daws Combine
    [4]'Kiratobe,Aria' @IceQueen
    [5] 'Burns,Kay' @LeVen
    [7] 'Jenkins,Maya' @Ritual Lobotomy
    [8 'Jacobson,Alice' @RareSecret
    [9] 'Smith,Hadrian' @BlackOrchids

    'Unlimited amount'

    1. Cyren, 20's, Female.
    2. Alex Torch, 26, Male.
    3. Charles Brooks, 54, male.
    4. "The Back Water Man", 40s, male.
    5. Mika Li, 30, female.


    1. Detective Ingrid Bellamy @Incandescent
    2. Detective Jonathan Rifkin @FrostedCamel
    3. Alice (AI) @BlackOrchid

    4. Anthony Lebowitz @LeVen


    Head Of The Mettaliká Divison

    1.Dr.Kimberly Aniston

    2. Dr. Casey Rutherford

    3. Dr. Ace Colt



    * Downgrade
    * Point deductions
    * Isolation


    * Upgrade

    About Points
    Dr. Aniston has instituted a reward system within Metalliká, points can be earned at any time but they can only be given by Dr. Aniston. The subjects can use their points to buy upgrades, for example if John want's to get his bionic eye upgraded for the first time it'd cost him 100 points, now he has night vision and access to the criminal data base. Points can also be taken away, and subjects can be down graded for bad behavior.

    Everyone starts off with 5 points.


    Welcome to Baltimore, Maryland's institute for Cybernetic technology which is being funded by Omnicorp. The institute itself was split into two separate buildings, both seemingly oval in shape. Building A was the public friendly part of the institute, the front desk was located on the first floor--one of the first things you see when you enter the building. The ceilings were high, the the overall style elegant and refined. Building A was composed of mostly offices, with a few basic labs speckled in here and there as well as a few Kimbots patrolling and doing daily rounds. The employee cafeteria was on the first floor as well. Building A was a welcoming and warm--a pleasant sight for visitors and scientists alike. Cybertech was showcased throughout the building--for the children of course when they came to visit on their field trips. There was even a little gift shoppe that they could buy little knickknacks from on their way out. Needless to say, Building A was for the most part open to the public.
    Building B however? That was another animal entirely. Firstly, to enter the building a RF-ID chip was required. (Radio Frequency Identification) The RF-ID chip was a small pill like capsule that was embedded into the fleshy part of one's hand, getting the chip implanted is fairly painless with minimal soreness. After waving your hand over the scanner, then and only then would the doors unlock. Building B was the more clinical part of the institute, everything was washed white. The RF-ID Chips were programmed to give certain people, certain levels of clearance, they's chips can be disabled and activated remotely. Any who, more Kimbot's patrolled this building, of course there was a front desk, and several laboratories and offices in this building. However, all the fun stuff is underground. There is a Elevator on the first floor that requires Level 5 clearance to open, this elevator only goes down.

    (The first few minutes of the video is relevant, but feel free to watch the entire thing, there's interesting parts there as well.)
    The Tin Min are kept in this building, no one truly knows how far down the elevator goes. It takes people with level 5 clearance only as far as the fifth floor. Level 6 clearance is required to go any farther--something only Dr.Aniston has. The Tin men are kept on the third floor, that's where they spend the majority of their time. Upgrades and down grades are given on the 1st floor, training is on the 2nd and 3rd and the lab where these tin men are created is on the 4th. Mind you on each of these floors, are labs, offices, and so forth.

    [Subject to future editing.]
    Cyborg CS (open)


    Real Name:

    Age: (older than 18)



    Looks: (Picture and/or description will suffice.)

    Limbs Amputated: (Don't over do it, please explain the accident/event that took place.)

    Skills: (Variety, John could be ex-stripper and good at geography.)

    Abilities: (OKAY! Here we go, the fun part. Pick two abilities, so say if you character is missing both of his legs, because of his bionic limbs he can 1. Run inhumanly fast 2. Scale walls easily. The ability has to pertain to the cyber limb(S) Character can have multiple amputations, but only 2 skills.


    Family: (Depth people, include spouse if there is one, children, dogs, grandmas.)




    Character Sheet For Criminals (open)







    Reason for committing crimes:

    Other important info:

    Character Sheet for Detective and Lab assistant (open)




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  2. I call sexy symmetrical # 8.
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  3. I will take 6!
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  4. Can I reserve a detective?​
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  5. Yes you may. :)
  6. What is the specific physique we use for appearances? Anime or Realistic?​
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  7. Either one is fine.
  8. Dr. Kimberly Aniston

    Age: 32
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Personality: Kim has a very flirtatious personality, often going out of her way to make certain people uncomfortable in her presence. Dr. Aniston loves her AI's--the 'kimbots', she treats them like people and baby's each and every one. Kim can also be rather sadistic, as far as she is concerned the Tin men are Omnicorp property and there isn't really much they can do about it.
    Background: Initially, Kim had gotten involved with Omnicorp in hopes of finding a cure for her husband--who had been confined to a wheel chair after getting into a major automobile accident. She wanted her husband to walk again, and she worked her hardest to try and find a cure for spinal cord damage. After several break through's, Kim had believed that she had finally found what she was looking for. Her husband went into surgery the next day and died while still on the operating table. After that, Kim went off the deep end and decidedly began making weapons for the government instead.
    Likes: Loves her son, mango strawberry gum, kimbots, sadism.
    Dislikes: Happy people, wombats, disobedience.
    Family: Kimberly's husband is deceased, she has a son named David--he's 11. Her parents are deceased, but Her husband's family is still very much alive and they take care of David whenever she can't or does not have the time.
    Other Information:--
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  9. Number:

    Real Name:
    Kay (Kai) Burns





    Limbs Amputated:
    Kay lost both arms in a motorcycle accident at the age of twenty- one arm was removed at the elbow and the other at the shoulder. He nearly lost his life, and it was amazing to everyone that he survived. The accident wasn't his fault, and it was mainly the other person who turned at the wrong place at the wrong time.

    • Kay worked in engineering, and had a hobby of making robots.
    • He's skilled in working with small parts and tinkering with metal objects.
    • He's not too bad at piano, but amateurish compared to professionals.
    • He's good at noticing small details and seeing how parts fit together
    • Very good at math.

    • Inhuman strength
    • His arms don't really get tired, and can hold things for long periods of time
    • His robotic arms give him the ability to scale walls easily

    He's very quiet, and is very introverted. Kay had long since gotten over the depression of loosing his arms, but it did impact his life. He's very smart and had just barely gotten a job working with robots when he lost both arms. Surprisingly funny, he has a hard time keeping his emotions in check and it's easy to tell if he's upset.

    Two parents, both divorced when he was twelve and was shuffled back and forth between the two until he was 18. He has one living grandmother, and he has no cousins since both of his parents were only children. There is a younger sister-aged 14 to his mother's new husband, named Lena. He doesn't really talk to his mother very much after his parents divorced, he learned during all the court battles that his mother cheated on her husband and that his sister was only his half-sister.
    Kay has an iguana named Sidd.

    • Piano
    • classical music
    • motorcycles
    • building things
    • Lizards

    Obnoxious noises such as cracking gum, chewing, tapping your pencil on tables, humming

    Other: He has a peanut allergy, cannot touch it or eat it
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  10. I'll take a criminal spot.
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  11. in exchange for a Character Sheet it's yours to keep. ;)

    Guys, I have a bunch of reservations and One CS. :c
  12. Name: Alex Torch
    Age: 40
    Looks: 6'0, caucasian male. Short Black hair, green eyes. Wears a black, rather stylish suit.
    Gender: M
    Sexuality: straight
    Crimes: Crime boss. He is responsible for numerous robberies, arsons, loan sharking, murders, drug dealing and smuggling, Etc. There is very little dirt on him though, as he always hires someone else to do his dirty work.
    Reason for committing crimes: It's profitable.
    Other important info: He climbed the gang ladder like a person that climbs ladders very well. He seized control through black mail and intrigue. He controls the largest crime syndicate in 3 continents (The Americas and Europe.) .
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  13. Oops not finished.
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  14. I like you. I like you a lot. lmao
  15. Ok I finished it.
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  16. I would like a criminal spot. CS construction will commence shortly.
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  17. Name: "Cyren"

    Age: Presumably her 20s


    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Undefined

    Crimes: Information Broker related offenses, but never arrested for them. Several warrants for Cyren, but none even close to her real identity.

    Reason for committing crimes: She believes in creating chaos for her own personal amusement, but is highly selective in her targets. She only helps those she is interested in helping and on her own schedule.

    Other important info: Cyren has created herself as an enigma in the criminal underworld and as far as anyone knows she doesn't exist. Those who go looking tend to find their life in disarray before taking several steps in. Rumors are circulated in mass with each one being a variant of the others to the point investigations prove troublesome at best, deadly at worst.

    "Swim swim fast as you can for sailors drown where the Cyren swims. Who leaves their bodies upon the shore. Seek out the Cyren draw breath more." Was how she exploded onto the scene with five police corpses and their existence scrubbed clean from any data base.

    "The mark of fear is not easily removed." The video played a collection of her greatest hits. It was a pattern, a dance, and a mockery all wrapped into one three minute video. With that she disappeared into nothing claiming to only return when someone who might best her emerged to challenge her.

    "The price of greatness is responsibility." She wasn't all bad or all good. In the same week she leaked information on several wanted wanted criminals of high value to local, federal, and state agencies. In this a power vacuum was created and chaos emerged. It is assumed that in creating chaos she was resetting the playing field to see who the truly deserved to hold power and grab some for herself.

    "Unity is strength...when there is teamwork and collaboration wonderful things can be achieved. " She never claimed to work alone, but she never admitted to having a team either. Is she a lone sniper in the field or a mastermind waiting for the challenge only to bury them with a well placed ambush?
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  18. Beautiful guys! The criminals will either Be imprisoned, killed, or 'allowed' to escape depending on how my dice rolls so this should be interesting! Thanks for joining! Feel free to spam the OC page. :P
  19. I'm going to play an AI, and a Cyborg so I'll have my forms up in a few...
  20. What if I want to be a wild card or anti-hero?
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