Make up the Story!

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  1. So, I learned this play in my drama class not so long ago and I wanted to share it with you guys. The object of this game is to make up a story by adding JUST ONE sentence to the sentence before. For example, I said "Once upon at time, there was a princess in a castle." and then the person after that continued with his/her own sentenced, keeping the story going. He or she might say "The princess was so sad that she decided to escape her castle in order to find her goal..." And so on!


    First sentence is

    "In a place far far away a burglar named Futo was stealing food to eat..."

  2. However, when he started breaking out in hives and scratching an area that should not be scratched in public, he decided that he should probably go seek medical assistance.
  3. But as he went to seek medical assistance he fell down in to a hole in the ground. ..
  4. Poor Futo broke his leg as he fell but the hole was small enough to get out of...
  5. As he got out of the hole he saw a rabbit sitting in front of the hole staring at him...
  6. He saw the rabbit and had a urged of eating it.....
  7. As he were going to catch it the rabbit suddenly bit his hand...
  8. "Argh" he yelled and cursed and grabbed the rabbit tightly "You are my meal now!"
  9. But just as he were going to kill it he got stunned when the rabbit suddenly talked "Let go of me you fat human"
  10. Futo looked at the rabbit in shocked" W-w-what did you say?"
  11. "I said you were fat you retard" The rabbit yelled at him
  12. Futo started to strangle the small rabbit and hoped it would die slow and painfully" I do not like people or animals to make fun of me!"
  13. the rabbit slowly got strangled to death ..
  14. Futo put the rabbit in a bag and began walking."I am going to make you a tasty meal now"
  15. He got home and pulled out a sharp knife, sliced open the rabbit and removed its guts.
  16. inside he saw that the rabbits blood were blue...
  17. The blue blood fascinated him, he poured it into a glass.
  18. He took it slowly to his mouth and drank it, the taste was fascinating.
  19. Shortly after drinking it, Futo began to feel strange.
  20. He felt something weird bubbling in his stomach and something small jumped out of his throat.