Mariana Lockdown: Sector Zero

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  1. Paolo Delucci
    (Three weeks before detainment)
    "This court finds the defendant, Paolo Delucci, guilty of felonies which warrant him a threat to society. He will spend the remainder of his days in Challenger Deep Penitentiary. Get this man out of my courtroom." the judge slammed his gavel, and soon the country's most wanted crime boss was sitting in the back of a prison bus, frustrated and panicked. A few months prior, it felt like he was on top of the world. Not anymore. Now he was one his way to some pretentious carrier ship, one that would send him to the most brutal place on Earth. Paolo never gave much thought to karma, but right now, he was certainly earning it.

    For three weeks, he pondered and brooded over his life. Being a serial killer brought an obvious lack of friends, so that wasn't an issue. Yet Paolo always lived in an environment where he was in control. It was the one thing that he always fought for. Enough of his clients and employees were given the death penalty in Challenger Deep, and right now, it felt like Paolo was under the vengeful eye of everyone he had killed. The reaction wasn't so much one of guilt, but of fear. After all, if even one other inmate knew his name, they'd be sure to plant a knife in his back early on. Even though the FBI's bounty on Mr. Delucci had been rescinded, there simply had to be someone that wanted the title of 'The Chain Noose's Killer'.
    (Day 1)

    Few words were said when Paolo took the elevator down into Sector Zero. The hallways close to the entrance had windows which peered out into the ocean, and he could practically see the entire facility from the brightness of the underwater searchlights. It was far more massive than he could have ever predicted. The guards had given him a pamphlet which contained directions to his cell, as well as the basic rules of the joint. There were cameras everywhere, but of course, that was to be expected. Interestingly enough, the prison cells themselves, at least on the higher levels, were not protected by bars. Instead, they were sealed by what was likely bulletproof glass. When the elevator started the descent into the bottom of the abyss, Paolo lightly skimmed through the pamphlet, and discovered a page on how the rooms were designed to prevent suicide. It was that page which summed up Challenger Deep quite nicely. It was no surprise that everyone here wished they were dead.

  2. A.I.Killjoy
    (day of Paolo Delucci's imprisonment)

    Killjoy was standing at the bottom of the elevator waiting for a new inmate to hit the floor. The A.I. stood only feet away from the elevator door with his baton as a precaution protocol the system always had him take when dealing with new inmates. Killjoy had to follow code and escort the inmate to his cell as soon as he was on floor. It would be a moment as the elevator computers always seem to take their time. Killjoy had looked through his other weaponry as a check to make sure and see if everything would be in order. All magazines for the 1911 Spartan were in order, as well as the handgun itself, as he pulled back the slide, a dart settling into the barrel. Placing the gun back in it's hip holster, Killjoy unfolded his katana blade and check the electricity production. The blade electricity first sounded like a taser at first, but as the electricity sped up, it made a whirring sound along the blade. So he folded the blade back up and held the security baton in his left hand.

    As the A.I. stood there only a few feet away from the elevator, he scrolled through files on the upcoming criminal that he was to be waiting for. "Prisoner name: Paolo Delucci. Wanted for multiple crimes of murder, arson, drug trafficking, etc. Threat level: Mid Level threat, watch for dangerous habits." From a logical standpoint, Paolo did not seem that much of a threat since he had seen much more in classified files and also from the experimental prisoners that the medical teams have "fixed up". This was a nightmare prison though, you never know what could happen.
  3. Takara sat in her cell at the bottom of the abyss. It had been 2 years since she was placed in here as a traitor to her country. She had been one of the top special forces soldiers the world had ever seen, but was convicted as a traitor so they could cover up their tracks in the recent attacks in Russia. Being one of the few females in this prison she was considered one of the most violent prisoners

    That's when she noticed a.I. standing next to the elevator. She stood up and walked over to her cell door. "How's it going warden. Who's the new prisoner joining us." She watched as he checked his weapons.
  4. It was no surprise to Irenka Dvorak that a new prisoner was arriving today. She had seen a pair of maintenance workers - protected from inmates by heavily armed guards - cleaning out Liam Cropper's old cell only the day before, and Challenger Deep was never one to waste resources. An empty room was a missed opportunity.

    Cropper had been called to the Sinful Circus and never returned. It wasn't difficult to put together what had happened, many of the other inmates knew it. But who bothers to mourn a child rapist? Cropper deserved to suffer like the rest of them, but a horrifically violent death would have to do.

    His fate, however, was of little interest to the Czech woman. He had little to offer as an ally, and perhaps the new arrival would! Her previous muscle had died at the Circus as well, and her preferred paramour had been transferred after Killjoy found them together. Friends were hard to come by down here and it was difficult to survive without them.

    The counselors encouraged inmates not to make friends. They claimed, of course, that it was best not to get used to life inside and that almost everyone would get out someday and want real acquaintances of value to the rest of the world. In truth, a lack of kinship meant their jobs were much easier. In situations other than this, drama meant awkward silences, cold shoulders, and malicious glares. In Challenger Deep, drama translated to bodies.

    Humming the hook from her favorite song - off key and with very little rhythm - Irenka took a seat by the glass with a few chess pieces in hand. She almost had a full set of blacks, but her whites were lacking. For the time being, several odds and ends stood in as part of her chess set, everything from plastic bottle lids to abandoned pennies to pieces of a styrofoam plate crafted into something more. And that was what she meant to do today. She'd pilfered a cup that would allow her to craft the last bishop needed to play again. As she compared the real piece and the chunks of torn styrofoam, she awaited the newcomer's arrival. Unless someone other than Cropper had died as well, they're have to come right down her hall to get the newbie safely home.
  5. Paolo Delucci

    The trip down to Sector Zero felt as though it took hours to reach the bottom. His face grimaced simply from looking at Killjoy, one of those expensive AI guard bots. Paolo had never quite seen an actual AI before. It was practically unsettling to think that prison would become a learning experience. Though like most people, he'd rather be anywhere else than here. For what it was worth, Paolo was still wearing his handcuffs that day. He was all the more tempted to see if strangling the metal freak would have any effect, but with common sense being such a pain, he chose otherwise.

    When Paolo finally stepped out of the claustrophobic elevator, he received the full view of the rest of his life. It was cell block after cell block and inside each were people just like him. "How's it going warden? Who's the new prisoner joining us?" a voice called out from one of the cells. Paolo followed his ears as Killjoy escorted him to his cell, noticing that the questions came from a woman, standing idly by behind a wall of glass. "Ah, don't mind me. I heard that this place had excellent room service." Paolo quipped to the onlooker.

    There was one question that stood out in the crime lord's mind more than anything else. He was awfully curious as to who his cell mate would be, and more importantly, if they would try to kill him.
  6. .:The Rabbit:.
    ( =°

    It's been a few months since Arianna has been here. She watched from her cell in the back -- next to Cropper's and Irenka's -- the lowering of the elevator. Soon enough a figure emerged from it, new a family member. She cracked a lopsided smile and called out to Irenka. "Who do you think it is?" She said playfully as she eyed the female before looking back ahead towards the figure slowly making his way down the hall. Arianna backed away from the glass and looked around her cell for something. She looked under her bed but still couldn't find what she was looking for. She furrowed her eyebrows as she tried to remember what she did with her stuffed makeshift stuffed Rabbit. Oh right... it was confiscated by the Doctor... What his name? V..Vogel? Ah yes the most well liked Doctor down here in Challenger Deep Pen.

    Arianna went back towards the glass and placed her hands on it, leaving her finger prints all willy nilly as she felt around like a mime trapped behind a wall. She was eager to find out who the person was. Man or woman? Not that it really mattered to her, it wasn't like they'd become friends or anything. But she was still curious.
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  7. Vogel, MD​

    Vogel leaned back in his office chair, stretching his arms up into the air as he breathed a sigh of relief. In his left hand he held a needle driver and in his right he held a hemostat, running between the two tools was a fine white thread. "I think that'll do it" he said as he put the two tools down next to the handmade rabbit he had confiscated from Olivera earlier in the week. The rabbit was but a finer image of its former self, the stitching was next to unnoticeable and the small gaps that once existed in Oliveras prison-job had been fixed.

    Grabbing the Rabbit as he stood he quickly put it into his white coats front right pocket, just enough that the head and ears were peeking out. With a few quick strokes on his keyboard he shut down the work computer that had been provided him and started for the door. Passing his degree in it's fine mahogany plaque and a few awards he had earned since he had arrived at Sector Zero. With a quick movement of his hand over a sensor the lights in his office went out, and only the light from the searchlights outside the pressurized walls gave light through the picture window that took up half of an entire wall in his office. Stepping outside of his now dark office the panel on the wall made a low beep and the door behind him slid into place, the pressure locks hissing as they moved into place.

    Hanging a sharp right from his office door Vogel was now in an almost blindingly white hallway that lead straight to the Emergency Ward. The passage wasn't very long, and Vogel walked at a relatively quick pace, in no time at all he was standing in front of another pressurized door as it made a quiet hissing at him 'It's like this whole damn place is full of snakes' he thought as the door finally slid open. The quiet of the passageway was abruptly broken by the hustle and bustle of the Emergency Wards main floor.

    "Good morning Doctor." came the voice of a guard from Vogels' right, "Ah Jeffrey, Good morning, how are the kids doing?" Vogel replied. "Sandra says Little Frank fell playing soccer, had to get a cast, I told her to bring him here seeing as we have one of the best Doc's in the world!" the guard said with a chuckle, "And Ann just turned one, apparently her first word was 'Dadda' man what I'd give to be there." Jeffreys' voice was audibly pained and Vogel caught right on. "You flatter me Jeffrey, I'm sure Frank has a great doctor up on the surface. And as for Ann, that's fantastic... But Jeff if you ever need to talk you know I'm always around right?" Vogel asked concerned for Jeff's well-being. Jeffrey ignored the second part, opting to hold onto his pride. Separation was never easy, and more than a few faculty had cracked under the pressure in this prison. "You'll have to excuse me Jeff, there's a new prisoner on his way down and I need to meet him at his cell for his complimentary brief of the medical system and staff." Vogel said, "Ah the good old vaccinations huh?!" Jeffrey said as Vogel continued on his way toward the cell block.

    Passing by the supply room Vogel grabbed the Vaccination Kit and headed for the exit.

    A few Minutes Later
    'Cell Block A' read the placard on the wall, it was the closest cell block to the elevator to Sector Zero so it wouldn't be too long for the good Doctor to wait for the new Prisoner. He flashed his ID Card at the reader to the right of the door and the pressurized locks hissed into life as the door slowly rose into the ceiling. Instead of heading to the new prisoners cell Vogel made a left and headed for a cell he knew all too well.

    "Good morning Olivera" he said with a smile as he flashed his card at her door controls, there was a high beep and the smooth glass door slid open. As he stood in the doorway he reached into his pocket and grabbed the rabbit. "I brought it back, just like I promised." Giving her a genuine smile he tossed it to the young woman.
  8. A.I.Killjoy
    Killjoy watched as the elevator light was slowly coming down to the floor he was on. As he stood in silence he heard the movements from another cell nearby. He chose the action of ignoring it as the buzzer of elevator rang out. When the prisoner had walked out of the elevator, he heard the other prisoner who was in her cell shout out. "This prisoner does not concern you" the A.I. stated simply in reply. He was not one for words that much, but he went about his way anyways to take Paolo Delucci to his cell, as were his orders. Hearing Paolo's joke he understood it, but replied, "The meals have all the nutrition you need to survive in this prison, as long as you comply."

    He heard another female voice ask about who it is. He did not answer as he walked with Paolo to his cell. A message came across Killjoy's message board as a notification. It was about Doctor Vogel, as he was to come and do secured, but short medical examination. As he headed down the line with Paolo the directions were going to be short as they were coming up to Prisoner Cropper's old cell. As soon as they got near it, Killjoy had halted and pressed an optical button that was meant for him to open the cell. When he did the glass door slid open, "Inside the cell prisoner, Dr. Vogel will be here in just a moment to give you a short medical examination."
  9. Paolo Delucci

    Somehow the words 'medical examination' made Paolo more anxious than he already was. Nevermind the fact that Sector Zero could suddenly flood at any given point in time. On the bright side, at least he wouldn't starve to death. If you could call that a bright side. Still, with every passing glance, Paolo learned a thorough bit about his surroundings. Chances were that each cell had its own ventilation system, in the event of a malfunction or flood. It was interesting to think on how Challenger Deep was designed to torture its inhabitants psychologically as much as physically. The most agitating feature was how repetitive the color gray was.

    Cramped cells, claustrophobia, and the unchanging scenery of metallic corridors was more than enough to drive a man insane. Still, there was nothing Paolo could do as he was escorted into his own cell. Better get comfortable, you're gonna' be here for a while. Or, at least, that's how the room was presented. His cell looked just like the others. There was a bunk bed on one side, a sink on the other, and a latrine in the middle. Come to think of it, Paolo could not remember if each cell had a bunk bed. Pushing that thought aside, he made the choice to continue being a humble observer. From his bed, Paolo noticed how clear the glass wall near him was. It mocked him and every other inmate, teasing them with the illusion of freedom. Maybe the guards would let him write a book or two while he was down here.
    Ayanna Dawson

    "You've got it all wrong! I don't belong here!" Ayanna screamed out as she held onto the leg of her escort guard. In that instant, her gut was met with a blow from the man's steel-toed boots. "That's what they all say, ma'am." the emotionless guard spat. Ayanna was dragged into the central processing center, located just beneath the surface, and the feeling of terror overwhelmed her. The past three weeks of her life were drowned out by the slim hope that this wasn't real. Even now, Ayanna wanted to believe that she was dreaming. She wanted to think that she was never framed for robbery and murder, that she had never been on that carrier ship, and that she was not going to spend the next few decades at the bottom of the sea with complete psychopaths.

    "This is Deep Challenger Guard Division 3-7A, requesting elevator ascension. New prisoner." the guard spoke into some kind of command console, placed directly to the left of the elevator doors. "Request acknowledged. Deploying elevator." an automated voice responded. Ayanna could hear a chiming noise coming out from the elevator shaft. The processing center contained windows across its perimeter, and she savored it, knowing that it was going to be her last view of the outside world. Schools of fish swam in the distance, blissfully unaware of the horrors going on beyond that see-through divide between worlds.

  10. A.I.Killjoy
    Another message came across his notifications, and this one was meant to be met with right away. going through the message it seemed to be about another new prisoner that was coming down the elevator. She was not cooperating well, so force may have to be taken with the prisoner. "I will have to leave you here for the moment Delucci, another prisoner is incoming from the elevator, and I need to be there to handle any situation that may be need to be taken. A guard on this floor will be here soon to watch over your medical examination with Vogel" Killjoy explained to the prisoner. Killjoy had the cell door closed thankfully, and he started typing in an electronic note for Vogel to notice at the kiosk beside the cell. He also also held a button on the side of his head as he spoke, " A.I. Killjoy speaking to guards lounge for Sector Zero, requesting a guard to be able to watch over Cell 0352 holding Inmate Paolo Delucci while Dr. Vogel gives a medical examination. Inmate number: 893450, Security request code A.I.458."

    After requesting for a guard to head over and watch over Paolo's cell, he headed back over to the elevator with his baton placed at his side and his 1911 Spartan, was pulled out of it's holster. He slightly pulled the barrel back to check and see if the dart was in the chamber. It was the quickest way to administer a non lethal dose of tranquilizer, that way instead of killing the inmate instantly Killjoy could just drag them to the cell. While continuing to walk over towards the elevator, a voicemail had popped up in his messages. It was a reply from Sector Zero's guard lounge, and he played it when he stood in front of the elevator, "A guard will be sent over to the cell immediately A.I.Killjoy, thank you for notifying us, you may continue with current protocol you are undertaking." Killjoy closed out the message and waited for the elevator, as he placed his 1911 in it's holster, but leaving the holster unhooked for immediate use, in case if the incoming inmate would not be able to cooperate.
  11. .:The Rabbit:.
    ( =°

    Arianna looked away from her new family member who she had yet to meet or even know the name of to Dr. Vogel. She loved his smiles, they just made her melt. She'd rape him if she could, but hey it isn't rape if he wants it. She giggled and backed away from the glass door. "Good morning Doctor!!" She said gleefully and eager watched him open up the glass door. She wanted to run out but that would be a no no. She tried that before and was sent away almost but was given a second chance when something happened with a few of the other inmates and they needed all guards asap. So she was safe. Not only did she want to run out but she wanted to glomp the Doctor for giving her rabbit back. Did he promise? She couldn't remember. Oh.. yes... yes he did. He did promise Arianna. Arianna caught the rabbit and inspected it. The stitches.. the stitches were almost unnoticeable! And the gaps she left in her own stitching was sealed. It was almost like it was done by a professional! She held the rabbit out and spun in a circle.

    Arianna may be twenty-six but she was still a child on the inside. A mature child, but a child none the less. Her mental state was brought on by the constant abuse and it was concluded that there was no way in fixing it, only managing it. And that's what the rabbit did. She was so happy they even let her make it. Which is another story in it's self i for another time why they let her. Arianna looked from the rabbit back to the Dr. Vogel and smiled widely. "Oh thank you Doctor, thank you! You kept your promise!" She spun around with the rabbit one more time and hugged it tightly to her body. She wanted to thank Doctor more.. personally.. like a hug or hand shake but that was something you didn't do. Unless you wanted guards on you and being sent to hell in a hand basket made specially for you.
  12. Business as usual as the new prisoner was escorted to Cropp- to his cell. Once someone was replaced, they didn't exist anymore. Cropper was just a bad memory. None of this was particularly entertaining to Irenka, and she pouted at Killjoy as he passed by. Not that it did much good, of course. With a heavy sigh, she started to fiddle with her styrofoam again, tearing pieces off and sliding them into divots in other pieces. It was much like making a model airplane or car, only... with less delicate pieces, and somehow much more frustration.

    Vogel had offered her real chess pieces on occasion, but she had declined. No, perhaps he wasn't a therapist, but he talked more like one than the actual Sector Zero therapist, Maya Holtzman. He had that awful demeanor about him, that genuine... niceness. It was disgusting. She had very few doubts that he'd been a Boy Scout.

    "Hey, fresh meat! Play chess?" As could be expected from a petite thing like Irenka, the call came in a slightly shrill voice, tinted with a bit of a Czech accent. Down here, accents all became a bit muddled, but the root was usually still apparent. "I'm getting tired of beating everyone who's already in here. Got tired of it a few days in, actually." That was when she started marking a tally of days into her wall. The count was off, of course, because she'd been moved twice, and she often marked two tallies at once, preempting her own forgetfulness, only to mark again the next day. Nonetheless, she held to the number, despite Holtzman's insistence it was inaccurate.

    But in fairness, if Holtzman declared that Irenka would live a long and prosperous life, the Czech would give away all her possessions and commit suicide, out of spite.
  13. Elaine Gadriel always made an effort to meet the new prisoners at least once and give them the basic rundown, making sure they knew for sure that there was no way to escape, that sort of thing. Because of a recent fight that had cent a certain Liam Cropper to the Sinful Circus, the prison was a tad short on guards. Usually she would have someone else oversee the examination should something pop up for Killjoy, not much liking the vision of needles herself, but she didn't have much of a choice.
    She was heading there now, ignoring the prisoners who slunk back farther in her cells, or the brave but stupid who banged at their walls as she passed as what Elaine assumed was supposed to be some sort of intimidation. Eventually she arrived at her cell, studying the prisoner and waiting for Vogel to arrive.
    "Since I have time, it seems, I might as well do this now. You are..." She checked a phone pulled out of the blue, nodding. "Paolo Delucci, I assume? Either way, you're new, so you hear this anyway," she finished suddenly, without waiting for a response. The picture and profile had matched, and unless one believed in fairy tales, doppelgangers didn't exist.
    "Welcome to Challenger Deep Penitentiary. If you didn't read the little booklet in your hand, I'm here to fill you in, as well as get a general feel for your intentions. We are currently at the deepest part of the civilized world. I'd say we're about nine kilometers from the surface, and two from the very bottom of the Mariana Trench. Mount Everest, from here, would be peeking above the surface by about one kilometer from here, and would be nearly two underneath the waves should we be at the very bottom."
    "Now. Fights between prisoners might not be broken up by other guards; they are not forced to protect you for their job. However, if I am nearby and a fight starts, you will both be immediately punished. Depending on the severity, you may even find yourself in the Sinful Circus, the twisted entertainment for tourists. If you attack a guard or try to escape, I think the labs will suffice."
    "Everyone gets the same treatment here, and there are no special cases. No matter what you've done or how long you got away with it, most everyone in this blasted prison deserve to be here, whether you're in Sector Zero or the highest levels of the prison. Only the few framed are innocent, but once you get yourself stuck in here, it's not like you're getting out any time soon."
    Having finished her little speech, Elaine stepped back, waiting for Vogel to arrive to get the exams over with.
  14. Paolo Delucci

    Each and every word Elaine spoke confirmed the worst of Paolo's fears. It was like a succession of punches, straight to his heart, and each worst than the last. The only thing that was strange was her description of the Sinful Circus. With each prisoner in that accursed event, it was odd that the guards weren't encouraging people to go there, simply to improve their own paycheck. Paolo never responded well to people like her, anyway. The very idea that someone held more authority than he did, was just not right. The young Italian-American kept his demeanor collected and his response was quick. "I'll be sure not to cause any trouble, ma'am." Paolo stretched his arms behind his head, letting out an obnoxious yawn. It was his way of politely expressing dissatisfaction. He was nothing special; odds were that every inmate got the same regurgitated speech. Leaning back, Paolo had learned that his bed was slightly less comfortable than a stone slab. The springs were more like pins and needles. In the time that he spent waiting for this 'Vogel' that Killjoy spoke of, Paolo read further into that twisted pamphlet.

    The information presented was, for the most part, basic. Sector Zero had its own library (only for those on good behavior, obviously), a gymnasium, a mess hall, therapy rooms, showers, etc. Visitors were only permitted once a month. Reading into the fine text, Paolo discovered that the mess hall had a giant television which displayed whatever Sinful Circus was going on at the time, or if there were none, replays. Maybe that was the final straw in Challenger Deep's grand design. Every day, the inmates were to be reminded of how disobedience was treated. It could only be worse if they showed the experiments on the losers after the main event. The schedule was, as follows:
    {td}5 A.M.{/td}
    {td}Wake Up Hour{/td}
    {td}6 A.M.{/td}
    {td}8 A.M.-10 A.M.{/td}
    {td}Gymnasium 1 (optional) & Hard Labor{/td}
    {td}11 A.M.{/td}
    {td}Hard Labor{/td}
    {td}12 P.M.{/td}
    {td}Shower & Lunch{/td}
    {td}1 P.M.-2 P.M.{/td}
    {td}3 P.M.-4.P.M.{/td}
    {td}Gymnasium 2{/td}
    {td}5 P.M.{/td}
    {td}Hard Labor{/td}
    {td}6 P.M.{/td}
    A very peculiar feature stood out on the schedule. Hours seven through nine were categorized as 'recreation'. The meaning to that, however, was absent. Paolo nearly dropped the pamphlet altogether when a heavy eastern European accent greeted his ears. "A game of chess?" he asked, confused as a deer right before getting hit by a car. "I suppose I have some time to kill." the irony in his statement was both unprecedented, and completely ignored by himself. Humor was as much a distraction as a defense mechanism. Paolo was actually looking forward to putting his nerves to rest. Thinking back, the last person he played chess with was crucified to a stop sign in Nevada, so... he would have to get better at winning.
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  15. Vogel, MD
    Watching as Olivera caught her rabbit, Vogel quickly flashed the card against the door controls. The glass door quickly slid back into place, Vogel couldn't help but get the feeling that whenever he was near Olivera she wanted to do terrible things to him. Having access to her records didn't help his imagination on the matter one bit.

    He watched the young woman twirling with her rabbit, "I didn't intend on breaking my promise in the first place. You have to be more trusting Olivera. It was better me take it and make sure you hadn't hid anything in it than the guards, they would have just incinerated it you know." he said as she twirled once more 'It's a shame she's a convicted murder... And a rapist.... And a stalker... And a hacker... Yeah nevermind.' he thought letting out a small sigh, slightly disgusted with himself. "Well have fun with it, but don't do anything stupid with it. It took a lot of bureaucratic bullshit to get you the proper papers to even make that rabbit in the first place...." Vogel said, the apprehension of what it would take to get her the proper paperwork to make another rabbit was causing Vogel to almost break into a sweat.

    He picked up his vaccination kit and made his way down the cell block.

    Just a Short Walk Later
    "0349...0350...0351....0352, ah this is it." he said aloud as he approached Gadriel, giving her warning of his presence. "What a surprise seeing you here Gadriel. Was expecting Killjoy if I'm to be honest." he said as he put his hand up to his head readjusting his hair just a bit. Stepping into the cell he placed his vaccination kit on the floor next to the toilet, he directed his attention to the new inmate who was currently sprawled out on what must be one of the most uncomfortable beds the world has to offer.

    "Afternoon, I'm Doctor Vogel, third in charge of the Emergency Ward here in Sector Zero." he said as he put on a pair of purple gloves, "Hopefully I'll never see you there. But the chances of you never visiting the Emergency Ward.... Ehhh, they're pretty low." Vogel said to the new prisoner as he opened the vaccination kit. "Now as per Prison protocol, There are a few vaccinations you need to be given before you can leave your cell. Nothing too crazy, just Tuberculosis, Rotavirus, Pnuemococcal Conjugate, Rubela, Yellow Fever, Rabies, Seasonal Influenza, and HPV." he said to the new inmate.

    "Oh jeez I almost forgot, also Anthrax." he said giving a slight smile as he neatly placed the pre-loaded injectors on the top of the vaccination kit.

    "These will all hurt, trust me I've gotten them myself. And if the Anthrax one starts giving you any sort of problems... Like uh..." there was a short pause as Vogel gathered his thoughts, "Like irritation, redness, swelling, sores, itching, a fever, coughing, sneezing, diapho- sweating sorry, and any sort of a sore throat. Let a guard know immediately so we can have the Hazmat team down ASAP." he said in a very serious tone.

    "Now if I could get both of your arms?" he said as he motioned for Paolo to remove his shirt, with an injector already in one hand.
  16. Paolo Delucci
    Apparently punishment had to start somewhere. "I get the impression that you don't like me very much, doc." Paolo gulped as he beheld the devilish vaccination kit. He contemplated but for a moment, deciding whether or not to kill Vogel and escape. No, that would just get you killed. Think before you act. The young man thought back to Killjoy and Elaine, remembering that both of them were armed to the teeth. Paolo hesitantly removed his shirt, exposing the scars from his past all over his chest. He usually avoided hospitals, because they put him in a position of weakness. It would be easy to get arrested if you were on a hospital bed. Plenty of his best hitmen died from blood loss and damaged organs, all for the sake of not getting caught. With Vogel's assortment of syringes, ready to be impaled into its latest victim, it felt as though Paolo's fear of clinics was justified.

  17. "Don't take it personal, fresh meat. I think he hates everyone. He's too nice not to." Expecting some sort of reprimand, verbal or no, Irenka scooted backwards towards the opposite window, open to the depths. Not that anything was visible this far down. "Sorry, sorry!"

    She wasn't.

    While Vogel and the new prisoner were occupied, the girl turned her attention to Gadriel. "Evening, officer! Or morning? I still don't trust the clocks we use here, how are we supposed to know when we're so far down here? What time is it really, huh? Huh?" Her tone was mostly joking, the sort of thing that would be easy enough to wave off... if it were anyone other than Irenka. Her intention was often difficult to grasp.

    Even as she spoke, she worked with her her styrofoam. The piece was coming together. Soon she'd be able to beat herself in chess again.
  18. How did it come to this...? Just a few days ago the young man was with his crew, his family. Each day was a fight in that city, a fight to live, fighting for the right to exist in that criminal ridden filth of a town... In spite of that Celio found a small sense of satisfaction in his actions. The suits tried to choke out the city, spilling blood to cover up their lies and underhanded tricks, where everyone else ran or simply obliged to their requests... Celio's family The Untamed did the exact opposite. They fought, they fought long and hard for their freedom. Steel blue hues gazed downward as the man walked, landing on the metal cuffs around his wrists, not exactly an accessory he enjoyed. Walking down the long gray corridor towards the elevator that would submerge the man deep into his watery prison, memories of his fight lingered, he recalled them now.

    Strong fist covered in the blood of his own pulled back delivering a near fatal strike to the man he once called father's temple. The blow was powerful enough to smash the man against the floor and bounce up slightly from the recoil of the force. Celio stood clad in nothing but his black pants and motorcycle boots... Jacket having been torn off moments before during the heated battle. Salvatore, his father lay defeated in front of him, clad in just his lower garments, a pair of gray slacks and a pair of brown dress shoes, his jacket and shirt also torn off from the passionate blows of his son. He did not feel the satisfaction he thought he'd feel... The hole was still large, gaping... Celio's face twisted into one of outrage.

    "Why did you leave us... You left when ma needed ya most..." Fists clutched together, debating on weather or not to beat on him some more. Salvatore chuckled weakly turning to the side to spit out some blood onto the marble floor. Normally a very serious stoic man who seldom smiled, now he chose the time to laugh?

    "Demanding me to explain my actions, turns out you didn't learn anything." The father spoke pushing himself off the ground weakly. His own steel blue hues gazed upon his son as he stood erect.

    "Fuck you! I'll demand what I want!... You weren' there when she began to lose her mind. When she began to forget who I was... When I rubbed holy water on her head, when I prayed she'd get better! She passed in my arms Salvatore... And you couldn' even make it to the service." He could feel his eyes begin to swell up with tears.

    A sharp jab of a night stick to his side forced Celio back to the present, forcing the man to wince lightly in pain. "Keep it moving." One of the guards spoke who escorted him to the elevator. Celio's steel blue shot a heated glare towards the man before quickening his pace, it did not take them long to reach the elevator... And eventually his new home. Seems the old man gets the last laugh after all.
  19. Elaine shrugged in response to Vogel's question about Killjoy. "He was called to help with a struggling newbie," she stated simply, watching Paolo carefully. She ignored Irenka's questions, deciding to stop bothering at an attempt to figure the woman out long ago. "I suppose you're excited to beat yourself in chess again?" was the only acknowledgement of Irenka having spoke at all. The officer usually didn't bother with prisoners, but she was feeling rather generous today. That thought made her mentally cringe; was she becoming another one of those stuck-up guards? It's expected for me to be confident, but I still don't like treating people like I'm better than them, she found herself thinking. Shuddering internally, Elaine tuned her focus back to Vogel's work.
  20. Ayanna Dawson

    By the time the elevator had arrived up to the processing center, which certainly took its merry time, Ayanna had barely found the ability to stand on her own two feet. She'd rather be dragged into her cell, kicking and screaming, than willingly walk into the madhouse that awaited her. Why weren't they listening? Ayanna was innocent, and even now she was being ignored. Behind those elevator doors awaited the abyss. What was that nickname she heard other people call Challenger Deep? Suddenly the words came flooding into her mind, sending a shock-wave of panic. She remembered well what others called this bottomless pit of metal and bars: 'The Kraken's Jaws'. For a moment the young girl wondered if they could have picked a better nickname, because odds were that no one could.

    Ayanna's responses kicked in, nearly forcing every inch of her being to engage in fight or flight. But alas, there was nowhere to run. Miles and miles of open water surrounded Challenger Deep from any true civilization. One of the other elevators opened across the room, and a man with white hair descended alongside accompanying guards. He was abnormally tall, to say the least. The doors facing Ayanna, however, opened to reveal something very different. Inside the elevator stood a foreboding, somewhat faceless android. There was some sort of handgun attached to the machine's waist. As if this prison wasn't inhuman enough already. "What do I have to do to convince you freaks that I'm innocent?!" Ayanna shouted, both to Killjoy and to the guards of the processing center. She quickly drew plenty of unnecessary looks.
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