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  1. [​IMG]
    ℳ A K I N G ~ ℒ E G E N D S
    A group of people who have crossed paths at some time in their lives all suddenly develop super powers. They have to choose what to do with their new found abilities and who to tell. One day a message is sent to each of them and they are told that only they can save the world. Will everyone do as the message says? Or will they choose to ignore it, possibly causing the end of the world?

    ◤ ▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔▔
    You have been chosen. However, you are not alone. It is your duty
    [Name], to save the world. Tell no one about your acquired
    powers. To meet the other chosen ones there will
    be a meeting place. The address is 96 Rider Hollow Rd.
    On day 7 of your possessing these abilities you will be
    sent another message. It will include what you will be saving
    the world from and when it will occur.

    Yours truly,


    Rules (open)

    ♚ RULES ♚
    Comply to the terms of Iwaku.
    Obey my wishes as admin.
    Be active, if you cannot, let me know.
    You may have a max of 3 characters.
    Do not harass anyone outside of rping. Punishment will be swift.
    If you've read these, link a theme song in your CS.
    No anime pictures. Realistic portraits are okay.

    Character Sheet (open)

    (you can use any format as long as it's legible)

    Abilities (2 max)
    Weaknesses (equal to strengths)
    Personality (at least two lines)
    Bio (at least three lines)

    ¤ Character Roster ¤

    Min "Wookie" Wook. Amai Kyuti (click)
    Emilio "Leo" Warner. Amai Kyuti (click)
    Lilou "Lily" Stern. Sylph (click)
    Richard Hendry. Spectre of the Fade (click)
    Kaydyn "Kay" O'Sullivan. Spectre of the Fade (click)
    Aeson Gallagher. Spectre of the Fade (click)
    Jamie Cross. brainparasite (click)
    Albert Mars. Arcandum (click)
    Dahlia Oliver. Wonderful Thing (click)
    Cricket "Valerie" James. Wonderful Thing (click)
    Victor "Hell's Marksman" Markov. Victor Markov (click)
    Sydney "Syd" Godsil. Dubs of Stigma (click)
    Summer "Lady of Wolves" Godsil. Dubs of Stigma (click)
    Rosalie Angela Grove. Dramma (click)
    Solstice Bambi La' Bay. Karma200 (click)
    Nigel Bronx Davenport.
    Shattered♦Secrets™ (click)
    Sunshine Marsha Belair. Shattered♦Secrets™ (click)
    Name. Username (link)
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  2. Would love to join. But first, two quick questions: how should we describe the relation between characters? Put it in the character sheet somewhere, convey the memories through the character, etc.? Also, how substantial does their meeting have to be (e.g. a swift, unreciprocated "hello" versus being relatively good friends)?
  3. Awesome. I'd be glad to have you! For your first question, that can be decided by you. The only meeting they need to have is eye contact whether it was a millisecond or minutes.
  4. [​IMG]

    Lilou "Lily" Stern

    Age: 16

    Sex/Gender: Female

    Sexuality: Straight

    Likes: Lilou is the type of person to rather be curled up in a bed reading a book than exercising in the scorching heat. Her interests include literature and music, and seldom else, though she does seem to have an eye for design. She enjoys noticing details and appreciating them, and often tries to replicate them in her everyday life.

    Dislikes: Just as much as she seldom likes things, she seldom dislikes things. The word she uses is "toleration," but it's very obvious when she is annoyed by something. Her eye for detail sometimes finds things it doesn't appreciate, such as the little annoying things people do. Chewing on their pencils, vigorously tapping their fingers on a surface in a routine pattern... all of it annoys her to death.

    Abilities: Eidetic memory and enhanced "visual cues." With these abilities, Lilou is able to take almost everything into account and come up with solutions very quickly; she makes up for her lack of physical power with the academic prowess granted to her as a side effect of these gifts. She can remember practically everything a person says or does, an article mentions, and memories that were supposed to be forgotten and recount them all with relative ease.

    Strengths: An extremely reliable memory paired with her ability to "notice things" means that she is very likely to win a debate against even a well-seasoned politician.

    Weaknesses: Put bluntly, Lilou is weak and can grow faint very easily. So while she may be one to ace a test, she is not one to run a ten mile race. She also has an apparent case of androphobia, and hates to be around those of the opposite gender (I'm hoping for this to be revealed in the role-play).

    Personality: As described by herself, Lilou is a solitary, plain white butterfly. She considers herself to be different, but not special in any way. She often has trouble talking to large groups, but in a one-on-one conversation, she can be assertive and surprisingly sassy.
    Lilou often puts it as so:

    "It's not that I don't like others; I fully enjoy their company. I just prefer my own."

    Bio: Lilou Stern was born on August 25th to her parents. Shortly after, her mother and father died in a car crash and she was transported to live with her grandmother; people often assume that the mention of such brings a tear to her eye, but Lily issues a daily reminder that she has no interest in those that can't keep themselves alive long enough for them to really impact her. As cold and harsh as an answer that is, she truly does care and wish for them to one day appear out of the blue and shout "April Fools!" She knows in her brain that they never will, but her heart constantly yearns.

    Other: She has a pet dog named Marshal.

    Theme Song: Breezeblocks by alt-J

    Show Spoiler
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  5. She looks great. I love her abilities. The only thing is I need you to reread the rules. You'll understand after reading them. :wink:
  6. Richard "Big Bo" Hendry
    Joe Manganiello.jpg
    22 | Male | Bisexual | Brown hair | Brown eyes | 6'4" | Lawful Good

    "If it's easy, it ain't worth it. Life's supposed to be hard. I don't trust shit that comes easy."

    Richard's tall and broad shouldered, and that makes him intimidating to some, but he's really just a big goof. His natural posture while standing is a bit stooped, as he's used to having to look down at the people he's speaking with. His posture while sitting is perfect, however, as most of his height is in his legs. He walks with a slight limp as he'd blown out his right knee during the senior year of high school.
    His nose is noticeably bent from an impact he had with his father's anvil while roughhousing with one of his younger sisters when he was thirteen
    Burn scars and such on his hands from his job and from working with his father

    Likes: Coffee; puns, dirty jokes, toilet humor, and people that can make him laugh; baking; talking about his family; classic country music; warm temperatures
    Dislikes: Loud people and noises; being interrupted; mice and rats; sudden change; lemons and other sour foods; complaining; people who are easily offended

    His gift is Terrakinesis, the ability to control stone and earth. He can use it to lift and throw rock and stone objects, break open the ground, or raise entire sections of earth right along with whatever is on top of it.
    His abilities can be used both offensively and defensively
    Survival training and knowledge of guns, from the hunting trips he often went on when he was young
    Hand to hand knowledge, from the boxing classes he took in high school
    Strong willed and determined
    His ability costs the same amount of energy it would take to accomplish the task by hand, and pushing his capabilities can have painful consequences
    Inflexible, both physically and personality-wise
    His right leg is weak and more susceptible to injury than his left

    Dependable, Patient, Honest, Single-minded, Proud, Obstinate, Unadventurous, Protective, Extroverted, Vulgar, Easily Amused, Focused, Moral
    Richard is every bit as stubborn as the rock he controls, which can be either good or bad. On one hand, he is a dependable and trustworthy person, the sort to not back down from difficulty and do his very best to accomplish his goals. On the other, he is obtuse and prideful when it comes to arguments, usually unwilling to bend even for a compromise and not the sort that apologizes even when he is in the wrong.
    He's also an extrovert, the sort who likes to go out and introduce himself to people, but it takes him a while to become comfortable with someone. Once he is, one might be surprised by how downright goofy and playful and affectionate he can be with someone he really likes.

    Richard was born and raised in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the oldest of seven children. His youngest brother was born when he was fifteen and the rest of his siblings were scattered across that age gap, so his home life was predictably stressful. His patience was kind of forced upon him by all the children running around the house. They were a close knit group, though, and his childhood was by no definition a bad one. He did well with sports and the boxing classes his father insisted he take, and did even better with chores around the house and helping his father with fixing the car. He'd even planned on enlisting with the military after graduating. An injury to his knee during a family game of football threw a wrench into those plans, however.
    So, after his high school graduation, he moved out of the family house and to the little town he called home. Life was fairly normal. He had an apartment of his own, he was working in the local mechanics shop, he baked little things like cupcakes and such for fun and the benefit of his neighbors. Then he received a strange note mentioning abilities, and he was cautious but curious as to what his might be.


    Kaydyn "Kay" O'Sullivan
    dylan o'brien.png
    17 | Male | Homosexual | Brown hair | Brown eyes | 6'0" | Chaotic Good

    "Well, if they wanted to keep people out of here, they should have put up a bigger sign."

    Kaydyn's taller than average, but he's lanky and the sort who avoids gym classes. His posture is usually slouched in some form or fashion, regardless of whether he's sitting or standing, and he's the sort to splay out across the whole chair when he sits down. He also tends to chew his bottom lip or rub his head when he's concentrating on something.
    Multiple small ones from various situations he's gotten himself into over his short life
    A large burn scar on his right elbow from falling onto a hot stove when he was eight
    A misshapen scar in the middle of his left shin, caused by an open fracture he got after jumping out of a tree onto concrete at fifteen

    Likes: Horror movies and video games; science classes; animals but especially cats; the color blue; summertime; snacks and junk food
    Dislikes: His name being spelled incorrectly; small spaces; bullies and cruel people; silence; peanuts; being cold

    His ability is to drain energy from others via touch and use it to enhance his own senses. He only takes a small amount of energy by default, but if he concentrates, he can enhance his senses further at the cost of draining much more energy from the person he is touching.
    His enhanced senses cover everything; he can see, hear, smell, touch, and taste far better than any ordinary person for as long as he maintains physical contact with someone else
    Courageous and willing to do what he feels is right, even when afraid
    High tolerance for pain and such, thanks to injuries he's sustained in the past
    He can't use his own energy for the sense enhancement and he can't "store" energy from others to enhance his senses later
    The feeling of draining energy is quite addicting, so he avoids touching others
    Fairly shortsighted and rarely paused to consider the outcome of an action before doing it

    Courageous, Cunning, Impulsive, Sarcastic, Easily Bored, Loyal, Rash, Adventurous, Disorganized, Vindictive, Confident, Adaptable
    Kay is fearless. Odd, given he's six feet of bones, skin, and sarcasm, but he really is. Stand up to some idiot hassling a freshman, even if he gets hit for it? No problem. Jump off a great big drop, even if he twists his ankle, or tell off a teacher for giving an unfair homework assignment, even if he gets detention, or break into a place to get something his friend needs, even if he gets caught? Done, done, and done. He sees something he considers a problem, he does his best to fix it. He doesn't take risks into account until after he gets hurt, though, so "brave but reckless" is a quite accurate phrase to describe his personality.
    If one can put up with his sarcasm and tendency to ask random rhetorical questions when bored, he's a loyal and dependable friend and a surprisingly good listener given how much he talks.

    Kay had a decent childhood. It wasn't without difficulty, mind. His mother's job required her to travel around quite a bit and that was a cause of tension between her and his father. He listened to more than enough arguments in the middle of the night when he was little to have a practical view of what relationships were really like. Still, they were a family, and he didn't have to suffer through any huge divorce. That didn't stop Kay from doing things that got him in trouble or even put into the hospital, however. By his seventeenth birthday, he'd already amassed a collection of scars. He was "out" to his parents before he'd entered high school, and both were completely fine with his homosexuality.
    About a month before he developed powers, his best Internet friend, Jaime, was kicked out of her house by her homophobic parents. He was pretty quick to offer his own place as somewhere she could crash. His parents weren't nearly as sure, but they came around after meeting the girl. When he and Jaime both started developing powers, he was quite excited. Hesitant about his abilities, but excited to fight crime like a real superhero.

    Has a little brown tabby cat he named Piers


    Aeson Gallagher
    Tyler Hoechlin 4 Resize.jpg
    28 | Male | Pansexual | Black hair | Green eyes | 5'10" | Lawful Neutral

    "I like to be around people. I just need to research how to talk to them in an unprofessional environment."

    Aeson looks scary, what with his tattoos and the dark clothes he wears and the "I murder puppies" scowl that's almost perpetually on his face. The fact that the only parts of his face that are frequently expressive are his eyebrows helps exactly none. His posture is excellent, but he walks like a shy person, with his hands in his pockets or his sleeves and head tilted toward the ground. He tends to try and gesture when he talks, but usually aborts those motions as soon as he makes them.
    Great Big List of Tattoos:
    A grayscale gladiator from wrist to elbow of left forearm, self-done
    A Celtic cross in green over his heart for his little brother
    "Live Long and Prosper" in Vulcan down his spine
    Asian-style red dragon full sleeve on his right arm
    Some complex, badass design featuring knives and skulls and roses done by his master when he allowed her to do “whatever she wanted” on the outside of his left forearm
    A geometric howling wolf in black, covering much of his right side
    On the back of his right shoulder is a barn owl sitting on a branch with an oval of dark forest background around it, a ring of Irish text reading “Níl an todhchaí a leagtar, níl aon cinniúint ach cad a dhéanamh linn dúinn féin” (which translates to “The future is not set, there is no fate but what we make for ourselves”) around the oval
    Multiple random things he allowed his master to tattoo onto him, most featuring some sort of skull, dagger, flame, or other macabre thing, the majority being located on his chest, back, or shoulders
    Nothing noteworthy

    Likes: Being around people; organization; Star Trek and scifi in general; mint tea; drawing people; having an intelligent debate
    Dislikes: Boasting; being underground; disorder and disorderly people; messiness; soda; people touching or taking his glasses

    Aeson's ability is Cell Regeneration, or healing. He can erase minor wounds, close larger ones, replenish a moderate amount of lost blood, and otherwise repair damage on another person.
    His ability works quickly, though healing burns from acid or fire will still leave a scar
    Analytical and creative, so he's good at assessing problems and working out solutions
    Medical knowledge, from his work as a tattoo artist as much as his abilities
    Using his ability drains his energy, and repairing structures more complex than skin and muscle significantly increases the energy required
    Extremely pacifistic, to the point that violence makes him uncomfortable
    Incessant worrier

    Analytical, Socially Awkward, Intelligent, Self-Critical, Diligent, Efficient, Shy, Artistic, Creative, Stoic, Low Self Worth, Logical, Perfectionistic
    For all that Aeson looks like a scary person, he's actually quite the sweetheart, always courteous and polite and on time. Despite his shyness and difficulties with socializing, he enjoys being around people, thus why he loves his work so much. But, also despite or perhaps because of his shyness and difficulties socializing, he can and does step into conversations between other people to correct some fact one of them got wrong. He's a focused person, the sort to stare at a person he's having a conversation with as intently as he would stare at a perplexing problem or a drawing he's doing.
    Under his outward personality of shyness and stoicism but also extroversion and perfectionism, he's almost alarmingly hard on himself and ridiculously easy to embarrass.

    Aeson's birth and history before he was left at an orphanage with his little brother, Oran, is uncertain and not something he's ever tried to look into. Oran, as he'd learned to talk for his brother as well as himself, was quite the adorable kid and got adopted when he was five. Aeson was too awkward, too quiet, too serious, even as a child, and was never adopted. He spent his entire life, up until his eighteenth birthday, in that little orphanage. It was run by Catholic nuns and wasn't the most friendly, nurturing place for a little boy to grow up in, but it was no horrible nightmare.
    After he turned eighteen, he worked up the cash to move to Los Angeles, and after a few months of working odd jobs in the city, he met a woman named Laura. She was a tattoo artist, and she liked Aeson's diligence. The talent he already had for drawing certainly didn't hurt, either. He soon became her apprentice, and a few years later, an artist in his own right. Until he received a note.

    He has an Irish accent and can also speak Irish fluently

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  7. Name
    Jamie Cross




    Biology, Comic Books, Horror Media, Creepy Mysteries

    "Creep On Creepin' On, bro."

    Sad Things, Talking about her family, Overwrought Romance

    "Yeah, you'd go to the ends of the Earth for her but like... are you even friends?"

    Jamie can control insects within a 20 foot radius, and hear their thoughts. She can’t multitask, though. When she’s controlling insects, she can’t focus on anything else.

    She’s physically strong and has the power of insect swarms on her side.

    "Strength in numbers. And in strength."

    She’s not very mentally stable. She constantly hears a barrage of bug thoughts that leaves her on edge, not sure whether what she’s hearing is from the person she’s talking to or the fly buzzing around their head.

    Jamie has kind of an unapproachable, intimidating air about her because of her seemingly angry demeanor. While she is quick to anger, she is normally pretty chill, with a healthy sense of humor. She's pretty good at appearing calm and collected when she's really a nervous wreck inside.

    Jamie always had a troubled family life. Her parents were uptight, overbearing, and homophobic, which is the worst possible situation if you're a gay kid. She was able to keep it a secret for a while, feigning interest in boys while venting online. But, soon after she turned sixteen, she was careless and left her computer out in the open. Her mother looked at what she had been doing and found out her secret. Her parents were quick to throw her out of the house after that. She had been living with a friend from the internet for a month before her powers developed.

    Theme Song Perhaps Vampires is a Bit Strong But… by Arctic Monkeys
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  8. Ah! Sorry. I had taken that into account earlier, just forgot. Edited and added in one below Other!
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  9. Big WIP


    ❝ ██ ━ BECKETT◞! beck »DESMONDx\\
    ◝ catch me when i fall ( ❖ ) i want to hear you howl ❜
    ▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀
    ◤___ AGE: Eighteen ◤___ GENDER: Malexxx ◤___ SEXUALITY: Bisexual
    LIKES: Ever since he was little, Beck has been fond of saturday morning cartoons and
    putting ice cubes in his cereal. He enjoys being feared, for it makes him feel particularly
    powerful and important. He also enjoys being busy, for it prevents him from getting too
    deep into his own thoughts. Most of the work he tends to produce is shoddily done, as
    he prefers to work quickly rather than neatly. Beck loves heights and is fond of the
    scenic view they often offer. His favorite holiday is Christmas, only because of all of
    the lights that are strung up each year.
    DISLIKES: Ever since his "transformation", Beck has found an intense hatred for crowds.
    The business of it is all too distracting, too overwhelming for him to keep up with. It is
    quite strange for him to think about, for he used to love being immersed in large groups;
    it made him feel as if he was part of the pack. He also hates physical contact and goes
    to extreme lengths of avoid it, shying away at even the slightest of touches. He also
    hates alcohol, particularly cheap beer.
    ABILITIES: Beck possesses an ability colloquially known as thought manipulation, though
    its full name, certainly a mouthful, is cogitokinesis. It is a sub-power of telepathy, in which
    he is able to plant thoughts in a subject's mind, typically without them knowing. He can make
    it seem as if the thought is one of their own, though the extent of his immediate influence.
    Beck is unable to force them to do anything without them making the decision themselves,
    he is merely able to persuade them. As such, he can also read one's thoughts at will, but he
    cannot directly communicate with them as one would do during conversation. Beck may also
    sift through the memories of an individual and, with enough will-power, can plant new ones.
    However, it is a very new skill and he hasn't mastered it yet, so the memory can wear off,
    depending on one's mental fortitude. Similarly, those with higher mental resistance will be
    harder to tap into. Physical contact seems to enhance the strength of his power, usually
    flooding him with the thoughts and memories of said person.
    STRENGTHS: Beck has got a greater deal than most of street smarts, which have allowed
    him to, for the most part, live on his own. He is also tougher than most both physically
    and mentally, able to continue pressing forward after undergoing heavy amounts of
    psychological stress as well as endure through blows, a result of his high pain threshold.
    He's good at picking up on little social cues that some may not catch right away.
    WEAKNESSES: Beck often falls prey to his temper and is prone to lashing out because
    of it. He lacks foresight, especially in combat, and often rushes into things without
    thinking about the consequences. He's far too self-reliant for his own good and often
    doesn't realize he's wounded until it becomes severe, either from not being treated or
    from continuing to fight despite the fact that he's taken some heavy hits.
    PERSONALITY: Beck is often the first to throw himself into dangerous situations while
    others hesitate, a trait that has earned him the many scars that mar his body. Perhaps he
    could just be trying to prove himself, or he simply enjoys the adrenaline rushes achieved
    from behaving recklessly, or a combination of both; nevertheless, there is something
    admirable about the great amount of courage (or insanity) he possesses. His bravery is not
    only applicable in physical situations, but in social situations as well. Beck is typically more
    confrontational than most and carries himself with great assuredness in both himself and his
    capabilities. He is not afraid of publicly pointing out someone's fallacies, hence why his
    reputation is not always regarded kindly. Beck's confidence is undeniably charismatic, which
    frustrates his enemies further, for they can't understand why they are both drawn to and
    repulsed by him. He has a high opinion of himself and a low opinion of others, of which often
    dances between apathy and disdain. Beck is also unnecessarily aggressive and actively seeks
    fights, evidently just because he wishes to prove himself somehow. He does have his
    redeeming qualities, however, for Beck is stubbornly loyal. No amount of slander could
    convince him to leave, that is, unless such loyalty is taken advantage of. Once his trust has
    been betrayed one can never earn it back; he may eventually forgive, but he will never forget.
    He is also considerably perceptive and though he isn't very good at expressing himself, he
    shows his gratitude in little, secretive ways and can be surprisingly thoughtful.
    BIOGRAPHY: Beck grew up in a trailer park with a family of four including himself, consisting
    of his mother and her boyfriend, and his older sister, Kaylee. His parents were divorced,
    his father living in the garage he worked out of on the other side of town, and his mother
    was not often home, usually out with her boyfriend or working late. Her boyfriend was a
    mooch and refused to find work, crashing on the couch and perpetually hung over or drunk.
    Kaylee usually took care of Beck and made a great effort to raise him, doing her best to keep
    him out of trouble and encouraging him to go to school. She was quite a prodigy herself, a
    promising student who did well on tests and had managed to gain early acceptance into
    university. But at sixteen, Kaylee had gotten herself pregnant and ran away to live with her
    twenty two year old artist boyfriend. Beck's life began to spiral out of hand at that point,
    for very swiftly after he discovered his abilities when he had heard the thoughts of a junkie
    in his head. He lacked the support of his sister and eventually grew increasingly reclusive,
    avoiding friends and the like, as well as becoming particularly irritable and paranoid.
    Eventually he received the message, leading him to where he is today.
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  10. [​IMG]
    Name: Albert Mars
    Age: 22
    Sex/Gender: Male
    Sexuality: Bisexual
    Singing, playing games, reading books and having control.
    Loud and rude people, crowded places, slow internet.
    Angelic wings, these wings allow flight for a short time and the feathers can also be used as weapons.
    Sleep form: (open)


    Active: (open)


    Feather attack: (open)


    His flight allowed him to escape fights easily and also makes his mobility high. Further more the ability to attack with his feathers gives him the option to stay stay ranged. Other then this he is pretty nimble and quick on his feet.

    He is not good at keeping his focus on more then one thing and can easily get distracted. He can often become a bit reckless and act before he thinks. His wings can only carry him so long and when exhausted they will vanish back into their sleep form.

    Albert prefers his own company rather then being surrounded by a lot of people, for him it just gets to loud and he can't keep up with everything that happens around him. It's not that he dislikes people, its just that he strongly prefers to hang out with just a couple of people at the time. As for the few friends he does have they know he is an all around nice guy that would drop everything to come to their aid.

    Albert's life has been for the most part been pretty normal. His parents are nice and they cover most of the things Albert really needs. But somewhere along the road Albert ran into a boy and the two started to fall in love and they just kept falling, but their love story took an abrupt ending as the two got into a car crash were the only survivor was Albert. It has taken Albert a long time to start to deal with his loss.

    He tattooed the wings as a memory and he regrets doing so.

    Yes I know the picture were supposed to be realistic, but it was the best I could find to show of active and the feather thingy.

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  11. [​IMG]
    » Min Wook «

    19 / Male / Homosexual

    A simple kind of guy. He likes the smell of wet pavement and reading long books, becomes entranced by
    tv shows and movies, and dances to music without a care. Wookie enjoys eating anything. Sweet, sour,
    or savory - he'll eat it.

    There aren't many things Wookie dislikes but if there's one thing he hates it would be moths. He has a phobia
    of them and will panic when one comes near him. He doesn't like to cry but often finds himself doing
    so. He also doesn't like gender roles or stereotypes.

    Shapeshifting- Wookie has the ability to shift into any animal he has seen with his own eyes. The animal has to be alive and he has to

    have been within fifty feet of it. He can stay in his shifted form for as long as he wishes but not without repercussions. However long
    he stays shifted he has to spend the same amount of time as a human before shifting again. If he does shift before the allotted time
    is over, it will be excruciatingly painful.

    Shifting- he can take the form of strong animals such as a tiger or wolf.
    Brave- for a little guy he has a lot of guts.
    Levelheaded- even in a sticky situation he keeps his cool.

    Shifting- the temperament of whatever animal he shifts into can have lasting impressions on his psyche.
    Boldness- his brash behavior can cause him to get in more trouble than he can deal with.

    Kindhearted- he finds it hard to hurt anyone unless backed into a corner.


    A goofball. Wookie doesn't really care about how others view him and can be a little crazy. He is a wise man for his age and views
    the world in a very particular way. Everything is an open book to him and he can't wait to read it. Wookie has a gentle soul that keeps him
    from being very good at fighting.

    Wookie was always known as the weird kid growing up. He didn't let society shape him in a way that was unheard of. His interest in

    fashion and makeup made him an easy target for bullies along with his cute appearance. Wookie learned how the world worked quickly but
    he didn't let that stop his unique and quirky self.
    When he received the message his immediate thought was that he would do whatever it takes to save the world. At first he didn't know what his
    powers were, but one day he got extremely excited and shifted into a golden retriever.

    Preferred Form
    Tiger (open)

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  12. Please keep a spot open for me.
  13. Accepted! Wooh for Shinedown!
    Accepted! I love her power! :)

    No problem. I do that a lot myself. She's accepted!

    He is accepted! It's okay that you used anime for the powers. I just meant the character's main appearance. :bsmile:
  14. There is one! I'll reserve it for you~
  15. Thanks. ^.^
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  16. Appearance:
    Victor "Hell's Marksman" Markov
    Reading the bible, fighting (could say he lives for the "thrill of battle") warm weather, riding his chopper,
    Liars, thieves, the cold, bad cooking, loosing.
    Weapons summoning able to summon at least a weapon from anywhere within 100 miles of his location.
    Innate combat proficiency: able to use any weapon at the same level, if not better than, a master of that weapon and fight on par, if not better than a master of any fighting style.
    Anything combat related.
    Any diplomatic situations.
    Victor is best described as an unpredictable combative person who has a horrible sense of direction, but deep down he has a good heart and strong morals that he refuses to go against. He's also loyal to his friends so long as they don't try to get him to go against his morals. If you piss him off, run. Just run for cover and pray he doesn't find you until he cools down. You don't want to see him when he's angry. You won't like it. The hulk has nothing on him. Add on the weapons summoning and you got a big problem if there's a Nuke within 100 miles of him if he's angry. He's also very religious and often quotes the bible when he feels a certain passage fits the situation.
    Not much is known about Victor. He's a drifter and a bounty hunter that takes on jobs to go after high value targets and extremely violent criminals. Some are brought back alive, others aren't so lucky. It's rumored that he's not of this world, but it's just a rumor stirred up by fearful folk that have seen his skills with whatever weapon he had in his hands. Some think He's the human form of Ares or Mars. A human god of war. Others think he's just a normal person that has been extensively trained in the arts of combat. And yet a select few think he's a natural with any weapon. Diplomacy, on the other hand, is not something he really does well. Not a great negotiator. If you had a hostage situation, he would be the last person you would want to do the talking, but the first one you would send in when negotiations aren't going so well.
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  17. Well this filled up fast.
  18. It did. :D I'm glad. I was worrying that no one would be interested haha.
  19. I'll admit that I thought it was a bit barren of extensive plot when I first read it (after I double-checked the post I realized it was more the kind of RP to be exposed by itself through our characters), but it was a refresher from the constant "10-page summary of lore, internal conflict for each character, never a dull moment" RPs that shroud Iwaku. ^^
  20. Thank you... I think. lol Mhm. I always feel like no one is going to take the time to read everything I write so I try to keep it simple. I actually have a lot more information for where the plot is headed if you all want to hear it. A lot of it is based off of where the characters take you but I have guiding factors.
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