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  1. Story
    All know the story of King Cassius, the one true lord of our land. We have known his strife and agony, and how he ripped the throne from the devious claws of his tyrannous brothers. He has been blessed by the Jay and her holy light, and has been given the right to rule over our beloved home. There has not been a time where he has left us to suffer in the darkness, constantly reminding us that the gods and goddesses still watch over and protect us even more diligently than him, and that the Jay will provide us with all that is needed.

    Our home has mostly known peace and tranquility. But when King Cassius told us of a vision from his beloved Jay was when the calmness was wisked away by worry and distrust. He claimed that our neighbors across the Clouded Sea were evil, vile, and grotesque; the Jay told him that we must find a way to convert them, or they would do the same to us while our guard was low. And so, we prepared for war.

    We prayed to the Hawk for many days before the invasion. We begged for him to bless our armies with the strength of dragons and the ferocity of gryphons. And once we made contact with our mysterious neighbors, we thought that, surely, that all the gods would be behind our cause. However, we were mistaken; the enemy, with their hand dragons that sprayed ash and metal upon our armies, felled most of our men. It was not long before we were sent scrambling to a broken home and to a disappointed king.

    It has been some time after that so called war has occurred, and precious King Cassius has grown disgruntled over the state of our nation. After the conflict with the neighboring country, people have been showing their disdain. Seeing this, the king has stated that the reason that the war was lost was that there were spies in our very home; he decreed that every traitor will be hunted down and brought to justice, and our home will once again rise to glory.


    Hey everyone! I'm back with another (hopefully wonderful) interest check! This time, as you can see, I'm making a fantasy medieval RP. Now, there's a lot of things that are still in the shadows, but I will tell you a few things about the world itself.

    - There will be five races: humans (will be called something else), elves, animal-shifters, orcs, and dwarves.
    - The main nation will be the one that King Cassius is in control of.
    - There will be an area that is much like the "wild west".
    - There is magic available, but it heavily restricted.
    - There will be the usage of guns (mostly flintlock pistols and muskets), but it is extremely restricted.
    - Would rather play with people 18 and over.

    Now who's interested? : D

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  2. Interested.
  3. Let's see how this plays out.
  4. I have in mind some form of [Sentient Mythical Animal]-raised character who lives in the wilderness. Thinking of a wild child Berserker of sorts who speaks proper Fantasylanguagethathappenstosoundlikejapanese due to her beastly foster parents having enough of a brain and tongue to speak the language.
  5. I'm sorry. Not looking for those types of characters as they are unrealistic in this era, not to mention unrealistic overall.
  6. Interested
  7. [​IMG]
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  8. We have like five people in it including me. Maybe we need two or three more?
  9. Guess I'll stick with the closest thing to that - a forest witch or something. Probably Animal Shifter.
  10. Come on people! We need three more! I might know someone who might join.

  11. Expressing interest.
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  12. I'm getting up the RP sometime today, before the hassle of school comes back to haunt me.
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  13. I would like to join!
  14. The link to the RP is posted above. :)
  15. Haha yeah it popped up for me as soon as I posted. Thank you!
  16. I like to join as an animal shifter I just have ? Can he be a wyvern shifter or do you want a more real type of shifter
  17. Interested
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