Making Iwaku Great Again!

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    I tried and failed to improve Iwaku through military force, now I shall do through with Diplomacy!

    Elect me as your new Admin and I shall make Iwaku great again!
    Suffer amazing perks such as:

    1. A small million dollar loan to fix all the sites problems
    2. A firewall to keep out all new people
    2a. And have them pay for the firewall
    3. Giving Grumpy free reign to ban whoever he desires
    4. Racism, racism everywhere!
    5. Banning any mention of George Takei and his Theatre Performance
    6. An hilarious first few hours
    7. No more Donations, because I can't be bribed!​
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  2. You had me at a million bucks. >:[

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  3. That is a wise Investment.

    Those shit posters should learn a thing or two from this.
  4. There's way too much 'Nope' in this thread that I don't think I need to point it out.

    Shame on you for mentioning George Takei!

  5. What did I just say?

    "5. Banning any mention of George Takei"

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  8. You know, when you change your name back, no one is going to get the context and joke of this thread anymore. O___O They're gonna be really confused.
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  9. What will be even funnier is when people start coming to their senses and see what a jack ass Trump really is. Anything/anyone with Trump in the name will hide!
  10. ...

    So. My question is. How do we build a wall for Iwaku?
  11. Sounds great, you have my unwavering support.
  12. That's the secret to Trump's success: the people who support him don't actually think he's a jackass, they think he's a brilliant visionary. Everyone else was already sound of mind and recognized him for a jackass from day one. :P
    Well duh, Diana already announced how we're doing it.

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  13. What. The. Actual. Fuck?
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  14. I thought Iwaku was already great, but this is the start of seeing some real improvements.

    No other forum shall compare.
  15. Apparently there aren't that many of sound mind and logic on my Facebook page. Sadly, my first love is a huge Trump supporter. Guess it's safe to say it's a good thing he got away....
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  17. What the fuck happened while I was at school?
  18. Gwazi changed his name again and is making fun of America's favorite fascist.
  19. Problem with Trump is, while we're all laughing at him now... Well, that's what them Germans did to Hitler before the Nazi rise to power. :C

    I hate to be that guy to make the comparison, but it's suitably apt. The same gutter rhetoric about "making the country great again," about blaming all the ails and woes of the country on a specific set of minorities--with plans on how to get rid of them. He wants to make prisons a bigger thing. He ruts about in his hate speech. And again: no one is taking him seriously.

    Hopefully, it really is just a big joke and he doesn't make it past the primary. But if he does?

    "We're gonna need a bigger boat."
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