Meet my friend Adam. He doesn't know when to quit.

Good God, this chap doesn't know when to stop.

I love how he seemed very confused by the fact that you were still annoyed "after a week". Seriously, this guy's a fucking moron.
............i DO have some buddies from boot camp and MA school in florida right now..................
Don't bother....

He tried calling me a couple times today.

Left a text telling me how I was dooming myself because apparently, one day, I'm going to regret not giving him a chance.

....What is it with guys thinking that?! Usually it's the ones that don't even know me all that well who demand that I be their girlfriend.

*Sighs and eats her cold, decaying, fermenting pizza whilst drinking green tea*

He said that he wanted to save me from my sin..... like that's gonna happen.
"Religion is founded on authority whereas science is founded on reason and observation. For this reason science will win."
-Stephen Hawking

Drop that on him and see what happens.
Hey, he already tried to argue with a Benjamin Franklin quote...
Doesn't work that way... anyways, I think he's going to leave me alone now
It was awesome. Shame he couldn't think up a snappy retort to it; you guys could have had an epic argument. Instead he was just all "LOL BIBLE".

Seriously, religious folk need to learn how to be fucking funny. It'd make sermons so much more awesome.

How religious are you talking?

I'd like to think I have a sense of humor.


Or the fact that they have Christian Rock concerts at DISNEYWORLD.

Cause y'know Harry Potter taught kids the DEVIL and WITCHES but Disney has NEVER touched on that stuff before. I've seen plenty of stupidity in my life around here and across the nation through news and online friends. But I'd like to think you guys all don't lump EVERYONE in together. Not every Christian is a bible thumping moron.

BTW, TK, if he's still in Florida I could arrange an ACCIDENT. HE'S ON HOME TURF. Or did my location status not give it away? Lulz.

Unless he really has left you alone.
Oh noes, she quoted something I told her via MSN. Overall, his problem is not that he wants to "save" your soul, it's more of a means to control and evoke emotion. If he really is a religious person, he would be more willing to listen and discuss things before assuming his way is the right way. While I am obviously not a "Jesus Freak" as I like to label these sorts, I am very concerned about the amount of "Jesus the Warrior" vs. "Jesus the Peacekeeper" that so many people hyper focus on. Then again, being Jewish my views on what a Messiah is are very different from Christians. :P
This dude is a giant barrel of Tard mixed with Fuck.

TK. Give me a way to contact him. I'll 'talk' to him.... if I can use my fists like nouns, and my foot like verbs.
Or would head be for punctuation?
Elbows for Adverbs, Knees for prepositions. You could write War and peace, with your fists,feet,head,elbows,knees as the typewriter and Adam as the paper!
Wow, this is one of my nerves too, not only is he Christian (Which in and of itself isn't a bad thing) But he's a forceful "brimstone" Christian, where it seems to me that he's trying to force his beliefs down your throat and trying to convert you with scary stories about hell and death and all that jazz.

My advice would be to trim some fat, I don't know the extent of your friendship or how tied into it you are but if I were in your position I'd slowly phase them out unless they learned not to force their beliefs down my throat and try to be a bit less needy. I wouldn't cut them out of my life completely unless things didn't change after you've started ignoring them. Sometimes it's just not worth it to fight.
I think TK's tried everything short of MURRdur.
You can also file a complaint about him to facebook. Unfriend him. Totally ignore him. If he's calling you or coming to your house, you can even file a police report, i think.
Oooooh! I forgot about that last part Tegan!

*Waits by her window for the creeper to come with a phone in her hand, ready to dial out for the police and some pizza*
Sounds like talking about "religious stuff" makes you mad. (LOL CAPTAIN OBVIOUS) But answering him back when he says things like that just gives him an excuse to keep talking and riling you up. Instead of everyone focusing on bashing christians/christianity/religious people (OH MY GOD WHAT IS AMP SAYING!?), it seems like the other issues are more important...

I think that it would be more than wise to just ignore him. As in completely. Block him on everything you have and DO NOT answer any IMs, emails, txts or calls. Although for the txt and call part, since you've repeatedly told him to leave you alone, could count as harrassment.

The obsession he has over wanting you to be his girlfriend though is beyond creepy and sounds stalkerish. Especially if he's after you and trying to contact you as much as you say he is.

Waiting for him to call and answering his more-than-obvious ignorant comments are just falling for it and looking for trouble. He already knows what riles you up and will get you talking, why give him the satisfaction of an argument at all? Sometimes good friends just go bad. It isn't your fault. You just don't get along anymore.