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  1. Here it is. 96 Rider Hollow Road. Whether you believe the madman talking about saving the world or not, curiosity brought you here. To a mysterious house seemingly in the middle of nowhere. It's beautiful and spacious. A sign on the entrance door notes, "Welcome to Neptune. This was my home but now it is yours for the using. Come inside and make yourself comfortable. There is a letter with instructions for all of you inside. Please read it."


    The letter is a short one written on what looks like recycled paper. Beautiful handwriting weaves it's way across the page and tiny doodles outline the page.

    You are to greet each other and reach an understanding.
    Only a team that can work together will be able to defeat humanity's demise.
    No one is better than anyone else but you must have a sense of order, choose your leaders.
    If you have not discovered your power - now is the time.
    You have seven days to train yourselves without worry.
    Master your powers.
    Improve your strength and endurance.
    Develop your intelligence.
    Expand your mind.

    Good luck,


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    You are able to swear, use graphic violence, and generally be uncouth; but all sex related activities have to be taken to PM.
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  2. [​IMG]
    █▌Dahlia Oliver 23 Female Pansexual █▌
    Dahlia approached the house with trepidation. Yeah getting a mysterious letter was great and all, and hey, saving the world? Seemed kick ass. But it also seemed like a scheme to get a bunch of people in one room and human traffic them or something. And Dahlia was not up for that shit. But on the other hand, did she really want to spend the remainder of her life listening to people bitch and whine about their computers? So at this point in her life, even being potentially human trafficked, tossed into a tub of ice and getting her kidneys ripped out, seemed more appealing then her day to day.

    When she got to the door, she read the note twice and stepped inside. The house was pretty nice and judging by the furniture and entire building, she came to the conclusion that Richtor was...A dork. A wealthy, generous and apparently humane dork, but a dork all the same. It was a log cabin for godsakes! Who looks at a log cabin and goes, 'Secret Base!'?

    Seeing that she was the first one there, Dahlia, explored for a bit before coming back to the sitting room and flopping onto one of the couches.
    █▌Cricket "Valerie" James █▌

    Valerie didn't like lying to her dad. In fact she hated it and could barely get the words out that morning, but it wasn't as though she could tell him where she was really going. She wasn't a hundred percent, but she was quite sure that saying, "I'm going to sleep in the woods with only a blind chick and bear spray." would give him less of a heart attack then "I'm going to a random location to learn how to save the world because I'm a fire bender."

    So Valerie had lied to her father, and taken the two buses to Rose's house, because at least the part about going somewhere with a blind girl was true. And technically they were going to be near the woods, so she didn't need to feel that guilty, right?

    Finally at Rose's house, Valerie grabbed a bit of gravel and began lobbing it at Rose's window because she didn't want to alert her parents.

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  3. Richard Hendry
    joe manganiello gif.gif
    Checked the house to make sure everything was shut off and unplugged? Done.
    Checked that everything he could need was stored safely in the back of his '97 Jeep? Done.
    Made and iced a bakers' dozen of cinnamon rolls? Done.
    Delivered twelve to his boss as a thank you for the time he was taking off? Done.

    Richard bit into the thirteenth roll as he got into his Jeep, waving at his boss once he was safely in the beaten up old car, a smile on his face. It was time to figure out what all this note shit was about. He hadn't figured out what the power he supposedly had was, yet, but he was still more than curious enough to clear his schedule for a few days and drive to the specified address. It took him a few minutes to get situated in the car; he had to plug in his cassette adapter so he could listen to his MP3 player, finish the cinnamon roll, and actually get the music playing, but once he did, he headed off.

    It wasn't that long of a drive from the town in which he lived out to the place. Just an hour or so.

    When he came up the drive to the house and caught sight of it, though, his jaw dropped open and he had to stop for a moment. It was a log cabin. An actual log cabin, the first he'd ever seen. Sure, he'd seen others on TV and whatnot, but he was of the firm opinion that seeing things on TV didn't count for shit. Thus, it was the first actual log cabin he had ever seen, and it was a beautiful one. He closed his mouth after a moment and parked as close to the house as he dared, then got out and made his way to the door. The note on it was surprising.

    "Mine for the using, huh?" he asked himself, brows furrowing as he considered the note for a moment before stepping into the house. "Hello!" he called as he did, just in case there was already someone inside. Richtor, or one of the other chosen people maybe. Were there others? He was pretty sure there would be others.​
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  4. [​IMG]
    Solstice Bambi La'Bay
    aka: Sol

    "Mm...," Sol groaned as she let the chocolate melt in her mouth, her hands smoothly controlled the wheel of her silver Honda SUV; a vehicle she'd been able to purchase 7 months ago. Her sweet, sweet baby. Solstice's foot held down the gas pedal on the empty road. The window was rolled down, letting the wind blow her long strands of brown hair. A pair of black sunglasses hid her pale blue eyes as they continued to glance at the address written on the paper; which she had placed on the dashboard.

    "Gas..." The word came from her mouth when a gas station came into view and pulling into the parking lot was a must. Her chocolate stash was running low; seeing as how Sol had just driven 5 hours. When she had received the paper about saving the world, at first she believed it to be some sort of prank. Then again, when had anyone ever found out that the bad weather was because of her? Just the thought of having to add extra weird into her life seemed like a burden but if what they were saying in the letter was legit... what then? Just go along with everything and risk her life for people she didn't know or have any attachments to?

    Thinking so much made her grow irritated and the sound of lightning far away in the distance caused Sol to stiffen; outside the clouds began to grow dark and the sun was beginning to look depressing. Solstice took the last bite of her Hershey's bar just as she parked the car and got out to pump gas into the car. Behind her glasses, her icy blue eyes seemed to grow a bit paler and it was like you could see a storm raging in her eyes. Something that happened when her powers were stirring; giving Solstice no choice but to stay calm and not think to much.

    After filling up the entire tank, buying several chocolate bars as well as some water, Sol got back into the car filled with her suitcases; speeding away from the gas station. It took her a few more minutes before finally she parked her car... in front of a cabin. What if there was some sort of murderer on the other end? Just waiting to attack because she wasn't normal. Zap the crap outta him, that's what she'll do.

    "Okay..." Solstice mumbled to herself as her now regular blue eyes scanned the letter on the door. How was she supposed to learn how to control her powers? Where there teachers or something? With a shrug, Sol walked into the house but gasped when she accidentally walked into someone.

    "Oh! Sorry," Sol took a step back as she noticed it was guy. Short brown hair, chocolate eyes and looks that probably had the women flocking. Not that Solstice had anything against good looking men... she generally doesn't trust good looking guys; many of them had agendas. Dangerous ones.

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  5. Kaydyn O'Sullivan
    dylan O'brien gif.gif
    The incessant meowing of a cat is what woke Kaydyn up that particular morning. Piers, the small brown tabby cat he'd gotten as a birthday gift the year before, had run out of food sometime in the night and decided to complain to his human about it.


    He rolled out of bed with an exaggerated groan, the little cat having the gall to rub against his legs as he walked down the stairs and into the kitchen. It only took a minute to refill the dish, and he petted Piers' back a few times before walking back to the stairs. His destination was bed and more sleep, but something occurred to him on the third step. This day was the day. This day was the day his dad was letting him borrow the car to check out the address on the messages he and Jaime had both received.

    Well, as far as his dad knew, they were just going on a road trip together. Kaydyn had put in the extra hours over the summer to get a full drivers license, and he was damn glad for it now. Explaining to his father that he had this trippy ability to enhance his senses by touching people was a conversation he would prefer to avoid, so driving with him would have been impossible. The lie was necessary. Kaydyn did feel a little bad about it, though. But, regardless of circumstances, his thoughts were filled with superheroics and ass-kicking and world-saving as he bounded up the rest of the stairs and walked over to the door of the guest room that was turned into Jaime's room after she was kicked out of her parents' house.

    "Hey, loser, you up yet?" He knocked on the door with a big grin on his face. "Today is the day we answer the call of destiny!" he announced dramatically, clenching his fist even though Jaime probably couldn't see him.

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  6. [​IMG]
    █▌Dahlia Oliver 23 Female Pansexual █▌
    Dahlia was just thinking about whether she had made the right decision of leaving her dog with the old lady in the apartment above her, when she heard the cabin door shut. She was in the very next room, so she had sometime to leap off the couch and into a ready position just in case the newcomers were murderers or something. But when she heard one of them--a girl--speak, she relaxed. Not because murderers couldn't be girls, but because murderers rarely said, 'Oh sorry.'

    Rounding the corner, Dahlia entered the first room to see a man with brown hair, and a woman with bright blue eyes. For a minute Dahlia considered pretending to be Richtor, but decided against it. It would seem that everyone invited to the room had powers and she didn't want to startle somebody and get acid vomit spewed through her chest or something. So instead she just gave a slow wave, and an unsure, "Heeey. I'm Dahlia, not Richtor, but one of his guests. Or her guests, Richtor sounds like a guys name to me but hey this is the 21st century, right? And I once met an old lady named Brian." She blabbed, half nervous half excited. She wondered if it would be too forward and imposing to get right into it and ask them what their powers were, but she figured it would be best to at least them give their names before hand.

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  7. [​IMG]Jamie Cross [​IMG]

    Jamie dreamed of being swarmed by flies. As they circled around her, she felt strangely comfortable. As if that was exactly where she was meant to be-

    She was awoken by Kaydyn knocking on the door. Wait. What did he just say?

    "'Call of destiny'? That's really cheesy, dude."

    She forced herself out of bed.

    "Hold up, just lemme get dressed."

    As she dressed, she thought about recent events. She had superpowers. She had superpowers! She had been dreaming of being a superhero since she was old enough to read. She should have been excited about this. She was excited, but she was mostly nervous. Why was she this nervous?

    She tried to ignore her bad feelings and slung her backpack over her shoulder. She had filled it with her favorite comic books. For preparation.

    She opened the door, looking as confident as possible.

    "I'm ready."

    Mandala by Morcheeba

  8. Nigel had been driving for a few hours now. He was going to some location that this letter told him to go to. When he first got the letter from this Richtor guy, he of course taught it was just some freak fan or something. Nigel had gotten crazy letters from numerous psycho fans before. In four years since he signed to his Record Label, Nigel, or Ni Beats has become a superstar. Everyone around the world either knew him, or has seen his videos played on their TVs. He liked being famous, but sometimes it was a lot to deal with. Crazy stalkers coming to his mansion to sleep in his bed... and other wild actions. He shook his head, driving down the road towards the place he would be going.

    When Nigel first got the letter, he didn't believe it. He just played it off... but then he started noticing things around him, mainly electronics, were acting different. When he was around electronics they would vibrate and rattle, then when he would get mad or irritated he would feel a jolt of something inside of him. He would later find out that he had what people called, Electrokinesis... power over Electricity, electric fields, electronics and so on. The letter had started to make sense to him... even though he didn't know if he wanted to become a hero or not. He would go to 96 Rider Hollow Road, and learn more about his "powers" and see how he could learn to control them.

    Finally making it to the... cabin? Nigel had never been in a cabin before, he had seen ones... but he was from the city, the woods would be a challenge in itself for him. He parked his car next to the other cars. He walked up to the log cabin, seeing the note that Richtor must have left for everyone. "Cool, might actually learn to control this shit." He put on a smirk, walking into the front room. He saw two girls and a guy. The one girl he saw, she was beautiful to him. She had cocoa skin and the body of a goddess... just his type. He knew he was suppose to be here to learn more about his powers, but he could still have some fun, right? Nigel walked over to the girl. "Hey, I'm Nigel. You might know me as Ni Beats. What's your name, beautiful?"

    Location: Log Cabin
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  9. Aeson Gallagher
    tyler hoechlin gif.gif
    Aeson made sure to wake up early that morning, as he had quite the drive ahead of him. He was on the road before five in the morning, California time. His apartment was locked up, its bills were paid up for the next two months, his schedule was clear for the next week and a half, and Laura had detailed instructions on how he organized the shop's tax related paperwork. No one could say he wasn't prepared for however this power business ended up.

    After a few hours, Aeson lost himself in thought, mostly concerning his powers and the fact he wasn't alone in having them. He'd discovered his on accident a few days before; Laura had put a few cards (she'd called it the Dead Man's hand, whatever that meant) on his left hand and he'd rubbed at the tattoo in the shower. He'd watched in fascinated horror as it healed, the ink forced back to the surface and running off his hand. There was some screaming of curse words involved in his reaction. The note had arrived the morning before, and he'd started making plans immediately after the incident.

    His concerns mostly revolved around what the others had for powers, and how useful his actually were. Healing wasn't a standard power for superheroes. Did that make him less than them? Was he less useful? Would he be the idiot with the useless power? So wrapped up in his thoughts was he that he missed the turn for the house's drive and had to pull a U-turn in his big ass truck. Easier said than done. He did manage to get the vehicle turned around, but the other vehicles already parked at the house gave him pause. It seemed he wasn't the earliest arrival. Was that good or bad? Neither?

    He hesitantly got out of the truck, pulling his bag from the passenger seat and adjusting his hoodie before walking up to the door. The sound of voices stopped him dead in front of it. What the fuck would he say? 'Hello, there, I have a power that makes me virtually useless in combat, what can you do?' Yeah, that would go over well. He raised his hand to knock, but that felt awkward, too, so he lowered his hand and adjusted his black framed glasses and settled for staring silently at the note stuck on the door.​
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  10. The red-headed girl speeding down the road in her Rolls Royce, was named Sunshine Belair... of the Belair Cosmestic Company Moguls. She smirked at the other drivers, as they swerved out of her way. In this state she looked like Cruella De Vil, which wouldn't be a big stretch from who she really was. Sunshine had gotten a letter a few days ago, talking about powers and saving the world... and blah, blah, blah! She didn't even bother to give it the time of day, until she noticed that things around her would heat up and melt or incinerate. Grateful that no one alive was incinerated... that would be hard to explain to the cops. "Yeah, will I read this letter that said I had powers, and I could save the world. Next thing I know my brother caught on fire, and I can somehow use the Sun's heat to boil damn water!" That sounded like a very sensible thing to say.

    Sunshine just wanted to know what was going on. She was pissed off, but she had to keep calm. Her powers could cause a heat wave, or something worst if she didn't say calm. Sunshine looked up towards the Sun. "This is all your fought!" She sighed and kept driving. Maybe this Richtor guy thought that it was ironic for her to have Heliokinesis and her name was Sunshine... wait till she told others about her powers. She hoped that if there was other people, that they would at least be decent people. She would hate to have to talk to the poor or ugly people of the world. She shook her head... oh how she hoped there would be no ugly people around her, she would hate that.

    "96 Rider Hollow Road... this is the place. Eww!!!!" Sunshine did not want to step foot into the cabin, those places were always gross. She knew that this was the only way to learn more about her powers, groaning, she drove up towards the cabin. She parked her car near a Bugatti... at least one person here wouldn't be poor. She hopped out of her car, throwing on her shades. The Sun of course didn't bother her, but she just wanted them on... in case she needed to stare at a few people and not look like a bitch, for now that is. She fixed her hair, and walked into the cabin... not noticing the note on the door, and ignoring the guy standing at the door... looking like a full blown creep. "Hi, I'm Sunshine. Now, where are the rooms? I need my own room." She folded her arms, looking at all the different faces around her. They looked good enough, she did noticed that Ni Beats was here. She didn't listen to rap music a lot, but her older brother did... so she knew about him a bit.

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  11. [​IMG]
    █▌Dahlia Oliver 23 Female Pansexual █▌
    More people entered the scene and Dahlia cocked an eyebrow when a man--a celebrity actually- walked up and introduced himself to her. She knew who the guy was, but only because the store she worked at played his music on repeat. And naturally they played one of his most popular songs a lot more than most, so much that she wanted to brain herself on the register and end her miserable existence. It wasn't like she hated his music though, it was just the constant replays, and when she got into her car and turned on the radio BAM! Ni beats full blasts all over again. It was like the musical circle of hell.

    "Beautiful, huh? Wait till you talk to me for more than a minute." She snorted, and stuck her hand out to shake. "I'm Dahlia, you might know me as that bitch from customer service." She joked. She wondered what his power was and how he was going to do the whole, 'staying in a cabin when he's a well known celebrity' thing. She could just imagined his million fans freaking out over where he was and making up theories.

    Just then, someone else entered the cabin, a ginger with sunglasses and apparently a bigger celebrity complex than the actual celebrity. "Sunshine? Are you sure?" Dahlia snarked and inwardly cringed. She had been trying to keep herself in check, so as to not piss anybody off with her sarcasm, but oh well.

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  12. Richard Hendry
    joe manganiello gif.gif
    "It's alright," Richard meant to tell the young woman who'd bumped into him, but he was interrupted in the middle of saying the words by Dahlia's appearance. Her face was one he recognized, definitely. It wasn't often he got called a cheat and he certainly made an effort to remember the face that did it. He opened his mouth to introduce himself and inform Dahlia that he remembered her when the door opened once then twice more, letting in some guy he recognized from TV somewhere and a woman that had him bristling with dislike almost instantly after she opened her mouth. She sounded like the sort who whined. He fucking hated whiners.

    "I am Richard," he said, loudly enough for the entire group to hear, but he turned to face the woman who'd bumped into him as he spoke. The accent in his voice was strongly Southern, but he was careful about enunciating. His daddy had taught hI'm how important that was, so he didn't sound dumb to new people. "And it is alright," he added in a quieter voice, smiling a bit. "My sister has done worse to me." After finishing the sentence, he tapped the slightly misshapen bridge of his nose. Izzy had pushed him on purpose, technically, but the 'breaking his nose on the anvil' part had been accidental. It was similar enough of a situation.

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    Kaydyn O'Sullivan
    dylan O'brien gif.gif
    "We are gonna be superheroes! 'Call of destiny' is the only lame ass way to put it!" Kaydyn told his friend with a bigger smile, which fell almost immediately after he realized he was still in a tee and boxers, the clothes he slept in. "I should get dressed, maybe," he added after a second, then quickly went back into his room. He emerged a few minutes later in clean clothes and bearing a backpack of his own, that had been filled with snacks and some other things he thought could be useful. Like wire cutters and a big thing of rope.

    Next stop, downstairs. Kaydyn went into his father's office and flashed him the very best puppy eyed expression he could possibly muster. The man snorted in response to his son's expression, then gave the location of the keys to the family car and warned him to be safe. Hugs were exchanged, and after collecting the keys, he headed back to Jamie with an excited smile back on his face. "Let's hit the road, then, yeah?" he asked before bounding out to the car, unlocking the doors, tossing his pack in the back seat, and getting in. He shifted in the drivers eat as he waimed for his friend. Fuck, he was excited. Scared, kind of, but really excited. It'd be awesome to learn a little control over his ability.

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  13. [​IMG]
    Solstice Bambi La'Bay
    aka: Sol

    Solstice watched silently as others began to pile into the cabin and she could see all the different personalities that were being mixed around here; maybe having them all live together wasn't that good of an idea. Someone was going to get tired of someone and the fact that none of them were normal beings, it didn't seem safe at all.

    A man who called himself Ni Beats, a brunette named Sunshine, a tall guy with brown hair and a woman that made Solstice feel a bit insecure. Not that Sol was worried about her own looks, it just wasn't something she had really thought about.

    "Siblings do the most damage huh?" Sol gave the man named Richard a small smile, her blue eyes turned to look at everyone else who had entered as well. Was staying here to chat really that good of an idea? If they only had a few days then hurrying to get unpacked would be a good idea.

    "Oh uh, I'm Solstice..." Not sure who had heard her or not, Solstice turned around and began to walk upstairs; where she was hoping the rooms where. If they had to share rooms, Sol was hoping she didn't get paired up with someone unbearable. Solstice opened the third door she had passed and finally decided to open it up; inside there was a dresser, large bed and a large window. Her main question was... where was she supposed to smoke? Going outside was an option but instead, Sol locked herself in her newly found room and opened her purse; taking out an already rolled blunt.

    Solstice knew some of the smell the weed would travel in the hallway but it wasn't like they had a rule about smoking. Plus, it was easier to keep her power in check when her emotions didn't get in the way.

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  14. (Sorry for being late to the party. Just so you know, she has no idea of her powers quite yet.)

    Lily groaned, her head face down in the cradle she had made her arms into. She was resting at her family's dining room table, her knees pulled up to her chest on the chair she was sitting in. A black, ceramic mug and an opened letter sat not too far away from her, plumes of steam originating from the rim of the cup. She was having an internal battle; a person—no, Richtor—had sent her a document that detailed the nonsensical (and probably false) prophecy and the address of an eerie location. She didn't much appreciate going there first thing, so she had done some researching on the internet to confirm it wasn't a murder house, or something of the sort. It had turned out to be a normal residency, and an oddly beautiful one at that. It was nestled at the crest of a hill that lay before a small mountain, and from the pictures she had seen, it looked as though years of events took place within it.

    Surprisingly, none of which were homocidal.

    It was when Lily woke up the current morning that she had made the final decision to travel to it. It wasn't very far from her home; if anything, it seemed to be between 10-15 miles. But it was just enough to make coming back home without any questioning from her mother difficult. Her dog, Marshal, waddled up the chair she was perched in, and rubbed his nose on the only place he could reach—her ankle. It was most likely a plea for his skin to be itched, or for a morning walk, but to her, it translated into a terse pep-talk. Maybe she could do it after all: the directions were simple and lodged themselves into her memory easily enough (as many things have lately), and with her bike, it wouldn't be too long before she got home.

    Finally motivated, Lily rose from the nest she made and grabbed a backpack that was lying on the seat adjacent to hers. She slung it over her shoulder, and quickly gulped down the lukewarm tea that rested in the mug she had ignored in the midst of her mental turmoil. Slipping the letter into her jean pocket, she paused for a moment. If she was going to a house she had never been to before (that potentially housed dangerous criminals), she might as well bring a witness. On her way out the door, she grabbed Marshal's collar and leash and quickly bound him to it, under the ruse that he was going for an enjoyable little jog.

    Lily couldn't wait for his reaction to their destination.
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  15. 14 Days Earlier

    Bruised, broken, or bleeding, they came in droves, hungry and outfitted in contemporary clothes reduced to rags, Summer thought that this sort of scene only happened in the 40’s, like the Polish and German refugees fleeing the iron-fist of the Nazi’s, but she knew better. Despite knowing full well how the dominoes toppled in order to displace almost as many as 3 million Syrian refugees, her mind failed to recognize the inhumanity of authorities that were powerless in their efforts to keep their citizens from being displaced. And those that are in power, profit from this madness, the Mad Kings of the modern world.

    She couldn’t help but clench a fist and grit her teeth as disparaged families passed with forlorn expressions, like living ghosts who were made explicitly aware of the social nooses their political powers that be had placed on them. She was here in Turkey amidst the ugliness of it all.

    Sydney stood there quietly next to his older sister, he could sense the raging vehemence on her lips, the curses she wanted to utter. He tenderly grabbed her pinky and squeezed it. It pained him too when he had to see his sister like this. But in these moments, he also was amazed by how incredible his big sister was really. She didn’t have to spend millions on housing only a few hundred refugees whom would live comfortably on her private estate while they hoped to return to their real homes. She definitely didn’t have to donate millions to the refugee camps in Turkey, Japan, Germany and other countries, where her dollar helped to provide A/C units, tents, food, and other basic necessities.

    Summer felt her brother’s touch on her pinky and it snapped her back into reality. She could fume later. A nod came her way and a representative from Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management, or AFAD, approached her cautiously, baffled by this enigmatic millionaire who approached Turkey with a generous offer to help take some of the refugees off their hands and also donated millions in the process. This type of thing never happened, hence his bewilderment. His voice shook excitedly as he spoke, “Well, we can’t thank you and Godsil Industries enough, Ms. Godsil. I’m sure that they will never be able to thank you enough. You are a good person.”

    His flattery fell on deaf ears, “Is all the paperwork done?” she replied coldly, adding, “I’d like to get these people in the air as soon as possible.” He eyed the jumbo jet that stood out starkly on the airway and nodded hesitantly before handing her a manilla envelope thick with documentation.
    She handed the envelope to Sydney as he put it in a briefcase he was holding in his left hand. He turned quickly on his heel and headed up the stairs and boarded the jet. Summer watched as the rest of the refugees ambled onto the airplane. Her pool of thoughts were boiling and bubbling, stewing. She hated the representative’s words because Summer wasn’t blind to the shadow machinations of this world that perpetuated this tragedy, and because of her ideals which led her to be so embroiled in international efforts to combat the world’s shadow government. But they had the support of the masses in countries where too many people remained blind to the realities she faced. The paradoxical natures of the challenges faced by this generation frustrated her. The pious were called blasphemers, and the wise were considered fools, and the weak were placed in positions of power so they could stroke the dick’s of their egoes. Arrogant assholes. She needed to beat the fuck out of something.
    Ultimately, she hated that what she was doing was not enough.

    “Here, lemme help you with that.” Even at the tender age of 24, he had seen more than most, although he would blame that entirely on being genetically linked to his sister and parents. Culturally he was fleshed out, and it imparted a humble temperament into his discipline. He helped an old and frail Syrian grand-mother put her luggage up, and then he crouched on his haunches to look at the picture of her family, and the ones who didn’t make it. He couldn’t understand a thing she said, not one bit, until she put the picture back among the contents of her tattered handbag, grasped at his shoulder, and whispered something in broken English into his ear, “Blessed is she.” She pointed towards the window, out at the small black figure on the runway.

    Yesterday 9:00 P.M Pacific Time

    Summer was sitting at the cluttered desk in her office, rubbing out a folded note she held between her index finger and thumb. In her free hand, she was creating ice-sculptures with her mind. A brilliant frozen rose spun slowly in her hand, as if she had fabricated a sort of snow globe in her palm. A low growl rumbled in her chest as her eyes went over the note again and again. She would punch this Richtor guy. Had she not already, in her mind, taken it upon herself to “save the world” from the conditions that plagued societies already, she might’ve felt less offended. But what she was really concerned about was how this person knew where she was, how they knew she was going to have powers, and what were these ominous forces that posed an even greater threat than the mundane failing governments and industries that doomed the world already. She could sense the urgency it was written with, even though the words were perfectly legible and neat.

    “Are you still pissed about that note?!” Sydney called from the living room.
    “Maybe a little. This doesn’t concern you?” She asked facetiously.
    “I mean, of course it does, but we have fucking powers! I can clone myself!” Sydney stepped into her office, followed shortly after by another Sydney who had a PB&J in his hand.
    “I thought one of you was enough already,” she groaned,”I’m not worried about this Richtor character. I just guess we’ll have to go to the location mentioned to find out what’s going on.”
    “Field Trip! Yes!” The two Syds exclaimed at once, while one darts off upstairs, the original Sydney splits himself again, and the third clone follows after the second one, “I’ll get things packed for us.” The original Sydney smiled sheepishly, because he had no intention of helping his clones pack. No. He’d probably go read a book… or make more clones.

    Last Night 12:00AM Pacific Time

    Tied up and nearly strangled by her own sheets, Summer was having a hard time sleeping. The blankets were too warm, even though it was a cool night with coastal winds that breathed across the landscape. The half asleep Summer could guess why warm things made her irritable now.
    After having little success with falling asleep she propped herself up on her elbows and placed her hands into her palms, wondering what she could do. Then she heard the whimpering behind her. She turned over and sat up, spotting her wolves corralled around her bed, sitting and looking at her expectantly. Their behavior was certainly strange, they normally just snuggled with her or cuddled with each other in their own beds. All 7 of her wolves were male, and she was the pack mother, but now, the gleam in their canine eyes reflected something like fear. Summer knew her pack, and they weren’t typically like this.

    “What’s wrong? Kovac? Come ‘ere boy.” The wolf wouldn’t budge.
    “Naked? Alexander? Muf….” They weren’t responding to her voice at all.
    Then she heard it. It called her name, from inside her, and the next thing she knew she felt like she was falling back into her own head, being shrunk to the size of a pea within her own cognizance, brought to a realm inside of her dome which was black and foggy, cold, like a primordial universe at the dawn of time. Summer didn’t scare easily, but this phenomenon was worse than when she took mushrooms and decided to go watch Alice in Wonderland in theater.

    Through a clenched jaw she quietly spoke, “What the fuck…”
    “Summer.” The voice came again. It was feminine, but also guttural like an animal. It was heavy and hot, breathing down her spine. She spins around and is completely stunned by what she sees.
    The Lycan towered over Summer, looking down upon, those gold lupine eyes set atop a ravenous teeth pulled into a blank expression. Summer was now afraid.

    “Summer. Be calm child. I am Morrighan, descendant of Anubis, War Lady and head of house Lunacy. Well, used to be,” the giant standing wolf rasped, “I have come here now in my own afterlife, to ascend you into the ranks of House Lunacy.”
    Summer stands with her mouth agape, at a loss for words in the first time in her life.
    “Let me explain.” Morrighan sits in the lotus position, plants her hands on her thighs, and even sitting, she was still large and intimidating, “Lycans live on a planet in another galaxy located within your Leo constellation. When a WarWolf or WarLady dies, they walk through their afterlife searching for a candidate who is worthy of the Lycan legacy. I have walked for centuries Summer in a parallel dimension, among numerous planets and peoples- searching- and you are the one.”

    She breaths in deeply, and it rattles through her large frame in a low growl. Morrighan looks over Summer once more, seeing that the woman has calmed down and has even started processing what she has said, filling in the blanks, making the connection that Morrighan has been watching her. Summer wonders how long, and if that explains her penchant for having wolves around her, and attempting to live in the Bush.
    “Well. You’ve found me. Now what?” Summer countered.
    A toothy grin spreads across Morrighan’s face, and Summer flinches, imagining for a second those powerful jaws lunging for her throat, “You must prove yourself. You must be my place to rest, my place to act, and my place to observe. You will carry my burdens, while I do as you wish, acting as your claws and fangs, shredding those that dare stand in your way.”

    “I will?”
    “You will. I knew you would as soon as your gifts blossomed, like the lunar flower.”
    Summer sighed, “How long do I have to prove myself?”
    “Until you die. It will be by your death that I will measure you. I promise you. This trial will not be easy.”
    It didn’t take long, but Summer was now acclimated to Morrighan’s presence, or at least, she wasn’t intimidated. She stared into the void she now assumed was indeed her own head. Ash started flowing upon a breeze made by ecstatic neurons bouncing back and forth in a light show that expressed itself in her imagination. Then she could see mushroom clouds and the prophetic end of the world… this image has always broken her, nothing could be worse. A world ended by humanity’s own mediocrity, a world where her brother wouldn’t exist, where she wouldn’t exist.
    Unless she did something.
    “Why the hell not.”
    Morrighan stood and held out a large clawed hand in a fist, “Integration is the first step. It will be painful.”

    Before Sunrise 4:00 A.M Pacific Time

    Syd woke up, and made getting ready for their field trip expedient with the help of clones. He still couldn’t get over, in fact he slept next to himself last night. In the recesses of his mind, he had to wonder how masturbation could be better with his clones. He blamed that thought on the fact he was born a dude. Not a male. A dude.

    It only took him 12 minutes to have himself dressed in some comfortable black slacks with a belt and a plain white shirt that hugged his chest and exposed his balanced physique, which was muscular and lean. Syd was partial to neutral blacks and whites, because of his interest in zen and philosophy. He was like a young Alan Watts, except, he could clone himself, and his habits were way worse than Alan Watts. So maybe he wasn’t like Alan Watts. He also wore a necklace that belonged to his mother, so the small sapphire embedded in silver trim supported by a slim silver chain was out of place on his manly chest.

    Clones had already packed up his Ford Galaxie 500, which he just dubbed, the Boat, which he was the captain of. Syd bought it because his sister hated it. He waltzed through the halls while a few clones made sure lights were off and security systems were primed, preparing the house for their departure. When he arrived at his sister’s door he knocked, but immediately noticed something was off. He could hear all seven of her wolves start growling.
    “Go away Syd! You’ll have to do this by yourself!” She yelled from inside. Syd scratched his chin, at a loss for words.
    “What’s wrong?”

    Syd shrugged and walked back into the living room. He didn’t know what was wrong with Summer, but he figured it was more complex than “girl problems”, but he trusted her to tell him when she was ready. With a sigh his clones assimilated back into one, and Syd walked outside and got in the boat, turning on the old 1964 vehicle and feeling its metal shell vibrate with the torque from the engine.

    Present, Cabin, 96 Rider Hollow Road


    Syd is pretty picaresque, so getting into the house before everyone else was a cinch, and making sure he was undetected even while people clamored into the cabin was easy when they were too busy gawking at one another like spooked animals. Although Ms. Milk Chocolate was snarky. He liked that. He could hear everything through the walls to the room adjacent as they were gathering, and decided to join them at the height of their interactions.
    What he was looking for was some document or paper trail, something that confirmed Richtor’s existence besides the notes. Syd methodically ransacked the office, making sure to return everything to the way it was. Who would go through all this trouble to have a cabin setup for a bunch of people whom he predicted would have power? Or does Richtor have powers too? He could be orchestrating from behind the scenes, the conductor of a shadow symphony, in which he is just a whisper on the wind. It was because of how careful Richtor was that Syd decided to admire him.

    Syd looked upon the group as they had their backs and forths. The ginger-whom Syd had to give the benefit of the doubt to- (hopefully she wasn’t as stuck up as she seemed) commented about getting her own room. Did they plan to stay? Sydney wondered why. How young were they? A barrage of questions struck him, but he put them aside for Ms. Dark Chocolate and the sound of footsteps that trailed off upstairs (Mr. Burly Bo Brown (likely from Georgia) was unimpressive to Syd). He cringed mentally, knowing she’d run into one of his clones. And was that mother-fucking Ni Beats?! Sydney didn't like his music, but he had at least seen his face. In concert actually, when he was trying to get into some girl's pants.... but that was long ago, and those ways are old. But it was still an uncanny coincidence.
    He watched silently with a loose smirk hung from his lips. How things would unfold would certainly be interesting, and if they did have powers, Summer would want to see it.


    The clone upstairs flushed the toilet, essentially relieving themselves. Sydney giggled like a school girl, excited that the clone could use the bathroom for them. He would never have to put down a video game controller, or a book, or pause his cooking. He’d just send a clone to shit or piss. He walked out the door with a “Yessss!” plastered on his smiling face.
    Syd noticed the door to the third room along the hallway was open as he started towards the stairs. Creaking wood revealed that someone was in there. Syd decided to step into the doorway and he leaned against one side of it, studying the young girl. She looked about his age, and her features were enchanting, her eyes having mystical and mesmerizing effects. As if her mood alone controlled the atmosphere.
    “I already called dibs,” He jabbed, hopefully his sarcasm was apparent, although the room was spartan and could suit him perfectly, “My name is Syd, what’s yours?” He opened his right hand and offered it to the girl.
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  16. [​IMG]


    Rose Angela Grove

    Listening Rose heard the gravel being thrown at her window, it was a nerve racking thing. Finding a note, it was written in braille and the message was so strange she confided in her friend. It was strange saving the world but Rose begged Cricket to take her, she was begging before she even asked. She knew she couldn't get there alone so she had to have help.

    She was wearing a dress that had a floral pattern all over it, she loved the feeling of it. It was strange but she chose clothes on feeling as she couldn't see them, although sometimes her mom told her she didn't match so she had to change. This is why she liked sticking to dresses, they would always match. She braided her hair from one side of her head to the bottom half of the other. [​IMG]

    As she finally got up she grabbed her cane and started walking out of the house, careful to stay out of the way of her parents.
    When Rose made it outside she found Cricket and held onto her arm and stuck her cane in the air. "Lets go I need to run so they don't find out, I'm leaving without camping gear!" She spoke quietly to Cricket as she started to run a bit, "Are we taking a bus?" She said once they had gotten a little far away.

    @Wonderful Thing

  17. outfit
    Min Wook
    Huffing as he walked up the long driveway, Wookie felt vaguely irritated at the taxi driver who had refused to take him past the mailbox. His excitement and slight nervousness kept him from being too upset though. The scent of wildflowers and crisp air made every inhale heavenly. Used to the gassy fumes of the city, Wookie was already quite happy with how things were going. He fixed his clothes and hair, took a deep breath, and stepped up to the entrance.

    Wookie nudged the door open and peeked inside. Seeing multiple people inside, he decided it was probably safe to show himself. They wouldn't all gang up on him right? If they did, he'd run like the wind.

    "Uhh, anyone have the letter? I'd like to read it."

    Location : Neptune
    Interactions : @everyone

  18. Albert had finally reached his destination after a long agonizing bus trip where the driver had managed to hit every single pothole and dent in the road. There had been at least two kids crying or yelling for the entire trip and the drive had put the AC on full blast so it was like sitting in a freezer. It had been one hell of a ride so to speak.

    As he stood outside and read the sign on the door he took off his headphones and he could instantly hear voices from the inside. "So I just go inside ?" he asked himself before he shrugged slightly and opened the door. Inside a small crowd had already gathered and they seemed to be getting along, nobody was punching each other. At least not yet. He took a moment and let people notice there was a new head among them before he introduced himself "Hey, I'm Albert"

  19. Emilio trekked through the woods unwavering. Folly walked beside him at a steady pace, every once in a while lifting her magnificent head to peer at him. He placed his hand on her ruff in a silent expression of comfort. The top of Richtor's house was just now visible from where the two were making their way up. "Only a little ways now, girl." Leo picked up his speed as they finally hit the driveway. He ambled cautiously up to the door, giving Folly the hand signal to be on defense.

    They entered through the front door after reading the note and started at the amount of people inside.

    "Um, yo?"

    Beside him Folly whined nervously.

    Emilio "Leo" Warner | | location: Neptune | interactions: Everyone
  20. [​IMG]
    Cricket "Valerie" James █▌
    Valerie led Rose to the next street over and kept walking until they reached the corner. "Pshh, girl no, we are not taking a city bus all the way to nowhere-ville. We're taking a cab with the eighty-eight bucks I got from babysitting my neighbor's demonic asshole cat." She said, as she whipped out her phone and called a cab. "Also please tell me you packed more than just dresses, because it might get cold and I don't need a popsicle for a friend." She said sternly, then grinned. "Just kidding, I packed some sweaters and leggings for both of us. Ah, this is going to be awesome, Rose!" She glanced around quickly but only saw the bright yellow cab slowly approaching. "You'll be Toph-- kind of and I'll be Zuko!" She whispered excitedly, hoping Rose would get the reference.

    When the cab pulled up to the curb, Valerie gave the driver--a woman who introduced herself as Barbie--the address and the two girls got into the back. Barbie turned out to have the sixty percent of road rage that all cab drivers seemed to have, so their trip was pretty damn terrifying, but at least they reached their destination relatively quickly.

    █ ▌Derek Mason █ ▌
    "Don't forget your hearing aide." Sheila chirped, and Derek shot her a dirty look. His mother who was quickly and efficiently repacking his bag (because apparently he couldn't pack for shit), whirled around and gave him a stern look. "You'd better not leave your hearing aide at home like you usually do, Derek Oliver Mason!" She snapped, pointing a stern finger at him and he sucked his teeth. His father smacked him upside the head with a newspaper, lightly. "Listen to your mother she knows best."

    "...I didn't even ask you guys to come." Derek muttered under his breath. As he reluctantly grabbed his hearing aide and it's spare and handed it to his mother to pack.

    "No, but I did." Sheila stated, with a bright smile.

    "You're the worst agent ever." Derek snapped, but his sister in law's smile didn't waver.

    "Correction; I am the best agent, because this is a wonderful thing that happened to you and I'm making sure you grasp this opportunity by the horns and thrive." She said, patting him on the shoulder.

    Derek snorted, "It's wonderful that I became the bird whisperer?" He said sarcastically. When he had gotten Richtor's letter, Derek had been going over his schedule with Sheila and his powers had surfaced immediately, causing her parrot, Drama Queen to rip open her cage and scream, "Goddamnit I'm bored, can we please do something else?" at the top of her lungs. Both Derek and Sheila had been frozen with shock and Derek had wanted to commit himself to an institution, but Sheila had recovered quickly and started gushing about how awesome it was that he was basically a superhero now and that he'd better go to that damn cabin or she would make him do a photo shoot with a tiger.

    And so here Derek was, surrounded by his entire family because of course Sheila had told Derek's brother Daniel, who'd told their parents and after they got over their initial shock they started pushing for him to take advantage of the opportunity.

    "Car's ready!" Daniel called as he reentered the apartment, with something that looked like a cage, dangling from his hand. Derek stared at it, then turned to Sheila slowly, because this could only be her doing. "What. Is. That." He deadpanned, and she grinned.

    "I figured you'd need like a companion or something, so I got you a parrot! Meet, Ptera-Dactyl, Ptera for short, your wingwoman! Get it? Wingwoman?" Sheila and Daniel dissolved into manic laughter, while Derek's parents smiled and Derek rolled his eyes.

    Twenty minutes later and they were all gathered around Derek's car giving their goodbyes. And thirty minutes after that, Derek was finally on the road with parrot in the front seat sitting in her cage. Derek had wanted to let her out, but he didn't know if he would be able to control her while he drove, so he cast her apologetic looks every five seconds as he drove to the location. When they arrived, he sat in his car for about three minutes before finally getting out, taking a deep breath and--

    "Fuck." Chirped Ptera and Derek groaned. Leave it to his family to buy him the bird with the potty mouth. "Oh no, please for the love of God do not speak when we get in there." Derek pleaded as he slowly opened the door. There were quite a few people in the cabin already and he gave a shy wave, before introducing himself. "Hey, uh, I'm Derek. Nice to meet--

    "FUCK!!" Ptera shrieked. Derek cringed. "I didn't--I didn't teach her that, she was a present from my brother and...I'm gonna just...Find my room." He trailed off and high tailed it up the steps. He burst into the first room he came upon and set Ptera on the bedside table. Somehow, without even having a mouth, the parrot seemed to have a satisfied shit eating grin on her face.

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