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  1. ~Introduction~

    The time is Year of Our God Mundak 679. First semester of Mana Academy's doors opening.

    Since it's discovery and adoption, the art of magic has been a subject of extensive studying. Needing years of practice to master, and even more years to expand upon. However the line between White Magic and Black Magic has been a thing buried in controversy and subject to ideals. No more though.
    After a series of small wars and skirmishes between the country of Faustia and Kilaso, a new King as been appointed to rule over the two kingdoms. Along with their smaller neighboring lands. Born of Faustia this man is known as King Faustino the Second. Under his new reign, the White Magic Academy of Angelhart and the Dark Magic School of Dragonborne have been combined.

    Formerly these two institutes were isolated from the governing bodies of Faustia, Kilaso, and other countries. Meaning your origin didn’t matter. Nor were you held to any obligation from these countries. Such as taxes or military drafts. Feeling antagonistic emotions towards the other, the schools of magic wished for nothing to do with the other. Yet through negotiations and drawn out discussions, the King, along with the Headmasters of both institutes have come to an agreement. Resulting in a merger and creation of the Academy of Mana. An institute dedicated to training spell-casters of all backgrounds and alignments.

    Though the doors of the school have just opened, there are already dark rumors floating around. Though many students and faculty members wish to follow their Headmasters into a new age, some cannot forget the grudges of the past. The rivalry and hatred Angelhart and Dragonborne held is to great for some to let go of. Whispers of revolt and rebellion have already been spread. Headmaster Jerel and Sebastia make plans to curve and disperse these harsh feelings. However not all shadows reside within the halls of M.A. And not all are visible or weak.

    Mana Academy
    Mana Academy is a newly constructed institute. Pulling together all of the experienced and powerful staff and teachers from the former Anglehart and Dragonborne magic schools. Fusing them, along with their students. The Academy is led by the Headmasters Jerel Oleo the Black and Sebastia Wreathlike the White, formerly from the Black and White magic schools respectively.

    The main building is the largest in the city of Bazyn. Followed by the royal palace of King Faustino. Two main gates called the East and West Courtyards. Standing eight stories tall, the King spent a good deal of his nation's and personal funds constructing the institute. Built with a large number of lecture halls, experimentation labs, and rooms designed for practice.

    On the top floor, the Headmasters' office resides next to a library. On the second floor, an eating hall is set up. With three main meal times throughout the day. Doubling as a study hall during the off hours.

    Attached to the main building are two towers, four floors high each, which hold all sleeping quarters for staff and students. Separated by gender. Rooms are assigned randomly.

    A person may enter the academy any time between the age of 10 and 20. After this period, should they wish to further their studies or if they need extra tutelage , they may became a Student-Teacher. Responsible for both learning, and the assistance of teaching.

    In short; students are categorized as years 1 through 10. Years 11+ are Student-Teachers.

    Magic System
    In this RP, magic is a talent that not all people are able to use. In order to use such a talent, one must undergo years of practice and/or have an affinity for mana - the source of magic. Using magic is a freeform practice. You may have to announce a spell, use a wand or staff, or simply use a gesture.

    In the RP there are two tiers to magics. The first is basic magic. The first and easier spells to cast and use. Basic magic is taught to everyone; the abilities and uses of this tier is broad and are widely the same. Basic magic encompass several attributes:

    Nature (Plants/Animals)
    Light (Holy)
    Dark (Unholy or Shadows)

    Devoid (open)

    Devoid magic doesn't involve an elemental archetype and can be used in many different ways. Has the most potential for specialized use. Examples:
    Kinesis (moving objects/levitating objects/people)
    Projectiles (Blasts of magic that are used to stun or attack)
    Physical Augments (Anything to do with the body)

    This list may be updated in the future or by more examples.

    The second tier requires training. Normal citizens and uneducated persons aren't able to access this stage of magic known as Specialized Magic. Specialized magic makes mages and wizards stand out in the crowd. A focused application and use of a magic type.

    With fire as a base, for example, the specialization could expand into making flames take the form of beasts. Applying enchantments to objects which would result in burning others. Or causing balls of fire to turn into bombs with large explosions. Due to such a wide horizon, there is no defined limit to specialized magics for this. However mages are known for only having one specialization.

    City of Bazyn

    City of Bazyn
    After King Faustio took the throne and ended the war he rid the world of ugly battle scars. At the same time, many people had been displaced due to a number of reasons. And Mana Acadmey needed to be built somewhere between Angelhart and Dragonborn. Through sheer luck and coincidence, a barren battlefield laid in the perfect spot. Thanks to construction mages, golem workers, and numberless seas of civilian workers, the new Capital City of Bazyn was finished within two years.

    The City is separated into four ring-shaped districts.

    The Outer Rim, also known as Welcome Park. The first and most outer district. Home to most low-class citizens. Most of the district is unfinished with no stone sidewalks or paths. Nor a wall to block the outside world. Allowing plants to grow all over a person's home. And animals to roam the streets. However most of the inhabitants have altered the original design of the district. Making it appear like a village as sprung up against the city.

    The Walled Rim, also known as the Plaza Rim. The second district. Home to merchants, artisans, and travelers. Much of the district is dedicated to purchasing, trading, and lodging. Most traders have homes above or in their shops. Several inns dot the district. A large wall separates the Walled Rim and the Outer Rim. Several open gates allow for constant access through the districts.

    The Rich Ring, also called the Noble Nook. Third district. Called such due to the collection of high profile residents. People of nobility or who are well off come to live here. Ambassadors and Emissarys from other lands come to stay here. Also museums dedicated to arts, sciences, magic and history could be found here.

    The Highest Domain. The center of the City. Home to the Academy and Royal Palace.
    Bonus Aspects

    These are rare conditions placed upon your character. They may be granted upon creation or while roleplaying. The easiest way to look at them are like Blessings and Curses.

    Curses will cause something negative to happen. Either through an action that will trigger the curse. Like a full-moon will turn you into a werewolf.

    Or a continuous effect. Being haunted by a ghost and being forced to see spirits.

    Blessings will cause something positive to happen. In a similar fashion. Through a trigger or as a continuous effect. Saying a prayer could heal you once recited.
    Or you are immune to dark magic.

    However there are other things that could simply alter or change an otherwise normal attribute. This is a broader and more lenient addition. Completely optional. However it may make for a better plot. An Aspect may effect your body, mind, or even magical abilities.

    1. Please be respectful, courteous, and kind. Drama IC is encouraged and productive. OOC drama is discouraged.

    2. I ask that you use the best grammar and spelling you may have. Understanding what you are trying to communicate is the first step to responding.

    3. This might mostly be about students and faculty. However normal citizens of Bazyn are welcome as well.

    4. Romances, friendships and rivalry are all recommended. Rivalry overall due to the feelings former Angelhart students might feel towards former Dragonborne students. And visa versa.

    5. Only make as many characters as you can handle. Don't want all your talent being stretched thin. Or characters abandoned.

    6. Wait for me to accept your character before posting in IC.

    Damion Nixhex

    Damion Nixhex

    "Red Angel"

    Human Male

    Light Magic

    Cursed : Demon Attraction

    18 Yr Old/ 8th Year
    Takara Mckay

    Takara Mckay

    "Lightning Witch"

    Human Female

    Lightning Magic

    Cursed: Static Curse

    18 Yr Old/8th Year
    Iris C. Shikegura

    Iris C. Shikegura

    Human Female

    Devoid Magic - Vocal

    Aspect: Song of Sirens

    16 Yr Old/ 6th Year


    "King of Audignum"


    117 Yr Old/ 1st Year

    Devoid Magic - Music

    Aspect- Diplomacy
    Milo N. Makegura

    Human Male

    Light Magic

    Blessed: Makegura Healing Prayer

    17 Yr Old/ 7th year
    Riken Shade

    Riken Shade

    "Prince of Darkness"

    Half-Dragon/Human Male

    Dark Magic

    16 Yr Old/ 7th Year




    Year: (1-10)
    Former Magic School: Angelhart or Dragonborne
    Primary Magic:
    Specialized Magic: (Name and Description)
    Bonus Aspect: (Name and Description. Or N/A)
    Noteworthy Items:
    Ultimate Goal: (Something they wish to do or obtain will at the Academy or in life)
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  2. Interested. Just waiting for more information.
  3. Name: Damion "Red Angel" Nixhex
    Race: Human
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Heterosexual
    Year: 8th Year
    Former Magic School: Angelhart
    Primary Magic: Light
    Specialized Magic: Hieromancy - Also called Law Magic, Hieromancy allows the user to use holy magic for justice. Hieromancy allows the user to cast light in the form of chains, bonds, and barriers to keep people and monsters in place. It is a combat magic focusing on suppressing targets. In addition, it may harm creatures of/made of dark magic.
    Bonus Aspect: Demon Attraction - This is a curse placed on Damion by before his birth. A black cross marks his back as a sign of its presence. Anytime his body is affected by magic in anyway, the mark stores that magic. After enough time, a demon is summoned to attack and kill all around Damion at the time.

    Noteworthy Items:
    Gwny: A Magic-Immune chest-plate. Said to be enchanted by an angel's holy magic to protect a human's heart from evil. It currently protects the curse mark on Damion and prevents his curse for a few triggers.
    Waylord: Holy-enchanted falx sword which was a former treasure of the Angelhart founders. A powerful blade; only able to be drawn when in the presence of a demon/demonic energy. Capable of rending weak demons.

    Personality: Damion is a peace loving fellow with a love for a relaxed life. He believes the more smooth one's life is, the happier they truly are. However he knows that it will be a long time before he can ever be truly happy and in bliss. In fact, he can never be in bliss. So he sticks to the path of the warrior. Fight today, pray and study for tomorrow.

    He thinks that the most important traits to a warrior are Ferocity, Strength and Force. But the most important traits of men are wisdom, common-understanding, and love. Though he keeps his relatively wise-self hidden away while with others.

    Background: Damion was the son of a farmer and her husband. Damion's father had once been a warlock from an over seas kingdom. One with the power to summon demons. However due to a purge of all magic in the country the man fled. Escaping on the last ship before the kingdom isolated itself from the world and began killing anyone that wasn't human or used magic. Once in the Kingdom of Faustia, Damion's father - Jara - sought a simple life. Learning farming and soon finding the love of his life, Kilo. The two soon married after meeting.

    One year later, when Kilo was pregnant with Damion, a demon suddenly attack the farm Jara and Kilo worked on. In the dead of night, Jara was forced to confront the creature with minor demons. After a hard-fought battle, the demon placed a curse on Kilo before it's death. It was unknown what this curse was until she gave birth to her son. Damion had been born with a marking on his body. When a cleric attempted to remove it, thinking it was a bruise, a minor demon appeared through a portal.

    It was clear then that this was the curse placed upon Kilo by the demon. Not to affect her but Damion. For the rest of his life, sorcerers and clergymen studied the boy with now way of removing the marking. Seeing no way to save their child, Jara and Kilo thought it would be best to give Damion a quick death. Before they went through with killing him, a priest visited them. The priest brought to them artifacts said to be blessed by an angel. Along with these items, he offered to teach Damion the art of light magic at Angelhart. And if he showed promise, the art of hieromancy.

    Jumping at the chance, Jara sent Damion off at the age of ten, wishing his son the best of luck.

    Ultimate Goal: Rid himself of his curse and became a Knight Mage.
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  4. (Currently making two characters. May make three and will probably edit them in here)

    Name: Iris C. Shikegura

    Race: Human

    Age: 16

    Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Appearance: I redrew Iris

    Year: 6

    Former Magic School: Angelhart

    Primary Magic: Devoid~ Vocal

    Specialized Magic: Canticia: Based off the latin word for "song". Different for each user and has different names. In Iris' case, it allows for her vocals to range from the sweetest song ever heard to the shrillest shriek any human being has ever heard.

    Al Niente: Allows the user to disappear and reappear in a different location. Only works for short distances because it is an evasion technique.

    Calmando: Uses magic to calm an aggravated person or creature into sleep if they listen long enough, much like a lullaby. Usually five or ten seconds is all it takes, but will not work on someone with a too strong will.

    Bonus Aspect: Song of the Sirens:

    The Song of the Sirens boosts the user's vocals to make them louder than they actually are using the magic from the person's voice. This can make their sweet song heard by all or their shriek deafening to those around them. It makes itself known by the user's voice, for it sounds much different than others'.

    Kinda like this V

    Noteworthy Items: The golden muzzle around her mouth aides in keeping her vocal magic from going into the Song of the Sirens on accident. Iris had made the mistake of using the Song of the Sirens when she wasn't supposed to, and her family believed she couldn't control it.

    Personality: Iris is a quiet and respectful young woman, raised to be so by her family. She is very modest about her voice unlike her mother, who would show off at any given opportunity. Iris sometimes has a slip of the tongue where she says something she didn't mean to, or if she comes off as sarcastic in any way. She doesn't mean it.

    Background: Iris had been born and raised in a large family, she being the only daughter and eldest child of six children. She was brought up to learn and understand vocal magic, for that was what the Shikegura family mainly studied. Only those with the highest expertise and wits could represent the family as a whole, with other light magic families they were associated with. There have been instances where family members chose to develop in different types of magic (such as elemental), but those who put their time into learning vocal or light magic were more relevant.

    Iris had grasped the basics when she was 10 years old. Her talent for vocal magic had become noticed by her family and relatives. No one else had displayed such passion to develop and grow in vocal magic. So, on her 14th birthday, she was marked with the Song of the Sirens by her grandmother. She had said it was a magic enhancer passed down in their family for generations, when that was not the case at all. Of course, Iris and her parents hadn't known.

    It wasn't until Iris had ended up using her aspect by accident and deafening her grandmother during a visit that they realize something was amiss with Iris' magic. This was when they decided to create a muzzle for her to help control her abilities. The muzzle itself was originally made to become something to protect Iris' vocal chords, but was tweaked to accommodate for the Song of the Sirens. Iris doesn't really wear it, but will if necessary.

    Ultimate Goal: Gain complete control over her vocals and become Head of the Shikegura family

    Name: Milo N. Makegura

    Race: Human

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Sexuality: Bisexual

    Appearance: Clicky, I didn't draw this~

    Year: 7

    Former Magic School: Angelhart

    Primary Magic: Light

    Specialized Magic: Arcanas: Arcanas allows the user to create large glass like shields at the tips of their fingers, each one taking a mosaic like pattern of the tarot arcanas. The shields only appear for as long as there is magic within them. The size of the shield depends on the amount of magic within it.

    The shields break if enough force is behind the attacks or if the user's concentration is broken.

    Bonus Aspect: Blessing: Makegura Healing Prayer

    Milo can say a prayer to heal his wounds or someone else's. The healing is most effective on himself and only powerful enough to heal another person's major wounds.

    The downside is that the prayer is long. In dire situations, Milo will only have so much time to say it.

    Noteworthy Items:

    Rivennas (Clicky) is his sword. A precious weapon he had begun training with the day he entered the Academy. It is enchanted to make the user stronger and faster with the Vocal or Light magic of a Shikegura or Makegura family member.

    When the enchantment comes into play, the sword takes a golden color instead of its yellow.

    Personality: Milo is a sarcastic, no nonsense type of guy and quite religious. He is incredibly protective of Iris, considering she is his cousin and prey for bullying because of the muzzle her parents make her wear.

    Background: Milo was born and raised as the middle son of five and youngest twin to the Makegura family, the more religious sibling to the Shikegura. His mother was the Chair of the Makegura, meaning she was a highly respected woman representing justice for the entire family. Milo had always admired the authority his mother held as the Highest Chair of the Makegura, and aspired to be just like her.

    When Milo was five and received his blessings, he was introduced to the Shikegura family. There he learned who were his cousins, the leader, and everything in between. He began to get a basic understanding of how the families benefited one another. It interested him how the Makegura and Shikegura magic capabilities could work well together if given the chance in combat.

    By the time he was 10, he understood the functions between the two families. He was also given Rivennas and instructed of the basics of the sword. Milo was also told about the enchantment and how to use the Makegura Healing Prayer. Though his mother was not around to train with, Milo learned everything he knows now from his father, siblings, and a few cousins. Iris being one of them, and in exchange, he showed her how to defend herself in combat.

    Now at 17, he is Iris' self-proclaimed protector.

    Ultimate Goal: Follow in his mother's footsteps/Become Highest Chair of the Makegura
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  5. Name
    Valerius Solanum





    Standing all of 5'8" and possessing a lithe build,
    Valerius isn't what one would call intimidating.
    He can typically be seen with a smile gracing his
    features, and is most often clad in shades of green.

    Faculty Member
    Resident Healer

    Ethics of Magical Practices
    Natural Magics
    Healing Herbs and Remedies

    Focus and Incantation

    Former Magic School

    Nature - Valerius' base magic gives him an affinity for plant life and enables him to manipulate it. As he practices little in the means of offensive magic, flora manipulation serves as a fair defense, provided he is within reasonable distance of plant life. The most notable aspect of this magic is that he is able to promote plant growth by infusing it with his own energy and will, enabling him to use it as necessary.

    Vita et Anima - Valerius is able to draw life and vigor from surrounding life, ranging from plants, to animals, to other humanoids. He is then able to transfer this vital energy into himself or others (plants, animals, and humanoids) as a means of healing. On a more technical level, this ability permits him to encourage growth and repair on a cellular level, enabling him to knit together wounds, mend broken bones, and even purge poisons from the body. The time it takes for healing to occur is relative to the severity of the injury, and more serious wounds may take multiple healing session to be fully repaired. Healing also takes time relative to the injury, and requires Valerius' full concentration. Taking this energy from living things weakens them, relative to the amount of life drawn from them. He must also lay hands on the being he is intending to heal. *Note: As Valerius is able to draw energy from others, it is taken on faith that he will not use the ability to harm others-- personal ethics prevent him from ever using it in such a way. He has not tried to use it in order to harm, as he believes there are some lines that should never be crossed.

    Self-Sacrifice - In the event that there are no other living things (or not enough, depending upon the severity of an injury), Valerius is able to his give his own energy in order to heal another. Naturally, this technique cannot work to heal himself, but it can provide life-saving aid to those in need. He must use this ability discerningly, however, as giving up his vitality leaves him in a weakened state and, used to an extreme, would claim his life.

    An intricate sigil, a product of powerful spellwork burned into his skin, spans his shoulders and back, granting him the self-sacrificing ability. When in use, the sigil glows a vibrant shade of green.

    Laid-back and peace-loving, Valerius is an amiable individual who holds no contempt or dislike for others, even those from Dragonbourne. He possesses a preternatural love for all living things, and does all within his power to promote growth and coexistence. Open-minded and somewhat given to whimsy, many think him a bit odd, though he hardly minds such assessments. Perhaps because of his magics (no one has ever inquired), his office is filled to bursting with a myriad of herbs and flowers, and is often subject to vines and tendrils meandering under the door.

    Prior to his position at Angelheart academy, Valerius served as a healer within his homeland of Eluna. While natural magics are common among his kin, and though the diversity is great, few endure the tedious training of healing magics. Possessed of the will to see life flourish and grow, Valerius persevered in his studies.

    For many years, he studied and grew in the cloistered sanctuary of his forested homeland. As is common of young individuals, Valerius forged friendships. Also as is common, one friendship in particular led to a more intimate relationship.

    The downside to falling in love, however, is that the heart is a fragile thing.

    When an injury beyond the skill of healers stole his beloved from him, Valerius was overcome with grief. Burdened by guilt and the query of "what-if," Valerius sought out a spellwright to help imbue him with ability that might have prevented the loss of life, or in the very least, taken his instead. The process was one of an ancient rite and was agony to endure, though he deemed it a small cost to save another's life.

    After completion of the rite, Valerius returned to his home, though it now felt empty as it was still a place of personal grief. Seeking respite and a chance to heal, he took a position within Angelheart academy. This proved to be such a rewarding and uplifting experience, that he has since dedicated his life to teaching.

    With the merging of the academies, Valerius has taken a position as a professor and the resident healer of Mana Academy.

    In addition to his magical ability, he also practices herbalism and includes non-magical healing as one of his classes.

    Above all, Valerius hopes pass on his knowledge and love of life to others, as well as instill a sound sense of ethics and rightness within students. He also works to promote peace between the former academy residents. Though it is, at times, a bit of a struggle.

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  6. Looking forward to your characters C:
  7. *Raises hand* I have plans for a character to vocal based magic. That would fall under Devoid, right? (Want to be sure)
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  8. Yes it would. I will add onto that now.
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  9. Name: takara "lightning witch" mckay
    Race: human
    Age: 18
    Gender: female
    Sexuality: pansexual
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Year: 8
    Former Magic School: dragonbourne
    Primary Magic: lightning
    Specialized Magic: lightning shifting this allows her the ability to transform her her lightning into beasts and weapons, although she is not good in close quarters combat she can transform her lightning into a sword if need be but would rather avoid a physical confrontation.
    Bonus Aspect: static curse this curse was placed on her at the age of 10 by another witch of incredible power leaving a lightning bolt mark on her neck. This curse causes her body to elicit lightning from her body when her bare skin is touched zapping those who touch her. That is why she covers almost all her body except for her face and does not allow people to touch her. This also can be used as a weapon if she takes her gloves off.
    Noteworthy Items: the amulet of the lightning king which amplifies her magics strength
    Personality: takara is a shy quiet girl that tends to stay away from people to prevent her from harming them.
    Background: takara was born into a clan of lightning mages where females were prohibited from learning magic. One day when she was 7 she found a woman outside the village one day that offered to teach her magic and lied to her saying that it wasn't bad. She trained in secret with the woman for the next 3 years. However this woman was not doing this out the kindness of her heart, no she was an outcast of the clan for learning magic and wanted to spite the clan leader by teaching his daughter magic. When her father found out she learned magic, he was furious and sought out the witch that taught it to her.

    He easily overpowered the witch having been trained in magic for much longer, but in her dying breaths the witch had one final trick up her sleeve. She laid a curse on takara shocking anyone who made contact with her bare skin. After the witch had been slain he turned to his only daughter and did the unthinkable, he banished her from the clan and stated that if she were to ever come back she would face a similar fate. She wandered for days on end in the woods as she slowly began to starve and ended up collapsing from hunger. When she awoke she was in a bed and was shocked to see someone staring at her. This person turned out to be the headmaster of dragon Bourne academy who took her in and gave her a place to call home. Over the course of the next eight years her magical prowess grew by leaps and bounds, but one thing always stuck to takara. She could not find friends or love due to her curse.
    Ultimate Goal: to remove the curse so she could find love
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  10. I decided to edit mine a bit
  11. Name: Riken Shade Prince of shadows
    Race: Dragon human mix
    Year: 7
    Former Magic School: Dragonborne
    Primary Magic: Dark Shadows
    Specialized Magic: Riken can create shadows to act as physical objects such as shields chains swords arms ect and can freely manipulate any shadow that he can physically see.
    Bonus Aspect: NA
    Noteworthy Items: Diamond studded platinum collar it increases his magic power His katana Cutter is extremely sharp making it easier to cut through things.
    Personality:cocky always has to be right and get the last word in blunt violent hot headed brave loves winning show off
    Background: Riken comes from a long line of royal shadow users and showed his ability early one making him a prodigy and a genius about his magic, some of this may have gone to his head by the way he acts now, he easily passed the skills of his siblings that even had 4 years of experience on shadow magic making him the main heir to his family his father even awarded him with a diamond studded platinum collar for his skills.
    Ultimate Goal: Wishs to surpass his father and become the king of shadows.
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  12. Same here, in fact.
  13. @Aura

    Is there a basis for how the school years work? Like, one may begin the academy at a certain age, so it correlates with their year, etc?
  14. Ooo, vocal buddies~

    (Cept mine will have a big muzzle on her face for reasons)
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  15. Name: Eu-mag
    Nickname: King of Audignum
    Species: Construct
    Age: 117
    Gender: Agender, but being a king, he prefers being called he/him/his.
    SO: Ace/Aro
    Year: One
    Appearance: Consists only of two parts: A completely regular, slightly worn medieval armor, and a core containing his soul, in the form of a glowing glass cube. The armor is about 1.70m tall, and somewhat bruised from battle. The cube is fragile, anything beyond scratch marks will fatally damage him.
    Primary Magic: I guess Devoid? His kingdom's magic is based on two parts, being comparable to a base and specialization. The primary being the ability to cast various magic effects, depending on the ambience and mood of a song playing within audible distance.
    Specialized Magic: The specialized magic builds upon the primary. It can be summarized into the ability to play ambient music at will. Even if spells are cast mostly at will, certain requirements, specified below, must be fullfilled.
    He can't play more than one song at a time, and once played, a song has a long cooldown.
    All powers last until the end of the song.
    Any objects created using said powers disperse as the song ends, and except Home, all targets are, if teleported, taken back at the end, unless stated otherwise.
    Any changes to terrain or creatures is undone at the end as well. Unless stated otherwise, all songs lasts for three posts when with another player.
    Any power can be aimed at a target instead of the user.
    Following spells are currently learned, will be updated as the story progresses.
    Current spells (open)

    Speed, Zythian - Free
    Gives user a great boost in running speed and leaping length, and allows him/her to scale small heights in no time.

    Sword, EnV - Palladin
    Gives the user great skills in handling a sword. Does not provide a sword, however.

    Big, EnV - Green With Me
    The user grows to three times their size, gaining ten times the weight.

    Following are ideas for spells that I have for Eu-mag to learn, with corresponding music. Any suggestions in both spells and alternative songs are more than welcome!
    Planned spells (open)

    Burst, Au5 ft. Fractal - Secret Weapon
    Charges during buildup with raised defense, after drop releases many weak energy bursts in all directions.

    Fright, EnV - Endurance
    The user takes the form of a target's greatest fear in the form of a single creature. He/she also gains its powers and abilities, but doesn't know about them naturally.

    Space, Dj-Nate - Theory of Everything
    Teleports user and one target into a pocket dimension without anything other than air and the two. Does also give user abilities within martial arts.

    Immortal, Matthew Parker - Immortal
    Makes the user completely impervious to damage, but also immobile. Deflects anything close to them.

    Flight, EnV - Dusty Dragon Tavern
    Allows user to jet, glide and dive through the air at high speeds.

    Fall, DjVI - Heavenly Beats
    Takes both the user and one target high in the air, but neither will take fall damage when landing. Both will in all cases stay in mid air for the full duration of the song.

    Party, Waterflame - Radio cutter
    Summons a great meal and decorations fit for the occasion, and gives, until all the food is eaten or spoiled, the user a great gift of speech.

    Slow, Waterflame - Time Machine
    User's general movements are slightly sped up, and any three targets are heavily slowed.

    Boost, EnV - Ginseng
    Gives user a slight boost to all following physical attributes: general speed, strength, vitality, perception, jumping.

    Heal, (I'll need suggestions for this one.)
    Greatly heals user, soothing and calming everyone in audible range.

    Sustenance, DjVI - Moonstone
    Gives user the ability to survive any abiotic, or nonliving, factor without any damage whatsoever.

    Rock, Au5 - Crystal Mathematics
    Allows for minor area manipulation, nothing more than slightly elevating ground or making it shake. User is given unbreakable gem sword, but no wielding skills. User can also lift and throw small rocks on thought, provided there are any nearby.

    Ice, Au5 - Snowblind
    Covers nearby ground with perfectly flat ice, starts a blizzard in the same area, and gives user the ability of breathing a cold wind with twice the power of the surrounding wind.

    Fire, EnV - Surrender
    Covers nearby ground with areas of brittle stone over a pool of lava, fills the air with hot smoke, and gives user ability to shoot small jets of fire.

    Plant, Au5 - Blossom
    Spawns many rapidly-growing trees and bushes, and vines making a dense network in between. User can bend these at will.

    Light, Matthew Parker - Vita Brevis
    Summons scorching, blinding pillars of light, slowly moving around the area, to which the user is immune. User also gets similar orbs around both hands.

    Darkness, Au5 - Singularity
    Covers the area in an unillumable darkness in which the user can see fine. Does also give iron sword and average wielding abilities.

    Home, Dj-Nate - Nostalgia
    Teleports user to wherever they consider home or a safe place, and fully heals them.

    Disappear, Au5 - Myst
    Makes user invisible, to all senses. Does not include the song. User cannot interact with people or objects, but touched people forget the last five minutes. This action can only be done once per song.

    Ancient, EnV - Dynasty
    For the duration of the song, replaces a target's weapon or main mean of offense with a flint spear and round wooden shield, and gives user the target's main weapon, not shield or mean of defense.

    8-bit, Zythian - Arcade Monster
    User can jump higher, and when landing on anything else than ground, the user gets a coin, and the object great damage. If the user has five coins or more and is killed, he/she is resurrected. Coins do nothing after song is over.

    Evict, DjVI - Alternative Reality
    Teleports user and one target to a random place far away from current, and the target can't walk for 30 seconds. If user is unharmed during the whole song, only the user teleports back.

    Disaster, DjVI - Active (2012 world end edit)
    Summons two of the following: Volcano, earthquake, meteorite, quicksand. They are all minor, and damages only what the user wishes them to. Things not eligible to damage are not affected by the spell.

    Ray, Au5 - Inside
    User has greatly raised defense, but uses the entire song on charging, and can't move other than aiming. On every drop, the user releases a great beam of energy, the strongest being the last.

    End, Waterflame - Final Battle
    If a battle is going on in the duration of the song, within audible range, it will be, in one way or another, the last between the two competitors. Makes it night.

    Bonus Aspect: Created to be king and representative for Audignum, he was upon creation given a great skill in diplomacy.
    Regular Equipment: A wand with the looks of a director rod he uses to summon his music.
    Personality traits:
    Being a magically constructed creature powered by nothing but mana, Eu-Mag's tone appears flat and toneless, almost robotic. His voice, like everything else from him, originates in his core, channeling mana into sound, in a similar fashion to his musical magic. Being the emotionless creature he is, he will often appear cold or ignorant, explained by how he simply can't feel anything other than happiness. This does not mean that he'd be smiling 24/7 if he had a face, most of the time he acts completely neutral.
    Diplomatic and defensive
    His intentions contain nothing but the best for his kingdom, which in most cases means peaceful negotiations. Preferring to solve problems with his decent talking skills, he will avoid battle or war whenever possible. As a byproduct of this, his choice of words is always enthusiastic, in the hopes of not seeming heartless.
    History/bio: The kingdom of Audignum is a mythical kingdom, for centuries shrouded in mystery and disbelief. Like a fairytale, some had heard about it, but very few believed it even existed.
    In the vast ocean of parallel dimensions that exist, Audignum is situated in one of the more boring ones. A simple world, containing little but grassy plains, reaching longer than the eye can see and the mind imagine, pierced by slow rivers and dotted with occasional tall and thin mountains. Other than this, the land holds a vast supply of mana, magic in its purest, unused form. This the few citizens of Audignum take to their advantage. Beside Eu-Mag, the country is led by a group of mages and sorcerers, the strongest and highest in ranks being Tónlist, the archmage.
    Mythical as it is, the past of Audignum is a debated topic even to its citizens. Several different old books and various texts exist, telling stories, each unlike the other, about the origin of the small kingdom. How one tells of a group of mages tired of the corrupted world around them teleporting to Audignum before settling there, another explains that several portals exist between the different multiverses, the one leading to where Audignum is now a child found on accident one day. The latter is the most accurate, as it was rather a spy working directly under a ruthless king that found it. He wished to escape the malevolent rule of his leader, and gathered a group of volunteers to escape their old kingdom altogether, just outside the king's sight and knowledge.
    Eventually growing in numbers, the then village of Audara started cultivating the rich magical and acustical properties of the land, along with taming the monotonous wildlife consisting only of a species of worm-like creaturess capable of flight. The Union, the group of mages taking the lead in getting Audara forward, was created. They were highly respected, and they highly respected their people back. As Audara grew, more cities were founded, and built on their musical heritage, they were named accordingly. Three cities were built, each with a distinct clock tower, in an equal distance from both eachother, and the declared capital, Cerddoriaeth. Cerddorieth did, on its side, get a castle for the Union to live in and rule the country from.
    The three cities, Sangíta, Zene and Phelng, were built as they were to frame both the capital, and another two portals in addition to the one the founders of Audara came there from. They were not yet opened, doing so would require a lot of mana, and with it a lot of time to charge enough. One of those portals leads to another kingdom, just recently opened, the other has yet to be. These portals were later named Irama, Meghedi and Ikasuratá.
    Once Audara started getting too big for the group of mages and sorcerers to rule over, Tónlist took upon him to somehow get the cities a ruler. Taking the armor used by one of the soldiers that under the malevolent king's siege attacked Audara but eventually failed, he through an extensive ritual succeeded in creating Eu-Mag. The country rejoiced, they had a king, and as such, Audara was renamed Audignum. With the sole purpose to rule and defend the now kingdom, Eu-Mag claimed the throne, and started what would be a period of greatness for Audignum.
    His rule was organized, well executed and just, and the people loved him. Still growing their culture of using music as a magical weapon, Eu-Mag has let the music get to his head. The people, even though enjoying the musical heritage of the kingdom about just as much as he does, he fears, could be planning a revolt.
    Struggling with mastering the base magic, Tónlist contacted several academies in available nearby kingdoms, finding Mana Academy the most appropriate and competent. The Union is, like whenever Eu-Mag is out, set to rule temporarily.
    Extra Info: His body consisting of only an armor, yet attributes still equal to an average human, he's above average quick. Being a construct, he can if both his core and pieces of his body are left intact, slowly rebuild.
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  16. Should be in the mana academy section of the overview. But it's ages 10-20. Years 1-10. So ten year olds would be first years. However there are exceptions.
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  17. @LoveandHate91 While most of your CS is acceptable, I would like to point out that the final part of the specialized magic is a little much. You could eating shadows could possibly be a Blessing of sorts. Also a sword that cuts everything seems OP. Possibly reword it so the weapon has enhanced strength or sharpness?

    @IntrusivePenDesperateSword You can just put Devoid for the base and music for the specialization. However the lists are good and welcome. ^^ Also please allude how the construct ended up enrolling into the Academy.

    @Jessica2477 Iris is accepted.
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  18. Edited my post! I'd like to keep my base and specialization, "Music" just doesn't do it for me, sorry.
  19. Is there a limit to the magic that can be learned? For example, a water magic user wouldn't be able to also use fire spells, correct?
  20. That is correct.
    @IntrusivePenDesperateSword I'll accept himEu-Mag
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