Master's Kitten

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  1. 15's tail waved about curiously as he was called to the front of the shop. The others in the Kitten section looked at him excitedly. "I heard a pretty girl bought you!" another one of the boys said.

    15 grinned and jumped around a little, then hurried and hugged his friend. "I hope so, I hope I get a cute name!" he said, then waving bye to the other Kittens, he ran to the front of the shop. There, he was prepared for when his new master would come to pick him up. He was given new clothes, neat pants and a nice shirt, then he was quickly groomed. Though, he ruffled his hair soon by waving his ears around too much.

    Soon, his new master would arrive.
  2. Duchess Maria had been getting tired of her latest pets so she decided to get rid of them and buy a new one. Looking through the lists of possible pets she chose an adorable male kitten. She loved his pretty brown hair. She sent a check to the store and told the owner she would stop by the next day to pick up her new pet. She couldn't wait to bring him home. She had even gotten him a new bed and collar with a bell.

    Arriving at the small quaint shop and walked in. A bell chimed over her head and alerted the shop owner someone had come in. Wlecoming her, he kissed the back of her hand respectively and informed her that her new pet was just finishing getting ready. He invited her to look around the shop at the many diffrent feeds, toys, accessories, and other items he had. She flipped through a clothing magizine and waited.
  3. He perked up at the sound of the shop door opening. The women held him down though, recombing his hair. "Don't mess it up 15," one of the woman scolded. He nodded and kept his ears still as he waited. Just as they finished, the shop owner came in and motioned for the women to leave. He strapped a blue leash to 15's collar and pulled him gently.

    "Your turn 15, I hope all goes well for you," the shop owner said. He was a kindly man, 15 had always liked him. Sure, he could be strict and a little mean, but 15 would miss him a lot. "Here he is, Madame Maria," he said as he and 15 stepped out.

    15's tail wagged about quickly and happily. She is cute! He thought happily. "Hiya!" he greeted cheerfully. The shop owner yanked him a little and he pouted, remembering they were supposed to be quiet until they were told to talk.
  4. Maria heard the door open and she quickly looked up. A smiled graced her lips when she saw her new pet. Moving toward him and bending down to stratch his head she said,"Well aren't you a cutie!" She laughed softly and thanked the shop owner. '15' as he was called seemed very sweet but a little rambunctious. She took the lease from the owner and spoke to her pet. "Are you ready to go home?" Smiling she lead him out of the store and into the waiting car.

    Getting in she loosened the lease and allowed him to move around to get used to the unfamilar car. When she spoke to him it was as if she was talking to a child "When we get home you can meet your new family! Aren't you excited?" She rubbed his head and watched him closely.
  5. His tail wagged even more and he nodded eagerly. As he was led outside, he waved goodbye to the owner. Getting in the car, he looked around curiously. As it seemed to be fate, his hair was soon ruffled all over again, from his ears flicking and his head moving around to look at everything. He even looked under the seat.

    When she asked if he was excited, he straightened up and nodded. "Oh yes! Are they nice?" he asked eagerly. He sat still now, his hands folded in his lap. "Miss, will you please tell me about them? What's your house like? Are you nice? Are there dogs?" he asked, the questions shooting out of his mouth quickly. He knew he should calm down, but he couldn't. He hadn't been out for eighteen years, he was ready to play around outside and get petted every night. He hoped he'd get a lot of attention too, at the shop the owner tried his best, but there were a lot of pets to take care of.

    Now though, he had a family and would get to make new friends. Plus, he'd get to make his master happy. That was something he'd dreamed of, especially when the older kittens would tell him stories. They told him that if their masters weren't happy, they'd return their pets, and that was shameful. None of the pets were ever returned though, and 15 was determined to do his best.
  6. Of all of the pets she had ever owned 15 was the most outspoken. Most of her pets were quiet and scared. She could tell she was going to like her new one a lot. She laughed softly before answering his many questions. Gently petting him to calm him she said,"They are very nice. My home is large. It has lots of land to run around on. I despise dogs. " She took a moment to answer his last question. "I am a very nice if you are obident and don't get into too much trouble. However, if you don't obey me there will be consequences. Do you understand?" She asked nicely. Running her fingers through his soft hair she gently touched his ears and smiled. "Also, we need to give you a new name. 15 certianly isn't a suitable name for the pet of a duchess, right?"
  7. He smiled, calming down with her touch. He laid down then, letting his head fall into her lap as he listened to her many answers. "Really? The dogs at the shop were mean and would steal my treats sometimes, so that's good," he told her, his tail waving around lazily. "Don't worry miss, I promise I'll stay out of trouble and do as I'm told." A gentle purr rumbled in his throat as she touched his ears.

    "A new name would be nice," he said, smiling. "Oooh, what will you name me, miss?" he asked excitedly. "Or will you let your family help you name me?" 15 asked her curiously. "I bet you all have nice name ideas."
  8. Smiling as he settled down and laid her head in her lap she laughed softly. "Good to hear." Looking into his pretty dark eyes she said,"Once we get home I will ask my family and I'm sure we will come up with a splendid name for you." She watched out the window as the trees and smaller home quickly went by. "Are you hungry, my dear?" She asked gently rubbing his stomach. He had to be. Knowing that with so many pets there would be very little food to go around.
  9. He nodded a little, smiling. "I am kind of hungry. There wasn't much breakfast this morning," he admitted to her. He rolled over, looking up at her now. "What do you do all day miss? Do you have a job?" he asked her, flicking his ears curiously. "You're very well dressed, like most of the people who buy pets. What kind of business is your family in?"
  10. "Well then, when we get home I'll have a big lunch made for you. Sound good?" She asked smiling. "I am a duchess, which means I am royalty. However my family runs a cattle and sheep farm in the northern part of the county." Looking up from him she saw they were approaching the gates of her masion. "Look, we're home now." She gently pointed out the front window. They were currently driving up the hill but had a great view of her large,stately home.
  11. "Really?" he asked, getting excited all over again. A big lunch sounded great! He hoped the food would be better than what they got at the shop, which it probably was. He had no problem with the shop's food, but it was so generic and bland tasting. "Will I ever get to see the sheep?" he asked her, sitting up. He poked his head out the window to look at the mansion. "It's really big!" he called in to her.
  12. "Yes, and of course you'll get to see them." She smiled as he looked excited looked out the window. Getting close she asked him to sit back down which he did. Pulling up in front of the house her staff waited outside the doors for her arrival. The driver came around the car and opened the door for her. Looking at 15 she said,"Walk calmly and speak only when spoken to ok sweetie?" She straightened his hair and steped out of the car. Waiting for him to jump out she walked slowly to the stairs. "Welcome home Miss." was heard chiming from her staff she nodded her head respectively then walked into the foyer.
  13. 15 pulled his head back in, waiting excitedly. He nodded to her, "Yes ma'am." As she straightened out his hair, he made sure his ears wouldn't quiver and mess it up. Speak only when spoken to, he told himself as he got out of the car. He walked as calmlyas he could, not giving away his excitement. His tail however, flicked back and forth quickly, though he tried to restrain it. He followed her, nodding politely and smiling to the staff that had been waiting for her.
  14. He had behaved perfectly. Taking him to her room she gave him a few treats and stepped into a dressing room to change into more comfortable clothing. "You were such a good boy." She told him walking out in soft pants and a casual shirt. She removed his old worn out collar and gave him the new black one with a bell. "Much better!" She exclaimed. "Now would you like a tour of your new home? Maybe even visit the few sheep we have on the property?" She asked stroking his head sweetly. "Then when we come back we can ask my family for name ideas, OK?"
  15. He followed her into her room and, as he waited for her to finish dressing, he munched on the treats she'd given him. He looked around the room with a smile, it was really nice. "Thank you," he said sweetly, lifting his chin as she put on the new collar. For a moment, he didn't reply because he was jingling the bell amusedly.

    He looked up and nodded happily. "A tour would be nice," he replied, "And I really do want to see the sheep!" He blushed a little and stood up from where he'd sat down. "Thank you for the collar, it's really nice."
  16. "Your very welcome." She watched him jingle the bell playfully and laughed. "I won't use a lease while we are home as long as you stay right beside me. Ok?" She patted his head and walked with him out of her room and downstairs. She showed him the entire house. Walking with him to the barn she was opening the door to show him the sheep.
  17. He nodded, of course he'd stay by her side. 15 followed the girl around her house, looking around in wonder at everything. It was all so big and beautiful. So fancy looking. He hoped his friends would get adopted by people with lovely houses too. As she opened the barn door, he peeked in curiously, flicking an ear. His eyes brightened happily. "They're so cute!" he said.
  18. She told him all about the history of her family and how they had come to be part of royalty. "They certainly are. That's why I keep some here." Petting one of the baby sheep she smiled. "I think lunch should be ready by now. Let's head inside and eat." She walked slowly back to the house and into the formal dining room where here family awaited her. "Hello, everyone! Sorry for being late. I was showing my new pet around our humble aboad." She sat at the head of the table and looked at the sea food lined down the table. "My pet however is lacking one important thing, a name. A pet of royalty should have a proper name. Does anyone have any ideas?" She watched as his eyes got big when the servant brought a gold bowl full of food. He deserved it.
  19. He petted one of the smaller sheep, smiling. "Alright!" he said, setting the sheep down. He waved at them, as if they understood that he was saying goodbye, and followed her back into the house and to the dining hall. He grinned and nodded politely to her family members, sitting in his place. 15 looked excitedly at the gold bowl, his tail flicking about. He looked up at her family though, wondering what suggestions they'd give. He'd eat after he was named.

    "He looks like a... Jimmy..." one of them said.

    A younger member said, "He's a kitty, call him Mittens!"

    He liked both the names, but it wasn't for him to decide. He turned to his master as more name suggestions were given. Max, Mittens, Jimmy, Brian, along with some others.
  20. "What about Darcy?" She said. They all agreed it was a wonderful name. Looking over at her new pet she smiled. "You will from now on be named Darcy." Everyone clapped and smiled. They made a toast to his health and a congradulations to Maria. After dinner they left the house leaving Maria and Darcy to themselves. "Well that went better than planned. She waved them off and walked to the study. There a large fire was burning in a marble fireplace. She sat in one of the large plush couches and patted the spot beside her for Darcy to join her.