Meet my friend Adam. He doesn't know when to quit.

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  1. I constantly deal with this guy. I love him to death, but as a BROTHER. He, however is CONSTANTLY on the prowl for any weakness that would prove that I should lay myself at his feet and scream "HOW COULD I HAVE MISSED IT ALL ALONG?!"

    He constantly wants to get in on my life, and also comes to me for help with commonsense problems. Shit that I either warn him about before hand, or shit he should have known. But when I want to keep my problems to myself, he goes apeshit. Observe. This is what happens on facebook after he does something stupid, that I thought might actually be a problem, and come to find, it's like he needs his hand held. So basically, he's my "Knight in Shining Armor that needs his hand held"

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    help me now plzzzzzz


    What is needed?

    check out the message i jus sent to ur in box

    ...... Are you kidding me

    Dude. Why did you add her if you don't know her

    said she was from g-vine


    Just say you need to go or something

    No shit

    it's not that hard Adam

    im not tht mean

    I thought there was a much bigger issue, man

    Nah, just say you need to go eat.

    TTYL, you know?


    jus creepy

    Now leave me be unless your hair is on fire.

    and no, there's worse, sweetheart

    whew she left

    nxt thng im enrolled in college


    look, kinda wrapped up in shit currently

    yea like what


    tell me.

    As I said, unless dire shit is happening leave me ben

    no u dnt have a fuckin choice

    and no, I'd rather not talk about it


    tell me. better now than never

    You're overstepping it, Adam.

    maybe, but is it not worth it for the glory of heaven.



    whoops gone religous again

    Ok, explain

    sorry youth group leader. and i watched to save a life last night

    .... Adam, I don't know what you're talking about. How does that connect to me not wanted to elaborate?

    u should watch to save a life it deals with shit like ours

    ......No, you're not answering

    what u mean?

    For gods sake

    you made a religious refrence when I wanted to be left alone.

    yes because i care about u julz

    or did u forget tht


    when will u realize we our in each others lives forever

    Adam, let it go. I'm not in the mood. At all.

    no tell me wats going on, u shouldnt handle life on ur own julz its not good for u

    I'm a big girl, Adam. And in this wonderful world, I can CHOOSE whether or not to talk about current aggravations with other people.

    I'm warning you, I'm starting to get seriously pissed

    i know u r, i jus wish u could tell me stuff, it sucks when u go through stuff and finally when its my turn to go through something you tell me to ignore my problems cause they r not worthy enough

    im jus trying to help u. before u become psycho or something

    You don't even know what's wrong, it could be completely unrelated to any cause or problem of loosing any sanity

    I don't want to talk, got that? Your problems mostly have to do with lack of common sense, by the way.

    you still shouldnt deal with shit alone, i had to make it this year on my own if i wanted help i had to go find it. and i have fuckn NLD. I hope u dnt mind tht some of my friends r druggies and tht idc anymore


    i dont care

    ..... Adam. You're being an idiot.

    well im having the time of my life

    You're making this into a much bigger issue than it is

    And I'm sick of constantly either helping you with COMMONSENSE problems or you DON'T LISTEN TO ME when I WARN YOU about problems and you STILL WALK STRAIGHT INTO THEM

    I'm not trying to be a bitch

    I'm just saying that it gets OLD

    ik julz, i just hate not hearing what ur going through, i wish i was a part of u, or at least with u or some shit

    Adam, What I need is to be left alone. And left to DEAL WITH SHIT ON MY OWN WITHOUT HELP BECAUSE EVERYONE HELPS ME TOO MUCH

    You have me getting increasingly agitated, and the next words I'm going to say, you might not like because of your religious backround

    which to some would be a blessing julz. Ik u want to be left alone, but julz i love u, i would lay down my life for u,

    previous note u sent before this one





    I'll talk to you when you dump the knight in shining armor complez

    ok but if u need to talk to some one im here


  2. QUICK.


  3. Very funny.
  4. ....ah.

    i dont mean to be a dick, but this is whyn i dont like serial god botherers.
    mate of mine used to bew going out with one once, she went apeshit whenever he and my other mates talked about warhammer. as in "well, if you're happy going to hell for playing demons in a tabletop game then fine!" and other bullshit.

    but anyway, you knwo where to find me if you need me mate.
    you know how i love to bait god botherers (take maverick for instance)
  5. Thanks sweetheart!
  6. sorry mate. he hit a nerve with a sledgehammer.
  7. He tends to do that. Sorry you had to put up with it.

    *Sigh* He misinterprets a lot of things.

    I miss my birthday last year when he hung out with me and we were still very good friends.... everything seems all wrong now...
  8. i miss the past too.
    especially back in the days when i ahd money to spare and all me and my buddies could think of was when we'd next hang out.
  9. I'm sorry you had to deal with that, buddy.... I should have warned you that he can rub people the wrong way...

    And now here come the waterworks. Fuckdammit.
  10. its not your fault, and it was the usual temporary madness on my part.
  11. No, he actually does this kind of thing VERY often. Look at my status on FB. How many times have I repeated "Leave me alone" and some how it translates to him that he needs to offer his hand.
  12. he's trying to help, and unable to see that trying to help isnt helping.

    took me a while to learn that one.
  13. Yeah... As I said, knight in shining armor.
  14. The verdict? This chap suffers from a severe case of 'Doesn't-Know-When-To-Drop-It'.

    If it gets too ridiculous, just block him on Facebook and so on. It's an excellent way to deal with people who won't shut the fuck up about things you don't particularly want to talk about.
  15. The problem is, He used to be a very good friend. The thing is, he's trying harder and harder to try and indoctrinate me that WE BELONG TOGETHER.

  16. Still, even if you were the bestest of pals in the past, there comes a point where someone becomes far too obsessive. If you are feeling he is becoming too intrusive, for your own safety block him out for a while.
  17. Punch him in the nickles.

    A few times. Sorry, but obsessiveness is disgusting.
  18. Julez J. Rudes Loves how the jewish don't try to convert, but hates how christianity is shoved down her throat. Repeatedly. Seriously, people, let up. I need to breathe, and I can't do that when I'm choking on your "Word of God".
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    Adam Trids
    Adam Trids
    Help. Julz needs saving.
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    Julez J. Rudes
    Julez J. Rudes


    Message I sent him:

    Adam. I'm sorry for neglecting you over the years, And I'm sorry if I didn't do enough to help you when you were in trouble. I apologize for getting mad at you some times, I really hate getting pissed at you.

    But you of all people should know that I'm not one to talk about religion, and it seems like you're loosing yourself to a couple of holy books. I liked you because of your individuality when we first became friends, but all I'm seeing now is reconstituted bible-thumper talk.

    I dislike being repeatedly asked to convert, or having a normal conversation with you turn to something so unintendedly religious.

    I also don't like being asked to reveal information that I don't want to at the time, and I asked you MANY TIMES to leave me alone, yet you kept going, and kept seeking out EVERY ONE OF MY STATUSES.

    Let me make this clear. You think we belong together. I don't. I don't, because I feel like there's a level of language that is lost in translation between us. I also don't believe we would work because of your strict religious views, and the fact that you just wont leave me alone about them.

    I am truly sorry, but I just can't handle this.

    If you count me as a friend, or more, you will not answer to this. If you do answer, I am not lying when I say that I am done with you because it proves that you didn't read this, or even care that I took the time to at least try, one last time, to get you to understand that all I want is some space. If you don't answer this message, then you at least have a chance of earning back my respect and possibly our friendship. I am sorry.
  19. Does he think you're single or something? I'm kind of lost on what the motivation is here for him to be this obsessive for you two to be together so much.
  20. I am kinda on my own now.... I screwed up by letting him know, because I thought he could be mature about it.

    But nope.