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  1. The girl snuggled deeper into the arms of the mossy oak tree. She curled up in the space she had found while climbing it, and watched the fireflies dance in the darkness. She rubbed the head of the stray cat she had found, and now it was curled up beside her, eyes half-closed, purring as she petted it. She felt it's silky black fur, and rubbed behind its perfectly pointed ears. She looked up through the oak's rustling leaves, up into the starry sky, and she yawned. "Look at this pretty world, Kitty. It's so beautiful, but nobody notices the magic here." The cat watched her through sleepy green eyes. "But people don't notice a lot of things. They don't know what they can do with their minds, Kitty. They can't see the worlds that they create, not like I can." The girl traced her finger on the patterns that the tree's bark made, and sighed. She cupped her hands, and closed them together. When she opened them, a moth flew out, fluttering into the night, lit by moonlight. The moth hovered around the tree for a little bit before going out to join the fireflies in the dark. "You know, don't you, Kitty? People can make their own worlds from only their minds, and they can visit them in their dreams. Nobody thinks that those worlds are real, and so those dreams become fake. What happens when they imagine that their dreams are real, Kitty? Do their dreams become reality? What we imagine becomes real in our dreams, and if we believe our dreams are real, they become reality. Isn't that right, Kitty?" The cat opened it's eyes and stared at her through emerald irises, kneading the moss on the trunk of the tree. The girl yawned.

    "I dreamed that cats could travel back in time yesterday. When did you come from?" The cat meowed, and the girl traced her finger over the gemstones embedded in the Egyptian collar it wore. "Don't you want to go back to your time?" The cat only closed it's eyes and yawned as a response. The girl smiled, and within minutes, was fast asleep.

    The next day she woke up to see that the cat was still there. Secretly delighted, she stood up and stretched, yawning. "Did you sleep well?" The cat arched it's back in a stretch, then jumped off of the tree. The girl followed. "Wanna see what I dreamed of last night?" The cat sat down in the grass and proceeded to wash it's face. The girl looked up into the sky, and watched the multiple clouds scurry across it's surface. She pointed at the biggest one. "There! Let's go visit my dream, Kitty." Then she stepped up into the air, standing on an invisible staircase. She walked upwards, and in a few minutes arrived at the largest cloud. She waved her hand, and the mist in the center of the cloud cleared away to reveal a giant castle floating in the center of the cloud. The girl stepped into the courtyard, and the cat followed. "Sometimes I wonder if there's other people like me, Kitty. Have you ever met any?" The cat twined itself around her legs, purring, and looked up at her with glittering intelligent eyes. If the cat could speak, it would tell her of the many times it had visited, each year with a Dreamweaver like her in it. It would tell her of the dangers Dreamweaving could bring, but it could not. It could only follow her and protect her. It was the cat's duty. He was the guardian of Dreamweavers, and he had done his job for thousands of years. He meowed and followed the girl as she skipped her way into the castle.

    Mention their Dreams is a roleplay where everything is possible. Few people realize how powerful their dreams are, and only those who can make their dreams reality can see what people's minds can do. Jump on in! Anything is possible.​
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  2. Allen awoke from his dreaming. Another nightmare. He winced as he realized what that meant. He was well aware of the fact that he could turn dreams into reality, but unfortunately he could do the same with nightmares. Every Dreamweaver could weave dreams, but sometimes nightmares would come true unintentionally, and that is where monsters and horror stories of terrifying creatures came from. He looked up with a sense of dread, and sure enough, a giant spider lay on a enormous web. It was the duty of the Dreamweavers to defeat the Nightmares to protect the world. He got up, and a sword materialized in his hand. Time to get to work.
  3. Arron was watching the night sky from atop of the bell tower of the castle. He loved being up in the sky it was always so magical he couldn't understand why not many others could do the same as him "What is wrong with humans magic is everywhere how can they not see" he said aloud to no one but himself. While he lay he watched the stars shine brightly and watched as they moved across the sky when a shadow took form right in front of his eyes. Jumping up he couldn't believe his luck as he saw the shape moving closer to him. "Oh wow, you are stunning" he said aloud as the Dragon landed on the spiral of the bell tower. "why thank you" the Dragon didn't talk to him as another would but in a mental wave length Arron couldn't stop the smile "You are most welcome, may I come closer?" he asked before as he didn't want to worry the beautiful creature that was in front of him.

    "You may, indeed come closer Arron, I'm Bridghid and it is a pleasure to meet you" the Dragon bowed her head. Arron need no more and he lifted him self up the spire as if he just floated until he was close to Bridghid. "Oh no the pleasure is all mine." he smiled and bowed back at her. Never before had Arron been so happy to be able to make his dreams a reality. Sitting with the mystical creature he told her of his worries and concerns that no one believes in the magic of the world any more. They spoke in to the dawn and watched the sun rising from where they were. Bridghid put her head down "Now we shall fly" she said as Arron rose from his seat and carefully climbed on to Bridghid.

    Her scales were the colour of the sun rise all oranges and yellows and reds and they felt like fine silk that had been woven together many eons ago. As she spreed her wings He gasped in absolute amazement "I wish this never to end" he said as she took flight over the castle and across the trees and climbed high and high into the changing sky.
  4. (Oh, BTW, Here's the OOC Thread:

    The girl yawned and woke up in a bed in her castle, with Kitty next to her. She sat up and stretched, and then got out of the bed. The cat watched her with sleepy eyes. Then suddenly it widened it's eyes and jumped out of the bed. It stopped at the door, looked back, meowed, and ran down the hall. It stopped at the door to the castle and looked at the girl. "What is it, Kitty?" The girl opened the door and stepped out into the courtyard. She looked down over the side of the floating castle, and gasped. There was a man fighting a spider down there! The girl looked up, and saw another man on a beautiful dragon fly past. "WAIT!" She cried, and she ran towards the end of the castle. She jumped into the air, and a giant flying polar bear caught her. She caught up with the man on the dragon. "Please Mr, can you help that man down there?"
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  5. Lacey’s cheeks turned crimson and her brown eyes flashed as she charged full speed across the lawn. “Get away from Him!” The beasts turned their beady black eyes at the new target and attacked. Spreading their wings they seemed to grow in size. But she was not afraid of them; Kyle needed her protection from the angry geese of the pond. Advancing against the first goose at full speed, Lacey planted one foot in the grass; the other swung like a pendulum meeting the bird just below its puffed out chest and launching the over-sized creature into the air. She was relentless. Some of the birds were propelled so high they simply flew away; others fell backwards and rolled several feet before taking flight and following their feathered friends. Kyle ran to his big sister, throwing himself against her legs and knocking her to the ground. “Lacey you sure beat those geese!” he squealed. Sitting up in the grass she pulled the three year old onto her lap and squeezed him. “You sure have real dreams Kyley-wiley” she told him. Wiping the frightened tears that lingered on his cheeks she ran the other hand through his baby blond hair, wet and matted from an already restless night’s sleep. “Lacey is not here.” A muffled voice penetrated through the sky. “Don’t you say that!” Kyle screamed, still nestled in her lap. “Sweet-heart,” their mother’s voice said again, clearer this time, “It was just a dream. Lacey is not coming back.” Enraged with all the terror a toddler could possess, Kyle jumped up. “DO NOT SAY THAT!” The world around them began to fade; the fishing pond, trees, the damp grass all blurred while Kyle’s bedroom, faintly outlined, began to show around them. “Where is Lacey?” Mother asked him.
    At once Lacey was sitting on a bench beneath a large willow tree. A dim light stationed along the path before her revealed the closest grave stone. ‘Lacey Greeves. 15 years old, beloved daughter and sister’. “Lacey is in a cemetery, and isn’t coming back.” Kyle’s anguished voice echoed in her ears.
    She sat for a moment staring at the cold truth. She was dead. Yet horribly, inescapably true, she was alive and could never go home. Tears stung her eyes, real tears that mingled with the dampness still left on her fingers from wiping Kyle’s cheeks with the same hand. Wandering through the cemetery she began noticing things that were dreams; long curling tentacles reaching from behind a weathered stone, fairies sleeping in freshly placed mourning bouquets. Somewhere in the distance between earth and the stars shone the twinkling lights of a castle, floating on the clouds.
    A thin smile emerged on her face as Lacey started walking in that direction. But the shadows were more intimidating after seeing a dream creature in one, and she began to sprint instead. It was several miles to the base of the staircase, but Kyle had remembered she was a quick runner; she was probably faster now than she had been in life. Hair clung to the sweat at the back of her neck. Collapsing on the ground, she gasped for breath, staring up at the castle above. Finally Lacey pulled herself up and ascended the staircase to see this dream castle. If she had looked up again and seen the creatures flying above the fortress, she might have turned back.
  6. "We have company" Bridghid said as she could sense the polar bear coming at them. As Arron turned he saw a young girl riding the polar bear and couldn't stop the smile spreading on his face and was just about to say something as it was obvious that she was like him and he had never meet anyone who could make there dreams real before. but before he got the chance she spoke and he looked down to see the Mother of all spiders "Damn that is a big spider, yeah I'll go" he said to the girl "Well Bridghid you up for coming with or shall I just jump?" he asked the dragon with a glittering laugh the Dragon turned her body and pulled her wings closer so she was almost just falling through the sky.

    As they got closer to the ground Arron jumped off on her back and landed on his feet with a quick thought he held a bow an many arrows as well as a long sword were strapped to his back. As he walked closer he got his bow ready and shouted "Watch your head" and with that he aimed the arrow and let it fly through the air. It struck one of the beasts legs, but before he could celebrate her got another arrow at the ready and let that fly and it hit the spider in the side of the head. Walking closer so him and the other man could team up he let a few more arrows fly.
  7. Allen turned to see a man shoot an arrow at the monstrous spider. It landed squarely in the beast's leg. The spider turned, hissing, glaring at the newcomer with it's many black eyes, but before it could move another arrow followed and hit it in the side of the head. Allen took this as an opportunity to lunge forward with his sword, burying it up to the hilt in the spider's back. The spider gave a shrill scream, and crumpled to the ground, twitching. Allen gave the newcomer a gracious smile. "Thanks. I never thought I would meet another of my kind. My name's Allen." He then felt a tug on his shirt. He stiffened, thinking that the spider had survived somehow, and his eyes met those of a little girl, who had to be six or seven at most. She was holding a black cat in one arm, and was petting a polar bear with wings with the other hand. "I got help, Sir. Do you want to see my castle?" Allen smiled at the girl, his thoughts troubled. The girl was too young to be a Dreamweaver, let alone one who might have to slay nightmares. He noticed that the cat she was holding had a glittering Egyptian collar on, embedded with gemstones. He nodded towards it. "That your Guardian?" The girl looked at the cat. "Kitty? I don't know. What's a guardian?" Allen smiled softly. "A Guardian is a creature who helps a Dreamweaver. Like you." The girl tilted her head to the side, thinking. Then she seemed to forget the question entirely when she saw the dragon. She instantly ran over to the dragon. "Wow! You're so pretty! What's your name? My name is Emma. This is my cat, Kitty." Emma said excitedly, thrusting the cat at the dragon. Then she put the cat on the ground. "Do you want to see my castle?" Then she stopped, confused. "Wait, have you already seen my castle?" She asked the other man sitting next to the dragon, the one that had shot the arrows. Emma looked up at the cloud above, the one that contained the castle, and she tilted her head. "Looks like someone is visiting. Hurry! We have to go say hi!" And with that Emma ran to her polar bear and struggled to get on his back.
  8. As Arron got to the other guy he watched him take down the spider as he spoke Arron held his hand out "No worries Allen I'am Arron" he said as he too saw the young girl with the cat he smiled but was worried for her. As he saw her run off he smiled at Allen "Yeah I have never meet another of our kind and here their are three of us" something must be happening he thought to himself but didn't say anything as he walked up to Bridghid and run his hand over her scales lovingly "Go on she will hear you she is like me" he said to the dragon "I'm Bridghid I'm Arron's Guardian" Bridghid said with pride in her voice she knew they were made for each other she was as much apart of him as he was to her. Looking up Arron smiled "Ok looks like there is another one of us he said as he watched Emma trying to climb on to the polar bears back calling over he smiled "Hey Emma do you wish to ride Bridghid with me? Oh Allen your more then welcome too" he said looking at the guy behind him.
  9. Far away a woman smiled as she heard the screams of yet another child who's nightmares where coming real in front of their very eyes. With a evil laugh Jamie smirked as she thought up some more terrifying ways to torture others she liked to hear men scream the most and walking up to a human bar she saw a man who was a little bit more drunk then he would wish for but to her this was perfect. Not only could she make nightmares come to life but she could read others biggest fears and make other see what she wished, pathetic stupid humans so boring and so easy she thought as she got closer.

    With a wave of her unseen hand to the back of his head she read his deepest fear and smirked is that all she thought and imagined it coming to live in front of him. The man was no longer slumped over a sign outside his local but was now hanging from a rope over a bridge that if it broke would make him fall hundreds of feet in to a river. Hearing him scream she stepped into the nightmare "Oh dear you look as if your having a tad bit of trouble there" she smirked at the male, as he looked up at her she could see the tears running freely down his face and the hope of being able to get out of his predicament "Oh thank you god thank you you sent me one of your very own Angels" he said looking her in the eyes. With a raised eyebrow she smirked at him "Oh dear no you have this all wrong this" she said waving her hands to take in the whole nightmare "Is my doing and no God can hear you from here you are now mine for me to do with as I please" she said and ended with an evil grin as she saw the hope filed look turn to one of horror and fright. Laughing she started to lower the rope that was holding him.
  10. Lacey finally reached the top of the stairs, gripping her left side against the cramping pain. “Oh I thought dreams would have it easier! There has to be a better way.” She complained to no one. Twisting her straight brown hair into a loose bun the girl surveyed the castle. It was beautiful and welcoming, an innocent dream. Turning to look back the way she had come, the height nearly made her dizzy. But she was awestruck, below there were a Dragon’s scales sparkling in full majesty, a winged polar bear, and people who looked so small in comparison. On the ground lay the curled body of a giant spider, this sent her trembling away from the edge even though it was clearly dead. She decided she would rather be inside the castle and retreated to knock desperately on the door; heartbeats thundering in her ears. "Hello!?"
  11. Emma hurriedly ran to the girl. She tugged on the girl's hand. "Hello lady! Are you a Dreamweaver? Where's your garden? Like the castle that I made?" Allen trudged up the stairs behind the girl, and he looked around in awe. This girl must be a very powerful dreamer to have made all of this. Incredible! He smiled at the other woman. "Hello. My name is Allen, and this behind me is Aron and Bridghid. The cat down there is apparently named Kitty. Are you lost?"
  12. Turning to see the girl pulling on her hand Lacey smiled, a child’s hand could be so comforting. Looking the girl squarely in the eye she grinned “Hello. I think your castle is amazing; it feels as friendly as you are. What is your name?” She turned her head as the others approached. “Allen and Arron you said? I am Lacey.” then she stopped herself and turned to face them “Actually, I am a dream of Lacey Greeves, as had by my…her, 3 year old brother.” This is all so confusing. “I guess I am lost. I cannot go home, her home, Lacey Greeves died last month. So I decided to come here. Who can resist a dream castle?” She said with a wink at the girl. “But what kind of dream are you?” Lacey asked squatting to admire Kitty and glancing at Bridghid as well “You are not like the dreams I have seen so far.”
  13. Bridghid had more then enough room to land near the gathering dream-weaver's "Hello, I'm Bridghid it's nice to meet you." As Arron slid off her back he smiled walking up to everyone " Hey, well I must say having never meet anyone like me before and now there are so many of us." Arron couldn't wait to get to know everyone here.


    Jamie laughed as she could smell the urine the man had just realised "Oh my you really are scared, but you bore me see you around" she said as she let the rope fall. Listening as she heard him screaming and cursing her to hell she smiled as the splash came that was a rather nice ending she thought as she walked out of the nightmare.

    Upon where she saw the man laying on the floor in a puddle of his own making, she knew he was dead " It's true what they say die in the dream world and your time is up"
    Walking over his limp body as if he was nothing she walked down the road in search of a more thrilling time.
  14. Allen smiled. Emma laughed. "My name is Emma. Kitty isn't a dream, he's real. He came from looong ago, when the first Dreamweavers started to fight the nightmares." Allen looked at Emma with suprise. "How did you know that?" Emma twirled around. "Kitty told me."
  15. Arron smiled and looked at Bridghid with much affection "I'm no dream I came because of a dream but I was real once and am again there is lots you will have to learn for there are not very nice dream-weavers out there to" Bridghid said with a sad look in her face as she watched the others around her. Arron smiled "I knew you were more than a dream your to real to be anything but, I think we should go inside this amazing castle if that is ok with you Emma?" He just hoped there would be some where inside for Bridghid so she could come too.
  16. A shadow lingered in the nearby darkness, the shadow's apparent dress seeming to float in a ghost like manner about this figure. The only piece of the shadow that didn't appear to be hidden by darkness was the single glowing blue eye watching the dream castle. There was the sound of a click of a tongue before the figure knelt down, a petite hand slipping from the geisha-long sleeve and lightly tapping the ground before the figure stood. Where the ground had been tapped, a line of darkness shot out, hitting the castle like an arrow. At first, it didn't seem to do anything, though a shadow soon started to grow on the castle wall and spread out, the figure crossing its arms, speaking to itself. "No dream can escape the boogeyman..." The shadow then faded into the darkness, leaving the shadow to spread and corrupt the dream.
  17. Lyle walked through the peaceful forest he longed to actually be, in this world. What he didn't know is that this dream was real, he was there although just in mind now. Every night he dreamed of this forest and walking through it, but morning always came and ruined it. Tonight he was in the south end of the forest and it was a part where it became an open grove. "Huh....Haven't been here yet...." Rustling came from the bushes behind him and he ran into the open, "Is someone there?!" He knew it wasn't a person since there never was anyone in his dream, but it was still a possibility.

    A beautiful, silver wolf big enough to fit a 6 ft person on it's back came out from behind the bushes. Luckily Lyle was only 5ft 10in so he fit easily on the wolf's back, "Hello Jane." The female wolf just stared at Lyle, walked towards him and stood by his side. Lyle stroke her silky fur and got on her back, "So it'll be morning soon. I haven't seen a single monster so need to use my magical items. It was boring but at least peaceful." Jane looked back at him but didn't do anything else. She started to walk back into the forest but it turned into where the staircase was that led up to the castle. Lyle looked out and saw his town out in the distance but then he woke up as the sun appeared and shined in his eyes.

    Lyle woke up and stretched, "Another good dream. I hope it is good or better tonight. Kind of weird how I saw that staircase leading into the sky near my town though." Lyle went through his normal morning routine then went outside. He had no idea he was a Dreamweaver but he did know he could always control his dreams. His favorite weapons to fight the monsters in his dreams were four different weapons that seemed to magically control the elements. Lyle walked down the road to wherever but stopped when he thought he saw a silver wolf way down the road. #Jane? No....but then what.....# He walked over to where the wolf was but it was gone. He looked ahead and saw the wolf farther down. He followed the wolf until he found the staircase, "You are Jane! No way! What is this?"

    Jane just started walking up the stairs and Lyle followed. The closer to the top they got the more Lyle saw a large cloud was what they were walking towards. #Am I still dreaming? What is this?#
  18. Emma giggled and waved her small hand over the castle's mammoth doors. They opened upon their own command, and she ran in. "Welcome to my castle! It's plenty big enough for a hundred dragons to live in! Its-" Suddenly her voice cut off, and she stared into the distance. She walked toward the east wall of the castle, and gasped. The cat hissed and jumped in front of the girl, fur bristling, preparing to fight the darkness that was spreading through the wall like a corrosive acid. Allen stepped forward, hand on the hilt of his sword. "It looks like someone has corrupted this dream with darkness. Get back, Emma." He growled, and he stiffened as the darkness began to take shape. Suddenly the wall turned a sooty black, and there were dark stains of blood on the walls. The darkness was turning this dream into a nightmare. Kitty growled, and ran towards the wall, where he scratched at the spreading corruption. The spot where he scratched glowed white, and the darkness didn't cover that spot. You see, a Guardian has the ability to fight the darkness, but they have a limited amount of light they can use to fight the nightmares. Kitty had a good amount of light, but he was going to run out eventually. His claws and eyes glowed, and he hissed. Emma stepped back, and ran underneath Bridghid's legs. "Help Kitty!" She said, her eyes wide. Allen then took his sword out of its sheath. Allen didn't have an animal guardian, his guardian was the sword. The sword started to glow, and he advanced on the darkness.

    But darkness can fight back. Suddenly darkness swirled, and three nightmares jumped out of the blackened wall. One was a gigantic snake, one was a large man who had no head, and one was the skeleton of a giant dog. Allen backed up, brandishing the sword.
  19. As Arron walked in after everyone he smiled the size of the castle was eminence he had never seen anything like it in his whole time of being a dream-weaver, looking over his shoulder he saw Bridghid coming in behind him just as e was going to say something his heart sank oh no not here her thought as his bow and arrows replaced themselves to where they had been when he helped Allen.
    Arron didn't wait he walked up to Allen and smiled "Looks like we are going to make a good team again" he said as the three nightmares came to live, with his bow in hand he saw Emma run to Bridghid she will look after Emma I know she will ad with that last thought in mind he started to fire off a few arrows at the nightmares one went in to the dogs eye socket and the other to found their homes in the snake.
    Bridghid stood as she saw the darkness swirl and Emma ran over "Fear not I will help" with that she let of a stream of blue fire from her mouth and it was a direct hit at the wall, she knew the cat would be safe as guardians can't hurt other guardians. Seeing the white appear on the wall she smiled as she got ready to throw her fire again. "Kitty come back Emma is in need of you, I can finish this off" she said to the cat as she spew her blue flame again.


    Jamie could feel something happening and looked up to see another dark dream-weaver working their magics on a castle "Oh that looks like fun" she said to herself as she started to walk to the stairs that led up to it. Once she was at the bottom she could see a wolf and a man on their way up to the top I wonder what is going on here she thought as she placed her foot on the first step. As she started to walk up she looked behind her and saw the steps she had already stepped on where turning black, with a smile at her own power she turned around and continued her climb slowly she was in no rush she was sure to have her fun.
  20. Halfway to the top Jane's ears perked up then went back. She started to go as fast a possible up the stairs. Lyle went after her, "Jane what's wrong?!" But she just kept going and going until they finally reached the top. Lyle saw the castle a small way off and noticed the darkness spreading on the outside. "That darkness again....Jane." He looked to her but she was preoccupied with something down below. "Jane?" Lyle looked down and saw she was growling and bearing her fangs at the woman coming up the stairs. Lyle also noticed the stairs had become black near the bottom and where she was walking. "What the? She doesn't look like a monster, she looks human. Is she spreading the darkness in the castle as well?"

    Lyle started towards the castle hoping someone was there. Jane noticed and started after him, knowing she would have to protect him from the darkness. "Whether or not I'm dreaming I should be able to fight if needed. I just really hope someone good is in that castle, Jane." Lyle created his favorite "magical" weapons. A wand with a six inch wooden handle but what looked like crystallized flames about one foot long. They soon reached the castle and saw the doors open. They peered in and saw the two girls, two boys, cat and dragon. "Boy there are a lot more people than I thought." He walked up to the group, "Excuse me, is anyone the owner of this castle?"