Meet my friend Adam. He doesn't know when to quit.

The problem is, He used to be a very good friend. The thing is, he's trying harder and harder to try and indoctrinate me that WE BELONG TOGETHER.


I've had people pull similar shit on my girlfriend. It's nothing a few kidney punches can't solve.

And I'd say you're making the right move with telling him to leave you alone for a bit. If nothing else, it gives you some breathing room, and at best it means he'll realise he's being a twat and stop pulling his Bible-bashing bullshit.
Make him join Iwaku so I can ban him.
Dude. Asmo, let me explain this.

I'm so frustrated with him that, if I knew how, I'd hack into your account and ban him myself.
Punch him in the bleeder, and then shovel his lack of intelligence on top of him effectively suffocating him. Then take a very large stick, and plant it into the mound, and hang a flag from it.

Problem solved.
Again, wish I could, because he, at some point started getting on my twin's butt too.

Kai put up this status:

"Lighthouses are more useful than churches" -Benjamin Franklin "

And that. Sparked this.

Adam Trids
a light house may lie, where as Gods light stands as the truth for all to see. His light is brighter then we can ever imagine. light houses break, Gods love and truth is endless, u cnt put a price on him, for i'll never know how much it cost to see my sin upon tht cross.
and light houses r abandend. where as Gods house will always be filled with ... See Morehis love, Jesus saves. light houses cost fortunes to repair, and are not very reliable, light houses misguide us, God guides us to ever lasting life, where do light houses guide us? to another port, tht may not be where we want to go. Sorry God is more worthy thn a light house.
May 27 at 9:39pm

Kylie Danielle Finklea
Which I guess is why we shouldn't go to church! :) now shut the fuck up dick
May 27 at 9:44pm

Kylie Danielle Finklea
I love god but I hate bible thumpers like you who give no respect to non Christians
May 27 at 9:45pm

Adam Trids
Im not talking jus about christianity, im talking about religon all together.
May 27 at 9:58pm

Julez J. Rudes
May 27 at 10:01pm ·

Kylie Danielle Finklea
*fist bumps*
May 27 at 10:04pm

Julez J. Rudes
*Snuggles* I think I'm seriously going to go chubs out on my dutch chocolate icecream now.... And burn a pair of certain flipflops soon.*

*Side note: He got me flipflops for my birthday last year.

Adam Trids
wats tht suppose to do scare me, even though i walk in the shadow or valley of death i shall fear no evil.

Julez J. Rudes
Adam, are you familiar with this quote: "Hell Hath No Fury Like A Woman Scorned"?
May 27 at 10:11pm ·

Julez J. Rudes
And what, I'm not trying to scare you, I'm just simply stating that I need to get rid of some trash.
May 27 at 10:13pm ·

Adam Trids
the trash u want to get rid of, is tht of sin and guilt and frustration, shoes r meaningless compaired to the help u need. im jus saying before u start threatening thnk about where im coming from.
May 27 at 10:16pm

Kylie Danielle Finklea
He actually thinks burning flip flop is scary? Lol
May 27 at 10:16pm

Julez J. Rudes
I'm not THREATENING, ADAM! I'M TRYING TO TAKE CARE OF STRESS! You're the one who's got me beyond upset. Not God. God is still ok with me, whether he exists or not.
May 27 at 10:18pm ·

Adam Trids
no im asking if thts suppose to scare me?. its not the flip flops fault for doing this, its julz's fault
May 27 at 10:18pm

Kylie Danielle Finklea
Flip flops are the trash

I for see a posible defriending in the future!!!
May 27 at 10:19pm

Julez J. Rudes
I'm not trying to scare you, Adam. Jesus. I'm trying to get rid of items that remind me of people. I did it with Catie, now I'm doing it with you. I just want to have a clear head again. Get off my case.
May 27 at 10:19pm ·

Adam Trids
if i leave u alone, will u promise me u wont destroy the flip flops? or is it to late?

Julez J. Rudes
What does it mean to you, Adam? Leave me alone. Take my number out of your phone, I'm defriending you the second I figure this damn fucking site out. Twin. Help. Now.

Adam Trids
jus promise me u wont destroy the flip flops? i cn uderstand u being mad at me, but seriously flip flops? i thnk i have to plead for mercy on their soul since they cnt speak for themselves. come on. anything but the flip flops.
May 27 at 10:25pm

Julez J. Rudes
.... Adam. It's flipflops. Don't worry, I'll dunk them in holy water before taking a torch and shredder to them, they'll go to heaven, alterboy.
May 27 at 10:27pm ·

Adam Trids
so thts it then u really hate me? my mom bought those by the way, i had no money, i was desprite to buy them, i told my mom wat to get u. i jus figured u could have some respect twords tht.
May 27 at 10:30pm

Julez J. Rudes
Adam, it's purely pneumatic. I don't hate you, I'm just really fucking pissed off at what you've become.

Tell him that he can say "I told you so." when he's worm food. Until then he needs to stop preaching smoke and mirrors. Bible freaks need to get that book across their face repeatedly from left to right, then throwing a few swings up and down in order to confuse them some more.

And if he's going to be walking in the Valley Of The Shadow Of Death or whatever, tell him to pack a lunch. His ass is going to be hiking for a good long while in Never, Never Land.

(On a side note. I'm pretty tolerant to any religion, but when someone goes off spouting "Gospel" of what I deem as random religious babbling, I tend to attack their faith. Usually gets them to shut up for a minute, and think before they speak.)
He hides behind his social disorder when I try to confront him about a problem.

I don't understand how he can claim that he doesn't understand, when I've counted myself telling him to leave me alone, go away, stop posting on my stasuses, ect. over ten times. And It's not just me saying it. At least five of my friends have commented on his behavior.

He hinders himself. Before he found out he had it, everything was a little more he just covers up everything with it.
It's amazing how people can turn out when you get to know them, isn't it?

Just stick to your story, or even just block him entirely. That'll get the point across eventually.


Julez J. Rudes
.... Adam. It's flipflops. Don't worry, I'll dunk them in holy water before taking a torch and shredder to them, they'll go to heaven, alterboy.
May 27 at 10:27pm ·

I was pissed. I couldn't help it! I think I've been hanging around Asmo and Darky too much...
It was awesome. Shame he couldn't think up a snappy retort to it; you guys could have had an epic argument. Instead he was just all "LOL BIBLE".

Seriously, religious folk need to learn how to be fucking funny. It'd make sermons so much more awesome.

hey i have im now

(instant messanger

I know what IM is, Adam

But don't you know the meaning of the words "Leave me alone"?

Haven't you looked at my status?

u have got to be joking its been over a week and i'm n flordia

how could i be any farther away from u?


fine u win

When I talk, there's a 90% chance that I'm not lying about most of it

I've been explaining this over and over

What you did was childish, disrespectful, and hurtful.


i know i get it

im sorry okay

Sorry, you thumped the bible too hard.

true im still sorry though

You had plenty of time to realize that you were acting like an idiot.

The only time that you reacted to my anger and disappointment was when I threatened to defriend you.

And even then, you were still preaching to me.

Oh, and for the record, I believe in Jesus, but I prefer the Hebrew translation. "Son of Man", not "Son of God".

Just get it through your head. You fucked up. I don't think I can forgive you. Move on.

wat r u saying we cant be friends


well im not moving on because ur to immature to let things go

The word is "too"

And immature?

Adam, I'm sick of your shit

you're like some little kid, you don't pay attention until someone hurts your feelings, then you'll scream anything at them to make them stop.

yea its immature of u not to accept my apology and still be friends, i don't c y we can't be friends ive seen u get in more shit with {the bitch} then this and yet u still managed to tollerate her

Oh my god. Seriously? SERIOUSLY? I wasn't! I was trying to think of a way to tell her off! I had no spine back then with her

You're like a little brat! I don't accept your apology because it doesn't cover the extent of what you did.

I warned you repeatedly of what was going to happen if you didn't stop

I told you I was going to defriend you and other things. Repeatedly.

thats wat they call a threat not a action

No, Adam.

A threat with me is a pretty sure thing of happening if standards aren't met

For the record, I don't know why you're so hung up on me. You were a friend. You weren't my type of boyfriend material.

and i was suppose to know this how?


Adam, if you're bothering a dog, and it starts growling, doesn't that mean if you don't leave it the fuck alone, it's going to bite you?

no i get bit all the time and i dnt care or mind


Jesus fucking dammit!



i get wat ur saying i just dont want r friendship to be ruined by some redonkulous



It was already ruined.

You did it

not the argument

since when?????? and wtfh


If you had come to your senses and actually acted your age, you would have noticed that you were upsetting me and that my friends were alarmed with your behavior

had you even THOUGHT before going through with ANY of that, maybe you wouldn't have done it

they seemed to be enjoying it and cheering u on

I got messages from them all durring the event

The one you had a massive argument with, Michael? He wanted to murder you.

hahaha i bet

None of them were "Enjoying it" and they weren't "cheering me on", they were trying to support me.

You don't get the severity of the situation, even now.

it doesnt seem all that bad even now. it was a simple high school drama, that can be let geaux now. so u tell me how bad it is

It wasn't simple "Highschool drama" dammit. You disrespected me.

You also made an ass of yourself.

You preached when no one wanted to hear it

and if you were ANY smarter, you would have known that I hold ENTIRELY different religious views than you, and that you shouldn't have even come close to doing that.

I'm trying to be calm, so maybe that's why it doesn't seem so bad, by the way.

I'm trying to keep my temper in check, but it's hard to do when you're being so fucking goddamn stupid

stuff like this hapens julez, all i can do is say sorry for wat i did

if thr is a way to ease the damage then let me know

There isn't

just leave me the fuck alone

like I have been asking.


then i'll i can do is keep saying sorry



o got halfway through before my blood boiled and my rageface was activated.

i HATE it when people do that. i hate it even more when they're supposed to be a freind. and they're not.

again, sorry you gotta put up with this kinda shit tk (you too kat)
you have more self-control than me WMD, I got about 5 lines in before Tactical Dreadnought Rage Mode went crazy
I'm really sad that he still didn't understand....
if only i was still in and a few of the lads like a good sermon..... *shines a scratched and pitted baseball bat*
I know, but he's in Florida right now...
hmmm....remind me to sign up for the 451 course as soon as possible.