Mara and the Pre-Term Labor

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So Mara's baby decided he wanted to come a LITTLE early yesterday so she spent a few hours in the Labor and Delivery Triage Unit trying to get her labor stopped because they don't want her to deliver for at least another week.

The great part is they got it to stop. The bad part is they sent me home and the low dosage of medication they gave me to keep the contractions at bay isn't working that well. I have a doc's appointment later today where we'll assess the situation further I suppose.

:) Just letting everyone know there is probably going to be a baby Mara and Ric by the end of the week at this rate.
Congrats! I hope they gave some meds to calm Ric down too.
I bet it's gonna be a pretty baby.
That title sounds like a children's book. Oo

Good luck to you Mara, and congrats! I've been with my mom and even a few friends while they were going through what you are now (hospital waiting rooms are FUN). Good luck, stay healthy and don't take shit from nobody! >:) (Also, I hear epidurals are AWESOME.)
Congrats to you both.
Advanced Merry Vaginal Eviction Day to your future son/daughter!
*prances around in the thread* OOO! I'm very excited for you and Ric.

Can't wait till the little one comes and I get to see photos.
Excited for the both of you, early congratulations on the new baby!

I hope they gave something to Ric, too... lolol.
Ooo! Mara, I bet it's gonna be the CUTEST!
Congratulations, Hope everything goes well.
No congrats yet, he's not here yet. They're trying to keep him in and the medication they have me on to do so is making me absolutely miserable.

Lesson of the day? Don't have children. :)
From that statement, I'm guessing your a G1 P0.

Also, Why is it miserable? Is he kicking a lot?
Raz was confusing the crap out of me with that too! LOL

Yeah this is my first pregnancy!

Newest update is I'm at a 2 and 75% effaced. Doctor doesn't expect me to make it to next Tuesday even taking the meds to help stop contractions. Basically I'll be having a kid within the week.
Whoa whoa whoa, we don't need a minute by minute account of your dilations, Mara. =)