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The prestigious Fuka Academy, located on an out-of-the-way island, only accessible by our private ships- An ideal learning environment! There's no need to worry about third-parties distracting your children, no gangs! We offer a wide selection of courses to suit your children's unique needs, all across the board! Our student-governed body is highly responsible, and all sorts of enjoyable activities await our students! We have all manners of wings, ranging from the extensive library to an extra-curricular wing! Enjoy our quality lunches! Try out for one of the clubs- Student Leadership? Gardening? Kendo? We even offer scholarships to choice students! When it comes to your child's education, make Fuka Academy your choice!

*Note: Any report of "Monster attacks" or the like is completely unsubstantiated.


This story takes place in Fuka Academy, truly an ideal learning environment. It's located on a remote island in the middle of an ocean. The only way to get there is by boat-More specifically, the school's yacht. It features quite a large school, complete with generally all the necessary establishments. Drink machines outside, a restaraunt, the works.
12 special girls have been gathered at the school among the "commons"-The 12 "HiME's" These girls are truly remarkable, possessing the ability to summon "Childs", each unique to that HiME. The story will start off quite simply-Gathering the HiME in the academy. Each HiME has the mark(pictured below the title) somewhere on their body. Some HiME may not have awoken their Childs yet.

A Child is directly linked to the person most important to the HiME who controls it. If the Child dies, so does the person linked to it. They simply fade away into dust. Likewise, if the person dies, the Child fades, and the HiME loses their powers.

HiME's are always and only females.

*More to come as the story progress-PM me with any questions.


Appearance: (Picture or detailed description, please.)
Pick: (HiME? Student? Restaraunt?)
ONLY FOR HiME characters!
Mark location: (Where on your body is your mark located?)
Element: (No, not fire, earth, etc. Your Element is the object used for summoning your Child. It is almost always a weapon, mind you. PM me if you get confused. ^^;)
Linked person: (You don't have to fill this out right now-I'll give some chances to choose, to make bonds.)
Powers: Besides summoning her Child, a HiME has powers associated with her Child. PM me for details/questions, please.)

Child: (A HiME's Child is essentially a mecha-beast of varying size and ability. Childs are linked to the respective HiME's most important person-This will come into play later on)
Child's Name:
Child's Appearance: (A detailed secription would work best here. And no, they don't have to look like mecha.)
Child's Abilities: (These are powerful things: For example, in the anime, Harry was capable of using hurricane force wonds to suck an enemy closer, bite them, and grind them into dust through the engines on its back.)

12 HiME slots open!
I'll open this once we have 3 or 4 people. ^_^
And once again, PM me with your questions!
YAY! I loved the anime and the little of the manga that I read, I also loved! I'm in!
Name: Matsumaya Sae (Matsumaya being the family name)
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Pick: HiME
Personality: Sae is a bit of a tease, but is not used to people expressing genuine romantic feelings for her. She is a bit of a spendthrift, and is protective of her sister.
Mark location: Inside of her upper left thigh
Element: A fancy cane! Also it has a sword hidden in it.
Linked person:
Powers: Some of Nocturne's shadow manipulation, though she's not able to produce as wide-ranging effects as her Child.

Child's Name: Nocturne
Child's Appearance: Nocturne appears as a pale woman with long black hair. She wears a black skintight bodysuit thing, which has some pieces in grey. There are dozens of buckles on the bodysuit, as if it is some sort of straightjacket. Nocturne's face is partially hidden by way of a blindfold, and there is a black piece of cloth wrapped around her head and mouth to serve as a gag. Nocturne's hands are twisted black claws.
Child's Abilities: Nocturne can control shadows, using them to bind people and things. Her claws are sharp, and she can trap people's minds in dreams...or nightmares.
Name: Kaede Matsumaya
Age: 16
Sex: Female

Job: HiME (Child hasn't been awoken yet)
Personality: Kaede is less mature than her twin sister, and doesn't take compliments well. She tends to get defensive around her friends and family, and will shake any compliments meant for her away.
Clubs/Organizations: Archery
ONLY FOR HiME characters!
Mark location: The left side of her stomach
Element: (A small necklace, shaped like an arrow, given to her by Sae for her 15th birthday
Linked person:
Powers: Forming a large bow, able to fire off energy arrows

Child: (A HiME's Child is essentially a mecha-beast of varying size and ability. Childs are linked to the respective HiME's most important person-This will come into play later on)
Child's Name: Arteria
Child's Appearance: Arteria wears a silver robe, much like Kaede's when she exercises her full power. Flowing blue hair runs down her neck, and 4 mirrors surround her.
Child's Abilities: When Arteria is used, Kaede's bow appears much larger in Arteria's hands. The 4 mirrors surrounding Arteria act as a type of portal, transporting a porjectile or energy from one mirror to another, capable of forcing a long-range attack right back at the user. However, this leaves her defenseless at close range, as the mirrors can be broken quite easily with physical strength.
Name: Shiki Nome
Age: 18
Sex: Female

Pick: HiME
Personality: Tomboy (Cause I have no idea how to RP any other kind of girl), loves techno and J-Pop music, very protective of the patrons at the club she DJ's at
Clubs/Organizations: DJ's at a dance club after school
ONLY FOR HiME characters!
Mark location: Left Eye, hidden by bandages

Linked person: Fukimoto Hotaru
Powers: Sqeezing the 'brake' allows Shiki to become partially invisible (akin to the level of stealth of a Predator, ie. there is still a vague silhouette)
Child: (A HiME's Child is essentially a mecha-beast of varying size and ability. Childs are linked to the respective HiME's most important person-This will come into play later on)
Child's Name: Musashi
Child's Appearance:
(10 feet tall)

Child's Abilities: Can go completely invisible at will, can perform short range teleportation while invisible, able to slice through buildings, can send out shockwaves along the ground or through the air, must reappear to attack
Name: Nanoka Bitparkte

Age: 15, almost 16

Sex: Female


Pick: HiME

Personality: Nanoka is a very quiet, refined and sweet girl. She was raised by her grandmother, and frequently had to travel. She is indeed, very focused on her studies (she got her scholarship to attend Fuka Academy, with the highest test scores in Okinawa) and has few friends that can put up with her calculating and witty reactions. Shy and clumsy, she suddenly changes from that to serious and outspoken, whenever trouble arises.

Clubs/Organizations: Student Council Treasurer

ONLY FOR HiME characters!
Mark location: On her torso above her bellybutton.
Element: Two very old bracelets given to her by her grandmother, whom now resides in Laos.

Linked person: (You don't have to fill this out right now-I'll give some chances to choose, to make bonds.)
Powers: Whenever she summons her child, the two bracelets on each arm produce two swords. When needed, they turn into flame much like Kyosuke's weapons.
Child: Kyosuke of the Flame- a flaming giant of a beast. He fights with the power of fire, accompanied with excellent battle strategy and two blades coming out of his arms.
Child's Name: Kyosuke
Child's Appearance:

Child's Abilities: Fireballs, a wall of flame and when he really wants to kill things, he can bring up the flames of hell to devour his opponent.
Nino, approved. And TnT, before you get too far on your sheet-If you're putting the mark on your character's eye, put some kind of patch or something on that eye. Remember, marks are inconspicuous. If you don't, put the mark somewhere else, please? ZI wanted to say that bewfore you got too far. ^^;
K. I'll switch the eye it's on and give her one of those bandage eye patches.
Well, Kurami should have it's feathers downtoned from crazy diamond splinters to just "sharp", and shouldn't be able to instantly suffocate people with it's wind control. Gotta have some weaknesses, after all.

Other than that you may want to work on your grammar a bit, but that's about all...I'd like to know what kind of martial arts, specifically, she studies, but it isn't too important.
Hope you guys's don't mind but I thought of a better character Sorry

View attachment 1591with gloves and boots
Pick: HiME
Personality: very stubborn and hard headed as well she dosen't give in easy
Clubs/Organizations:boxing club,Karate club,Tae Kwon Do club(assuming there are these clubs)

Mark location: back of her right hand hidden by her gloves
Element: her fighting gloves and shoes
Linked person: (You don't have to fill this out right now-I'll give some chances to choose, to make bonds.)
Powers: hitting people with the sheer force of her blows and a little more strength then most people

Child: (A HiME's Child is essentially a mecha-beast of varying size and ability. Childs are linked to the respective HiME's most important person-This will come into play later on)

Child's Name: Shizuka
Child's Appearance:
View attachment 1590 like this but the size of a house and black

Child's Abilities: faster the wind movement being able to zip around her opponent with easy and the strength to create fissure's in the gound to swallow her opponent and walls of earth
Name: Renjaki (Preferrs to be called Ren)

Age: Unknown (but looks like he's about 13 or so.)

Sex: Male


Pick: Seems to be a student, but is never seen in any classes.

Personality: Ren is a smart-mouthed trouble maker for the HiME. He is obnoxious and yet still very smart. Sometimes, he tends to act much older than he looks- which is why his existence at Fuka Academy is such a mystery.
Clubs/Organizations: Assistant to the Headmaster.
Well, while at GenCon, thanks to the Manga Library, I managed to read through all of Mai-HiME, and my confidence is now renewed, thanks to Midori!
Name: Eris Lérouse-Veraux
Age: 13
Sex: Female

Pick: HiMe
Personality: Eris is a quiet and withdrawn girl, extremely shy and introverted. According to her records, she suffers from depression and low self-esteem issues although her parents insist she does not need to take drugs, hence she is not. She currently harbors a very deep crush on Dominic and is scared to tell him how she feels. He means the world to her, and she's sure other girls and boys feel the same. When she sees them hanging out with him or asking him out, she becomes envious of their courage, and wishes she was someone else, convinced that she'd be beter that way. This also causes her to become more depressed. She has no friends, save for the stuffed animal that may or may not resemble her Child. She aspires to be a singer, and posseses a beautiful voice, but lacks the courage to sing in front of an audience.
Clubs/Organizations: None


Mark location:
On her chest, over her heart

Element: A pair of black sai
Linked person: Dominic Valerian
Powers: Electromagnetism - Upon the sais' contact with the target (be it slash, stab, or even the smallest scratch), the target will become magnetized.


Child's Name: Dova
Child's Appearance:
Child's Abilities: Working in sync with the electromagnetism the sais inflict on the target, Dova's roar can either attract or repel the target; claws possess the ability to tear open "portals" which enable Eris and Dova to pass through.
Okay, I'll be putting up the IC Tuesday or Wednesday, so be ready. =P
I'll try and have my character finalized by then.

Name: Fujimoto Hotaru
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Pick: HiME
Personality: Hotaru is loud and in your face. She can be abrasive and rude to those that don't know her. She can get fired up over small things and will berate those who take an opposing view. She is extremely protective of herself and those she deems worthy. To those who get close to her find that she's sweet and caring. She carries very few emotional attachments but constantly tries to fight for the betterment of herself.
Clubs/Organizations: Class Representative, Music Club

ONLY FOR HiME characters!
Mark location: Left shoulder blade
Element: A rifle
Linked person: Shiki Nome
Powers: The rifle fires a beam of rainbow light. The distance of this beam is great and the power isn't half bad either but the rate of fire is rather slow. It is more akin to a sniper rifle then an assault rifle. She can also create a shield of light energy which is tangible and can be shattered. She can create intangible wings of light that are colored like an aurora sprouting from her shoulders.

Child's Name: Aurora
Child's Appearance:

Child's Abilities: Aurora defends of her own free will but has to be ordered to join in Hotaru's shooting. When the child is summoned she can allow Hotaru to fly and shield as well as shoot but when the child isn't out Hotaru is restricted to flight and either defending with shields or shooting.
Ack, IC date has been pushed. Yes, I know, give me the evil glares. >_> <_<
A combination of my muse being nearly drained from making an IW character yesterday, a slow Internet today because of the weather, and 2 new characters influenced this decision. Next week, I promise. Or maybe even tomorrow or Wednesday.
Gomen ne! ^^;
TnT, approved, Aly approved, Zypher approved, Nino, approved again.
Zaz, once you finish up the Child, we'll see. ^^