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Scifi, Fantasy, Modern, Magical, Horror, Noir, apocalyptic, Grimdark, yaoi, yuri, anything really.
They keep deletin' and I got this feelin' that it's an ENDLESS CYCLE.


Ok, I'll cut to the chase: This is my 2-D art thread.

That is my DA if you have no idea.

Here's a few samples.



Oh, I'm starting on something new.

Iwaku Plushie Drawings


I'm only on the sketch stage, so you MAY OR MAY NOT BE ABLE TO SEE THESE WELL.

For some reason, Asmo was up first, and for some reason he was EXTREMELY easy to get down from the Picture thread. See the papers in his hand? THAT'S HIS FUTURE BOOK, but it still needs to be reviewed. So it's not bound or all cool yet, but IT'S AWESOME.


And for some reason, Jumi was a BITCH to draw. And I don't think it was the beard's fault, BUT I TRIED GETTING THE TATTOO IN THERE. But you can't see it from this angle. DAMMIT. But I still think it's cute.


Yeah, it's only a sketch, don't feel bad if you have to squint to see it. I need to ink and color them. Only problem is, I CAN'T FIGURE OUT JUMI'S EYE COLOR. Asmo's are a pretty shade of blue though! ^.^ HAPPIES!
drawthreads don't always get bumped unless there are requests. It's a fact of life.

Do you use color markers or something?
Yeah, I use copic markers, Prismacolor markers, Sakura pigment pens, and bristol paper. OH, and mechanical pencils.

And I don't usually think to update my art threads. I'll come up with something.... I have a flashdrive filled with projects, I'll load them up when I get back from my vacation with Katsugi.
...Can I feed the Asmo one to a dog for a bit?

The rigorous shredding will fill my day with glee.
Haha I thought you might just throw the Asmo plushie down a big set of infinity stairs that's loaded with dogs but that works too.
Only if he asks for it. Wait, should there be chicken bits still in it?

Also, by posting in this thread, Tegan, Tux, Jack, and Nic, you're involved in this now, too. I expect to get a PM from you with some RL pictures of you to make plushie drawings of.

Your art is so colorful, and pretty and good, and and I love the kiwi! I would so give him a muffin!
YOU BETTER. Also, I like you, so I'm drawing a plush of you too, but I can't do that without an actual pic, now can I? <.<
I'm liked by TK! My life is now complete! I'll send you a pic in PM! Also that's fucking shweet a personal plush! =}
INDEED. But it's only a drawing. I WISH I COULD SEW. But I suck at it.


I'd throw Asmo plushies EVERYWHERE. Coat the stairs with them.
Of course I'm working on it, Kitterkins
i love copics, but those motherfuckers are expensive!

and something i always wonder when i see sketches, whats your favorite type of pencil (like 2b, hb, that sort of thing)

cool work as always!
Honestly, I work with mechanical pencils.

I don't use anything fancy because I ink over it all, then erase all of the pencil, then color it.
I'm lucky if I get halfway through the pencil stage then throw it out.

I always somehow take a 20 on my Art checks
..... Extra stuffing?

*Tackles Nic*

D'aWW! I love your artwork! <33333~ *huggles on art* <3