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  1. Hello again guys. Welcome to another of Lewi's group roleplays. This time, I am going to take a stab at the fantasy genre again. The first one I was really, really into, but it just didn’t work out for whatever reason. Too many people dropped because of life issues and after that it just kinda fizzled out. Anyway, this one I am hoping will be a bit different.

    This plot is actually a vague idea or even more of a setting, so please please please suggest when you sign up ideas or edits that I might be able to add. I would love some more depth to the idea, but I have put an assload of thought into this setting even going as far as to find maps that I liked so I could use them, and I even colored one in, and relabeled it.

    The Story

    The Story (open)

    The idea is that there’s a universe that’s based on different realms. Hundreds of thousands of millions of realms. I guess this could be comparative to the multiverse. However, very very few of these realms overlap. The ones that will be featured in this roleplay will be Avalon and Aurora which you will find out more about further down this little thread.

    Avalon is a realm all to itself where magic is the norm and there’s no such thing as humans even though they are aware of such things existing around Aurora also known as the colonies. Aurora is the colonial settlements made by Aurora in Earth Realm (Earth as we know it). There’s a stable portal that travels back and forth between Aurora and Avalon, but it’s guarded by a gate keeper. There’s getting ready to be a huge revolutionary war break out. (Because if you know me then war is a recurring thing in fantasy rps for whatever reason)

    The colonies have been there for millennia and the humans have been none the wiser. The magical creatures residing there have intermingled among the humans seamlessly or with the help of a glamor if needed to go to their settlements, and some of them have even befriended the humans or made human connections to help out with their various needs. The colonies are also set up so that they are totally separate than the human communities isolated by themselves rather than intermingled among humans in secret. They’ve survived four all out wars that have happened in Avalon and they’ve grown in strength and magnitude to the point that they’ve pretty much stabilized as a branched territory there.

    But the domineering family that rules Avalon is greedy. They want the exports from that realm that Avalon doesn’t have (Please help me think up some). And they’re making money off of portal tickets because one of them doesn’t come cheap. The head family of Avalon is the Caldwells.

    On the other end of the stick, in Aurora, the head family there kind of keeping order and peace is the Thatchetts. While the Thatchetts may head up the colonies, and they are in favor of a revolution, they have to keep it a secret that one is being planned lest the colonies be put under martial law too prematurely for them to fight back. They’re different from the Caldwells in the sense that they’re not afraid to do some hard work and get their hands dirty with “commoners” whereas the Caldwells in Avalon are basically treated like royalty.

    Here’s where our story plays out. Just before a revolution sparks. I am hoping to take this roleplay up to and into the revolution and from there let things play out as they will. This is set in modern times, and while there are areas of both Avalon and Aurora that can go back technology wise as far as medieval style, this story will take place in modern times. Below is everything else you’ll need to know.

    The Rules

    The Rules (open)

    1. Basic site rules apply such as no bullying, mind your ages for sexytime scenes, etc.
    2. There is no post limit on how much to write or how little, but I would like it if we could try to at least give decent posts with the information needed in them. If you post one liners, you will be warned and if it’s a repeat offense you will be kicked. I think a nice paragraph is enough to get your point across if you really want to keep it short.
    3. I don’t know how the pace of this roleplay will go, but with how my last one went expect it to happen fast, so be prepared for that. Also on that note, I am not going to require that you read the whole thing because that’s such an arduous task, but if you’re interacting with someone, tag them so they will be sure to see it as alerts have been known to go screwy. If you don’t know how to tag, then just ask. J
    4. You must fill out a Character Sheet before you will be accepted
    5. @Lewi and @Greenrust are your GMs
    6. I expect to need a lot of players for this rp so please don’t hesitate to sign up even if it’s already started.
    7. If you’re going to rp anything lewd or sexual assuming you’re of the same age category move it to pms.
    8. These rules and anything on this post is subject to change, please check in often.

    The Lands

    The Lands (open)

    Avalon: The Home Realm (open)


    This map is rather crude, it isn't as good as I would like since I pulled it off the internet and edited it myself, but I liked it enough to try to give you an outline of origins and a map of the homeland.
    • Elurien - Plant Magics originated here
    • Brynchilla- Water Magics originated here
    • Olanabram- Earth Magics originated here
    • Maloch- Middle grounds between lands Capital City here
    • Yswylarna- Air Magics originated here
    • Rahnawyn- Fire Magics originated here
    • Lastrael- Dark Magics took over here. This used to be a land of light magics, and it's said there's a lost city of light there.
    Capital City:


    Aurora: The Colonies (open)


    Once again crudely colored and labelled to try to give you an idea on population distribution and a map.
    • Rivain- Plant Magics
    • Nobello- Water Magics
    • Ferelden-Earth Magics
    • Aurora- Capital City and Middle Grounds
    • Anderfels- Air Magics
    • Seheron- Fire Magics
    • Vimmark- Dark Magics
    • Nevarr- New Settlement (Up for grabs if someone has an idea)
    • Antiva- New Settlement (Up for grabs if someone has an idea)
    Capital City:


    Roles to be Filled BEFORE Starting

    Roles Up for Grabs (open)

    • 2 natives to Avalon
    • General of Avalons armies
    • General of Auroras armies

    Character Sheet Outline

    Character Sheet Outline (open)

    Appearance: Picture preferred. Description accepted.
    Sexual Orientation:
    Place of Origin:
    Current Home:
    Aligns With: Aurora Avalon or Neutral

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  2. Name: Jackson Corvina
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Place of Origin: Lastrael
    Current Home: Antiva
    Aligns With: Neutral
    Background: Jack came from a family that was close to the Caldwell family, and did most of their dirty work. He didn't like it all that much, but the money was good and if it kept his stomach full and a roof over his head. He ended up going to one of the new colonies in order to monitor the import of a certain matierial that brings in a very high revenue.
  3. Accepted. :)
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  4. Also, updated roles needed in case you know anyone up for it lol
  5. Name: Hikoru Ikashi
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21 (just because I can xD)
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Place of Origin: Nobello
    Current Home: Seheron
    Aligns With:Neutral
    Background: Hikoru has always been the person that people look to make them feel better, or just to make them laugh. Hes never comfortable around people though, because of his Social Akwardness. He isn't really a person to pick fights, but more to try to stop them before anything bad can happen, and he is always happy and go-lucky. But whenever he is hurt or upset, he will enter a sort of "trance" and not be able to speak for awhile, but usually will try to stay out of the spotlight.
    Other: He likes to play guitar and sing, but can be too shy sometimes to play in front of an audience.

    (( I Fixed it! I thought we were just making up names :P MY APOLOGIES!))
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  6. Ummm....neither of those places exist...
  7. Did you look at the maps? @Hikoru
  8. @Lewi I just fixed it a moment ago.
  9. Ohh...ok! Accepted. XD
  10. I'm in! I had a question about the magics though; what specific role does it have? You devided the map by magic types, but there is no "powers" or "abilities" section ^^ so I was wondering what they are for

    EDIT: I reserve Rebellion leader/general by the way ^^
  11. Name: DR
    Gender: Male
    Age: 22
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Place of Origin: Ferelden
    Current Home: Aurora
    Aligns with: Neutral
    Background: DR was a simple Black smith son. He watch his dad work as he grow up. When he was old enough, he started to work in the minds to help his father. When his father did, he packed some stuff and started to wonder around the world to find new materials.
    Other: DR does not like to be around a lot of people most of the time.

    ((If you need to to edit anything Tell me and I will.))
  12. Accepted. And @Minami ita just to give an idea the region each dominant magic type lies in. I plan on doing more with it later and with some insight from other people.
  13. Hm, yeah I get that, but what exactly does it imbue right now, as magic abilities aren't really a part of the roleplay yet? Like, is it like different races? Different specialties or jobs? Different substances to sell?
  14. All of the above. There can be multiple races of a certain affiliation but I would say if be more inclined to find a thing like an elf where there are earth magics rather than water. They have different jobs and exports and imports based on region.
  15. I might join.
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  16. Ah, okay then I get it ^^

    If you want I could help you specify that lateron. Like different races and such :)

    Which reminds me, what is our race? Colonists should be humans, that's easy, but what are the people thay hail from Avalon?
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  17. Sounds interesting and I allways know Lewi has great rp ideas xD Ill be making a character sheet tonight after work lol
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  18. No the colonists are magic folk that hail from Avalon and are now living in Aurora
  19. i think i will join looks Interesting!
  20. Ah, okay xD
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