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Maples Hill High has been around for as long as anybody could remember. Since the nineteenth century.
It's known for keeping a safe environment for the students and giving the best education they could give. It has strict rules to follow, ensuring the parents their children are in good hands, even if the students tend to complain.
What these children's parents, along with themselves, don't know, is that there is a secret passage beneath the school, located in the basement.
Not even the teachers know about what secrets the school holds. Only the headmaster, who never seems to age, knows about it. He's been hiding something ever since the 1800s. Now that the 21st century started, the teachers have been noticing something off about the headmaster. He seems to be worrying about something. He speaks to others in the school as though he's nervous.


Kalynn stepped out her father's car. She said a quick goodbye before shutting the door and looking at the school's map.
She began heading for the dorms to find out her roommate and set her stuff down.
Kalynn tugged the only bag she brought. It was a bit heavy especially for her small form, but she was still able to move it along.
She was a bit upset that her parents sent her away, which was evident by the look on her face, but deep down she was happy to get away from her family.
Finally, Kalynn made it her new dorm. She open the door to meet her new roommate.


Rain and her brother Storm arrived at the new school there father sent them. The two belong to an old family name called the Nightclouds. There father said long ago in the middle ages there family was royalty. So in his eyes Rain was daddy's Princess and Storm was his Prince. Yet some how they didn't seem spoiled for they weren't they were just at times treated what some would call spoiled but when Storm stated he didn't want to change schools and his sister agreeing the two did not have there way.

Storm had his bags and there father had most of Rain's except her bookbag which she insist she should carry. She didn't like how it seemed her father had to help but she didn't mind not having to figure out where she was going. First they went to her room but stopped for Storm to go toward his.

Storm looked to his father. "Goodbye father. I'll make sure she doesn't get into trouble and that we keep in touch." He stated and placed his bag down the two's father did the same a moment. They took hands and did a quick father son kind of hug and Storm was off.

Rain didn't give her father time to pick up the second bag and once more began to led the way. She was excited to meet her roommate and hoped they were nice. But she didn't want to seem like a spoiled kid who needed there way when they met for the first time. Once reaching the door Rain moved her book bag so she could knock to see if another was in the room. "Um... Hello anyone there?" She called.
Kalynn put her things down on the bed. Her roommate has yet to show up.
She ran a hand through her hair, unsure of what to do. She felt completely alone being in a new place and not knowing anybody there.
Her older brother and sister have already graduated school, leaving her to go through it without them.
Just as Kalynn decided to get up and check the rest of the school out, there was a knock at the door. Must have been her roommate.
Kalynn opened the door to see a girl with a couple of bags. "Um hey," Kalynn said a bit quietly, but was still audible. She moved out the way and let the other girl step in.
Rain stepped in. She then placed her bags on the bed that didn't seem occupied before speaking again her father placing the second one down. She turned. "I'm Rain." She said introducing herself and held out a hand. "I guess were going to be roommates hu?" She said with a bright smile.

Storm walked to his dorm and knocked hearing no reply he opened it and went in. Then closed the door and placed the key he used in his pocket. Then Storm set down the bags and began to unpack a little.
"I'm Kalynn," She stuck her hand out, just as Rain did so too. "I guess so," Kalynn said back to her.
She has a small smile on her face, hoping she could become friends with her roommate. It'd make school a lot better and not leave her all by herself.
Kalynn always tried to have at least one friend. She never had too many do to being slightly shy and had trouble trusting others, but she hated the feeling of being lonely.
Rain took her roommates hand and shakes it. "Nice to meet you Kalynn." She replied. Then her smile seemed to grow a bit. Rain then turned to her father and hugged him. "Bye daddy. I think I'm good now. And I know if I need anything call or ask Storm." She said when he seemed concern. Her father then said bye nodded and left. Rain then turned back to Kalynn. "Storm's my brother." She explained encase Kalynn may be curious. Then she began to make her bed a bit more organized. "So have you explored the school yet?" She asked curious. Rain hoped not to have to explore with just her brother.

Storm had finished getting what he wanted together. Storm then sat on the bed to think. He knew soon he would need to met Rain for them to see the school and learn some of the grounds.
Kalynn only nodded when she was told who Storm was. "Rain and Storm," Kalynn said quietly to herself. She decided to save the small joke for later though and only kept it to herself.
"I haven't looked at the rest of the school," Kalynn stated.
She nodded. "Yeah. And the funny thing is our last name happens to be Nightcloud. So when you met my brother he may mention it he's more formal than I am at introductions." Rain stated then turned to see Kalynn again. "And since you haven't and I'm done now. It would be great if we all went together don't you think? Unless of course you have someone you need to met or rather go with." She said still smiling.

Storm stood and then went to the door opening it to leave. He closed it once stepping out and locked it as he had found it before.

Maples Hill High School, the school that is well known for their kind and generous head master, education, and safe environment. On top of that, there were many good reviews about it, and when she heard there were dormitories, she was a for sure go. She was sitting in something that looked like a limo, running down the streets as she was sitting, hands on her lap, and two suit cases standing next to her on the floor. "Madam, are you sure that's all you need? Your father would advise you to bring more..." The driver had begun, hoping to start a small conversation on the way. The girl, on the other hand, shook her head while wearing a calm, collected smile on her face. "No, it would be far more easier if I brought only what I needed." The female replied, reassuring the driver that she was content with the current amount of materials she was carrying at the moment.

After a few minutes, the limousine made a stop at the front of the school, to which a lot of people had stopped and stared at it, and then out came a female of average height. If not for her childish facial features, one would easily mistaken her for a high classed adult. Her hair was neatly parted, bangs heavenly cut along her eyebrows, and layered hair falling down to her shoulder length. However, the hair behind her was tied up with a ribbon, and so it would be longer than it looked. Her hair was also curled neatly, bouncing upon each step she took.

Her attire was also neat and tidy, and she was holding one of her suitcases, along with a note in hand and a purse hanging from her elbow. She was the heir to a hospital and company famous for their medicine and medical equipment, and that would explain the amount of wealth that made it clear she was high classed. Despite being high classed, she never really bragged too much about it; she wasn't that much of a brat or a snob. The driver insisted that he carry her bags for her, however she turned the offer down, and dragged both suitcases with each hand.

Now, she was suppose to go to the dorms, and she seemed to have received a map. She assumed that she would go there and rest up, before heading to orientations. Now what was her name? Oh yes, her name was Chimera, Chimera Elvy.
Kalynn only smiled at the mention of their last names. They were cool names, she had to admit, and a bit funny.
"I'd like to come with," she stated. She had no other person to hang out with and she could make a friend so she was okay with it.
Kalynn didn't bring much to unpack so she could have easily gotten up to leave without having to worry about finishing to unpack.
Rain smiled and listened. "Great." She said excitedly. Then went to the door and opened it stepping out and holding the door for Kalynn. "My brother will probable bump into us before we get to far." She said while keeping the door open.

Storm slolwy walked to where he and his sister had split off. 'I'm sure she'll be here soon. And knowing Rain she may have met her roommate the poor soul and pestered the girl enough. Or perhaps made a new friend hard telling with her.' He thought to himself hands in his pockets.
Kalynn thanked Rain for holding the door opened for her. She nodded at the mention that they would bump into Storm.
She was glad that she was making friends. As they walked, Kalynn looked at the school map she got so she could know somewhat of where she was going when they started to explor the school.
Rain nodded a welcome then followed soon seeming in step beside Kalynn. She noticed the map and felt that was a good idea then began to keep her eyes pealed for her brother. Then soon she saw him. Storm had also seen her and was walking near them. "Hey Storm" She called smiling.

Storm approached the two and gave a small smile. He didn't seem as up beat and entergetic as his sister. "Hello Rain." He looked to the girl with her. "Ah hello you must be my sister's roommate I presume." He said kindly. "I'm her brother Storm Nigtcloud." He said then place out his hand to shake hers. "And you are?" He asked before his sister could interrupt him.
Kalynn smiled a bit after remembering what Rain had said about Storm being more formal with introductions.
"I'm Kalynn. Nice to meet you," she said back to him as she shook his hand. It was then that she realized Rain's family was more polite as a whole. She wondered what it would have been like to have family like that.
Strom shook Kalynn's hand. "Very nice to meet you Kalynn." He said shaking her hand. He noticed a look Raina had but ignored it. "So has my sister bugged you to much?" He asked letting go of Kalynn's hand at the end of the hand shake.

Rain had listened to her brother and rolled her eyes. 'Here he goes.' She had thought to herself then when he commented about her being talkative she scowled. "Hey." She said and frowned. "I only introduced myself and offered for her to explore the school with us." She answered.
Kalynn looked between the two. "She hasn't bugged me," she said after Rain's comment.
After seeing the two, it was obvious Storm was more formal compared to Rain. She saw the look Rain had and knew that they most likely annoyed each other. But that was just a common thought about siblings and you couldn't be able to tell unless you hung out with them more.
Rain once more smiled as Kalynn in a way backed her up. "See." She said to Storm. "So I'm ready to explore when you both are." She said grinning as if her brother never bothered her.

Storm nodded. "That's good." He replied. "I hope she doesn't anytime soon." Storm stated then hear Rain. "Never pacient are you." He said with a sigh. He looked to Kalynn. "If she ends up being trouble when I'm not around let me know please." The he looked back at his sister. "And yes I'm as ready as I'll ever be." He stated.

Misty came rushing down the side walk thinking she was late for school. Not seeing where she was going she ending up tripping and falling next to a group of students landing on all fours Misty rolled off of them into a sitting position checking her knees and hands as a flower of blood blossemed on her knees and a little on her palms, "ow~" she complained to herself before seeing the others standing next to her she smiled through the little bits of pain, "h-hi my name is Misty Hunt, im a first year here at Maple Hill." she introduced herself trying to fix her uniform without getting the blood on it.
"I don't think she'll be trouble," Kalynn said back to Storm. She looked between the two. She then gave Rain a look that most likely would say, she isn't going to Storm about anything anyways.
Before she could say anything back to Rain about being ready, a girl tripped by Kalynn.
"Um uh, hi. I'm Kalynn...also first year," she said back to the girl, offering to help her. She has already met three people. Meeting three people in such little time was something she has never done.
Misty smiled and took Kalynn's hand standing up she smiled at the girl, "thank you, and sorry about that im pretty clumbsy and tend to fall alot." she gave a weary smile at the comment she made then smiled to the others, "Hello im Misty nice to meet you, I would hold out my hand but its a little dirty." she said before checking her palms again to see the scratches had stopped bleeding all that was let was dirty and small bits of rock, so she quickly knocked the rebel off of them.
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